Kathy Griffin’s Attorney, Lisa Bloom Speaks at Press Conference 

Kathy Griffin’s Attorney, Lisa Bloom Speaks at Press Conference 

June 2, 2017

This is absolutely the worst video I have ever seen, no remorse whatsoever!

To hear her attorney talk, you would think it’s Trump’s fault she has lost her jobs. Crazy, I know, but there it is.

Watch the video and let me know what you think.

In the video Kathy definitely has no remorse for what she did by tweeting the faux severed, bloody head of our President. This video is not going to look good in court, believe me. The press conference should of been about making a very wrong judgement call in tweeting the image she did. Instead her attorney lambasted our President as if he were on trial. No, Lisa wrong approach for helping your client, in my opinion. 

All day 5/2/2017, every other tweet on Twitter was taking to task Kathy’s words about the President ruining her career. Sounds so familiar, we’re still hearing from Hillary Clinton how everybody is to blame for her losing the 2016 election.


These violent reactions from people has to stop. Do they know any better? Same as when Madonna talked about “blowing up the Whitehouse,” when she spoke at the Washington, D.C. Women’s March earlier in the year. These Hollywood elites that our young people look up to is a shame.  

There are good actors, comedians, singers, you just have to know which ones could be grooming your child the wrong way when you are not around to watch them. Scary world we live in, but, putting your head in the sand and ignoring what is going on around you will never change the world for the better.

Barron Trump has a Twitter account and he saw this tweet from Kathy Griffin because everyone was reposting it. Why Twitter let that happen is beyond fathomable. It’s not a funny meme to be shopped around on Twitter. Bottom line, the President’s son was horrified when he saw it, he’s only eleven years old! I just hope he doesn’t have nightmares as a result of Kathy’s very poor judgement. Some people never think before they do something, she seems to be one of those people from what I see.

Important to note, the Secret Service does monitor social media, she didn’t know that?🙄

Supposedly Kathy had threatened Trump and his son earlier:

Then in December, 2016, this was in an article from vulture.com:

This is an example of how mean spirited this woman can be:

Alex Jones exposes the apparent acceptance in society of suggestive violence: Weird world we are living in today. But, it’s not acceptable!

The mean spirited people of society will not get us down, we will not falter, we will hold our heads high, and above all forgive, then move on. We have better things to accomplish for this world in which we live.

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