Thank God We Have A President That Cares About Americans

Thank God We Have A President That Cares About Americans

May 30, 2017

Day after day President Trump has shown people who are watching him in his young presidential career that he cares about Americans and their families.

With the MSM constantly bashing him, it is a wonder he has withstood the storm. But, he has withstood the storm like a trooper. The fake Russian narrative is exhaustively wearing itself down to nothing. Zero, nada, no truth whatsoever has been brought forth to imply that he or his campaign were ever involved in any nefarious activities with the Russians. Talking with Russian Diplomats is in no way against the law. But, selling Uranium to the Russian’s like Hillary Clinton did is very questionable as far as I am concerned.

He continually tries to strive for peace and prosperity throughout the world. His best show of these traits was evidenced in his first foreign trip to Saudia Arabia and Europe. We are so proud of our President! The loser MSM just can’t seem to get their reporting right, very sad. According to most of the MSM, Trump didn’t do anything right. Oh, yeah, that’s right, they watched CNN, that explains everything.


Hillary Clinton and her husband went to our President’s inauguration, but they continually show their disloyalty to our POTUS and America. I ask my self, are they living in the same America as I am? Their views are so counterproductive, and nonsupportive of our POTUS. They need to get onboard the #TrumpTrain, stop complaining and help us Make America Great Again!

Hillary Clinton is a poster child for the resistance against Trump. But, does she have the stamina,  willpower to win the democratic base that left her during the election of 2016? Personally, I believe she is just following in the footsteps of Obama, yup a follower, never a leader. Hers and Obama’s resistance is failing miserably. Sadly for warmonger/regime changer Hillary Clinton she won’t get that Third World War she wanted. Just imagine, if she had become President!

In Agenda 2030 they talk about depopulation, what better way to depopulate than by aborting babies and sending our young men to fight in a Third World Global War! I am so glad she is not my President!


The Democratic Liberals need to become fully awake like Trump supporters. A book called “Queen of CHAOS” which was written by Diana Johnstone explains why she is the Queen of Chaos. In an article on, written by Maidhc O Cathail, in which she questions the author Diana Johnstone: “Can you explain why you chose this derogatory sobriquent to describe Hillary?” Her answer was quite to the point:

Diana Johnstone: Libya, in a word. Hillary Clinton was so proud of her major role in instigating the war against Libya that she and her advisers initially planned to use it as basis of a “Clinton doctrine”, meaning a “smart power” regime change strategy, as a presidential campaign slogan.

The Libyan catastrophe actually inspired me to write this book, along with the mounting danger of war with Russia.

War creates chaos, and Hillary Clinton has been an eager advocate of every U.S. aggressive war in the last quarter of a century.  These wars have devastated whole countries and caused an unmanageable refugee crisis. Chaos is all there is to show for Hillary’s vaunted “foreign policy experience”.

So, there you have it, I urge all Democratic liberals who care about their sons to read this book! Be thankful, stop complaining all the time that President Trump is our President. Just be mindful of what we have averted, a complete disaster, one in which I believe Germany’s, Angela Merkel would of been proud to help sponsor, a war right alongside of Hillary!


After World War II, Germany’s Chancellor Merkel has not forgotten that her country became divided, east and west.  Half of the country was under a Communist way of life. She still holds a grudge that she will never put away. Never mind the fact that Germany had a lust for world dominance, and the killing of innocent Jewish families. Hillary and Merkel together, wow, these two crazy people would have destroyed the world!

If Germany wants war with Russia, let them fight it out on their own. The German government is on their way to destabilizing their own population with the Muslim influx of refugees. According to an article that was published by Soeren Kern via, dated February 8, 2017, “Critics of Germany’s open-door immigration policy are warning that the recent surge in Germany’s Muslim population — which surpassed six million in 2016 for the first time —- has already changed the face of the country forever.” Germany can thank their leader for that misfortune of events.

This is evidence that Merkel doesn’t seem to care enough about her people to save their German cultures or values. Hillary Clinton joined forces with Merkel’s stance on immigration/refugees from known terrorist countries. She didn’t mind if the U.S. took in more refugees from terrorist countries, furthering more of an economic crisis on U.S. citizens, not to mention more possible terror attacks that could occur with the terrorists sneaking in as refugees. The Democrats that voted for this need their heads examined, period!

So, again, let me make it clear for those that voted for Hillary, you aided and abetted a coup on your own country! And, if you continue to support Obama’s and Hillary’s views, and this goes for all those Hollywood elites who have their heads in the sand, you are still aiding and abetting, stop it, and come to your senses! What does it take for people not to see this?


To the Democrats who did see for themselves, by doing their research, and jumping the Hillary sinking ship, you did the right thing for our country. I thank you, believe me, you will not be sorry that you voted for President Trump. Thank God for President Trump!

Our President has tried to keep every promise he made to the American people. If he didn’t have to fight the Federal Judges who keep blocking his travel ban, we might of had a better chance of not becoming like Germany, Sweden, France. Now, with Federal Judge William Orrick blocking the Department of Justice from withholding funding from communities that limit their cooperation with U.S. Immigration authorities, it’s just another attempt for the Democrats to cry foul! When in all actuality, this Judge seems to be aiding and abetting criminal activity in these sanctuary cities. I am beginning to think something is very wrong with those people in California. The deep state is still alive, and well.

UPDATE: Trump has kept his promise on Climate Change Accord. He is willing to renegotiate.


We need to keep fighting along with President Trump to get these corrupt Judges out of office. When the DOJ sends a letter to nine sanctuary cities, telling them to comply with federal immigration laws or lose their grant money, it should be obeyed! Illegals that are in the USA are not citizens, therefore you would think that they do not have rights under the constitution. These leftist judges try and argue that they do have rights under the constitution. The fourteenth amendment gives them their said rights, it states “No state shall….deprive any person of life, liberty or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” So, in the interpretation of the constitution, they do have rights. The key word is “people,” meaning all people living inside of the U.S. But, people who are undocumented or are in violation of visas and the like, they should not be protected by sanctuary cities.

Getting back to the sanctuary cities….illegals who otherwise would be deportable, if not living in a sanctuary community, they should not be protected nor shielded  by constitutional laws. So, by Judge Orrick shielding them, by blocking further action taken for noncompliance of laws, that should be illegal in my opinion. By Attorney General Sessions threatening to block funding to these communities, they would eventually fall away, not so much now. I am sure Trump and his administration will not give up fighting for what is right, America First!

With Trump’s “Fathomless Federation” who are a group of very powerful global law firms who are against the deep state, which were embedded into the very fabric of America by Trump over the past, nearly four decades, he will come out fighting, and will eventually win.


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