BOMB SET OFF at The Civil War Re-enactment in Middletown VA

October 15, 2017

WTOP News had reported earlier that there were written threats made before the Civil War Re-enactment Battle of Cedar Creek in *Middletown, Virginia. Due to the threats, security was stepped up and the re-enactment was scheduled to go on as planned.
It is being reported by The Common Sense Show that Saturday, 10/14/2017, onlookers saw a group of people run into a confederate tent dropping a pipe and then ran, as of now they have not been apprehended. Dave from the Common Sense Show says that the pipe bomb did explode, no injuries have been reported.

UPDATED 10/17/2017, An actual witness who was there because her boyfriend was in the re-enactment has a little different testimony – Monika Wesolowski’s testimony can be viewed HERE> courtesy of the Common Sense Show…

…A little boy found the pipe bomb, and ran out with it. The bomb was on timers, it was also detonated by the ATF (bomb squad) to deactivate it. If that boy had not found it there would have been a lot of physical damage. Another bomb was found in a tent, it was what they call “a soda bomb” which would have detonated during the show that they were going to put on when the dancers were dancing.

According to the Northern Virginia Daily, not only has the Sheriffs Office been assigned to the case, “Middletown police, state police and the state police bomb squad, other departments responding included the Frederick County Fire and Rescue, K9 units from Frederick County and Frederick County Fire Marshal’s office. The FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives also assisted, the release states.”

According to Dave, the Confederate re-enactment soldiers had to sign an indemnification agreement where they would not hold anyone liable if anyone was injured or killed. I am assuming they signed this before the re-enactment took place.

It’s definitely to early to say who would of done this, speculation will run rampant. But, this comes on the heels of the confederate statues being taken down.

*Correction: Mistakenly wrote Winchester, was corrected to Middletown

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