Oklahoma Biological Weapons Test

November 14, 2017

This information comes from FOX23 News:

Usually tests that are performed are not suppose to endanger humans, but who knows what could go wrong? Some people seem very concerned…

FOX 23 News:

According to their article this test will occur in 2018 at the abandoned Chilocco Indian School.

The school which is now divided into different zones has a long background that goes back many years according to abandonedok.com. It is owned by the United States government and is heavily guarded 24/7 by armed federal police and a large pack of dogs, even to this day. It is used as practice and training grounds which is NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

Residents have been warned in an Oklahoma newspaper about the upcoming test and were informed that the chemicals released would be non-toxic.

This test is suppose to simulate a biological chemical attack by terrorists and will be carried out by Department of Homeland Security.

FOX23 Excerpt from article:

“For the particle test, the government plans to release titanium dioxide, which it describes as a “white odorless powder that is chemically insoluble in water, nonreactive, nonflammable and nonhazardous.”

“For the biological test, the government plans to release genetic, barcoded spores of an insecticide sold under the trade name of Dipel. Dipel is not considered hazardous by the Environmental Protection Agency when handled appropriately, according to an assessment.”

“The assessment said the test will have no adverse impact on human health or the environment.”

South Central Kansas, as well as the city of Arkansas itself seems very concerned as to the effects on citizens: Republican US Representative Ron Estes has a lot of questions concerning the safety: “I have numerous questions regarding this proposed test,” Estes said. “While it’s important for our federal agencies to test their abilities in response to threats, we need to be 100 percent certain this test is safe for the residents of south-central Kansas.”

So, it looks like before this event happens it will be watched closely.

One thought on “Oklahoma Biological Weapons Test

  1. There’s plenty of places in Washington they can test there bug spray at,THIS IS GOD’S COUNTRY,WE DON’T WANT TO BE GUINEA PIGS.


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