A Message From God – Received By….

July 10, 2017

This report comes from undergroundscience.net, a message was received by astrophysicists linked to the University of California. They do research for extraterrestrial intelligence intercepts, Dan Wertheimer heads up the group known as Search for Extraterrestrial Radio Admissions from Nearby Developed Intelligence Populations (SERENDIP).

It is reported that a Arecibo radio telescope  which is located in Puerto Rico, received a strong narrowband radio signal which had all the hallmarks of a non-terrestrial communication, originating from somewhere outside of the solar system.

Apparently there was a former signal, which is known as WOW, received in August 15, 1977, by Ohio States University’s “Big Ear Radio Telescope.”

The new signal that was received by SERENDIP contains a long series of 29 letters which spell five words in the Hebraic language. This signals origin is of course not known, but according to Professor Wertheimer, it traveled 120 light years before being intercepted.

This is really some noteworthy news, the Professor and his team have stated that they will continue to try and identify its origin! 

Professor Wertheimer has been listening to, searching space for 27 years, this find is the most exciting of his career.

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