What Happened In Hawaii

January 15, 2018

As we have all read or heard by now, there was an emergency sent to cell phones in Hawaii on Saturday, January 13, directing them to take shelter as there was a ballistic missile incoming towards Hawaii.

This emergency was followed up some 38 minutes later by a text calling it a false alarm.

Above photo screenshot comes from Stanford Magazine article.

The Governor of Hawaii, David Ige promised it would never happen again in a message he sent on Saturday, just hours after the false alarm was declared. HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) reports:

“I know firsthand that what happened today is totally unacceptable, and many in our community were deeply affected by this,” Gov. David Ige said, at a news conference Saturday afternoon at the Hawaii Emergency Management agency. “I’m sorry for that pain and confusion that anyone might have experienced. I, too, am very angry and disappointed that this happened.”

Hawaii Emergency Management put out a tweet regarding the missile launch, minutes later it was deleted. Here is the screenshot of the tweet. Now, why didn’t they call it a false missile launch? The screenshot comes from Linda Kirby.

Of course that didn’t stop the liberal/Democrats and MSM from blaming it on our POTUS. We knew that was coming!

The President has since remained silent, not tweeting about the fake missile crisis. It’s not like the President to remain silent unless he knows something that he can’t talk about.

For those of you who are following “QAnon” who posts on 8Chan, he/she posted on 1/7/2018 a message about DEFCON 1. For those that do not know what DEFCON is I will link at the bottom of this article where you can read what it is and what it does.

Some people that saw this message from “Q” where DEFCON 1 was mentioned mistook what Q’s meaning was, he clarified this intelligence with a reply message.

Most of us are not use to codes or military cryptologic linguist codes. Therefore translating some intelligence received is very difficult. So, I could see why some were freaking out.

How easy is it for the emergency system in Hawaii to send out such a false missile alert? In my opinion, there are most likely steps that are taken after a missile has been detected/or seen by satellites, military personnel that are watching gathering intelligence, there could never be a false alarm! Seriously, think about it. I am not buying the “wrong button pushed” reason for what happened in Hawaii.

There are protocols that are issued when there is a nuclear missile/non nuclear threat. You can check out these protocols HERE. Important to note once a missile is launched from ground or sea there is no recalling it back.

Recent intelligence sources are standing by their knowledge that there was a real threat. Keep in mind that the Deep State is worldwide.

When sending any information to the public regarding a nuclear threat going out over the Emergency Broadcast System or what is known today as the Emergency Alert System, the first protocol which is over any other transmission has to come directly from the President, especially if it relates to a missile warning.

What I am about to disclose will show you the protocols and cannot be mistaken as a test.

There are different announcements that can be sent, those have to be chosen.

There has to be an EAS DECODER and ENCODER to transmit anything over emergency broadcast. en.m.wikipedia states: Decoders at relay stations would sound an alarm, alerting station personnel to the incoming message. Then, each relay station would broadcast the alert tone and rebroadcast the emergency message from the primary station.

There is no way you can press a wrong button! This protocol is no different for States issuing an emergency transmission, the Governor or his designated representative would make the call, such as weather related, but not in a nuclear situation, that would only come from the President of the United States. I am sure whether emergency transmissions go out over the cable, text messages or whatever, it is all the same protocol. You can read more about the Emergency Alert System in this handbook, linked here. I know the handbook is dated 2007, I am sure it hasn’t changed drastically since the time of publication.

ready.gov states FEMA is responsible for national-level EAS tests and exercises. Something as serious as a nuclear threat cannot be confused with a test, as stated above.

This next information comes from fcc.gov:

Most testing of EAS broadcasting is done with “test codes,” rather than “live codes.” So, a code must be entered to activate the test.

When testing the EAS some states use “live codes” for National Weather Service (NWS) broadcasts. I didn’t see anything in the FCC information to indicate that a “live code” is used for testing in anything to do with incoming missile launches.

A live code could accidentally transmit an emergency broadcast by accident. But, states must receive a rule waiver in order to show that they have taken the necessary steps to prevent public misinformation and panicked masses when using a live code.

On a national level EAS “live test,” which I am assuming would be some type of event where the President would need to get an urgent message out to the public nationally…the FCC believes that this type of code is needed. Below screenshot comes from fcc.gov:

So, in summery messages that are sent whether by text, cable, radio….must be authenticated first. I cannot believe that during the testing of the EAS where it was claimed someone mistakenly presses the wrong button, that this is a viable reason used for the message that went out in Hawaii.

Even if the message was was written by the Emergency Management in Hawaii , it still must be authenticated before it is sent out. These are the protocols that are suppose to be followed so mistakes don’t happen.

You can read more about CAP and IPAWS Architecture here in this link.


Benjamin Fulford reports  that an anomaly (nuclear stealth submarine) was detected off the coast of Hawaii. He has been briefed that the false alarm was a cover story for the real threat. Further explaining that the cabal already had a preemptive story ready to explain what happened if the mission failed. It was believed that the submarine was located and destroyed after the attempted attack.

Dave Janda talks with Greg Hunter explaining the false nuclear message sent out in Hawaii. Dr Janda from his sources was told that there are some huge problems in China right now with different factions pro Trump and others who are not, just like here. He was told that the US shot the missile down. The Submarine was a Chinese Navy sub (renegade faction). He further explains that most of the intel he receives comes to fruition in weeks or months after being told. Early truth indicator would be a January 18, 2018 a big financial event is to occur, buying oil with Chinese currency (petro yuan exchange), gold could buy oil. If the petro yuan contract is delayed, we will know for a fact there is this Chinese faction problem going on within the country.

With that said, many people on Twitter are saying Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Huma Abedine were in Hawaii at the time of the supposed false alarm. Ask yourselves, if the Deep State within our country had something to do with a missile launch, would they target their own? Maybe, but I would say most likely not. Maybe Hillary and Bill weren’t even in Hawaii since the only ones reporting that they were was supposed incidental run ins to the Clinton’s. Did the MSM report them there? NO Seems strange don’t you think? Anyway, my intuition is telling me they weren’t there.

I believe that since NBC News was in the bunker just hours before the so called false missile alert, they certainly would have carried a story about Hillary and Bill Clinton being in Hawaii. The MSM always reports on where the Clinton’s have been, especially after her election loss.

The last actual news footage of Hillary Clinton was during her final closing of her book tour in Seattle. If you check your MSM news, where is Barack Obama? Where are Bill and Hillary Clinton? Where is George Soros? Why have they dropped out of the limelight?


Another very good article to read would be an article written by Dr Michael Salla, in exopolitics.org, “The Secret Navy behind the Ballistic Missile Attack on Hawaii.” In trying to figure out exactly what happened in Hawaii it doesn’t hurt anyone to read and draw their own conclusions.

In Salla’s article he references a time in Hawaii’s history (1987) where an Hawaiian Senator states that there is a shadow government within the US that has its own military assets, “free from checks and balances, and free from laws itself.” Now that right there is scary! I recommend you read his article.

Another theory which is mine, there is incredible technology out there with 7D Holograms. These holograms are so life like in image, scale that it would be hard not to think it was not the real deal. Could this technology potentially be used to create nuclear panic? Well, just check out these videos on 7D Hologram Technology show in Dubai: VIDEO LINK HERE, YOU WILL BE AMAZED

Keep in mind that Hawaiian tourists claim to have seen something blow up in the sky.

It would seem highly unlikely to me that we would have a false alarm in Hawaii, followed by a false alarm in Japan.

Sources: http://m.hawaiinewsnow.com/hawaiinewsnow/db_330510/contentdetail.htm?contentguid=i85ismTQ

What is DEFCON? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DEFCON

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