Black Mark? Does Anyone Know What That Means?

August 31, 2017

Very strange thing happened today, received a notification from a service (won’t mention the name) that was streaming an “URGENT” press conference by President Trump from the White House. Many people were in the chat room asking why so URGENT? Why always URGENT? I said “URGENT? I hope it’s not about North Korea.” 

I didn’t think I said anything wrong, but was quickly admonished with text from one of the sites administrators saying “that is going to give us a black mark.”

I was shocked, as I didn’t see what I said was wrong. What do you all think?

If they are going to censure what I say, whether it be the streaming network or the government, then we are really in trouble in this country.

If what I said is that big of a deal, then something must be happening with North Korea, otherwise why censor it?

I have since unsubscribed from this streaming service.

I never checked the bell on YouTube to receive streaming services, why in the world are they sending me a notice on my smartphone? “URGENT….”which would make anyone panic!

Anyway, there are many streaming YouTubes to follow…..I will be moving along.

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