Are There Correlations Between Seth Rich, Whisenant Murders?

Are There Correlations Between Seth Rich, Whisenant Murders?

May 30, 2017

Seth Rich was an IT genius who dreamed of being able to work on political campaigns. Finally, his dreams had come to fruition when he was hired by the DNC in June, 2014 as a DNC Data Analysist.

Understanding the death of murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich is very important. There are many conspiracy theories floating around. But, in truth they are not without plausible validity. 
When looking at the Seth Rich murder and taking into account the missing police recordings, the claimed burglary intention, the order given for police to stand down, all of it just doesn’t add up. 

One theory floating around was his knowledge of voter fraud being perpetrated by the Clinton campaign, and the possibility of him testifying against the DNC. He would of had first hand knowledge if this voter fraud had occurred. This might have been a motive for his murder.

Surprisingly enough that a Federal Prosecutor, Beranton J Whisenant, Jr. from California was handling visa and passport fraud cases. Since there were allegations of election fraud and voter suppression in California by the Clinton campaign against Bernie Sanders, this might have opened up an investigation into this area as well. 

With the long list of supposed Clinton body bag counts, this is well within questioning if Whisenant was investigating voter fraud. Maybe he was getting closer to prosecuting.

Did Seth Rich know of the voter fraud? Had he maybe contacted Whisenant? After all, it is said he was an avid Bernie Supporter.

The Seretary of State in California did have sufficient evidence to open voter fraud investigations. 

That aside, Whisenant was probably working on some cases as noted by the Desert Sun publication.

Per the Desert Sun: “The office did not provide details on the 194 cases it sent to local authorities. But of the 89 investigations the Secretary of State opened in 2016: 56 are allegations of double voting, 16 are allegations of fraudulent voter registration and 1 is an alleged case of fraudulent voting. The rest allege wrongdoing by candidates, petition circulators and others who work in the elections arena – not by voters themselves.”

Anon has a letter in which Seth Rich’s girlfriend, Claudia Cash details why Seth had to die which denotes voter fraud:

So, most likely Whisenant would of been the one to prosecute any voter fraud in California, if it was a felony and beyond the state’s role. We are talking about voter suppression, corruption, federal crimes within the election process.

Time will tell if there is a correlation between Seth and Beranton. This must be investigated to the fullest….full steam ahead!

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