Hillary Clinton A Campaign Surrogate? Give Us A Break!

Hillary Clinton A Campaign Surrogate? Give Us A Break!

July 10, 2017

As if Hillary didn’t get the message the first or second time, now she’s going to help by serving a  lead role (campaign surrogate?) in the mid-term elections. I thought the DNC was dead 💀 anyway, or it will soon be….

She is supposedly going to focus on those 23 Republican districts where she actually did have more votes than President Trump.

We all knew she was up to something, she’s like a rash that won’t go away. Her new political action, Onward Together PAC which is made up of Wall Street billionaires and foreign oil tycoons, accepting donations since May of 2017, may just be gearing up for election 2020.

After her election loss of 2016, Terry McAuliffe has been one to tell her to step out of the limelight to allow other Democrats to carry the party’s message. Not Hillary, she just might be the one to finally sink the DNC if she keeps on with dreams that will never become reality. Her connections, her ongoing legal problems while constantly running the clock out…it’s getting sickening!

According to heatst.com During her appearance at the ReCode conference in May, where she made public comments, in effect blaming the DNC ( data operation) for her election loss which triggered an outcry among her former colleagues. Andrew Therriault who was the DNC’s Director of Data Science during the election of 2016, felt Hillary had thrown him under the bus. She doesn’t seem to care who she hurts, she just keeps on rolling! Even Obama’s aides have claimed that her speeches, where she is constantly complaining about her loss, and blaming it on everyone besides herself, she’s basically dismantling the DNC, piece by piece. This is most likely having an affect on people that might want to run under the Democratic Party.

I believe, if she were actually as smart as people say she is, she should step out of the way, retire and leave it alone. She will ruin any chances for future Democratic candidates if she keeps on in this manner.



According to an Onward Together PAC website, it looks like DeRay McKesson may be an “outreach person.” Who else would hide his face?

And, check out this little statement: Onward Together (HERPAC) is a political action committee designed to bring about the apocalypse that should have occurred on November 8, 2016. Apocalypse? Oh really? That’s just sick😝coming from a known thug. Is this part of Hillary’s real PAC? Do you think it DeRay?

Problem is DeRay and five of his cronies are being sued by a police officer who was injured in Baton Rouge. The officer has emerged from a vegetative state and is able to communicate nonverbally. The pending lawsuit states that DeRay was  “in charge of” a July 9 protest that “turned into a riot.” Mckesson “did nothing to calm the crowd and, instead, he incited the violence” on behalf of Black Lives Matter, the suit alleges. So, it looks bad! READ MORE HERE>

Remember this McKesson was a friend to Obama. He let them come to our White House, I will never forget that. Also, one must never forget, he was trying to become Baltimore Mayor, he finished in fifth place. Folks, that’s just plain crazy that we would have a thug as a MAYOR in Baltimore.

Important to note, McKesson writes for medium.com, one of the left wing, liberal medias. Lol, who knew?

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