Twitter Shadow-Banning Conservatives

July 27, 2018

Since I am shadow-banned on Twitter big time and cannot seem to get any of my tweets seen, I will be posting important information here. Please bookmark and check back frequently, thanks.

I wanted to share a PETITION 📝 with my followers about removing the QFD filter on Twitter. Please sign

What is the QFD Filter? Twitter calls it “conversational health work,” in reality it is a way to keep the conversation on Twitter concentrated on liberal views, period. Why? Because we have a very important vote coming up in November which could sway the political landscape. That’s why you will see #RedWaveRising on Twitter. We need more Republicans voted in that will help our President Keep America Great👍🏼 with his policies.

When you have mainstream media and liberal news outlets reporting that Twitter is indeed shadow-banning conservative accounts, you know we have a problem. This is not how a democracy works!

Continue to stay strong, keep tweeting on Twitter no matter what, in fact tweet more! We are still strong, the message was delivered in 2016, Twitter can not stop us, it’s to late for them to silence millions of Americans!


Not only are conservatives on Twitter being affected, our blog posts are being affected, big time! Take a look at mine!

BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN 2017 and 2018, that’s due to Google censorship!

On a good note for our President and country, it was reported today by Bloomberg that the U.S. Growth Hits 4.1%, fastest growth since 2014. He sure must be doing something right. Just wait until he gets involved with the Federal Reserve, it’s coming, make no mistake!

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