Obama’s Obstruction of Justice – Process Server

Obama’s Obstruction of Justice – Process Server

June 6, 2017


Larry Klayman, Chairman and General Council for Freedom Watch, reports/explains that many times, including when he was President, a process server has tried to serve Obama with a complaint of “obstruction of justice.”

The Secret Service are now also involved by running interference for Obama, by aiding and obstructing with process servers trying to serve a complaint for NSA illegal surveillance of President Trump and others. 

This illegal surveillance has been going on for quite sometime. Each time they call Obama or interact with his secret service, they are brushed off. May I make it very clear here: THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR QUITE AWHILE! 

This should be the biggest story from the media right now.

Freedom Watch is is trying to serve the complaint under a peaceful process. It would seem from watching Larry Klayman’s [VIDEO], their patience is wearing thin very quickly. Larry is now questioning the way in which government works right now. He also points out that Obama, who is now a regular citizen, just like you and I, is receiving some type of protection by Secret Service that should not be  allowed. Larry says about Obama; “he has little to no respect for the American system of justice.”

This is further evidence of why the leftist Democrats are bullying people, mouthing off, being very vocal against Trump. Just another spinning of the actual facts! WAKEUP! 

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