Indictment Monday

Indictment Monday

October 30, 2017

According to RT, Paul Manafort and Rick Gates were told to surrender in the Mueller Russia probe today. Paul Manafort and Rick Gates have been indicted on 12 counts which includes conspiracy against the United States according to RT. These indictments were unsealed today.

We had known that the Special Counselor Robert Mueller had advised Manafort that he would most likely be indicted. This came as no surprise. What did come as a surprise was the arrest and indictment of George Papadopoulos, Trumps former Volunteer Foreign Policy Campaign Advisor.  He was one of many volunteers. He had only met once with the advisory council, it seems as though he might of taken steps into his own hands. According to the White House Press Secretary, any of Papadopoulos’s meetings were pushed back, so any steps he took were of his own accord.

Papadopoulos is being accused of making false false statements to the FBI. You can read the indictment HERE, which was filed October 5, 2017.

Some of the counts that Manafort is facing are money laundering to the tune of around 18 million which was used for Trump Campaign money to buy property, goods and services according to Fox Newswhich were concealed from the US Treasury and the Department of Justice. He is also facing “Conspiracy Against the USA.”

COURT DOCS: Manafort, Gates indicted in first charges from Russia probe 

Manafort and Gates acted as unregistered agents of the Government of Ukraine where they made tens of millions of dollars in income as reported by Fox News. Manafort didn’t register as an agent until June of 2017.

This in no way shows any collusion with Russia on President Trump’s part, but it just might lead to the real collusion artists Hillary Clinton and John Podesta. It is Manafort’s role as a liasion between Russia and the Podesta Group that is drawing scrutiny, as well as the false “Russian Dossier” that the Hillary Campaign and DNC paid for.

We also know that an unknown republican was  paying for this Dossier information during the GOP primary in order to discredit Trump. Could this of been Senator John McCain? Maybe, maybe not, but Trey Gowdy thinks that money which was used to pay for the Dossier may have been laundered through a law firm to avoid transparency laws. That doesn’t look good for Hillary at all. You can watch Trey Gowdy talking about this in this .

Also, the “Uranium Deal” that was signed off by then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. This all ties into Russian collusion…this indictment of Manafort may alleviate a second Special Counsel appointed for the Deep State and potential indictments when they question him during the Grand Jury trial. This is all bound to come out. Why was it that the Clinton campaign was never cooperative with the FBI when they asked for the DNC server?

Remember, back in 2009 the FBI was gathering evidence of kick backs, bribes, money laundering that Russia was using to influence Russia’s hold on the American Uranium market. This information comes from Fox News. Later on the Obama administration’s DOJ let it ride and never did anything to stop it. This will all come out! James Comey was head of the FBI then and should of done something!

Something of interest concerning Tony Podesta; today he resigned from his firm, along with the CEO Kimberley Fritts, who is said to be leaving to start her own lobbying shop. The Podesta Group employees are not expected to receive paychecks past November 15. Could this possibly signal some type of freezing of monies? Seems like she is distancing herself from the Podesta Group. Annnnd…I’m not done…get this, Hillary Clinton was seen this past weekend conversing with, non-other than Tony Podesta, as reported by Breitbart. Seems he found out Mueller was investigating him! Wow, this reminds me of the Clinton/Lynch tarmac meeting! Remember to, Bill Clinton has distanced himself from Hillary. Wonder why?

And then, it gets even better…Podesta is just now registering money as foreign agents…oops it doesn’t work that way!

I believe wholeheartedly that the truth will come out in the Grand Jury trial, as Hillary Clinton and Manafort go back a long ways. According to RealClear Politics, a source, who we now know was an ex- senior employee of the Podesta group that wants to remain anonymous, told Tucker Carlson of Fox News that Manafort and the Podesta brothers are the real central figures that the Special Counsel is looking at. You can read more about how Manafort, the Podesta Brothers and Hillary Clinton associate with the Russian Oligarchs.

Another point to make, many people are attacking Jeff Sessions, saying things like, why isn’t Sessions investigating Hillary for her crimes? I was even wondering why also. When I look at where the Special Counsel is today with the indictments that just came out, there’s sufficient evidence to me that Sessions is leaving Hillary Clinton, Obama and Podesta to the Grand Jury. It’s not uncommon for Grand Jury’s to reverse and go in a different direction. Whats important is where the evidence they have will take them. Just thought I would point that out to my readers.

The below video shows how Podesta is tied up in the Mueller Probe: The original source of the video is @SIDexposed (Repealobamacare on Twitter)

A while back Trey Gowdy said just let Mueller do his job, now we are beginning to see why he said it, and how it will end up. #LOCKHERUP

Many people are saying Mueller wants to bring President Trump down, I disagree. Why would the President have met with Mueller days before he became Special Counsel? He also was interviewing him for FBI Director, according to CNN.


I believe that Manafort was an operative of the Podesta Group and the Clinton machine. Why else would men like Manafort and Papadopoulos  try to get the President to agree to Russian meetings? You don’t endanger your candidate for President like that. Something smells 🐠🐟.

I believe those close to the President knew about a coup that was taking place by the Deep State after he took office on January 20, 2017. The only way to stop it was to have those FBI agents that were loyal to the President place Manafort and  Papadopoulos under FBI surveillance. According to the indictment, Papadopoulos was interviewed seven days after the President took office. That right there proves the FBI knew something wasn’t right.

Our President has avowed many times that there was no collusion from his campaign with Russia. I believe him, there were certainly no indictments flung his way today and I don’t think there ever will be in the future.

Then there is the time when the head of NSA, Director Mike Rogers met with Trump and never told the Obama Administration he was meeting with him. Why hide a meeting? Unless they were discussing something that they did not want the Obama administration to know. I think they filled Trump in on the coup that would take place if he became President. These are important questions that really impact my change of opinion on the Mueller Russian Investigation.

Remember, I was one of the people first to make the assumption that they weren’t investigating Trump, instead I felt it was directed at Clinton and her minions. I said this in a previous article which I wrote many months ago. I explained why and who I thought was really being investigated before the Grand Jury was even impaneled.

This all most likely ties into why Papadopoulos wasn’t arrested sooner, he most likely was used as an informant for the FBI, maybe in order to get a lighter sentence. Maybe he did wear a wire like people are saying. But, it wasn’t being used against Trump, it was being used to gather evidence against the Deep State.

The FBI could of had Papadopoulos meet with Christopher Steele, everything could have been recorded. The FBI would now have the recordings to tie the Dossier to the Clinton cabal. Remember, Tucker Carlson from Fox News said he had it from a source that the Podesta brothers and Manafort were the “central figures” in the Mueller probe, as I stated earlier above. This is all making sense now!

Stange fact is that the recommendation Mueller made in the sentencing of Papadopoulos was only 0-6 months! This tells me he’s cooperating with attorneys.

Think about what I have just said and know Mueller is not the enemy here. Clinton and her minions are guilty of “conspiracy against the USA,” as far as I am concerned, just like Manafort and Gates. Let this Grand Jury play out, you’ll see I’m right.

UPDATE 11/4/2017, It has been reported by anonymous that there will be forthcoming indictments, which were suppose to be 11/3, 11/6 respectively. One for Tony Podesta, one for Huma Abedin.

Another anonymous source is claiming that both Podestas have been indicted.

Some are speculating that there are still four sealed indictments in the Russian Investigation where Mueller is Special Counsel. Some are speculating two maybe for Tony and John Podesta.

Sealed Indictments are done for two reasons, 1) it may be sealed because the defendant/informant is still working with prosecutors, 2) there has not been a reading out of charges in court, until this process happens, it will remain sealed.

At an arraignment the charges will become unsealed, no one can be brought before court on a sealed indictment. So, stay tuned, it will all come out.

I will continue to update this post as more information is made available.

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