Did Marines Land At CIA In Langley?

Did Marines Land At CIA In Langley?

November 20, 2017

As I reported in a comment I made on George Webb’s YouTube channel on November 18, 2017, where I stated that the Marines were protecting our President. I didn’t go into more information as I was waiting for confirmation myself about things that I was reading/hearing that seemed to be unfolding….

Five hours later April LaJune came out on her YouTube channel claiming that it was confirmed, Marines had landed at Langley. She didn’t name her source, but I am sure it was Hal Turner. I sure would like to know how she found out.

Anyway, first let’s be clear, we don’t know why the Marines were there and exactly how many marines deplaned. We have different sources to check, all of them have different ideas as to what actually occurred at Langley on Saturday. Hal Turner’s intel seemed to be more in-depth, but we will explore different sources. In the end you will have to come to your own conclusion as to what actually happened. Possibly in the days ahead more information will come out.

For those of you who don’t know who Hal Turner is, I will just briefly say that he did work for the FBI at one time. Most ex-intelligence officers still have ties to investigators throughout their lives. So, I would listen to them when they give you a heads up. Don’t discount what they are trying to tell you.

Another great source is Ex-CIA intelligence officer Robert David Steele who was recently on YouTube channel Victurus Libertas VL, where he was talking about the Trump coup that was taking place. Infowars has also talked about the coup as well as Steve Pieczenik, who guest stars on the War Room. Another ex-Intelligence officer to follow would be William Binney who was the whistleblower on the CIA, exposing the spying on Americans illegally as well as other unsavory tactics that were used.

Now, everyone is just assuming that the Marine landing at Langley had to do with the coup turning into a counter coup. We don’t know this as fact! What they were actually doing at the CIA is most likely classified. As Hal Turner has said recently in his blog….he doesn’t know why, or actually how many….just that it was abnormal for them to be there.

Now, whether or not President Trump sent those Marines there….One thing we do know is that the US military is suppose to be under civilian control, meaning the President of the USA controls our Military. Those of you that believe they are strictly under military commander control, just be advised…if that were so, then it would be a military dictatorship! Any officer who does not follow the command of the President of the USA is committing treason and would be brought up on treasonous charges, especially during times of war. One example being the termination of General MacArthur’s command during World War II. President Truman was lenient with this decision.

Another good intelligence to follow would be Benjamin Fulford. He is stating that the Marines invading the CIA at Langley was a coup to take down Operation Mockingbird which is run by the CIA, his source comes from the NSA. He likens this to the mass media mind control propaganda Americans were being fed through internet, Google, Facebook, etc….as Infowars for the last couple of days has been talking about how Google is getting worse with their mind control by pushing fact check sites on desktop web browsers every time Infowars is searched for or mentioned.

There has been an update on Hal Turner Radio Show where he clears up any misunderstandings/misconceptions about his reporting on the Marines landing at Langley. I would recommend you visiting his site which I have linked. Just keep in mind their are witnesses that live nearby that heard the Marine helicopters which went on for 30 minutes. Whether they actually landed or not is another matter…..

Another good source is Simon Parkes who has talked about a tweet by our President which referenced Alice & Wonderland, he claims the tweet was taken down just as quick as it went up.

With that all said, let’s not forget that President Trump has made the opioid addiction problem in the USA a main priority to get rid of the drugs that are coming into this country. We know that the CIA has looked the other way about the opium production in Afghanistan in previous administrations. Why would they do this? Simple, they have something to do with that production, just my opinion. But, when trying to put the puzzle pieces together and knowing that the US Military is now bombing drug labs in Afghanistan, as reported by the Washington Post, these strikes started on November 19, maybe, just maybe the Marines were sending a message to the CIA in Langley. Read More > ICC prosecutor seeks probe into war crimes allegations against U.S. military, CIA in Afghanistan


Normally if there is some type of insurrection within the US government the National Guard would be the branch that the President would most likely use, not the Marines. Here is why I say this, number one, they have been used before in situations of insurrection, within the USA. Number two, the Marines are not suppose to be used on domestic soil because of the Posse Comitatus Act. The intent of this act which was passed in the nineteenth century was used to prevent the military forces of the U.S. from becoming a national police force or guardia civil. Accordingly, the act prohibits the use of the military to “execute the laws. This is why I tend to believe some reports that say the Marines never landed.

In this situation I think that these intelligence sources were definitely gaslighted. Remember Q anonymous said we may get information that is disinformation and we should expect that.

This brings us to the conclusion of this report. Like I have said before, the President was duly elected, he is our President. We may believe the “QAnon” postings on 4chan, and others don’t believe. All I know is that our President is in control, surrounded with the best military he could possibly have at his command to protect American citizens, for this I sleep well at night, and so should you. God Bless our President, Military and the USA!

Featured Image: empirestrikesblack.com

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