America’s Aging Infrastructure Is Getting A Face Lift Under President Trump

June 9, 2017

President Trump announced today that there will be major permit overhauls which were dragging down any rebuilding of our highways, buildings, bridges.

He showed us huge binders which were filled with regulations, which will be condensed into a few pages, giving states back their rights to rebuild their crumbling roads and bridges, airports, rails and ports. The permits that stand now is around 10 years to be approved. These regulations will be reduced to two years, a much needed improvement.

We will hire American workers, build with our own steel, iron, aluminum materials.

The President has dedicated $200 billion in his budget for infrastructure that can be leveraged for a $1 trillion investment into our crumbling systems. Investing in rural infrastructure is a key part of the President’s plan.

For many years, as the President pointed out in his speech today, billions of dollars went to the Middle East to help them with their infrastructure. What about us? We are not a third world country. But, if under the current administration, if changes were not made, we would become a third world country.

1. $200 billion in infrastructure funding

2. 8 year reduction in permit reduction time

3. $25 billion for rural infrastructure building

4. $15 billion for transformative projects

5. $100 billion for local prioritization for infrastructure needs

6. $1 million apprentices in two years

According to The Hill in an article written by Melanie Zanona on May 25, 2017, the Senate is taking the lead; “We’re working on a bill. We think it’s important to do,” Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), chairman of the Environment and Public Works (EPW) Committee, said in a telephone interview. “This is along the lines of what President Trump promised the country. … That’s why the first hearing I held as EPW chairman was on infrastructure.” Lawmakers from both parties have been clamoring for more information about Trump’s highly anticipated infrastructure package.

Trump promised to help with our aging infrastructure, another promise he has kept! Let’s hope this is approved by Congress.

President Trump Delivers Remarks at the Department of Transportation in Reference to Crumbling Infrastructure 6/9/2017:

President Trump Delivers Remarks to Governors and Mayors About US Infrastructure:

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