Conspiracy of Silence – Know Where Disappearing Kids Are

October 18, 2017

Last summer pedogate was exposed in full, and then quietly died…the kids were forgotten

PIZZAGATE may or may not be true since it was linked to many Pizza eateries. One thing for sure there are many, many children that go missing, snatched off the streets, never to be seen again.

What if the kids were still alive and wondering why their parents are not looking for them? Some parents don’t know what pure evil lurks out there, right underneath their noses, but still goes unnoticed.

During that time that PIZZAGATE was running full bore while many others took the time to point out #occupythegetty. What does this mean? Well, I am going to tell you by giving you links within my article that you need to pay strict attention to.

First of all, I know some of you are going to say, no way this could be happening. No one is that evil! My answers will be a resounding YES to all of the above.

Some of you are just finding out about the DEEP STATE. You found out what it was and what it’s all about. Your getting smarter, waking up to the so called “conspiracy stories” that were never truly conspiracy. They magically turned into truth, not really, they were truth all along.

In 1994 a Documentary called “Conspiracy of Silence” was to be aired in the U.K. which was banned and to this day it has never aired. It would have exposed pedophilia on a global scale.

An Ex-CIA/NSA employee by the name of Steven Kelley knows where some of these kids are held for ritualistic purposes and worse. This is classified information that needs to be exposed and released to the public. There is a White House Petition that was started on October 7, 2017 that needs 100,000 signatures in a month. I know you care, so please go to the site and sign the petition to compel the President to declassify this information so the public knows this is for real! Sign the petition

What bothers me during last years full blown PIZZAGATE discussion on Twitter, they were blocking certain tweets, one in particular #occupythegetty.

Because Steven is an ex-CIA/NSA employee, he knows about a certain place called the Getty Museum that houses artifacts, paintings and the like. This museum is located in Los Angeles, CA. It sits high atop a hill and is very heavily guarded with security towers and cameras all around. At night it’s gates are locked and there are guard dogs trained to apprehend would be trespassers. Whether they are trained to kill or not, I don’t know. But, I do know that the CIA is physically protecting this Getty!

I tweeted Alex Jones from Infowars and he is again exposing this satanic ritual abuse, mentioning the Getty, starting October 19, 2017.

If we don’t stand up to the evil people like Harvey Weinstein and others like him, these atrocities will continue and more and more of our young women, men and children will continue to be abused in the worst possible way!

You can watch Millie Weaver and Alex Jones talking about the Getty and other horrible things Hollywood is into HERE.



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