Awan Brothers Leaked DNC Emails? Sorry Doesn’t Wash!

May 25, 2017 UPDATED July 25, 2017

UPDATE: Imran Awan has been arrested trying to flee the USA. As reported by, hard drives that were smashed have been recovered by the FBI. His passport has also been surrendered. USA vs Imran Awan (Criminal Complaint) can be viewed here. Chad Pergram covers Congress for Fox News.

There is so much corruption in Washington, D.C., it blows your mind. We have exposed so much of it, including the Seth Rich murder. We still have liberals and Democrats who refuse to take their heads out of the sand. Either they just plain don’t care, or their already so far gone with the political brainwashing, figuratively leaving them brain dead 💀

This is a very serious matter, considering we had three Muslim brothers who had actually been allowed to infiltrate our national security. They were IT Specialists who were banned from Congress in February, 2017 for rooting through House Democrats files. The part that really upsets me, they received sensitive, top secret security clearances. Why were they not fired? Did they have something on Debbie Wasserman Schultz?

 An official congressional letter  was written to the Honorable Tom Graves, also addressing Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The letter was asking for funding concerning security clearances for authorization to access Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information Security (TS/SCI). It is known that three members of the intelligence panel and five members of the House Committee of Foreign Affairs were among the dozens of members that had employed them, and signed the letter asking for the funds.

This is beyond outrageous! All they received is banning, a virtual slap on the hand. They now have fled back to Pakistan, but the damage is already done. They had proxy servers going out in numerous directions, which to date have never been turned off!

The Awan brothers were Pakistanian Nationals, who were brought into the congress through a practicing Muslim Congressman named Andre Carson, who also just happened to be on the House Select Intelligence Committee. They were eventually hired by a member of the intelligence committee, Patrick Murphy of Florida; a member of the foreign affairs committee, Theodore Deutch of Florida; and Brad Ashford of Nebraska, who is on the armed services committee. The two committees deal with many of the nation’s most sensitive issues and documents, including those related to the war on terrorism.

Carson then aligned himself with Jackie Speier lobbying for over a year to give Imran Awan and his family access to the Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, also known as the SCIF Room.

The SCIF Room holds highly classified information. You are never allowed to take a computer, phone, anything able to capture information into this room. The only computers allowed in this room are ones that conform to rules established by ICD 503. According to Computers operating within such a facility must conform to rules established by ICD 503. Computers and telecommunication equipment within must conform to TEMPEST emanations specification as directed by a Certified TEMPEST Technical Authority (CTTA).

We have the stupidest Congressmen that virtually gave these three IT specialists Carte Blanche to highly sensitive, top secret, classified materials!

This total corruption is now being used by the leftists to say that the brothers had access to the DNC emails as well. Maybe they did, but why would they want to turn over material that would eventually hurt Clinton? They had plenty of support from the Democratic idiots that gave them access to the SCIF Room. Makes no sense whatsoever. They were spying, nothing more. They had bigger fish to fry. There is not a motive to support the conclusion that the Awan brothers are the leakers of the DNC emails. There are plenty of motives why Seth Rich might of leaked the DNC emails to Wikileaks.

Now, with Debbie Wasserman Schultz demanding that a computer be given back to the her, my question is why would she so blatantly obstruct justice in this way? Over and over this woman has shown she should not be serving in our government whatsoever! It’s apparent she is a corrupt individual who hires non-Americans then asks for clearances, yeah, thanks Debbie!

First of all, it’s important to note here, she along with Jackie Speier were the ones that requested clearance for the Awan brothers. One of the brothers was reported  to have a criminal background. How can you request a clearance for people that are not U.S. citizens, or have a criminal record? Another good question, why were these brothers paid 2X more than the average congressional staffer, performing the same type of work? I smell something very, very 🐟🐠. Is there evidence of the Seth Rich murder on that computer?

There could very well be some type of evidence on that computer that the DNC does not want Washington, D.C. police to see. Enough for her to threaten the police chief with “consequences.” We do know, as the Daily Caller reported, the computer that Imran Awan used is the one in question, it was found in a crevice of the Rayburn House Office Building. Why was it hidden? Shultz’s office is in the Longworth House Office Building in a separate structure. The Awan brothers were found to of stolen equipment  from congressmen, was this computer one that was stolen? Maybe that particular computer was used as some kind of bribery the Awan brothers were holding over Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s head, thus her unusual request to the police chief, for immediate return of the computer.

The Awan brothers were up to something, but it wasn’t hacking/leaking to send evidence to Wikileaks about voter fraud, they could of cared less about that. They weren’t U.S. citizens! But they were into spying, that is for sure.

The NSA, FBI, CIA all know exactly who leaked those DNC emails! Do not buy into their “circumstantial evidence” 💩

Following 9/11, the NSA began a top secret surveillance to spy on U.S. citizens without a warrant, a program known as “Steller Wind.” William Binney who worked for NSA as a code breaker, data analysis, turned whistleblower. Using one of the programs he developed, NSA took the backend of this program to spy on Americans without a warrant.

Knowing a little bit of his background should convince anyone, he would know the truth about evidence proving the Russians did not hack the DNC servers. We should trust Binney, and demand we be told the truth. Enough of these long congressional hearings which are leading nowhere.
Binney has emphatically claimed there is no way the Russians hacked the emails, saying the CIA is lying. What is it going to take for Americans to realize our government is turning on President Trump to change the political landscape, nothing more than trying to frame him, in order to remove him. Their intentions are not good!

Binney says:

“In order to get to the servers, they [hackers] would have to come across the network and go into the servers, penetrate them, and then extract data out of the servers and bring it back across the network,” Binney explained. “If it were the Russians, it would then go to Russia, and it would have to go from there across the network again to get to WikiLeaks.”

Binney explained that “anything doing that would be picked up by the NSA’s vast surveillance system, both in terms of collecting the data as it transits the fiber optics inside the US, as well as internationally.”


Binney about traceroute packets:

 “With all the billions of dollars we spend on this collection access system that the NSA has, there’s no way that could have missed all the packets being transferred from those servers to the Russians,” Binney said. “I mean, they should know exactly how and when those packets left those servers and went to the Russians, and where specifically in Russia it went. There’s no excuse for not knowing that.”

The Democrats need to stop pushing the Russian narrative, it’s just not working anymore. Whether it was Seth Rich who gave the emails to Wikileaks, or someone else, this is not the point. The point which has been proven over and over again, it wasn’t Russia. The proxy server the Awan brothers used, well, did anyone think maybe Associated Press or Reuters might have classified documents? It’s not beyond a reasonable conclusion, they seem to have the information covered before anyone else.


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