There Are Difference of Factions in CIA – They Killed Kennedy 

October 25, 2017

We have recently been told that President Trump will direct the CIA to release the classified information on the investigation into the killing of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Never before in United States history has so much true information leaked from sources like Wikileaks, whistleblowers which took place leading up to the election of 2016.

Now people are beginning to wakeup and believe not everyone is a true patriot or American. There is just to much evidence which points to different factions that are working to bring down the democracy, crippling the USA.

We have seen up close those different factions, like former Director of the CIA, James Comey. We have exposed by names those that are heading those different factions. President Trump’s decision was to the horror of the CIA, thus exposing non-stop those different factions.

It is my belief that the CIA wanted to wait until the death of George H W Bush before releasing the full investigation to the public. There are still people alive who could be prosecuted for their part in cooking up the assassination. This not only exposes people who were involved with the death of John F Kennedy, it involves the death of his brother Robert Francis Kennedy, his brother.

You probably heard that there was inside turmoil going on in the FBI as a result of more evidence that was being released about Hillary Clinton. Well, there was turmoil inside the CIA also. Different factions fighting for their right to remain in control. That’s what separates the real CIA and FBI from the so called Deep State. You are seeing this more and more as the alternative media exposes them. It is a fight to the death!

In order for that Deep State to remain in control of the USA they had to have a President who would cover for them, of course that President was not Donald Trump. So, now you can make a mental list for yourself who is the Deep State. Start at the top with Hillary and Bill Clinton and work your way out, kind of like a tree….known associations are a very good indication they are Deep State as well.

Thank God we have the internet, that is what exposed them, tell Hillary…”That’s What Happened.” We the people are a powerful body, we have more power than they will ever admit.

Testimony from a CIA agent, Robert Plumlee, who was a pilot for the CIA states that the Texas Clan which was later called the Texas Mafia are the ones that killed our President. The design of this assassination came from the Deep State. As soon as the Pentagon heard that their was a plot in play, they called for a team to be dispatched to abort the assassination on the very day he was killed. To bad they were not able to stop the Kennedy assassination.

The man that was arrested for the killing of JFK, and Officer J D Tippit, Lee Harvey Oswald, was an Operations Naval Intelligence (ONI) agent who was working undercover with the Dallas Police and FBI in Texas at that time. He was actually a triple operative who was set up as a patsy. When the truth comes out, which it will, Lee Harvey Oswald will get the military honors he should have had upon his death.

That Deep State is still alive and working within our most crucial Department of State, FBI and CIA.

We also know that Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson was also involved with the plot to assassinate President Kennedy. Johnson’s mistress, Madeleine Duncan Brown, testifies to this fact. She had an illegitimate son by Johnson who was later killed by the Deep State.

The Deep States head will be cut off soon, it has been neutralized with the de-acceleration of globalization and the uncovering of the real Russian collusion with an indictment on October 30, 2017 of Paul Manafort and his assistant Richard Gates. One of the interesting indictments has to do with conspiracy against the USA, you will see as time goes on the ties of Paul Manafort with the Podesta brothers and Hillary Clinton. Folks these are just some of the Deep State (the other faction). Remember when I told you many months ago that there is a jail that will house 23 inmates….looks like its going to come to fruition.

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