Dangers ⚠️ of Cell Phone Towers on Private Landowners Land, Dangers of Smart Meters

July 9, 2017

It might be an attractive deal to be paid for  allowing cell phone carriers to install a cell phone tower on your property. I guess people are getting tired of dropped calls due to bad coverage areas, thus the age of mini cell phone towers (WIFI) and towers located outside on people’s personal property. But, are there real risks involved?

It is a fact that cell phone towers on your property have a negative resell value on your home/business. Most people know the health risks the radiation could expose them to. For instance, according to a Palo Alto community that successfully stops a proposed AT&T cell tower at a Catholic church. They cite a 20% drop in property values in other communities. A very effective campaign for any neighborhood to model:


According to sixwise.com, there are more than 175,000 cell sites in the United States are antennas on schools, churches, firehouses, cemeteries and national parks. There’s even a cell tower near Old Faithful in Yellowstone.

There is dangerous radiation you’re exposing yourself and family to if you allow a tower to be near your home, on your home, etc..That’s definitely not worth it to me! If you already have one on your property, you can check the radiation with an Radio Frequency (RF) meter.

Check out this excellent site electricsense.com , it will explain how you can check radiation exposure from WIFI without an RF meter, and other great tips.

Everyone has probably heard about the smart meters being installed all around the USA. If you haven’t heard about them, you soon will.

The smart meters replace your electric meter, they work off on a wireless radio (RF) frequency system. According to anh.usa.orgThere are already over 2,000 studies showing negative effects of RF radiation, despite the manufacturers’ safety claims. People with the meters installed on their homes have reported symptoms such as headaches, insomnia, and tinnitus.

🚨Action Alert! In New Hampshire and Virginia, there is legislation pending that would require customer consent before installing a smart meter; a bill in Maine would eliminate the opt-out fee. If you live in one of these states, we have a special, targeted action alert on these bills. If you live in any state that has no opt-out law, or an opt-out law for a fee, please contact your legislators today and demand that opting out of the smart meter be free of any fees. Please take action immediately! 

These meters let your power company know what your usage is, what exactly is causing any high usage and your power company can control your high usage. People often report that instead of lowering their bills, their bills increased dramatically. What’s up with that?

Watch the video below for more information, tells you the dangers you could face if you refuse to have the smart meter installed.

We have microwaves, WIFI, cell phones, radio waves, electromagnetic waves from alternating current in wires, infra red rays from the sun and then there is natures radon gas and now smart meters with (RF), OMG, we are bombarding ourselves with radioactivity!

BREAKING, New 5G Death Towers Causing Major Radiation Spike In US Cities [VIDEO] By Ron Johnson

HEADS UP NORTH CAROLINA- Recommended Reading on the 5G cell towers: http://www.naturalnews.com/2017-06-06-north-carolina-5g-cell-towers.html

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