President Trump’s Great Rally, Phoenix, Arizona

President Trump’s Great Rally, Phoenix, Arizona

August 23, 2017

 😂He had overwhelming support! That was funny, as the MSM would never show you a picture of any of Trump’s rallies filled to capacity and beyond. 

First off let me just start by saying that some people just don’t seem to understand the reason behind a rally. They ask, why a rally, he’s already been elected!  That’s just not the point, rallies bring us together, even after the horrible tragedy in Charlottesville, Virginia. It gave us courage and comraderie to move forward, to try and get past the evil that was done, on a day that should of been peaceful protests. 

What a great, inspirational rally, people were happy, celebrating our wins the President has achieved for America. Our President also needs that lift in spirit from his supporters. It’s not an ego thing that most people will have you believe. If you love America you stand up and be counted in a way you can express latter on to your grandchildren, not with hate or prejudice against Trump supporters like BLM, ANTIFA have done. 

We, Trump supporters wanted to express to our President that we are with him, through thick and thin, peacefully, and we did just that! That’s all we wanted to do!

Every time as a child when I would hear the “Star Spangled Banner,” or say the “Pledge of Allegiance,” at school, I would get tears in my eyes. Yes, that is the right way to react to a country you love. I pray 🙏🏻 that more and more people feel this way. That’s the America (MAGA) we want from everyone, is it to much to ask? 

Open your ears and mind, hear what our President says when he asks that all Americans, left and right need to come together. We as a nation can work best and be strong when we are one, in harmony with our President and his administration. 

It’s okay to disagree with his policies, it’s okay to protest. It’s not okay to bring protests to a boiling point that results in violence. 

No, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, you were wrong in your resist posturing towards your followers, you brought out the worst hatred that I have seen. Also, blood does not need to be spilled to get your point across Loretta Lynch! As leaders that the Dems claims to be, they should know better. Instead, they have chosen violent paths that don’t help to bring this country together, in affect to heal wounds, as our President repeatedly has said he wants. He is changing America, but he is changing it in ways that the vast majority wanted and voted for….

If your going to resist, do it peacefully without hired thugs by Soros in a CRAIGSLIST add.

Since the Charlottesville riots, have you heard Hillary, Barack or Soros, or any of these radicals for that matter, condemn the violence coming from the radical groups? That reminds me, since when does the left think they can categorize the KKK with Trump supporters? 

A little history here, the KKK was founded by the very group that Clinton, Obama and the likes stand for, the Democratic Party. The KKK (klan) sought to overthrow the Republican state governments in the South during the Reconstruction Era, according to 

READ> History of the KKK and the Democratic Party

As far as the klan having any morality? I don’t think so, they do not conform to Christian values. President Trump repeatedly has turned down support from the KKK, he does not condone any of their beliefs and does not want their support.


The President visited the Marine Air Station Base  and U.S. Customs and Borders Protection Facility in Yuma, Arizona yesterday where he was greeted with warmth from enthusiastic Marines ahead of the Phoenix Rally.

As the President disembarked  “Airforce One,” at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, he was met by Governor Doug Doucey, along with other state officials and Vice President Mike Pence whom had arrived on “Airforce Two,” just awhile before the Presidents arrival.

The Phoenix Rally had Trump supporters who were sporting their red MAGA caps, lining up in a very long line around several buildings. It was a peaceful event that was helped along by the Bikers for Trump, who showed up to keep supporters safe. We thank them again, very much.

The rally inside the Phoenix Convention Center was filled to the brink with Happy supporters, cheering on our President.

President Trump’s rally started with a song from “Lee Greenwood, God Bless the USA,” very motivational if you love this country.

The President reiterated references he made about the Charlottesville riots, basically not one group was responsible for the riots, they all were.  We have to remember the KKK had permits in Charlottesville, ANTIFA and BLM did not. The KKK, whether you stand with them or not, were protesting removal of confederate statues, that was their point in their protest, nothing else.

Police in Charlottesville were told to stand down when rioting ensued, even after the car that mowed down people had left the scene. It was the State Police that moved in and closed down the protest. 

These protests were not well managed by Charlottesville Police, unlike the Phoenix Police which was well planned in advance. They had steel barriers that blocked both sides of the street to keep protesters away from the line of Trump supporters. Many Phoenix police officers were on bikes that further blocked riots from happening. They did a fabulous job keeping the peace!

During the rally President Trump mentioned Joe Arpaio, saying he should of had a jury, then saying he is going to make a prediction, “he’s going to be just fine.” Does that sound like Arpaio will get a pardon? It does to me! Trump said he was just trying to do his job, he’s right!

UPDATE 8/25/2017 – Joe Arpaio has been pardoned by our President:

Just as the rally was about to conclude some of the Phoenix police who were outside were hit with rocks and bottles, as reported originally by Associated Press, thrown by the alt-left ANTIFA protesters. The rioters were quickly met with pepper spray from police to disperse the crowd as Trump supporters were trying to leave the venue, coughing as they walked out of the building into the pepper spray and gas clouds that were wafting around in the immediate area.

The police had no other choice but to use the methods they did to stop any rioting. When the protesters knew they were being filmed they tried to flip it by yelling at the police to stop throwing the gas near them to break it up. The protesters were clearly in the wrong throwing rocks and bottles at police. They are good at trying to flip the situation “we did nothing wrong,” yeah, right🙄

There was an alt-left group called John Brown Gun Club originating out of Phoenix, Arizona, with some 34 different branches across the USA. They were carrying AR 15’s and wearing bullet proof vests.  Now, ask yourself, why in the world do they need to carry AR 15s at a peaceful rally? Some where, some one needs to tell these alt-left groups that the summation of Trump’s supporters are not racist, nor are we fascists or rioters. We make up the majority of the people who voted for Donald Trump, period.

Above picture credit:

According to Associated Press, there were a total of 3 people arrested related to the protest. Another individual was arrested on an unrelated warrant. Two police officers were treated for heat exhaustion, as well as two women who were Trump supporters.

A black man is seen by Infowars, telling BLM to stop the violence, stop moving backwards. He’s right, blacks under the Trump administration will succeed through education, good jobs and hard work, just like every other American. Unlike under Obama where black’s were kept poor and on welfare. Remaining on Welfare will not help anyone succeed in their life or there children’s life. It’s time to realize that complacency in welfare is dangerous…..people need to get off it and move forward. 

Some Trump supporters were blocked from leaving by alt-left as seen in the video within the tweet. They were assaulted when trying to leave, very sad! If it wasn’t for the police earlier, it could of been another Charlottesville.

All in all, it was a peaceful rally only because of the Phoenix Police, kudos to them, thank you. Hope we can have more inspirational rallies like this one. Everyone exercising their right to freedom of speech with no violence.


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