Another Intel Source | Congressional Candidate At That!

Another Intel Source | Congressional Candidate At That!

January 31, 2018

Becoming aware on Twitter that besides Q Anonymous, and many other intelligence sources to follow, the newest one for me is Brenden Dilley. He is also on Twitter and you can follow him @Hublife where he also gives Intel over Periscope.

Why do we rely on these anonymous intelligence sources? The MSM will not give us the true facts. Their facts are whitewashed and politically left leaning to say the least. MSM has to protect those that most likely pay them off to report only what they want reported. We are waiting for some signs that the corrupted politicians are or will be taken down, the Intel gives us hope, then we see it actually happening.

From what I have read on Twitter Tilley’s Intel source seems to be incredibly on point and accurate. He has been receiving Intel from his source since November 1, 2017. He must of sat on the intelligence for awhile in order to make sure it was accurate.

People have dropped “quotes,” such as one from Rep Eliza Turing:

His sources’s information seems to align closely with Q Anonymous on 8Chan.

The most recent Intel that Tilley’s source has informed him about has to do with who actually won the popular vote in the Presidential race of 2016.

We were all told by the MSM that Hillary Clinton had won the popular vote. Well, it seems that the information we received from MSM was a bit biased because the NSA went through the data.

The Intel source informed Tilley that Trump received 70,125,263 and Clinton received 57,177,958. That’s not all the NSA found, she received 7 million from machine fraud!

There is a thread on pastebin that you can follow HERE. A synopsis of postings from Tilley’s Periscope videos from now on will be posted to this thread in case you aren’t on Twitter or you can’t keep up with his videos. You need to be on Twitter to use Periscope.

Besides helping to get the truth out to all patriots, he has been a very busy man since he is preparing to run for Congress in 2018 for the state of Arizona.

If you are a big President Trump fan who lives in Arizona and likes how our POTUS is turning the country back around, you just might like to check out Tilley’s campaign page at You can follow Dilley on YouTube HERE.

With that said, I am not campaigning for Tilley, just making you aware he is running. There are many great people running for the state of Arizona, you have to do your own research to find out which candidate best fits your needs.

He and others like him will help the Trump Administration take our country back from the oligarchs and others who truly do not have the people’s or country’s interests at heart.

Arizona’s 8th Congressional District

Brenden Dilley AZ8 Candidate Forum 2/10/2018

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