Tragedy Charlottesville Virginia, BLM, ANTIFA Protesters, Unite the Right

Tragedy Charlottesville Virginia, BLM, ANTIFA Protesters, Unite the Right

August 13, 2017

The particular area in Charlottesville, VA where Heather Heyer who was a paralegal from Greene County, Virginia was killed by a vehicle and 19 people were injured. This horrific incident was caused by a silver dodge charger that slammed into the back of the first car pushing it into a crowd of protesters who were Black Lives Matters, and ANTIFA.

There is a go fund me page for Heather, setup by Felicia Venita Correa to help pay for the families expenses.

The car slammer who has since been arrested has been identified as James Alex Fields, Jr, 20 years old from Maumee, Ohio, as reported by He has been charged with second degree murder, malicious woundings, failure to stop at the scene as reported by

The racial bigotry from BLM, ANTIFA and KKK White Supremacist Groups are not acceptable. All of these groups are hate groups and none of them should of been allowed to march. This activity just fuels further prejudice and racial tensions.

Many of ANIFA supporters were seen beating the back of the Dodge Charger as well as people with sticks, bats, hurling paint and urine filled balloons. One man named Jason had the bones broken in his face. He must get reconstructive surgery and has a Go Fund Me page if you would like to help him.

President Trump condemns White Supremacist Groups and all other hate groups:

Governor Terry McAuliffe (D), who has since declared a state of emergency in Charlottesville tweeted that people who had come to hurt others were not welcome, to go home. He did not specifically direct the tweet to white supremacists.

But, earlier McAuliffe said in a press conference, reported by The Washington Post that he had a message for the white supremacists and the Nazi’s, “all the white supremacists and the Nazis who came into Charlottesville today: Go home. You are not wanted in this great commonwealth.” He specifically related any violence to the KKK and did not talk about ANTIFA or BLM, groups which also took part in violent confrontations with their fighting, throwing broken bottles, using pepper spray, wielding sticks….(McIntire Park)

Virginia State Police are the ones who came in and claimed that the protests were unlawful and violated the state statute. Shortly after this ruling is when the car slammer hit the crowd.

Faith Goldy who was filming the periscope video said that the alt right (KKK) were not allowed to protest and were not granted permission to march. They did show up, and apparently were granted permission, but were not the cause of this horrific incident yesterday as far as we know.

Several ANTIFA protesters tried blocking the KKK from protesting and were arrested. KKK were suppose to be protesting the removal of the statue of Confederate General Robert E Lee, protecting American history, cultural genocide that they felt was happening to America. 

When you are talking about the alt right, make no mistake they are groups of the KKK, neo-fascists which in no way represent President Trump or his supporters. So, to blame our President or his supporters is completely wrong.

CNN was reporting that a “speeding car” slammed into the crowd of counter protesters which is not correct, they need to make a correction.

I wish CNN would stop reporting fake news, it’s getting tiresome. How many times does our President need to condemn hatred in this country? If he condemned it everyday, CNN would still say he doesn’t condemn hatred.

Here’s another lie by CNN, NBC puts them to shame:

I don’t care for false reports by the mainstream media, twisting and turning the facts to meet their own agenda and blame it on alt right groups. Whether you are with the KKK or not is not the point, true reporting should be the goal.

No matter if you support the KKK or not, they had a permit, they were protesting peacefully until ANTIFA and BLM took it upon themselves to cause fights and violence to break out. Seriously, they didn’t see this coming when they gave those permits is crazy! Only way to save this country from further serious incidents like this would be to stop issuing permits, period. Did ANTIFA or BLM have permits?

A very scary read complete with video that explains what ANTIFA in America and Britain have been up to involves training with Syria, then they plan on using what they learned upon returning home. CLICK HERE TO READ FURTHER>

Twitter was taking down this periscope tweet, why? Because they don’t want the truth out there either.

Full periscope video within tweet can be seen👇

Attorney General Jeff Sessions States there will be a federal investigation into the incident in Charlottesville:

Clip from Faith Goldy’s periscope video: ⚠️Caution, not for the squeamish or children

8/13/2017, Sunday, a day after the conclusion of State Police ruling protesters were unlawfully gathering, against state statute. ANTIFA is now in Seattle rioting and abusing police that are in Seattle. Ask yourselves, is this a double standard? Police in the following video within tweet are just standing there and taking the abuse without acting upon it. No KKK in sight, mind you! Haven’t heard one democrat denounce any of this behavior.

I came across an article written anonymously by an ex-ANTIFA supporter who quickly decided the group was not for him or her, in fact this person realized quickly that they were nothing but thugs, would be murders, their ideology should have no place in American society. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE>

Stay away from Antifa, they’re just another hate group cloaked as freedom fighters.

8/16/2017 Three more ANTIFA rioters have been arrested in Chicago READ MORE HERE >

8/19/2017 More alt-left arrests in Boston protests. There has been throwing of objects and attacking of police. Boston police put out a notification on Twitter telling people to refrain from throwing objects at police at Tremont at West in Boston. Most of these following tweets have [VIDEO] of actual footage….

ANTIFA throws first punch:

Violence from the alt-left has gone on for far to long, this is what CNN will not show you

A grand motherly woman is attacked and dragged for carrying our American flag:

So, these so called peaceful protests are anything but peaceful, thanks to the alt-left!

There is a petition on the White House website you can sign to have ANTIFA formally declared a terrorist organization. As of this writing 29,169 people have signed with a goal of 100,000.


UPDATE ON PETITION: It has enough signatures and is now on it’s way to the White House.

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