FBI Says We Can Trust Them?

October 8, 2017

The FBI Agent in charge of the Las Vegas shooting is Aaron Rouse who formally took up his position as head of the Las Vegas division in September, 2016. He was appointed by none other than James Comey.

Isn’t it strange that on October 2, one day after the shooting, the FBI had already reached a conclusion that ISIS was not involved in the shooting which amassed so many deaths and injuries. That was a determination that was made to quickly if you ask me, even after ISIS had already claimed responsibility for the attack. Whether or not ISIS was responsible or not, determination can only be made by a thorough investigation that takes more than one day! This already smells to high heaven of a coverup of some sort.

Many people are listening to video tapes of the shots and drawing their own conclusions. Conclusions are as diverse as more than one shooter, areas of shots fired coming from different floors of the Mandalay Bay and even different buildings.

Videos cannot lie, they are a recording in real time that can disprove what the FBI is telling the American public, and o’boy are they ever!


To be truthful, the FBI covered up the shooting of Robert “Lavoy” Finicum, which is coming back to the haunt them as I speak…W. Joseph Astarita, who shot Lavoy was indicted on five felony charges. Three of those counts were in making false statements to his supervisors, two counts were for obstruction of justice. There was enough evidence of a coverup for a trial to take place.

In another possible coverup, the FBI is now being sued by a victim, as a result of an ISIS inspired attack in 2015 where there was a cartoon drawing contest “Draw Muhammad Contest” in Garland, Texas. It is alleged that the FBI had early warning signs of an ISIS attack and did not act on this. Look at this text from an FBI agent: Screenshot from RT Video

Read more, how the FBI has obviously aided and abetted an ISIS attack on US soil.

So, when Agent Rouse is so quick to say the attack on the people at the Las Vegas venue is not a result of ISIS, do we accept his theories? This is not to say we can’t trust the FBI as a whole. However, there are some agents that may have been spies that have themselves become radicalized.

It is well known that one of the FBI agents had very close ties to one of the Garland Texas extremists and was found to have taken a picture right before the attacks. Call it entrapment, I don’t think so! They were told to “tear up Texas.”

So, why now should I trust what the FBI and Sheriff Lombardo are telling us?

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