Mayor de Blasio – Warned About New York Terrorist Activities

November 1, 2017

Imam Tawhidi had written a letter to the Mayor back in February, 2017 asking for an interview with the Mayor. He had credible knowledge of detailed financial funding coming from the Middle East and books that were being imported which contained radicalized (Wahabist) fundamentalist teachings. These books that were being imported were also being gifted to prisoners within the New York prison system.

This letter apparently was completely ignored by the Mayor and most likely was never referred to the FBI.


As you can see, he was completely ignored! Why was he ignored? Well, it’s simple, we were told by the New York Post, that the NYPD banned an anti-terror handbook that was right on point, and could have possibly stopped the terrorism that happened in New York yesterday that killed 8 and injured many. The Muslims felt they were being spied on (religious profiling)!

This anti-terrorism handbook was banned from New York Police, Intelligence, Counter-terrorism forces due to a lawsuit  by lawyers for the city and Muslim leaders. Former law enforcement officers feared that by banning the handbook, it could not stop the vehicle-ramming attacks that were plaguing European cities. Well, now it’s plaguing the USA also, what are they going to do about this???

If I was the family of any people that were maimed or killed yesterday, I would sue both de Blasio and the city, not stopping there…..sue the lawyers and the Muslim leaders, judges that let this banning take place!


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