John McCain, So Quick Criticizing Trumps Pardon, Joe Arpaio 

John McCain, So Quick Criticizing Trumps Pardon, Joe Arpaio 

August 29, 2017

Recently President Trump has been severely criticized for pardoning Joe Arpaio, especially by Senator of Arizona, John McCain.

Look how many disillusioned people retweeted McCain’s tweet. You can tell these people are probably young and don’t know the truth about John McCains actual treasonous activity when he was a prisoner of war. Many POWs have said from personal experience that he sang like a song bird, giving vital information to the enemy and worked with them.

But, to make a long story short, HE WAS PARDONED for much worse than Sheriff Joe had ever has done!

McCains debriefings and all of that information was classified FOREVER! Why? Because he’s guilty!

He made 32 videos of propaganda for the COMMUNISTS!

Ask yourself why he was the only turncoat? The other POWs never sang like he did. That to me is a big discredit to the other men who were POWs.

He also knew there were POWs that were left behind when he was released to come home. He received preferential treatment when being released because his father had been an Admiral for the USA Navy. The  government has covered this information up for many years, and it is still classified and covered up.

Watch the below video to see what he did by opposing any type of Committee to find the POWs. Keep in mind, he was a POW himself, why would he be opposed to finding them?

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