German Civil War, Might Soon Be Approaching, Unless Big Changes Made 

June 30, 2017


With the German elections approaching soon, if the German people do not get to vote on a referendum concerning the EU and borders, there most likely will be a civil war in their country?


They are starting to censor what Germans are privy to, in the way of information in regards to their political election, etc… they must fear they are losing their monopoly on manipulating their citizens minds. Articles that do not pass German inspection are deemed fake news, they don’t want any public manipulation in their news sources. Where have we heard this before?


Germans feel the immigration/refugee situation is spiraling out of control. What are their options to protect their families? According to, using guns for self defense in Germany is restricted, unlike the USA. A firearms ownership license is not usually given for self defense, its deemed not an excuse for obtaining a license. So, they are limited to the types of guns like flare guns, stun guns, non-lethal gas pistols, pepper spray that can be carried by the German citizen. These types of guns are not going to protect their families.
Emily Haber, State Secretary for Interior  Ministry is well aware of how the Germans view accepting overwhelming numbers of migrants from the Middle East. She states: “…it will trigger fears and concerns, we’ll have to address them, and the first step in addressing them is reducing the numbers, we’ll not do it alone, we’ll do it along with other European partners.” But, are they reducing the number of Middle East refugees?

It seems that Germans are in tune with their western ally, USA, criminal migrants are causing a negative impact on their welcoming from the Middle East. They are no longer welcome in Germany or anywhere else if they can’t assimilate.

The EU is in a crisis, as one night in Cologne proves the welcoming was destroyed as migrants committed heinous acts of rape among German women. Backlash, of course ensued for migrant asylum seekers. The German people are not going to stand by while Merkel makes up her mind, what she will do to curtail this type of criminal behavior. This is the first view we get as to what the German people will not let happen in their country. They will fight for their women, as they did already.

Some Muslims sent a letter to Angela Merkel after these attacks on German women, denouncing these sexual attacks on the German women. I don’t recall Islamists here in America denouncing any of their brutal attacks.

Excerpt from The letter:

Dear Chancellor Merkel

We are asylum seekers in Germany who have fled from war, terror, political persecution and sexual attacks (such as from Isil). Many of us have been through very dangerous experiences. We are pleased to have finally found shelter in Germany and are very thankful to the German people and its government.

In light of this we were appalled by what happened on NYE in Cologne and other towns nearby. We abhor the sexual assaults and petty thefts which took place and we denounce them.

We hold human dignity in as high regard as anyone else, be they man or woman. We also forbid any form of petty theft or burglary.

According to VertigoPolitix in a [VIDEO], the EU police distance themselves from areas that are ripe with civil unrest due to the migrant influx, thus Sharia Law is put into place.

In Sweden their are around 50 no go zones, which police will not dare cross. As reported by VertigoPolitix; “Sweden has closed its doors to undocumented migrants, but it’s to late, the “virus” has been allowed in and is becoming stronger.” This will happen in Germany unless Merkel fights for her people, instead of turning a blind eye towards it.

In Sweden as reported by VertigoPolitix, the migrant population heavily outweighs the number of police and military. Sweden is definitely in trouble!

Protesters in Germany are treated as neo-Nazi’s, referred to as bigots, racists, sound familiar? It is reported that the Syrian refugees from war torn areas contribute zero to the German economy,  or for that matter any EU economy. They receive welfare, free healthcare, and are now asking for free dental care. How long will it be before the Germans say that’s enough! With their news being censored, maybe they don’t have access to the whole truth.

The German government is pushing for the big birth boom from these migrants, eventually changing Germany and all of the European population landscape.

Germany has deported 20,914 migrants as of 2016, according to, 37,220 left voluntarily.

According to international law under the UN, countries are not allowed to send migrants back to war torn areas for fear of persecution in some way. So, where do these migrants go when they are deported or leave of their own cognition? Probably another EU state, as there is no list of what countries are safe to return migrants to. This is a no win situation! Plus, add the ones that were deported and either refused in one way or another to be deported, and got away with it, as they were given direction by pro-free movement groups…how to defy deportation. So, the above numbers could be a skewed a bit.

FEBRUARY 14 – Every Year Threaten To Assault German Women Quora👇

It seems that the German politicians can’t make up their minds whether or not they like this influx of refugees. Police admit that threats posted on-line by Muslims are real, but the police have not received clear instructions on how to handle these threats! This is clear evidence Merkel is still on the fence, can’t make up her mind. Their moto definitely is not Germany First. No sovereignty there!

Why should Americans be concerned about the migrant crisis in Europe? Because, it’s that much closer to us, World War III! So, when the civil war starts in Germany, I say when, because it’s inevitable, the civil unrest will reverberate to neighboring countries and eventually the US will be brought into it.

Since the election of 2016, our USA sovereignty is being fought for by a President who thinks about America First. Germany’s problems continue as they are protesting overwhelming migration, they could lose their sovereignty altogether, since they are no longer a fully sovereign nation. It seems they have given up a lot already with no end in sight, since the Chancellor will not change her mind on accepting so many refugees. Angela Merkel, not the German people, are for an open door policy. Germany’s aggressiveness has always been the start of both world wars and it will cause a civil war if she refuses to listen to the German people.

Merkel has been warned that the people should be given a referendum, leaving or staying in the EU. The people should be allowed to vote if they want border reform. I can tell you right now this will be a very big problem, she will never leave the EU and she won’t close her borders. The German people will not stand for no referendum.

Remember when Marine Le Pen said you vote for me or for Angela Merkel? Basically the aggressive Angela will rule everything, it’s about control with her. Again, she will be the next Chancellor who will lead Germany into civil war and possibly World War III. Thankfully President Trump sees what is going on, he’s no follower, but a true leader.

Germany has many Islamist enclaves (no go zones) which are just a training ground for jihadists.

Excerpt from



According to a Polish journalist, originally Poland was to take in 7,000 refugees, but with the election Civic Platform committing to even this small number of refugees, they lost. Poland has a similar refugee problem like France. When the refugees realized that they would only be getting a small amount (80 Euros benefits per month) in payments, they chose to leave. Mind you, they were all Christian Muslims living with Christian families, the journalist said they all ran off to Germany one night. The journalist is reminded that Merkel said this a European problem which must be worked out with all European nations. The journalist answered, no, this will not work out for us in Poland since redistribution of the refugees takes approximately one year to redistribute 400 people, how long then do you need for 4,000? She states; I do understand you expect solidarity. But, she continues, the problem is that the Polish have the feeling that Germany is not in solidarity with them on many issues, such as the pipe line. She stated that Merkel invited the refugees, and suddenly there is a problem. And now other European members are forced to bear the problem too. She reiterates that there is no temporary solution.

So there you have it, not all EU members agree with Angela Merkel on the position of accepting more refugees. If Merkel keeps on pushing she may find herself in a very precarious position with other member of the EU as well as at home.

Watch “Open Gates” video, it will blow your mind!

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