Larry Nichols Heard Proof On Tapes, Collusion/Obstruction -Dropping Hillary Clinton’s Email Case

June 28, 2017

Larry Nichols talks with Lisa Haven on her show, he explains about an interesting phone call he received. The caller asked him if he is the same Larry Nichols that use to work with Bill Clinton? Larry told the caller that he was the same man. The caller played a recording….Larry recognized voices on this recording to be Podesta, Rice, Lynch, Comey, and some Clinton aides. They were discussing the email situation of Hillary’s and how it would be handled. This tape expressed exactly what Comey publically stated when he said he would not prosecute her, basically letting her off the hook. 

Seems like all of this was worked out ahead of time with some people that should not of been involved with the case. This is collusion and obstruction of justice.

We all know that Loretta Lynch is under investigation. We are assuming it is because she told Comey to refer to Hillary’s criminal investigation as “a matter.” But, Nichols believes this investigation involves much more than the “matter” instance. He believes, because of the tapes he heard, its about collusion and obstruction of justice. 

Makes sense, as we know Loretta Lynch and John Podesta were called before the House Intelligence Committee earlier in the week. 

CNN is reporting that these investigations with Podesta involve deciding if Russia had an influence over the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign loss, and whether any of Trumps associates coordinated with the Russians. 

My take on this; that’s not at all what he is testifying to, rather why was John Podesta given $35 Million dollars, which was reported in the book Clinton Cash, written by Peter Schweitzer, while he advised Hillary and Barrack Obama. What are his alleged dealings with Russia about? 

It is known that Podesta asked for immunity before his House testimony. Immunity protects Podesta from having to answer questions that could implicate himself.

Why would he need immunity for testifying whether Russia helped Trump win? Or, for that matter if any Trump campaign associates coordinated with Russia in some way? This makes absolutely no sense!

Maybe the House Intelligence Committee has the tapes that Nichols was talking about that show definite collusion and obstruction of justice by both Podesta and Lynch!

CNN, at the time was still spinning that Russian/Trump collusion story which we all know has been exposed as fake news by Project Veritas

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