Roger Stone, Talks – Helping Omar Navarro

July 10, 2017

Omar Navarro who is running against Maxine Waters in 43d District of California, might be receiving help from non other, the greatest American Political Consultant/ Strategist ever, Roger Stone.
Stone has helped campaigns of Richard Nixon, Bob Dole, Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump, and many others, later becoming Chairman of the Young Republicans. He has written many books as well as being a contributing writer to the Daily Caller. He’s had a full life in politics and knows his way around the political arena with his eyes closed, he’s that great!

According to, this is his second time running against Waters. He won over 25% of the vote in 2016, with only 10 thousand dollars. Waters, on the other hand, spent over $650,000 in advertisements opposing Navarro. This time around, Navarro has already received twice the campaign contributions he did in 2016, and caught the eyes of prominent national politicians and media outlets.

Omar Navarro is running for the 43rd Congressional District seat of California, which is centered in South Los Angeles and includes portions of unincorporated Los Angeles, Carson, Gardena and Torrance, as well as Hawthorne, Lawndale, Inglewood and Lomita.
While his objective for change includes keeping jobs, and companies in Torrance, among other things, Waters meanwhile, is busy pushing impeachment for Trump and attacking every Trump supporter, making up conspiracy theories, when she should be campaigning for her re-election.

Well, she just might lose this time around if Stone comes onboard. I will bet you she doesn’t even know that Stone might be helping Navarro. SURPRISE! SURPRISE!

Irregardless of money she may or may not have raised, Trump proved that it’s not the money that gets you elected. It’s how you come across to your base, in helping them to achieve a better, more stable life for them and their families.

[VIDEO] Omar Navarro and Roger Meet – In Talks
Be sure to click onto the links with the above video if you want to donate, help with his campaign😊

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