DACA, Trump’s Decision

DACA, Trump’s Decision

UPDATE: 9/5/2017

President Trump has given congress the responsibility to figure out what to do with the undocumented immigrants. He has faith that Congress will come up with something that will benefit both the undocumented as well as citizens of the USA. 

Retweeted by the President:

President Trump says he looks forward to working with Democrats and Republicans in Congress to address immigration reform that will put hard working citizens of our country first.

If in six months Congress cannot come up with a solution to legalize DACA, the President says he will revisit the issue. 

POTUS doesn’t want the DACA recipients to worry about their status during the six month period.

The DACA program, as you know by now was rescinded according to Attorney General Jeff Sessions. This will give Congress six months to decide on immigration reform, which should be enough time to figure out what to do with at least 800,000 immigrants that are here illegally.

 He is making a judgement that is fair and just, one that possibly leaves the undocumented some hope for their cause. 

When President Obama came up with DACA, it was at a time when Congress couldn’t seem to agree with what should be done. This was meant as a temporary fix since laws can only be changed through congress! Executive orders/memorandums that try and change the law or constitutional amendments are thwarting the very existence of law and order. This was the problem with DACA and the fact it was argued as being unconstitutional. Discussion: READ OBAMA’S LAWYERS THREAD ON TWITTER. Eric Columbus was one of the lawyers who worked on DACA.

President Trump has restored to this country law and order and will continue to do so. He made the only decision that is lawful in this case. Congress does need to do their job, stop stonewalling at every turn!

This decision of course has been met with a lot of criticism from the left, but it does restore the rule of law.

No, Debbie, your wrong, it’s not the decision of our President. It is Congress that should make laws in reference to immigration. 

Senator McCain seems to be confused, he knows it is not the job of the President to make #immigrationreform, it is specifically the job of Congress!

Nancy Pelosi is delusional as usual! In no way is the President not compassionate to the undocumented, on the contrary, he’s giving Congress six months to fix our broken immigration system.

Barack Obama Statement: 

Note* President Trump is not kicking anyone out of the country. I don’t know where Barack received this information. Just so all the undocumented understand, let me be clear, it is up to Congress to enact laws regarding immigration, not the President, as it is unconstitutional for him to do so. Barack needs to take this up with his congressional person, not the President.

Senator Mitch McConnell’s Statement:

New York Mayoral Office Statement:

It seems like the Mayor of New York is just plain jumping the gun at this point!

Bill Clinton’s Statement on FACEBOOK:

Senator Feinstein agrees that DACA was on “shaky legal ground” prior to President Trumps action today. [VIDEO] within press secretaries tweet.

No comment from Hillary Clinton on social media as of yet. Will update

DACA was originally enforced through an Obama policy memorandum, meant to be a stop gap because Congress failed to pass the DREAM ACT. So, this essentially puts it right back in the lap of congress to do their job!

Further reading of why DACA was implemented in the first place

President Trump has said that immigration reform is possible:

“I believe that real and positive immigration reform is possible, as long as we focus on the following goals: To improve jobs and wages for Americans; to strengthen our nation’s security; and to restore respect for our laws.” – President Donald J. Trump

He’s right, so Congress needs to do their job and pass legislation that is both fair to undocumented immigrants and Americans alike.

White House Statement, President Donald J. Trump Restores Responsibility and the Rule of Law to Immigration

September 2, 2017


For so many years the Mexicans have illegally crossed US borders. They see a very different life over here, one they wish they had. The poverty in Mexico is very high. Drug cartels seem to run rampant with disregard for the Mexicans that just want a normal family life with good jobs and a chance to be well educated, a better future for their children and grandchildren. You can’t blame them for wanting a life like many Americans enjoy.
They see the border that separates the USA and Mexico is in very close proximity, this makes it an easy access point of crossing for them. It’s tempting, who wouldn’t want a better life. 

Since the main reason for immigrating to the US is to get out of an impoverished country, running from drug cartels, escaping barbarism….They know the pay for odd jobs, construction, maid service, etc…here in America is much higher. The opportunity to start over and do what they do best…make money. Most of them do not mind working those 80 hours a week. They are use to the long hours, they did it back in Mexico. 

So, we see why they want to come into the USA, they want the “American Dream” that many US citizens have and sometimes take for granted.

As a country that is born of immigrants it is hard to turn them away. Our hearts do go out to them. But, some are not coming into this country for good reasons either. The facts are that some are criminals with criminal backgrounds a mile long. They aren’t wanted in Mexico and they definitely are not wanted here in the USA. That is why we have borders in order to find out who these people are and why they want to come to America.


For those who want a borderless world, how would anyone know who was coming into their country, or where their allegiance is? It’s a very precarious position you could find yourself in with a borderless world. What if war were to break out and you have lived in one country for ten years, not the same country you were born in, or where your family is still residing, what do you do? Picking sides would be very difficult. For those that wish the USA harm, you can flip that coin, the enemy is already on USA land. Another reason borders are a necessity. 

Without borders how would you register for the draft if there was one? Where do your voting interests lie? Which country would you fight for? Border walls are not a gated community to keep people out, or inside like a prison wall. They are merely a means like checks and balances to distinguish friend from foe, we MUST know who comes and who goes, period.


According to en.m.wikipedia.org, there are at least 350 million illegal border crossings annually into the USA. Now, some of the illegals have already been deported, how many? It is well known that some that are deported return on a recurring basis.

In 2010, because of the insecurity of the US/Mexican border, President Obama signed an appropriation bill which gave the Border Patrol $600 Million dollars to beef up border security. However, this did not stop the influx of illegal border crossings.

So, we know that without a large full barrier of some sort, illegal crossings will not stop.

Under the 1965 Immigration Act in accordance with the 14th Ammendment of the Constitution,

women who are not US citizens that have given birth in the USA, their babies automatically become citizens. This Act also gives permanent residency to the parents and any other children that they have, possibly including other relatives.

So, under the 14th Amendment the point of changing this law is moot, without amending the Constitution. Our framers worded it in such a way, it can’t become a point of contention.


On a case by case basis for those that are already on USA soil, children that were born on USA soil, working and paying taxes on USA soil; I don’t think the President will make them leave. The hardened criminals that have crossed USA borders should be deported. The ones who are here illegally and working, not paying taxes, President Trump most likely will have them deported.

When weighing the costs of what the USA spends to deport just one individual at $10,854 which was reported by ICE in FY2016, it seems quite impractical to consider this option. I am quite sure Mexico is not going to pay for it!

According to cairco.org, there are approximately 12 – 20 million illegals in the USA, and probably more. I’m no math expert, but I can use a calculator! Wow, it comes out to, get this, 2.1708e11 which is ? I think it’s way off the charts! Trying to be serious here, I think we don’t have that kind of money laying around, period! Oh, and that was just calculated with 20 million! You can see where I am going with this, it’s a probable cause and effect of this whole out of control Immigration problem.

Doesn’t it seem more practical to spend that money that would be used for deportation on building a wall! We have to be reasonable here, we need a wall!

We know that deporting them all isn’t going to happen. The President can’t deport the ones that had their babies here, we have laws against it. But again, you would have to know the number of illegals, probably less than 20 million, as the women most likely had children while they were here illegally which makes the children legal US citizens.

President Trump is a very compassionate man. But, he understands the need for border walls and the legality of becoming a US citizen. He has a very hard decision to make, while still taking into account his country and people, most importantly…their safety and security. The felonious criminals have to go!

I personally have met very wonderful Mexican families here in the USA, they are no different than any other Americans, they came here legally and are now American citizens.

I have thought this over and over, maybe you could say my heart is getting in the way, but we really have no other alternatives. The only way to stop the mass illegal immigration is to build that wall. Deporting, depending on what President Trump decides is not cost effective. If all were to be deported, where are they going to go? Back to Mexico where maybe there isn’t a home to go to?

The ones that are paying their fair share are not a burden on our economy or welfare rolls. There might be hope for them with the BRIDGE ACT which would protect them from deportation. The ones that are on some type of assistance that is ongoing and doesn’t look like it will ever end, or they aren’t working, maybe some type of cutoff period should be brought forth. We do have our own citizens that should come first. I’m sure between Congress and the President, they will find a fair and human way of dealing with the problem. I want our Administration to work hard on this to find the right thing to do without hurting families.

More information on the Bridge Act

I think that most of the illegals are good people that are caught up in a snafu that could of been avoided by building a wall a long time ago. The ones that are working, staying out of trouble and contributing to America, paying their fair share of taxes might just as well stay. They feel like it is home to them. Who am I to say they aren’t at home? Let them stay! Get that wall built! Control Illegal Immigration!

Many people are trying to second guess what the President will do concerning DACA, Kelly Anne Polls gives her view and stresses that we will just have to wait until Tuesday.

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