What Will Happen With Hillary Clinton’s Security Clearance? Let’s Take A Look 👀 

What Will Happen With Hillary Clinton’s Security Clearance? Let’s Take A Look 👀 

June 21, 2017

With the recent concerns of whether or not Hillary Clinton and her aides still hold government clearances, I was drawn to an article written in WAPO by John V Berry, a lawyer from Virginia who specializes in security clearance issues, which raises concerns about high profile people retaining security clearances, or let’s just say… the privilege to know more than ordinary civilians do about the secrets that are kept by intelligence agencies, military, etc…he believes “there should be an overhaul in the system so there is consistency for all clearance holders, no matter their station in life.”

Security clearances held by ex-government employees is not the only issue that should worry us, you have the leakers, such as General Petraeus, the Kennedy brothers. Obama’s CIA Director who leaked highly classified information to Hollywood. I am sure there are more incidents that we do not know about.

A very good example of this high profile privilege that Berry talks about is Marilyn Monroe, yup you heard that correctly, Marilyn had a close relationship/affairs with Bobby Kennedy and John F Kennedy. She kept a red diary of discussions she had with them. 

When both Kennedy brothers distanced themselves from her she threatened to hold a press conference to expose information she knew about the plot to kill Castro, highly classified information about UFO’s. 

There was a secret airbase where bodies of aliens were kept after the UFO crash in 1947, which she had been privy to through trists with the Kennedy brothers. This highly classified information which was disclosed to her would have ended both careers of the Kennedy’s.

Disclosing such highly classified information is indicative of indictment and possible charges of treason. This should of been the case of Hillary Clinton’s email fiasco. Who knows to what extent our highly classified information was leaked? And to whom? She definitely should not be holding any type of  security clearance.

Why does she still hold a clearance? Well, lawnews.com has the answer in a nutshell. She violated the Federal Records Act, but she’s off the hook. Why? Since she left her position as Secretary of State, there are no consequences because she left! If she had still been in office, there would of been consequences for her moronic careless actions. 

The Federal Records Act is in place not only to provide the American public with some level of transparency but also “to protect the legal and financial rights of the Government and of persons directly affected by the agency’s activities.”
As Metcalfe pointed out, The Federal Records Act, if violated in this way, does allow action to be taken against a government employee– but only administrative action. Both Clinton and Powell are not in office, so they can’t be punished. As for the Freedom of Information Act, there are sanctions provided under (a)(4)(F)(1), but again, those penalties only apply to someone who is still working for the federal government. While there are consequences if you are found to have intentionally destroyed federal records, the audit did not make a finding that this happened.

Because she cannot be held accountable, she will probably continue to hold a clearance unless they can prove she destroyed federal records.

So, unless they open a new investigation into her and her aides helping to destroy federal records, believe me when I say, she’s free and will continue to have a security clearance, unless a congressional bill which was brought forth on 7/06/2016 by Senator Gardner, Cory (R-CO) – All Bill Information (Except Text) for S.3135 – Taking Responsibility Using Secured Technologies Act of 2016 114th Congress (2015-2016) is passed. 

This bill would revoke her security clearance. This has been referred to Senate Homeland Security and Governmental affairs. Their is also a related bill H.R. 5697 which was referred to the subcommittee on crime, terrorism, and Homeland Security and investigations on 7/20/2016.

My question is why has this bill been stalling? We need to call our Senators and Congressman on this ASAP!

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