Joe Arpaio Was Found Guilty, Simply Upholding USA Law, Now Promised Pardon

Joe Arpaio Was Found Guilty, Simply Upholding USA Law, Now Promised Pardon

August 27, 2017

As expected after President Donald Trump promised to pardon Joe Arpaio, the rhinos, like Paul Ryan came out in support of their views (open borders) that the law should not be upheld when it comes down to immigrants being in the USA illegally.


Yes, the Constitution does give rights to “We the people” within the USA territories. The Supreme Court has argued that not only do citizens in the USA have rights, so do noncitizens. The Constitution is often referred to as a “living document,” meaning it can always be interpreted by the powers that be.

This is why undocumented migrants are protected from being treated any differently than USA citizens, due to the Supreme Courts decision on interpretation of the Constitution.

This has given the undocumented immigrants authority to fight for “sensible immigration policies” in the USA.


When Joe Arpaio was Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona he was accused and found guilty of violating a 2011 temporary injunction, which two years later became a permanent order by US District Court Judge G Murray Snow. As reported by his attorney he was found guilty of contempt of a court order, worded in such a way to “stop acting like an immigration official” towards Latino immigrants who were possibly undocumented or here illegally. Before the pardon he was suppose to be sentenced on October 5, 2017. He was never found guilty of “racial profiling,” period! MSM has confused these facts and they need to retract all their publications saying he was. Watch [VIDEO] Arpaio’s Attorney Clears Up Racial Profiling That Was Misreported

President Trump told Fox News anchor Gregg Jarret in an interview about Arpaio:  “He has done a lot in the fight against illegal immigration, he’s a great American patriot and I hate to see what has happened to him.” This signaled to the public that the President was considering a pardon for Joe Arpaio.

It has been reported that Joe Arpaio has already been pardoned. I believe it is a “promised pardon” according to the letter dated August 25, 2017. As there is talk within the letter from Goldman to the White House Counsel of when the actual pardon should be filed with the court. Also, interesting to note that we still have White House leaks!


The President of the USA has a right to pardon anyone he feels has been railroaded or wrongly accused and brought before the court system, except impeachment cases, just as the President before him. Least we forget that Barack Obama pardoned hundreds and commuted at least 1,715 according to Obama’s list of pardons from the Office of the Pardon Attorney can be found HERE IF INTERESTED.

According to, Arpaio lost his bid for a jury trial. His guilty verdict was decided by US District Judge Susan Bolton. If he had a jury trial it was widely speculated that he would most likely have not been found guilty. Bolton had said that jury trials were not mandatory in a possible sentencing of six months or less.

Federal law for undocumented immigrants was given a respite under President Obama in 2011, where he ordered that undocumented aliens with only a felony criminal background would be considered for deportation, others would be considered for work permits. DHS said that it would only consider deportation for criminal background, national security, or public threat.

Arpaio’s attorneys argued that there weaknesses in the court order, confusing time when deputies should detain undocumented immigrants and exactly when they should be handed over to federal authorities.

Arpaio was upholding the law of illegal border crossings. That in itself is not wrong since ICE does uphold the law for illegal border crossings.

If you remember, President Obama’s sanctuary cities were almost a direct acknowledgement on the administrations position on illegal border crossings, especially from countries in Latin America. These Latin countries governments are as much at fault as the Obama administration, as they did not push what the “rule of law” was for illegal crossing here in the USA.

It is still illegal to cross the USA border, period. With Obama’s sanctuary city policies as they were and Latin Americans thinking that they would be given asylum, or some type of pass, that combined with not knowing the exact USA law, illegal immigration became one big out of control mess.

I am sure that Arpaio’s lawyer will file the necessary paperwork at the right time to pardon Arpaio! These stops that the deputies were making would never of happened if the rule of law was upheld in the first place. By Obama feeling sorry for and enforcing sanctuary cities, he by far sent the wrong message to other countries inhabitants trying to gain benefits and legal status within the USA.

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