North Korea is Now Threatening Australia 

October 15, 2017

Australia backs the USA in an effort to stop North Korea from threatening the USA.  While North Korea has warned Australia that it is on a “suicide act” while continuing to support the USA. Australia stands firm in its commitment to support the USA and believes the sanctions will bring North Korea back to the negotiation table.

North Korea has sent a warning to Australia: “Should Australia continue to follow the U.S. in imposing military, economic and diplomatic pressure upon the DPRK despite our repeated warnings, they will not be able to avoid disaster.”

As tensions escalate Australia and Britain are preparing for war, as military drills continue in Australia and ships in Britain are being made ready.

North Korea has also threatened South Korea when they were taking part in military drills with the US.

President Trump has on many occasions said we have to deal with North Korea since previous administrations have continued to put it on a back burner. The time for being quiet and doing nothing has worn itself out. Since 1968 North Korea was under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty which it pulled out of in 2003 because of “increased aggression” from the USA. That is the reason they gave, hard to believe though. Every treaty we have had with North Korea, they have broken.

The USA has given aide to help the North Korean’s when their almost 22.3 million people were starving. Isn’t there a quote somewhere that reads “don’t bite the hand that feeds you?”

Kim Jung Un is becoming increasingly uneasy, he is under some suspicion that the US and South Korea will invade his hermit kingdom. Strange that this tension has increased with the 64th birthday of the Mutual Defense Treaty between the USA and the Republic of Korea which became effective October 1, 1953.

I believe that President Trump or one of his generals should talk to Kim Jung Un or at least send some type of envoy for talks. This should come first before denuclearization. The bantering between the two countries is not good. What if, and that is a big what if, North Korea has some type of nuclear accident? There isn’t a country that is watching that has the expertise to advise them so that they don’t make mistakes while trying to perfect their missile capabilities.

Now we have a President that has strength and might to stop North Korea from becoming a nuclear power. The one that should not have the nuclear capability is North Korea, they are becoming increasingly dangerous and reckless.

As long as North Korea has nukes they would most definitely retake South Korea, that’s why there must be complete denuclearization of the North. We have an alliance to help South Korea if it escalates to this point. Either way, North Korea is backing the US into a proverbial corner. Let’s hope the day will never come that they wish they never had.  

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