Imran Awan Investigation Heating Up

October 15, 2017

Judicial Watch is getting the message out there to Congressman, a thorough investigation needs to be made into possible selling of classified information to Pakistan and possibly beyond…and there now is an inquiry into an open investigation.

We now know that Awan was in Pakistan on a number of occasions when accessing congressional computers. Did the MSM report this? A BIG NO they didn’t!

How could this be allowed, who was checking up on this devious act? No one!

How would you like as a McDonalds employee to be hired as an IT specialist by Congress? Sounds great doesn’t it? You can make over $160,000 per year guaranteed! Your resume may just get you the job! Yup, one of the IT guys only had on his resume that he worked at McDonalds…that’s great? A BIG NO, it’s not!

Well, between Hillary Clinton’s nefarious email server and Awan, we may not have any secrets! Is this a more connected pattern that we are finding out?

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