President Trump, One Very Smart Individual, No Doubt, A Genius Strategist!

May 28, 2017

President Trump has a very high IQ, one that can change the political landscape for the good. He is able to think out of the box, in an effort to move the United States to the top once again, make no mistake about it.

The leftists (Deep State) have tried to discredit, misalign, devalue our President. Most of the people in U.S. see his full potential to serve our country to its fullest, Making America Great Again (MAGA). The Deep State is scared to death, knowing he has so much backing from the American people. In their efforts during the campaign, messing around with polling numbers, became a failed early coup attempt, again and again, a failed attempt, which they are still trying to accomplish to this day with the fake Russian narrative.

We will not sit still, nor be quiet, we will not let the Deep State silence us! President Kennedy did not have the chance to MAGA, he died trying to keep the Deep State from taking over. President Kennedy was getting ready to dismantle the CIA before he was assassinated. So, what does this tell us about the CIA? They are a big part of the Deep State.

President Trump definitely wants to reform the CIA, another genius tactic, draining that deep state swamp. With the resignation of James Clapper, signaling disassembling of the ODNI, Mike Pompeo wants peace among nations. The Deep State under Clapper would of been War every four years. The Democrats anti-war policy drastically changed in 2016 with the running candidate of Hillary Clinton. She made it very clear when she talked about “regime change,” as evidenced by her sponsored secretive Arab Spring Program that destabilized the Middle East. The Arab Spring and the eventual rise of terrorism in the Middle East caused the humanitarian crisis that is still ongoing today.

During his first Middle East tour starting in Saudia Arabia, which was another genius move, he pushed for peace, starting with the ending of terrorism from all terrorist groups. This is just the start of what he visualizes for the world. The idea that war helps economic growth maybe in part true, for a short time, while providing more jobs for building bombs, artillery…but the long term effects on the military families are inconceivable, without warrant, not to mention the cost of helping to rebuild those countries that were destroyed.

President Trump’s genius budget cuts (cut the bloat), defies what textbooks say could happen. His plan, if approved would divert an economic fiscal calamity, thus providing middle class families with a continued prosperity. That’s genius!

Many geniuses of their time were thought to be moronic, crazy, including Albert Einstein. But, as science, political science analysis have proven the naysayers wrong. History will prove President Trump saved America from ruination because he could think outside the box.

From the very first he knew how to sway lifetime Democrats over to our side, bringing terrorism, jobs, economy to the forefront. Never seen before, massive rallies where he never forgot the previous (forgotten citizens), mainly the poor and the shrinking middle class. By talking about the realities of where the U.S. was heading under a continued foreign policy of the Obama regime…the changes he wanted to see in regards to ending terrorism, illegal aliens, Americans First policy, building up our military as a force seen, not to be reckoned with. This was all genius! He was able to think outside the box, which Hillary Clinton could never do.

Remember when Trump said “he” wouldn’t prosecute Hillary Clinton? You have to pay attention to all that he says, he has never been one to not follow through with what he has promised. He won’t prosecute her, it’s not his job, it’s the Department of Justices job to prosecute. Once again, a very well planned strategic move on his part! He knew from very early on that if he publically claimed he would have her prosecuted, most likely Obama would of pardoned her on his way out.

Early on in 2012, after Mitt Romney’s loss, Trump courted conservative and evangical leaders, donating to their causes, attending their events, hosting them at his properties. He was getting ready to run for President. Trump had the ability all along to stay on top, each punch he took during the campaign, he rallied, overcame his adversaries. He is a genius strategist!

Sad that Hillary Clinton is a failed candidate (2012, 2016) because, simply put, she never learned from past mistakes, she just kept on repeating them – that’s not genius! She never had a good strategy, or an honest campaign.

President Trump has been quoted as saying “We all know that chess is a game of strategy. So is business. Think Like a Champion.” This is what makes him a chief strategist and a winner! He knows how to strategize and win, that’s genius!

If Trump had not been turned down from serving in the military because of bone spurs on his heels, he most likely would of made a great contribution to the U.S., since he is a great strategist.

Read more about Trump’s “Fathomless Federation.” He is a winner, always has been, always will be. This overcoming of the deep state has taken him years to learn, he is ready to finish taking down the deep state…..

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