October 28, 2017

Well, well we have been made aware that these nuts that have advertised for Crisis Actors before are at it again, this time it’s for the date October 28, 2017 for an event in Murfreesboro, Tennessee which is still pending authorization. Still says pending authorization as of early morning 10/29. Maybe they changed the date or didn’t get approved. READ ON THOUGH….

Oh, and don’t be fooled on the “non-globalist sovereign mindset preferred,” looks like they are trying to flip it on us! Since when do good well meaning Patriots who back President Trump need crisis actors? Don’t stick to the date of October, 28th either, there are many things happening in Murfreesboro into November like the “Old Time Jam.”

What’s going on in Murfreesboro? According to the site, there is to be a “White Lives Matter” rally, complete with bonafide white supremacists ((League of the South, National Socialist Movement, and Traditionalist Workers Party). Excuse me, but didn’t we just see this in Charlottesville, VA? It didn’t turn out well at all. This is the one that didn’t get approved yet, as far as I know, BUT….

Looks like the town is already preparing for something nasty, as some of the shop windows are already boarded up.

With the two bombs that were planted at the battlefield where confederate soldiers were staging a re-enactment in Middletown, Virginia. This was only a tip of the iceberg, ANTIFA will be at it again, make no mistake. That $500 payout is awfully attractive to them.

Murfreesboro is also having an event called “Paint the Mall Purple,” which I believe could be a target area which runs through October 31. Why do I say this? Remember the concession speech Hillary Clinton gave when she and her minions were all decked out wearing purple! Remember Vegas, ALL PURPLE LIGHTING? They seem to give clues right out into the open, right beneath our very eyes.

If you are planning on attending any of these events, do be careful and leave yourself some kind of quick exit.

Also, October 31, 2017 marks the 500th anniversary of Protestant Reformation day. This is talked about in Revelations. It will change Christianity as we know it if the pope signs this document which will usher in the “Mark of the Beast.” Be aware on October 31 events of all kinds, stay safe.

Why would the Pope pick Halloween to sign this?

Sources: Something Big Is About To Happen On October 31, 2017

Heads Up Tennessee! CRISIS ACTORS WANTED? Hmmm

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