Sadiq Kahn’s Prospective On Travel Ban, Wrong

June 13, 2017

Is the Mayor of London Concerned about how some Muslims feel about the Grenfell Tower? (See at the bottom of article). The tweets are an example of why a travel ban should not be looked on as a bad idea. These particular Muslims have no compassion for innocent people. This fire is most likely not a terrorist attack, but the responses from some of the Muslims shows hate for the Londoners. Very sad


With London’s first Muslim Mayor Sadiq Kahn’s attitude towards radical Muslim ideology, it’s becoming very dangerous for Western nations. He preaches tolerance, says it’s the new norm. There can never be tolerance for such a barbaric way of thinking. This thinking only sets the world back in progression, and it’s very dangerous. 

He is continually hurting the relationship we as Americans have with the U.K., especially since he did not want our President to be allowed to visit. 

Because of a misconception of what the Mayor actually said after the recent terrorist attack, Kahn should not be speaking about a President of the US in such a way, by banning him from the U.K. because of a tweet! In all honesty, it wasn’t the tweet at all, in my opinion it’s this travel ban. He was just looking for an excuse.

When I think back to the protests that took place in January and February in England, which were directed at Trump’s travel ban, my thought is why? Trump is not their President! Usually protests take place world wide if there is a war, not for a travel ban which does not affect them. The globalism way of thinking is ludicrous, we have our own sovereignty which is ours, and ours alone.

What will the President do about his trip to the U.K.?

President Trump was honored that Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister Theresa May invited him to England. But, with three terrorist attacks, within a three month span, its not safe for him or any tourists. 

Kahn tells people in London to stay vigilant and be prepared for terrorist attacks, that it’s “part and parcel” of living in a big city. His idea of keeping them safe is to have the necessary resources and expertise to fight terrorism. A met officer has warned London, they do not have enough officers to keep them safe. Why would the expertise even be necessary if there was a travel ban? If ISIS and other terrorist organizations were eradicated first and foremost, beginning with the Middle East, there would be no need for burdening their taxpayers with extra officers. Seems that his view is backwards, inviting terrorism into the country, only then, when they are already there, will he do something about it. 

Then there are the protests which are not being curtailed, they continue to rage on – There were to be protests in June, when the President was set to visit England. His visit according to Newsmax, has been rescheduled for Oct 5-8, in order to let the protests die down. 

A combination of the protests and terrorist attacks will most likely give our administration a watch and wait approach before visiting.

President Trump will have a hard time finding common ground with the U.K. when he does finally visit, because the London Mayor doesnt respect him for his continued support of a travel ban. The Mayor seems to speak for all of London, when in reality no poll shows me that most of London agrees with Kahn’s views on a travel ban. In fact, recently Londoners took to the streets of London, chanting “Donald Trump, we love you.”


According to a poll by Reuters which encompassed all fifty states, one third of Americans were for the President’s travel ban.


Kahn should take note that it has been reported by Chatham House, an overwhelming number of Europeans agreed that migration from mainly dominant Muslim countries should be stopped. I am sure Kahn is aware how most of the U.K. people view a travel ban, but, nonetheless he continues to bully London into his narrow minded point of view. Even though London has a 50% Muslim population, according to the Office for National Statistics, Kahn should be considering the rest of the populations feelings on a travel ban and not attacking our President’s point of view.

The survey showed:

In our survey, carried out before President Trump’s executive order was announced, respondents were given the following statement: ‘All further migration from mainly Muslim countries should be stopped’. They were then asked to what extent did they agree or disagree with this statement. Overall, across all 10 of the European countries an average of 55% agreed that all further migration from mainly Muslim countries should be stopped, 25% neither agreed nor disagreed and 20% disagreed. Majorities in all but two of the ten states agreed, ranging from 71% in Poland, 65% in Austria, 53% in Germany and 51% in Italy to 47% in the United Kingdom and 41% in Spain. In no country did the percentage that disagreed surpass 32%.

This ongoing feud that Trump has with Kahn was justified since Kahn is continually lashing out about our travel ban, which is very odd considering the terrorist attacks in his own country. He should be more considerate of his own people who were harmed and killed in those attacks.

No small wonder why Khan is against a travel ban, since it has been noted that Sadiq Kahn has ties to an extremist organization. These ties should have been a wake up call for London. But then again, the Muslim population there is 50%. This percentage is probably why he was elected in the first place.  With his ties to an extremist organization, this should of been called into question by parliament.

The Daily Mail reported that Sadiq Khan made a speech while the ‘black flag of jihad’ was flying and gave his support to groups linked to extremism. His extremist views is why he is against Trump’s travel ban or anything Trump stands for. The President wants to protect America, Khan – not so much! 

A day after writing this article, a horrible fire took place in London, a response from a Muslim about the fire makes you literally sick to your stomach. I tweeted the Mayor and asked him for a response. So far, no response to condemn this horrible tweet.

Encroach Kfar? WTH? This is beyond sick!

This is why our President wants a travel ban. They have no compassion unless you are one of them.

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