Grand Jury Not Going After Trump, Nothing But Speculation

August 4, 2017

I don’t know how many times I have said President Trump was never under investigation, that is the absolute truth. People that were on his campaign were on investigation, including Jared Kushner, Mike Flynn, Donald Trump, Jr., Paul Manafort, this is also supported by Jay Sekulow. The empaneling of a grand jury is normal, it’s the next step after the Special Prosecutors investigation, they are looking to subpoena people that were being investigated, and probably have already done so. 

The jurors are picked by the federal prosecutor and the person who was subpoenaed has a right for their lawyer to be right outside of the room. During questioning if they want to speak with their attorney, they are allowed to under the law, by stepping outside of the courtroom. 

The grand jury along with the prosecutor decides whether or not to bring charges worthy of an indictment. Exactly who was subpoenaed we will not know because all grand jury’s are suppose to be carried out in secret.

Trump’s financial activities with Russians were before he ran for President which has nothing to do with now, and most likely will not fly. The President says he never colluded with the Russians, if this is true, which I do not doubt his word, then he has nothing to worry about. But, by Mueller trying to investigate his business dealings before he ever decided to run for President, that in no way has anything to do with the suspect Russian collusion during the 2016 election. 

The lies that CNN, never Trumpers and leftists are telling is sweeping Trump up with the ones who have been subpoenaed as they did once before saying he was under investigation, which he never was! AGAIN, THIS IS NOT AN IMPEACHMENT GRAND JURY, you are hearing what CNN and others are pushing, more lies and scare tactics which they cannot back up!

Everyone needs to calm down, let the President do his job, and let the second Special Prosecutor be appointed to go after the real criminals, that’s coming and again the mainstream media is trying to draw attention away from this.

According to Law News, a grand jury has already been empaneled for Michael Flynn. They were meeting in Alexandria, Virginia. So, this grand jury that they are now empaneling is the second one with a wider scope.

If the grand jury looks into past Russian business ventures that our President had, that does not mean that the President knowingly did anything wrong, trust our President.

The witnesses better have their ducks in a row, if a witness lies in a grand jury, look out because the government does not tolerate this type of behavior in grand jury cases, even if you mis-recollect you could be charged with perjury under 18 U.S.C. § 1623. Again lies and mis-recollections are a big no no with grand juries.

Although the first amendment gives the right for the witness to disclose information about their testimony, the scope of what can be divulged maybe limited.

According to the Reporters Committee, what the press is able to glean depends on if they have filed for a motion for access to the judge who is presiding over the grand jury. Also, according to the Reporters CommitteePost-indictment, the media may move to “intervene,” or become a party to the case, to assert the public’s interest in disclosure of grand jury materials. 

The press may try the aforementioned route, but if it will be allowed, probably not in this case. This will not be a free for all, the press better behave themselves and let the grand jury proceed without any interference from them. READ MORE ABOUT THE SUBPOENAED PERSONS RIGHTS AND WHAT THE PRESS MAY NOT DO, Click on this link

Don’t be surprised to see CNN and other MSM outlets reporting on the grand jury with their speculations, unknown/secret sources.

As reported by Reuters, Atorney General Jeff Sessions is looking into forcing reporters to unmask their sources, as this is a matter of national security. “One of the things we are doing is reviewing policies affecting media subpoenas,” Sessions told reporters as he announced administration efforts to battle what he called a “staggering number of leaks undermining the ability of our government to protect this country.”

“We respect the important role that the press plays and will give them respect, but it is not unlimited,” the nation’s top law official said.

So, basically these statements by a top law official and Sessions is putting the media on notice not to mess up, especially since the upcoming grand jury.

As reported by, under Rule 6(e), the government is not allowed to reveal “a matter occurring before the grand jury.” This prohibition of course covers the content of federal grand jury testimony. But it goes much further. The government cannot even reveal that you appeared before the federal grand jury or that you have been subpoenaed or scheduled to appear.

In this link which includes a (sound cloud) sound track from Mark, I have posted at the bottom, Mark Levin explains through, the illegal surveillance and land mine leaks that have been put out there to purposely hurt our country and our President which everyone, including the leftists, never-trumpers….all should be concerned about since this could effect any and every President after President Trump. Everyone should be concerned about this!

All of this grand jury shakeup has been hard enough on all of Americans without the constant negative reporting. I really wish that Larry Nichols and Infowars, no matter how helpful they are trying to be, would stop preaching more doom and gloom about our President. Negative energies never help the situation, only prayer helps.

Prayer for our President Trump by Sassy (Tennessee) Dear Lord Please protect Donald Trump and his family.. I pray that he will lead this country this is pleasing to you.Take the evil that surrounds him and toss it aside so that he can lead us and put God back in this land.. This we pray in Jesus name Amen 🙏🏻


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