Why Democrats Want Open Borders | Continued Child Trafficking

August 9, 2018

I often ask myself why the Democrats want continued open borders. Well, there are two reasons; one is continued child trafficking and the other reason is continued big money making drug trafficking.

When we talk about child trafficking you can’t help but connect the dots on information that is already available to us. One such dot to connect are the cults that we know exist today. This conversation is obviously a conversation that is not what Twitter would deem as “healthy conversation.” Why? It’s a subject that they want to stay hidden, not for public consumption. In other words they don’t want the sheep to discover #pizzagate #pedophillia, that it’s real and alive today.

Liz Crokin is one of many people leading us to the awakening that this does exists and must be stopped. Main Stream Media says it does not exist, wow, that’s one of the biggest lies that they have ever told!

Liz is right when she says that “Democrats don’t want the wall, they need to continue to traffic kids.”

Scary thought isn’t it? Wouldn’t you rather know if our government is involved in something so horrendous that multitudes would want it stopped if they found out?

Ted Gunderson who was a Special Agent in the FBI blew the whistle on the cult and sadly people tried to smear him.

In the 1960’s a cult was uncovered and exposed. It’s called the Finders Cult. Inside this occult children were being exploited, sacrificed around the world….this is the darkest part of sick and evil people you could ever imagine. This is happened to our children and it still exists today.

This organized cult is still operating today because all investigations by the FBI, US Customs and local law enforcement were ordered stopped by the US Department of Justice on the grounds of “national security.” The case was turned over to the US Central Intelligence Agency as an internal security matter.

I know what you are thinking when you read internal security matter, I too was upset!

Excerpt from “CIA Finders File:”

1.A case of obvious child negiect/abuse involving child pedophile sexual

abuse^child pornography/Satanic cult ritualistic abuse wherein the

perpetrators were caught directly in the act by law enforcement, arrested on

the basis of irrefutable evidence at the scene, and faced serious charges

which typically bring sentences of decades in prison.

2.Search warrants were obtained for the “Finders” cult office in Washington,

DC and a complete search was enacted by law enforcement which provided

irrefutable pictures, movies and documents of such abuseMeglect evidence

and access to the confidential arrest reports on the “Finders”

cult from the arrests in Tallahassee which occurred only a day earlier

/(| (suggesting very high level connections to US intelligence in and of itself.)

Ij 3.AII Investigation of the “Finders’* cult by the FBI, US Customs and local law

;’ ‘ enforcement was ordered stopped by the US Justice Department on the

grounds of “national security” and the matter of the “Finders” cult was turned

over to the Central Intelligence Agency as an “internal security matter,”

since the “Finders” is and has been a domestic and international covert

operation of the Central intelligence Agency.

1 4.Any and all investigation of the “Finders” was immediately stopped, all

evidence was suppressed and denied, and the abused children were released

back to the adult perpetrators who had been arrested “in the act” and the CIA

resumed Its ongoing covert operation of the “Finders” cult which Is used to

procure and produce.

The story of the Finders cult is the story of the development of cbtldJassets to

be used to entrap politicians, diplomats; corporate and law enforcement

officials; to sell child/victims to wealthy perverts to raise money for covert

operations, to train some of the child/victims to be professional operatives

and assassins of a totally coid, multiple personality, mind control nature.

To date only on« media outlet has dared publish anything about this (US


tn the last few years there have been more “smoking guns” proving that US

intelligence agencies traffic in children, sell them and abuse them. Some of

these covert operations have been tied to long term and massive importation,

and distribution of narcotics into the US by the same NnteMgence agencies.


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