West Coast Should Be Preparing for the Biggest Quake Ever — Possible 9.2, Decades Overdue

July 8, 2017



 COMMENT/OPINION and Maybe a little Science Fiction?

This coming quake supposedly is 22 years past due. The federal government is estimating 13 million people will die in this major earthquake/tsunami. The fault line called the Cascadia Subduction Zone, also known as the  (Cascadia Fault), which runs about 700 miles off the Pacific Northwest coast, when the plates finally shift enough to cause displacement of the water, that’s when you will see the very large waves of water running onto the shoreline and land mass.

FEMA is warning people of this possible disaster, last updated 6/2017. A FEMA official, Kenneth Murphy is quoted as saying; “Our operating assumption is that everything west of Interstate 5 will be toast.” This includes Tacoma, Olympia, Salem and Eugene.

The last big one hit in 1700 (Megathrust Tsunami) which was a 9.2 quake, sending 600 foot wave of water all the way to Japan.


According to poleshift.com There are two types of pole shifts, 1) Magnetic Pole Shift, 2) Crustal Displacement which is the physical pole shift.

A physical pole shift results in land masses being at a different longitude/latitude than before the shifting. A magnetic pole shift happens over time as it dwindles to almost nothing, then it gradually reappears with the North and South poles becoming flipped.

Could a pole shift cause tsunamis or earthquakes?

A physical pole shift could definitely cause tsunamis and earthquakes. where the tectonic plates are moved along fault lines. A magnetic pole shift happens all the time according to NASA, without dramatic effects.

Our poles have been shifting magnetically over millions of years with a pattern of pole reversal every 200,000 to 300,000 years, according to NASA. So, a magnetic pole reversal would not cause tsunamis or earthquakes. But, with a physical pole shift, this could be devastating to mankind. Shifting could occur a few degrees or many degrees….Thus Miami could become the new North Pole! The continual magnetic shifting is what causes the climate change! It’s not the fact that climate change is causing pole shifting! It is the other way around! Because this has been happening since the earth was here. I am sure the dinosaurs didn’t cause climate change to make our poles shift! Anyone that tells you otherwise is nuts, just think about it.


With the recent travel to Antarctica by John Kerry, then Secretary of State in 2016, one still wonders what his real mission was? They said publicly they were there to discuss climate change with scientists. That’s most likely partly true. But, there could be deeper discussions as to why, I believe they are hiding something. Some flat earth believers think with the ban on 1.55 million kilometers of the Ross Sea, they are saving it from invasion by fishing boats, when in all actuality it’s to keep people away from the ceiling of the dome firmament. This ban would be reviewed in 35 years.

Why are planes not allowed to fly over Antarctica?

  1. The loss of ice due to melting, caused by the magnetic pole shift has caused a dip in the gravity field over Antarctica. This gravity change could have an effect on planes compasses, causing acceleration errors, thus more air disasters. Also, when a plane is built it has to be certified that it can stay in complete and safe balance when suspended on a single point. Gravity affects both front and rear of the plane. The rear of the plane is carefully balanced during the building and during loading with regards to its center of gravity. If gravity itself changes, the gravity in respect to the plane changes.
  2. During Admiral Byrd’s flight to Antarctica during “Operation High Jump” planes were seen crashing into an invisible shield/invisible barrier before disintegrating and disappearing.

Earth holds a lot of secrets that are still being argued to this day. We cannot stop the tsunamis or the earthquakes, pole shifts, etc., this is a part of the planet that most likely has been going on for millions of years. It’s not an integral, mathematical solution that will solve the planets secrets…..

It’s easily found in the Bible: About pole shifts: “Isaiah 24 and other passages: (Isaiah 2:19-22 NLT, Isaiah 13:13 KJV, Isaiah 24:1, 19, 20 KJV, Luke 21:11, 25 KJV, Luke 21:28 KJV.) About the earths firmament: Genesis 1:7, Job 37-18, Psalms 104:5.

Catastrophic instances have happened on earth for millions of years, science should be used to help warn us, not to change the climate which is a natural occurrence. As God says we are the caretakers of the earth, but someday the earth will be destroyed, and he will make a new heaven and a new earth. This earth we live on is only temporary, man is not in control of the weather or catastrophes upon this earth.


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