Directed Energy Weapon – North Korea Better Beware

Directed Energy Weapon – North Korea Better Beware

Most people are scared of North Korea’s threats. Don’t be scared since we have the technology which is so far advanced, it makes the nuke incomparable. Actually this technology could destroy a missile, virtually making it invisible, or dust! Sound strange? Read on….

We have had this early technology as early as 1943. If you have not heard of it, let me fill you in quickly and then you can do further research.

In August of 1943 the USA performed an experiment of such magnitude that it would change the way the USA could fight wars in the future. It was discovered by accident when the US was looking for ways to hide from detection of the enemies radar. You may ask after I tell you what this experiment is, why would they do this to USA military men? My answer to you, they have been doing experiments on our US military men and women for years. Don’t believe me, just look it up for yourselves.

This experiment was called the “Philadelphia Experiment”, it was an experiment that was hidden, censored, much like what they do today with information they try and deem a conspiracy. Only thing they didn’t count on is that their were the witnesses that could testify to what they had seen and been through.

This was suppose to be just a test which actually worked, but turned into a nightmare for some of the guinea pigs that it was tested on. A ship called the USS Eldridge which was a Destroyer Escort was sitting in the Philadelphia Navy Yard, The ship disappeared and then reappeared. The horrible effects of the technology actually meshed men into the ship, some men could not stop disappearing and then reappearing. This was the beginning of the testing of what later would be called a Direct Energy Weapon (DEW). There are only three countries besides the US that have developed this technology, Russia, China and India, which are in the early stages. As of this writing Wikipedia is trying to take down the information of Directed Energy Weapon.

As I was typing this article, finished and was going to publish it, it disappeared! So, here goes the second try……and the Wikipedia page has a help message on it in order to change it! Let that be positive proof, they don’t want you to know a darn thing! Don’t worry, I grabbed a screen shot! You can check the evidence of what Wikipedia does with articles that are true and informative, that they evidently want censored. Funny, it involves Dr Judy Wood.

Take for example 9/11, some people believe the Twin Towers and other buildings that were near turned to dust because of thermite. Others like Dr Judy Wood who is a Physicist/Engineer and a highly educated woman who wholeheartedly disagrees with the 9/11 Commission. You can read about her education on the Wikipedia page I have linked above….moving forward…..Dr Wood explains what she sees that the evidence points to.

After listening to videos, which I will link below the article, more and more I am convinced of what might of happened instead of the theory of planted explosives. I am convinced that with the DEW technology the USA has, it’s definitely conceivable that this was a DEW hit.

We have had this technology since 1943 and I am sure it has advanced so far in the years after, North Korea had better not mess with us! They said on the Wikipedia page that it wouldn’t be ready for weapon use until 2020, in my opinion we are already there.

Very Good Read – Dr Judy Wood Physicist/Engineer

Part 1 Forensic Investigation of 9/11

Part 2 Forensic Evidence of 9/11

Part 3 Forensic Evidence of 9/11

Part 4 Forensic Evidence of 9/11

Part 5 Forensic Evidence of 9/11

This type of weaponry may have been used to start the fires that raged out of control in Santa Rosa, CA.

As reported by SFGATE NEWS, A man by the name of Matthew McDermott was trying to find an escape route from the fires near his hometown of Sonoma and found a tree burning from the inside near Schellville, nothing was burning from the outside. This is an unnatural fire, unless it was hit by lightening, which we all know it wasn’t. The DEW burns things just like microwaves, from the inside out.

Homes were completely turned to dust in Santa Rosa. A few trees may have survived. Pictures of Santa Rosa’s Coffey Park Neighborhood courtesy of The Sacramento Bee.

Those fires erupted and moved so quickly that people barely had time to evacuate, just minutes to spare. Strangely the homes just across the street survived, never touched by the fires.

Then there were buildings like Applebee’s that are surrounded by parking lot, how did the fire jump over to these buildings? Unless it wasn’t a natural fire to begin with. And…the trees survived!

If it wasn’t for the tree that was burning on the inside, we might never have questioned these fires.

Another interesting  has surfaced that shows a light source anomaly coming from the sky during the California fires. This was recorded by a helicopter.

The interesting fact is that aplaintruth‘s video points out that the area which was evacuated during the Santa Rosa fire was set for rezoning according to Agenda 2030.

aplaintruth points out that there is a book called “Behind The Green Mask” written by Rosa Corey who lives in that area. She wrote about this particular area in Santa Rosa that would be targeted for rezoning due to the Agenda 21, or what we now know to be called Agenda 2030. The areas that were in her book, Santa Rosa, Sonoma, Napa Valley were all targeted for Agenda 21. Those same areas were evacuated, is this just coincidental?

The  also points out that a woman named Kathleen Epstein sent him this next document that shows the pending development, dated June 2017.

These developments seem to be the exact areas they were evacuating.

Evacuated Areas👇When you think about the code changes, like no chimneys, how far the building must be set back,  or how large the building can be, etc.. Do you think their is any possibility that these families who lost their homes in the fires will ever be able to rebuild like it once was? Doesn’t look like it!

Make sure you watch the full video linked above, it sure makes sense as to what a possible motive for these fires could be.

There is further proof that these fires were premeditated due to the Agenda 21/2030 global scheme using this microwave energy weapon.

Early on a woman named Deborah Tavares who is an activist in California spoke out about certain anomalies she found in documents that should be made public knowledge. She had an interview with Jeff Rense in 2015 where she talked about these fires that would happen in Sonoma, Mendocino counties. She also mentions weather modification technology from satellites that not only could be used to change the weather in Northern California, but also as a weapon to spark fires in pinpointed areas. Folks this is pure evil and you will find as you listen to this that the Rothschilds are behind it!

We just talked about pinpointed fires, take a look at this VIDEO which was shot from the air where you will see evidence of fires that were supposedly sparked by areas where there is brush that could catch fire due to dryness. You will clearly see homes, just homes, nothing else is on fire. This is what she was talking about when she referenced (pinpointed) fires.

Does our President not see this? I think if he did he would do something about this, don’t you? Or maybe he’s not totally in charge! Think about it

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