Las Vegas Shooting, Discovering More Witnesses Coming Forward

October 17, 2017

What I am gathering from most people that are taking the time out of their days to report what happened in all actuality, since they were there during the ensuing chaos of the Las Vegas Strip shootings, they are all appalled at what is being reported and what is actual fact. 

These people actually experienced total chaos with shots that were fired, encompassing the whole of the Las Vegas Strip. I am going to call it the Las Vegas Strip from here on out since it is obvious that it did not just happen at the Harvest Festival or Mandalay Bay.

People actually died, not all deaths reported by the witnesses happened just at the Harvest Festival, as I am sure those of you who are continuing to read and watch videos of these actual witnesses are finding out.

I came across the following video where a woman (Orora Monroe) explains what it was like down the strip at Planet Hollywood, away from the Mandalay. I feel an awful resentment and frustration for the FBI with their continued narrative of the one shooter theory, it just doesn’t hold water, it’s obvious there were more shooters.

Orora and a very large group of people escaped the shooting by descending the stairs and hiding before security guards who were armed came for them. They were told Planet Hollywood was on lockdown and no one was to leave until they gave the go ahead.

Orora has linked in her video description several people that have video, like her that tell a very different story than the FBI and LVMPD is still pushing. You have to listen to this video, it is genuine and you need to know there is proof out there that the events that unfolded are being suppressed. Watch the video, down below this article is a link to her actual video, in the description you will find links she has to others videos. All I can say is wow, the evidence of more than one shooter is overwhelming.

Another witness came forward and I believe her story should be shared as well, just remember the truth is in peoples blogs, their videos and their words. You will not hear it from the MSM or FBI or Sheriff Lombardo, sad!

The following story originally was published in a blog called US Politics House, written by admin which I will attempt to briefly summarize and you can go to the blog and read the whole story there. 

I did just want to say that while I was reading this story I could feel the frustration this woman experienced when she knew the truth and watched the MSM news report a much different story than what she experienced. It’s important to note that this witness watched the news network change their stories throughout the night after just experiencing a horrifying scene unfold.

….Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive…..makes me feel very distressed for these people and their stories that are not being reported or heard by police.

Rikki Raulerson and her boyfriend were staying at the Vdara which is near the Cosmopolitan.

Rikki  and her boyfriend were told by security guards, which I assume had radios and were listening to reports by police on the ground, that there were 7 confirmed shooters, several confirmed deaths at multiple hotels along the strip. These reports included the hotels Bellagio, the Aria and New York New York.

She reports that there were fire alarms going off outside, police cars and ambulances pulling up outside of their hotel where they could watch from their windows after escaping from the madness.

The important thing to take away from her story is that the news wasn’t reporting what they had seen with their own eyes. She was beginning to think she was going crazy since the story didn’t coincide with what the security officers had told them or what they had seen outside of their hotel windows. They were pushing the “only one shooter” story. Just think about it, she is telling her family her story over the phone, but they are getting a very different story from hers on the news that they are watching. 

Rikki’s Story is here >
People can’t make a series of judgements without getting the whole story, so why should the authorities in charge be any different?


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