Twitter Maybe Adding New Feature, Flagging Anything Deemed Fake News By Anyone

July 5, 2017

If Twitter adds this feature that can flag practically anything anyone feels is hurtful, misleading, or false, there won’t be any tweets left. This is still in the prototype phase according to

I can see it now, the heard of misfits from Barack’s and Hillary’s, Soros’s  armies will be out in full force, Flagging everyone on the right>>>>>>>>>>

Hey, even President Trump will probably get flagged! The Truth police will be out in full force, looking something like hackers gone wild 😜 

Seriously, if Twitter implements this flagging, it most likely would back up their system, it wouldn’t be able to handle it. This is a very formidable challenge for even the biggest tech companies.

Apparently Twitter had announced in a blog post earlier that they were hiring new employees and resources and building new tools, according to Twitter spokesperson Emily Horne.

Facebook rolled out a new tool in March which enables a user to flag content they believe to be fake, misleading, false, etc…and Google has also jumped on the bandwagon by asking the public to help spot pages that are misleading or offensive.

The company could also look at whether certain accounts are frequently retweeted by people associated with credible or verified accounts, such as reporters at mainstream news organizations, or whether a news site has previously been associated with false information.

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