October 15, 2017

Julian Assange has done nothing to hurt anyone in the United States of America. He does not hack any information, he receives it from anonymous people looking to expose corruption, example; Hillary Clinton’s perjury, selling uranium to Russia, government spying on its citizens without our knowledge, Clinton’s email fiasco, cheating during debates…..and so on and so on….

Wikileaks is not a HOSTILE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY of any sort! We the people were having our privacy invaded by our own country! And yes, even you👉🏻Congressman and Senators were being spied on by a government you worked for. What better way to catch you doing something that could have been held over your head latter for bribery!!! That’s the way it works!

Julian does not deserve what has happened to him. I am appalled, especially at our Judicial Branch, Legislative Branches, and Special Counsel!

We have had one of our congressmen go to visit with Julian, you know who he is! He has information that should be heard. 

I am tired of the obstruction that is going on inside our Legislative and Judicial Branches! President Trump is right, you are nothing but obstructionists, you don’t care to know the truth with definitive proof. You don’t care about the American people! You can’t even pass a Healthcare Bill, shame on you!

All of the information that was uncovered about Hillary Clinton would never had to happen if she was an honest, forthright candidate. Is there something wrong with uncovering deceit which discredits this great nation. I don’t think so, and for the billionth time RUSSIA IS NOT THE CAUSE OF HILLARYS LOSS, THERE IS NO RUSSIAN COLLUSION with the Trump Campaign of 2016, even Putin told you this same thing.

You have not found anything concerning Russian collusion on the Republican side, but I will bet you if you really cared to dig deep enough on Hillary Clinton you just might uncover that she does have Russian connections. We spent the entire 2016 election campaign on Twitter exposing her corruption, which you ignored.

Twitter can be used to stay in touch with our representatives, yes, this was the first time in history it has ever been used to this extent. Go with it….you might see it works for you to stay in touch with your constituents.

Stop being old fashioned and get with the times, President Trump understands us, you don’t, very sad that you are falling behind.

I demand to know what you are doing with the information that Julian Assange has with undeniable proof? We put you in office, you need to answer our questions out here!

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