Hurricane Harvey, Now Looters!

Hurricane Harvey, Now Looters!

August 29, 2017

If Hurricane Harvey wasn’t devastating enough, now Houston has to deal with looters. People that have had to leave their homes or businesses are now becoming victims to looters. At least 14 looters have been arrested according to Fox News.

For those people who have bad intentions by taking advantage of homes or businesses that are vacant because of the evacuations, DA Brett Ligon has something to say; leniency and probation will be off the table for any crimes commited during this disaster. There will be mandatory jail time which can be enforced during a declaration of natural disasters. This includes theft, burglary, robbery, or any similar crime, as reported by

A group called the Louisiana based Cajun Navy, who originally assembled to help Hurricane Katrina victims were out with their boats trying to rescue victims from Harvey when they encountered people who fired some rounds. No one was hurt, but they believe they were looters possibly posing as people who needed to be rescued and then taking their boats. Also the founder of the Cajun Navy, Clyde Cain noted that people were out there on boats pretending to be rescuers and robbing the people. Report comes from 

Cain’s Statement: via

“A couple of our guys’ boats broke down,” he said, describing that looters “were trying to take the boats from them of course they were just trying to get out. Not sure if those guys are people out there pretending like they need to be rescued and then they’re robbing the boats. There’s also people that were out there on the boats and they were out there pretending to be rescuers and robbing the people. This is just what’s happening.”

Houston has approximately 575,000 undocumented immigrants. Police are stressing that they do not want any immigrants to refuse to go to shelters because they are worried about being arrested by immigration. Their primary job right now is for people’s safety and life. They will not be doing routine immigration enforcement at this time.

[VIDEO] within tweet

Remember the pink hatted ladies in the Women’s March earlier in the year? The March that Linda Sarsour organized? The one where Madonna said she was actually thinking about blowing up the White House? Well, I just wanted to say everyone during the disaster Harvey has caused needs help, no matter what race they are, all lives matter. Most caring, compassionate people know this. But, not the Women’s March person behind the Twitter account. Yeah, I would call that racist! What about if you aren’t black or Latino?

There is now a curfew for all areas that have been evacuated in Brazoria County between dusk and dawn until further notice. This was probably done to keep down looting.

According to, Police Officer Sergeant Steve Perez, a 34 year veteran drowned in high water when he was trying to get to work. It seems that he could not find a path to get to work, he drove around trying to find alternate ways. He had called in to tell command that he was having a hard time finding an alternate way, that was the last time they heard from him.

His disappearance was noticed at roll call on Monday, August 28, 2017. His body was recovered on August 29, it was decided that he had driven to an underpass and was most likely overcome by the high waters.

These Officers go above and beyond their duties while their families make the sacrifice. It is very sad what this hurricane has caused for many individuals and their pets. They all will never be forgotten. We do owe a lot to these policemen and policewomen who put their own lives at risk to serve their communities. Thank you!

For those who want to help Sergeant Perez’s family or the Police Officers:, or

Houston police have tweeted that there are 160 families of HPD Officers affected by this situation which are still on the job. The officers are sleeping at the stations throughout the response phase.

As reported by, the largest shelter has reached it’s capacity, they are looking to open up two, possibly three more mega shelters. They are stressing that they will not turn anyone away who is seeking refuge.

Texas State Guard has sheltered 6,189 evacuees in 118 shelters across the state.

Over A Million People Displaced In Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama

Penn State IFC is pledging to give .15 for every retweet to help those in need, keep retweeting! They are up to 213K retweets as of this reporting.

This next picture, all I can say is it looks like an ocean with waves 🌊 who knows when these waters will finally recede.

Governor Greg Abbott is helping to get needed supplies to areas of need by temporarily suspending IFTA.

During flood waters after a hurricane there is a big possibility of health issues due to contaminated waters. Dr. Tom Price, US Department of Health and Human Services is declaring a health emergency crisis due to the flood, both in Texas and Louisiana. They are advising that water should be boiled before consumption for some time.

The Food and Drug Administration is advising people to throw away food and drugs that have come into contact with flood waters. Also, because Texas is a warm climate there may be mold to contend with! This can aggravate asthma and allergies.

According to, many hospitals and nursing homes have been evacuated. Patients who have Medicare or Medicaid have had their documentation requirements waived so that care can still be given to the patients.

In the wake of natural disasters like Katrina and Hurricane Sandy, many hospitals have been rebuilt to withstand the worst of Mother Nature. Submarine doors were locked at the hospitals of Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas Children’s Hospital, Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center and TIRR Memorial Hermann Hospital to protect lower floors, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Disaster planning has increased since Hurricane Katrina and Sandy, looks like they are more prepared this time for the flood waters which will save many more lives.

If anyone from Houston area is looking for their pets, you might want to checkout Hurricane Harvey Pets, they are on Facebook and Twitter. @HurricanePets on Twitter, email:

For those that love pets 🐕🐩🐈🐾checkout 🐾these amazing stories:

Hurricane Harvey’s Amazing Animal Survival Stories: Rescues, Reunions and Furry Refugees

Thousands showed up in Corpus Christi, TX to greet President Trump chanting, so glad to see him! [VIDEO] within tweet

On August 31, 2017 Vice President Pence and Mrs. Karen Pence will be traveling to Texas to meet with Hurricane Harvey survivors and survey damage.

August 31, 2017 we were told by the White House Press, Sarah Sanders that President Trump will be donating 1M of his own money to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.
Good read for how to help the people of Houston during these troubling times. The author is a survivor himself from Harvey. He knows first hand about the devastation.

Where to apply for assistance:

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