ISIS Is Surrendering En Mass, We Are Winning the War Against Terrorism

October 9, 2017

President Trump and his armies have ISIS on the run…the USA and other powerful countries are finished playing around.

Another very big campaign promise President Trump made was to rid the world of ISIS. It looks like it is finally coming to fruition. He has hurt them where it counts….no more shipments, no more money or vehicles. Without the funding and arms they are finished.

If you remember ISIS was being funded with help from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. When Trump became President we were assured that ISIS would be dealt with swiftly, and they are, only nine months into his Presidency, President Trump has made good on his promise to the American people.

Back in August, 2017 we saw ISIS was losing ground with the executions of five of it’s top leaders. With the intensive strikes and many ISIS members being killed on a weekly basis, it’s no wonder that they are now surrendering en masse.

As the Daily Wire has reported, ISIS has realized they won’t be getting paid or fed for “their cause,” they have no other choice but to surrender or go back home. Their promises for joining were very comfortable homes and many wives, guess that has been put to an end, they are finding this out the hard way.

The Iraqi soldiers have become stronger with the help from world leaders and US backed troops.

President Trumps decision to send more troops to Afghanistan rather than pullout, which would have had dire consequences and his warning delivered to Pakistan to stop harboring extremists has paid off.

The Christian Post has said it well, the factors in Trump’s winning; “Those factors are the Trump administration’s delegation of key decision-making to battlefield commanders, the tactic of “annihilation” in which the ground forces surround the group in its stronghold so foreign fighters cannot escape, and drumming up support for burden-sharing among 73 members — 69 countries and four international organizations — of the broad anti-IS coalition.”


It is being reported by numerous sites that 1,000 militants have surrendered after the retaking of ISIS strongholds.

USA Today is reporting the fall of Hawija in Northern Iraq. The ISIS troops are reportedly demoralized and waning. They gave up without much of a fight, which shows that the military tactics are working.
U.S.-backed forces in Syria have recaptured about three-quarters of Raqqa, the ISIS headquarters, after about four months of fighting in the city,” reports USA Today.

The fight is not over yet, day by day, hour by hour they will fall or surrender. We must never give up the fight to stop terrorism, if that means always having troops over there in the Middle East to keep ISIS or any other terrorist group from ever growing strong again.

ISIS Plot Uncovered New York Targeted

October 6, 2017

Fox News just reported on twitter that a plot to target New York soft targets was uncovered about one month ago. 

Information about this plot was not released sooner, as they were trying to round up as many co-conspirators as possible without alerting them.

The defendants are: ABDULRAHMAN EL BAHNASAWY, a 19-year-old Canadian citizen; TALHA HAROON, a 19-year-old U.S. citizen residing in Pakistan; and RUSSELL SALIC, a 37-year-old Philippine citizen, according to the Department of Justice, US Attorney’s Office, for the Southern District of New York “Unsealing of Charges.”

The Planned Attacks, Thwarted by Law Enforcement, Included the Detonation of Explosive Devices in Times Square and the New York City Subway System 

Wow, we are turning into Europe!

This recent roundup may or may not be related to the Mandalay Bay plot that was successfully carried out,  Fox News believes its very interesting that these individuals were targeting concerts, New York subways and other similar venues as the Las Vegas target.

Thank God we have some great law enforcement officers that caught them.

Business Insider reports it was three men arrested, they plead guilty.

Read more here>

Craps About To Hit The Fan – Twitter Storm And More

October 6, 2017

We all heard our President on Twitter taking to task New York Times, Washington Post and CNBC. He’s had it with their “fake news.” 

Recently NBC put out a news report that Rex Tillerson threatened to resign and he called our President a moron. All fake news! Rex Tillerson did nothing of the sort!

Our President has a very good question when he asks why the Senate Intelligence Committee isn’t Investigating why there is so much fake news that is shoved down our throats. Not to mention their leaking of classified, unauthorized documents/information! They should lump James Comey in with them!

Looks like the top news organizations journalists better look out, it’s coming…and let’s not forget about Congress and Senate!

⚠️As reported by, not all of the leaks are coming from the Intelligence community, some came from the Executive Branch and Congress. So, they have been advised that they don’t discriminate when pursuing those that break the law, be advised!⚠️

As reported by the, The Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein met with representatives of top news organizations on Monday at the DOJ to discuss guidelines for issuing subpoenas and search warrants for journalists. Oops 😬 this doesn’t look good for them…

This all comes after a press conference in August by Attorney General Jeff Sessions in which he warned journalists about leaking classified information. He warned them about prosecution!

9-13.000 Obtaining Evidence USAM Department of Justice: click on hyperlink below 

Before issuing a subpoena to a member of the news media … news media, members of the Department must consult … of internal Department of Justice …


Report by, Original report by Reuters 

During a cabinet meeting on Thursday to discuss Iran and North Korea, President Trump was posing for a photo when he captioned the moment as “the calm before the storm.”

‘You guys know what this represents?’ Trump said on Thursday after journalists gathered in the White House state dining room to photograph him and first lady Melania Trump with the uniformed military leaders and their spouses.
Maybe it’s the calm before the storm,’ he said.
What storm? ‘You’ll find out,’ Trump told questioning reporters.

The President has made it clear on numerous occasions that he wants a complete denuclearization when it comes to North Korea.
Iran has not lived up to its agreement by slowing down their nuclear program. 

A senior administration official said on Thursday that Trump was expected to announce soon he would decertify the landmark agreement.

If that’s not enough, our President is asking for “military options” if needed, at a much faster pace without the slow bureaucracy.

I guess, stay tuned 😐

Marilou Danley Statement Released By Her Lawyer

October 5, 2017

Good afternoon. I want to thank everyone for their patience. I want to let everyone know that we are fully cooperating with the FBI and the Las Vegas Police Department about these horrible, unspeakable acts of violence. It’s taken us this long to make a statement because it’s important that we respect the investigative process. We wanted the FBI and the Las Vegas Police Department to have the first opportunity to talk to my client, Marilou Danley, about everything that she knew about Stephen [Paddock]. That being said, I have a statement to read from my client, Marilou Danley.

“I am devastated by the deaths and injuries that have occurred, and my prayers go out to the victims and their families and all those who have been hurt by these awful events. I have faith in god and I will continue to pray for everyone who has been harmed or hurt. I am a mother and a grandmother and my heart breaks for all who have lost loved ones.

I was grateful, but honestly I was worried that first the unexpected trip home and then the money was a way of breaking up with me. It never occurred to me in anyway whatsoever that he was planning violence against anyone.

“I have not made a statement until now because I have been cooperating with the authorities and I voluntarily flew back to American because I knew that the FBI and the Las Vegas Police Department wanted to talk to me and I wanted to talk to them. I will cooperate fully with their investigation. Anything I can do to help ease suffering and help in anyway, I will do

Please respect my privacy and my family’s privacy. Thank you.”

This is the first statement Danley has released since the Las Vegas massacre on October 1.


Las Vegas Shooter Was Trump Supporter?

October 4, 2017

UPDATE 10/12/2017, witnesses who were working at the Harvest Festival are reporting that their cell phones were wiped clean after being returned by FBI.

UPDATE 10/9/2017, Sheriff Lombardo has now  stated that the security guard was shot before the massacre at the Las Vegas venue. My theory might be coming true, I believe a sniper took Paddock out, and also made those holes in the windows of Mandalay Bay. We need to find out exactly where those shots were coming from. Maybe he was a patsy.

UPDATE 10/6/2017: Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan are reporting that the 2nd accomplice, 43 year old Scott Edmisten – in the Las Vegas shooting has been captured by the Tennessee Highway Patrol NOT THE FBI!!! Believed to be a CIA gun smuggler. Arrested Monday, October 2, 2017.

UPDATED 10/17/2017 According to Fox News, “A spokesman (Michael Knight) for the Bureau of Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives, has said they “don’t see a connection” with the recent mass shootings in Las Vegas, Nevada and Edmisten.” So, there you have it, although he had a mask and black fatigues according to Fox. They definitely averted something, but it’s very strange the guns didn’t have serial numbers. Everyone of those guns he had were converted to automatic and all loaded! There were 900 rounds of ammunition! That’s the story they are sticking with I guess.

According to, this man definitely did not want to get caught, he tried to evade police, when he was finally caught and taken to the Washington County Detention Center, he tried to lunge forward at arresting officers who were trying to question him. He threatened them! Because of the threats they moved forward right away with a bond hearing, probably to keep him from posting bond.

Johnson City Press reports, Neither of the automatic weapons were registered, and there were no serial numbers on them, the sheriff reported. “The guns, he had made them fully automatic himself,” Graybeal said, adding that the AR 15’s receivers had been replaced to convert the weapon. “If you know what you’re doing, you can get the parts and do that.”

I wonder if the FBI will go to Tennessee and question Edmisten? We shall see…..

🤔Ballistic tests can be performed by forensic experts to see if any bullets taken from bodies or area around Mandalay Bay match any of the weapons Edmisten had in his possession at the time he was arrested.

Reported by, Edmisten is being held without bond.

Rick from KBET in Las Vegas lived next door to Steven Paddock at one time. He said he knew him well enough to claim Steven Paddock was a Trump supporter. Rick believes he was set up, that there were other people involved.

Well, if that’s true, why would a Trump supporter carry out this mass murder? They wouldn’t!

Another video has appeared which was filmed by a taxi driver. In the video it clearly shows that firings were coming from a lower floor in Mandalay Bay.

Full police scanner says shots halfway up building at Mandalay Bay, then shots are coming from gate 7, one officer says he sees muzzle flash like towards the casino, north side towards the center…..Listen to the rest of the video of the police scanner here. These are recordings from officers that are trained to know where enemy fire is coming from, and can’t be denied.

There are so many inconsistencies that have to be explained. I for one am watching and gathering information, will keep reporting inconsistencies that I see which differ from what the mainstream media is reporting, or should we say – aren’t reporting.

Video where Rick explains how he knew Steve Paddock: Original video comes from Infowars

Questions are being asked why the lights came on to expose the mass concert goers, shortly after the stage lights went off where Jason Aldean was performing. You would think the smart, logical thinking process once gunfire is heard would be to put the whole area in total darkness, therefore providing some type of coverage from the shooter.

Look how lit up the whole area was after the band stopped playing, almost as if it was daylight. 

I believe if the whole area had been left in darkness, it would of been harder for the shooter/shooters to see a sort of spotlight from afar, helping them to navigate where exactly to aim. It’s not like the concert area was in Mandalay’s parking lot, it was quite aways across the street. 

I am sure they kept it lit for a reason, those poor people were sitting ducks.

After the shooting concluded, the lights were turned off as people lay there already dead or dying. Where were the EMT’s, how could they help the victims?

The picture below really shows how far the shooter would have to fire, quite aways!

As reported by *Tom Heneghan, it’s been confirmed by a patron (Brian Hodge) who was at the Mandalay and was staying on the 32nd floor in room 134 which was near Paddock’s room 135…..Brian tells them he saw muzzle flashes coming from the 4th floor, with as many as 3-4 shooters. *(There was a linked video by Truth Warriors where Tom Heneghan was talking about Brian, but it has since been removed by YouTube.) What are they trying to hide? Truth Warrior’s channel was shut down.

It is now being reported by Mike Tokes on Twitter that the wires were running into room 134 which was occupied by Hodges. Why were wires running into that room? Mike also makes the case that room 135 is not a “double room.” Room 134 is connected to 135 with a connecting door that is dead bolted. It’s a separate room.

There are several videos out there that are showing muzzle flashes from around the 4th floor, nothing from the 32nd floor or upwards.

The following picture is blown up from a YouTube video INSANE RARE LAS VEGAS SHOOTING FOOTAGE FROM FRONT ROW I was looking at footage after seeing the broken …it shows a man in a brown shirt at the window of Mandalay Bay. It could be him, because the photo of the man laying on the floor of the hotel had a brown shirt on as well.

Several people are reporting that Steve Paddock and his girlfriend Marilou Danley were informants working with the FBI. We have no way of checking if this is truth or not. Others are reporting that Paddock was running guns, similar to Obama’s Fast and Furious, that there was an arms deal which was suppose to take place in Las Vegas and possibly went bad. Again, we have no way of knowing if any gun running was to take place, or if it did.

We do know that casino stocks were dumped  only weeks before the shooting. That’s strange, did these elitists know something we didn’t?

Do we need to know all the details? Yes we do, that will clearly help to show a possible motive. We do know something is being covered up since witnesses and videos show different vantage points of muzzle flashes. The vantage point from the 32nd floor could possibly be believed. But, as you will see that is not the vantage point people have recorded on their videos with muzzle flashes. They have recorded muzzle flashes from lower vantage points, somewhere around the 4th floor.

The following picture is quite disturbing since it does show holes in other windows. The picture was found on this page.

You may ask, as I have asked myself, why was there no evidence of broken windows that would of have been shot out or broken on the 4th floor? Some are saying that those windows are not hard to remove and then place back into position, giving the fact it was dark. I am not sure what kind of security system Mandalay has on those windows, or even if there is any security system on the windows. If they are floor to ceiling windows, I am assuming they would be very difficult to handle, just alone the weight of them. The fact is, that in at least a couple of videos we did see muzzle flashes near the 4th floor, we can’t deny that.

Something interesting to note is the fact that the Luxor Hotel which is shaped as a pyramid is in the background where this horrible mass murdering happened. The pyramid is a known symbol of the Illuminati. The light on top of the hotel can be seen from 275 feet above the earth’s surface. It’s called the brightest light on earth. 

If you ask me the Illuminati, globalists, ANTIFA, ISIS or possibly CIA Black OPs all had something to do with this horrible mass shooting. They all seem to be interconnected. It’s just a question of which one’s carried out this very evil massacre. Was Steve Paddock a part of that? It seems he was. Was he a lone wolf? I don’t think he was. 

If you don’t understand the Illuminati and how it fits into false flag events you might want to check out Sheila Zailinsky’s video she has produced, highly recommended. [VIDEO LINKED HERE]

Rituals aligned with mass shooting, Marilyn Manson’s “hell gate” signal turned out to be prophetic indeed…Just remember that President Kennedy gave a speech to newscasters about “secret societies,” which he wanted the News to tell the American people….he was killed shortly after this speech. This was not something that the occultists wanted to be made public.

Interesting that a paddock is where animals are enclosed….all of this false flag massacre is symbolic in its rituals. Very sad that we are nothing but ritualistic pawns!

When looking at the distance of where the shooter was said to be and where the concert was, is it plausible to draw a conclusion that one shooter did this? I know the MK12 rifles are good for 500-800 yards. The AR15 is most likely good at about 200 yards, unless they are using military issued ammo! I really have not had a chance to look at the weapons that were used in Mandalay Bay. Paddock would of had to be extremely skilled to hit his targeted area with an AR15, especially from that far away.

 Now we have another dilemma being reported by Infowars, Laura Loomer where she has uncovered inconsistencies, MSM stating that Paddock checked in on September 28, when in reality he checked in on September 25. This has been backed up by sources who work at the Mandalay. So, there was definitely enough time to plan whatever was suppose to go down.

About 45 minutes before the concert took place, a woman who was in line overheard two Hispanics telling people “they were all going to die.” What did these people already know? Laura Loomer has found out from her sources that the woman who was claiming that everyone was going to die is in police custody, she is also a Muslim.

Check out the video below to see what Brianna Hendricks has said about the people who claimed “they are all going to die.”

Video is from Buzzy News UK

Another report that I have found in the, which claims that Paddock sprayed bullets in massive aviation fuel tanks. However, the bullets didn’t penetrate the circular tanks, thank God!

Seems like the Bellagio Hotel was put on lockdown while shooter/shooters continued firing round after round.

Infowars proves that Paddock had another guest in his room before the shooting. There were receipts that were found proving this.


Laura Loomer has advised the Twitters sphere 🌎 that all documents that showed anything to do with Paddock at the Mandalay have been scrubbed. She was getting her sourced information from workers at the Mandalay. Now, she has confirmed that a certain bellhop has a gag order by FBI. 

There are just to many inconsistencies to except everything that the mainstream media is telling us. We need to at least keep an open mind to what people are showing, telling us in order to draw our own conclusions. Nothing is written in stone! 

People as far away as the Bellagio did hear gunfire, however nobody so far is reporting they saw any shooters. People have posted video on Facebook of the chaos that ensued inside the hotel upon hearing the gunshots. Why the mainstream media is not reporting this, who knows. Rene Downs is one of the patrons that has posted to her Facebook and has done an interview with Tracy Beanz explaining what she and her husband heard and saw, you can watch that [VIDEO] here. Rene’s video posted on FACEBOOK. *Note – the gunshots that Rene and her husband heard was around 11:15pm-11:20pm.

Rene asked about discounted rooms the next day as she and her husband were checking out, she brought up about the gunshots that were heard. The woman at the Bellagio told her and her husband that there were no gunshots. Can you imagine? Like living in a twilight zone! To make a long story short, Rene and her husbands hotel bill was $0.00. Hush money?

This brings me to my next question, with all of this video evidence that is out there on YouTube, why in the world would mainstream media news not look at it? Because mainstream is being spoon fed what to report by someone, something, Deep State Globalists???

If anyone benefits from this tragedy it would be the gun grabbing globalists. That’s what the possible motive most likely was. Then there are other possible motives that were posted on 4chan.

A man named simply as “John,” who posted a warning on the 2017 anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attack, telling people to “stay away from any gatherings of large groups of people in the Vegas or nearby Henderson areas.” He apparently had some type of insider knowledge of what was to come, just not the exact date of when it would happen. He called the project “high incident project,” saying it would occur soon. Now, this warning went largely ignored!

Then the 4chan poster “John” went onto explain what he thought would be the goal of said incident:

He states that the goal or plan of an incident would make Nevada pass a law for all universities, high schools, federal buildings, etc… to have metal detectors and backscatter machines in place by the year 2020. Basically a way for the rich to get richer through the stock market.

Archived 4chan Thread

This is more than a Democratic or Republican difference, it has nothing to do with the parties per say. The globalists (Deep State) are trying to divide this nation, we must not allow it.

Evidence Being Suppressed- Proof There Was No Trump Russian Collusion

October 2, 2017

If there is evidence that the American population should be privy to, whether or not there was Russian Collusion during the 2016 Presidential Election, why won’t Congress or the Senate want to hear this? Does President Trump even know about this evidence?

The mainstream media keeps suppressing and burying the truth about Seth Rich’s murder. People are continually asking why the Metropolitan Police of Washington, D.C. are not doing everything to find out why? who? killed Seth Rich. How does Seth Rich’s murder fit in with the supposed Russian collusion theory?

California Congressman Dana Rohrabacher went to the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to speak to Julian Assange, founder and undercover journalist/publisher for Wikileaks. Julian claims he has evidence that proves the Trump Campaign were not colluding with the Russians during the 2016 election.

Besides OAN News and Fox News, I have not heard one mainstream media news organization report news about the California Congressman who went to talk with Assange. This makes me wonder if the Seth Rich murder should also be looked at by Special Counsel Robert S  Mueller, III. What did Seth Rich know? I have said it before, and I will say it again, the Russian collusion was between DNC and Russia, not the Trump campaign.

Seems like since the Congressman has received said evidence, the Senate Intelligence Committee doesn’t want to hear anything Julian Assange has to say. I call that obstruction of justice on a very high level. Our Senate Intelligence Committee should be ashamed of themselves.

A Republican Lawyer, Jack Burkman who is the Director of the Profiling Project thinks there is enough evidence to conclude that the Seth Rich murder has something to do with Russian collusion as evidenced by his letter to Mueller.

As reported by NewsweekBurkman says that in January, a former U.S. intelligence agent who’d worked in the Middle East “heard from credible sources” that Rich, who was working on voter outreach for the DNC, discovered evidence of Russian hacking. Burkman also says that about a month ago, a source at the DNC told him that in the early summer of 2016, Rich met with Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Kremlin-affiliated lawyer whom Donald Trump Jr. hosted at Trump Tower on June 9 of that year. Burkman believes that Rich angrily “presented her with a lot of emails” that were subsequently published by WikiLeaks on July 22, just days before Rich was murdered.

The Rich Family seemed to want the killer/killers of their son found, but soon backed off due to implications of Russia. What possible intentions could Seth Rich of had in order to force him to give this Russian Lawyer the DNC Emails?

When the DNC was hacked by the Russians, it would seem to me that they wanted to know more about the woman who was suppose to win the US Presidency. What were her strengths and vulnerabilities? Compromising material that could be used to blackmail, manipulate her into making certain political decisions, kind of like the Uranium One Deal, remember that? What did Russia know, or find out that lead them to get 20% of the USA Uranium signed off by Hillary Clinton.

If the problem with getting this evidence points to our intelligence agencies, they need to swallow their pride and let Assange testify. We deserve to know the truth so we can drain the swamp! We as Americans need to keep on top of this and not let it die on the vine….don’t let it get buried.

Hefty Sanctions Imposed On North Korea

Hefty Sanctions Imposed On North Korea

September 21, 2017

The President has signed an Executive Order imposing additional sanctions with respect to North Korea.

Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin has just reported that China has agreed to severe banking sanctions against North Korea.

As reported originally by Reuters, this would effect new North Korean banking customers, winding down of loans with existing customers.

This latest change is to ensure that China holds to the recent sanctions of North Korea and warns them that if they do not uphold the sanctions, this could affect their reputation, as reported by Reuters.

President Trump in an earlier press conference has said; “As I’ve outlined it by address to the United Nations General Assembly, North Korea’s weapon and nuclear development is a grave threat to peace and security in our world and it is unacceptable that others financially support this criminal rogue regime.” “The brutal North Korean Regime does not respect its own citizens or sovereignty of other nations.”

The President has said that China’s central bank has called its banks directing them to immediately stop any future financial banking with North Korea.

President Trump is calling for a complete denuclearization of North Korea.

Many countries are following the sanctions imposed on North Korea and President Trump is calling on other nations to impose sanctions of their own like the USA did today.

In addition to the banking sanctions, our government (Dept of Treasury) will identify new industries including textiles, fishing, manufacturing and information technology in order to further disable/disrupt them economically.

Hopefully this will tighten the screws and North Korea will rethink their position on furthering their nuclear arsenal.

Kim Jung Un, in a public speech branded our President “mentally deranged.” and said the President’s address at the United Nations was “a declaration of war,” as reported by

North Korea’s response to President Trump’s newest sanctions by executive order:

President Trump Imposes Heavy Sanctions on North Korea via Executive Order:

Featured Image:

GAB🐸 Is Under Attack!

GAB🐸 Is Under Attack!

September 18, 2017

GAB which is a social networking site based out of Austin, Texas, much like Twitter, except that it has a mostly right leaning conservative base — is under attack by Asia Registry which is based out of Australia 🇦🇺 

Screenshot from Wikipedia:

They are being advised by the Asian Registry legal team that they are in violation of anti-discrimination laws. They have five days to transfer their domain name to a different registrar.

In my personal opinion, since I am on GAB, I have never seen anything that would lead me to believe that they are in anyway anti-discriminatory. It’s no different than content on Twitter! This is an outright attack on free speech!

Featured Image: 

WATCHING – TD15 – Tropical Storm Maria, Upgraded Category 5 Hurricane

WATCHING – TD15 – Tropical Storm Maria, Upgraded Category 5 Hurricane

September 16, 2017

I follow Jeff Piotrowski on Periscope, he is advising that a tropical storm Maria, soon to become upgraded to Hurricane Maria early next week, headed for Leeward Islands and Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

These are early models, but definitely something to watch for in the upcoming days…

Possibly threatening to South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia. Better to be prepared than not!

Hurricane Jose to pass offshore creating dangerous swells to boaters and swimmers near South Carolina and Georgia coasts on Monday.

UPDATE 9/18/2017 – As reported by RT, Hurricane Maria which is now a category 4 is heading for Puerto Rico which is expected to hit Wednesday morning and is now being evacuated. Puerto Rico and the US and British Virgin Islands are forecast to take the hardest blows. RT, reports they may get between 12-18 inches of rain, according to Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello.

Hurricane Maria is upgraded to a category 5 hurricane with 160 mph winds. Seems to be following Hurricane Irma’s path.

Equifax Has Been Breached!

September 7, 2017

UPDATED 10/2/2017 – There were more people effected than originally reported.

As reported by AP, the credit monitoring company Equifax has been breached, thus exposing social security numbers and other data from 143 million Americans.

Credit card numbers for 209,000 Americans have been exposed, as well as addresses, birth dates and some drivers license numbers, as reported by Associated Press. Some “limited information” from British and Canadians. No other countries have been affected according to AP.

As reported by AP, Apparently there was a US web application to access files between mid-May and July of this year.

This is definitely not good! I don’t know about you, but I will be calling my Bank, time for new cards!

As a result of this horrible security breach, Fox News reports, executives have stepped down. 

What to know before checking Equifax Security 2017 data….Equifax finally responds to swirling concerns over consumers’ legal rights 

If you do decide to enroll in the complimentary identity theft protection and credit file monitoring services and how to find out if your personal information has been impacted, the website is:


What Should We Do About North Korea?

September 7, 2017

Since North Korea’s continued aggression will not cease, what options do we have?

North Korea is getting dangerously close to building a nuclear ICBM capable of hitting anywhere within the USA. You can bet that once they get rolling, their going to start producing them in mass since they have the capability. What are our options while trying to avoid a catastrophe?

People have thrown out the idea of a political assassination of Kim Jong Un. This would be an option if we had him in our sights. Anytime he appears in public, he is surrounded by his military. He rarely appears in public, most likely because he is paranoid and fears assassination. He has murdered many that were close to him fearing they were not showing allegiance to him, this shows his paranoia.

It has been noted that most of the people who might be inclined to kill Kim and who live in North Korea are either in custody, under surveillance or are dead. So, that’s not going to happen.

Our USA intelligence community has a very difficult time getting intelligence of his whereabouts, therefore we are unable to pin him down. So, this most likely is not an option for us.

There are some people that are hanging onto a hope that North Korea is so fragile, it may collapse soon. This has been discussed by a North Korean watcher Victor Cha “The Impossible State.” Well, we are running out of time!

The CIA has programs that induce heart attack with a radio frequency weapon, invisible tiny people  (Philadelphia Experiment), used for surveillance purposes, which was exposed by former Taiwan President Chiang Kai-Shek. All these technologies are useless if we can’t pin him down.

There are definitely a lot of cons as to why we should not assassinate him. It’s not clear who would be his successor, since he assassinated most of the people who would have come to power in case of his death. Also, his assassination would cement the Koreans point of view that the USA is a meddling, imperialist giant. That makes us look really bad!

We definitely know that Kim Jong Un has no dialogue with the USA, even if he did, would he listen? He seems hell bent on developing a nuclear arsenal and he can’t be trusted with that nuclear power, period. Even Vladimir Putin says North Korea would rather eat grass than suspend its nuclear weapons program.

Over the next few years if we let North Korea progress, I believe Kim Jong Un will sell those nuclear warheads and technology to other countries like Iran. Now, not only do we have to deal with North Korea, but Iran would definitely have nuclear missiles.

What better way to have someone do your dirty work. If the terrorists are able to get into the USA by way of, say…..a sleeper cell in Customs, they could use a miniature version of a nuclear bomb to terrorize the USA.

I am sure we have sleeper cells here in the USA, just look at the damage that was done in Congress from the Awan’s. I believe we are being attacked from within through computer technology as well as terrorist sleeper cells, waiting in the wings to do the unthinkable like poisoning our food.


We do know who helped Kim to further his nuclear missile program. Most likely they are not protected individuals. Without his trusted scientists who have helped him gain nuclear power, he’s incapable of mass producing these weapons.

According to Fox News, the scientist, Kim Jong Sik who was pictured with Kim Jong Un has apparently been hand picked by Kim to help him further his nuclear weapons program after successfully launching a Unha-3 rocket in 2012.

Reuters also reports that there are two other men that are helping to progress their nuclear capabilities, Ri Pyong Chol and Jong Chang Ha.

Would it be wise for the CIA or Military to possibly consider assassinating the three cohorts of Kim Jong Un? 

Since there’s a small population of aeronautics in North Korea, they cannot replace the three men that quickly. It would slow them down considerably.


Matthew Galat wakes up in the morning to an emergency 🚨 announcement on his phone 📱 Hokkaido, Japan [VIDEO HERE] The loud speaker was telling the Japanese to seek shelter. Can you imagine living through this? Not knowing, when? Where?

As reported by Fox News, on Tuesday, September 19, 2017, President Trump will be meeting with the UN Security Council in New York in the morning to discuss North Korea and possibly to talk about the UN Security Council members who are not enforcing the sanctions, such as supposed back room deals made between North Korea and China. A North Korean Foreign Minister will be there, you have to wonder what his statement will be after these discussions.

Fox News also brings up the 30% reduction in oil due to the sanctions and how hard it is to see if China is sticking to the sanctions. If the oil was traveling by trucks we could see how much oil was being supplied. But, there’s “a friendship pipeline” that runs between China and North Korea, so it is hard to assess how much oil is being supplied.

I really don’t know the answer to the continuing dilemma of North Korea. They may be just posturing so that the USA will give in on certain sanctions. Then again, they may want to be the little country that brings the USA down with an EMP. Either way, we better do something!
What do you think? 

Source for poisoning of Western Nations supermarket food:

North Korea Nuclear Test Confirmed

September 3, 2017

According to AFP, North Korea has just carried out its sixth nuclear test. The United States Geographical survey recorded a 6.3 magnitude earthquake after the test.

As reported by, due to test a second tremor which was felt by China, measured 4.6 magnitude just eight minutes after nuclear test.


South Korea has refuted a news report that there was a second earthquake near North Korea’s nuclear test site.

According to Daily Journal, North Korea’s state broadcaster says an important announcement is coming at 3 p.m. in Pyongyang. That would be 3:30 p.m. in Seoul and Tokyo, and 2:30 a.m. EDT

Defcon reports that North Korea’s recent test was estimated at 100 kilotons.

Looks like the second test was not a test, but a “collapse.”

According to NPR, North Korea is developing a “super explosive” hydrogen bomb that can fit on an intercontinental ballistic missile. 


Looks like Kim Jung Un watched as a H Bomb was loaded into an ICBM as reported by KCNA (via XINHUA, China’s Official News Agency).

RT is reporting that the North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Institute has a “more developed nuke.”

“Our hydrogen fuel, which can be arbitrarily adjusted from tens to hundreds of kilotons depending on the target of the nuclear strike, not only exerts enormous destructive power,” but can also explode at a high altitude, producing a “super powerful EMP [electromagnetic pulse] against a vast region,” KCNA said in the Saturday statement.

Many websites have been warning about an EMP attack for awhile now, which would bring down our electric grid. This isn’t good! We are aware that our electric grid is our largest national vulnerability. I hope we are keeping our eyes on Iran at this time also!

Statement coming shortly as reported by CTBTO.

Announcement most likely coming to us:, if you speak their language, that is:

Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzō Abe says he “will not tolerate” another nuclear test from Korea. Japan sends up sniffer planes to try to detect radiation, as reported by Anna Fifield who is a Tokyo Bureau Chief for the Washington Post.

As reported by Arirang News, Tokyo will coordinate measures with Seoul, Bejing, Washington, Moscow. North Korea’s “H Bomb” test was in provocation following the Trump/Abe phone conversation. Trump and Abe confirm trilateral cooperation with Seoul. North Korea’s test comes on the heels of the BRICS Summit

Arirang News also reports, UN most likely will call for harsher sanctions, mainly cutting off oil supply to Pyongyang.

As reported by RT, China strongly condemns the North Korean nuclear test, the foreign ministry said in a statement. “The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has once again conducted a nuclear test in spite of widespread opposition from the international community. The Chinese government resolutely opposes and strongly condemns it,” it said.

RT reports, on Friday Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that this type of behavior “could lead to regional conflict:”

“The situation on the Korean Peninsula, where tensions have grown recently, is balancing on the brink of a large-scale conflict. Russia believes that the policy of putting pressure on Pyongyang to stop its nuclear missile program is misguided and futile,” Putin said.

According to, Chancellor Angela Merkel commented that North Jorean provocations have “reached a new dimension.” Merkel spoke with President Emmanuel Macron on the phone, both agree that North Korea has “reached a new dimension,” and are condemning the nuclear tests.

As reported by, Macron’s office has said that Merkel and the Prime Minister of Italy, Paolo Gentiloni agree that there needs to be strong sanctions from the EU against North Korea. READ MORE >

President Trump is considering stopping trade with any country doing business with North Korea, among other options.

President Trump will be meeting with General Mattis and other military leaders to discuss North Korea.

Not sure what President Trump means when he says North Korea only understands one thing, sounds like he is getting considerably tired of their escalating threatening ways. 

The bomb that they tested was much stronger than the bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki!

Ambassador John Bolton believes North Korea is not quite there yet to be able to hit major cities in the USA. He stated to Fox News that North Korea could sell ballistic missiles and nuclear devices to Iran and terrorist groups around the world, who by the way has a lot of cash due to Obama’s nuclear deal.

It looks like to me that the US maybe considering taking out Kim Jung Un. North Korea has given us no other option, as stated by Ambassador Bolton: 

.@AmbJohnBolton: “The only diplomatic option left is to end the regime in N. Korea by effectively having the South take it over.” 

The President was asked by a Fox News Correspondent just moments ago; “will you attack North Korea?”

Dan Scavino, the President’s Director of Social Media, also Assistant to the President has a message from Secretary James Mattis:

“Any threat to the US or its territories including Guam or our allies will be met with a MASSIVE military response”

DACA, Trump’s Decision

DACA, Trump’s Decision

UPDATE: 9/5/2017

President Trump has given congress the responsibility to figure out what to do with the undocumented immigrants. He has faith that Congress will come up with something that will benefit both the undocumented as well as citizens of the USA. 

Retweeted by the President:

President Trump says he looks forward to working with Democrats and Republicans in Congress to address immigration reform that will put hard working citizens of our country first.

If in six months Congress cannot come up with a solution to legalize DACA, the President says he will revisit the issue. 

POTUS doesn’t want the DACA recipients to worry about their status during the six month period.

The DACA program, as you know by now was rescinded according to Attorney General Jeff Sessions. This will give Congress six months to decide on immigration reform, which should be enough time to figure out what to do with at least 800,000 immigrants that are here illegally.

 He is making a judgement that is fair and just, one that possibly leaves the undocumented some hope for their cause. 

When President Obama came up with DACA, it was at a time when Congress couldn’t seem to agree with what should be done. This was meant as a temporary fix since laws can only be changed through congress! Executive orders/memorandums that try and change the law or constitutional amendments are thwarting the very existence of law and order. This was the problem with DACA and the fact it was argued as being unconstitutional. Discussion: READ OBAMA’S LAWYERS THREAD ON TWITTER. Eric Columbus was one of the lawyers who worked on DACA.

President Trump has restored to this country law and order and will continue to do so. He made the only decision that is lawful in this case. Congress does need to do their job, stop stonewalling at every turn!

This decision of course has been met with a lot of criticism from the left, but it does restore the rule of law.

No, Debbie, your wrong, it’s not the decision of our President. It is Congress that should make laws in reference to immigration. 

Senator McCain seems to be confused, he knows it is not the job of the President to make #immigrationreform, it is specifically the job of Congress!

Nancy Pelosi is delusional as usual! In no way is the President not compassionate to the undocumented, on the contrary, he’s giving Congress six months to fix our broken immigration system.

Barack Obama Statement: 

Note* President Trump is not kicking anyone out of the country. I don’t know where Barack received this information. Just so all the undocumented understand, let me be clear, it is up to Congress to enact laws regarding immigration, not the President, as it is unconstitutional for him to do so. Barack needs to take this up with his congressional person, not the President.

Senator Mitch McConnell’s Statement:

New York Mayoral Office Statement:

It seems like the Mayor of New York is just plain jumping the gun at this point!

Bill Clinton’s Statement on FACEBOOK:

Senator Feinstein agrees that DACA was on “shaky legal ground” prior to President Trumps action today. [VIDEO] within press secretaries tweet.

No comment from Hillary Clinton on social media as of yet. Will update

DACA was originally enforced through an Obama policy memorandum, meant to be a stop gap because Congress failed to pass the DREAM ACT. So, this essentially puts it right back in the lap of congress to do their job!

Further reading of why DACA was implemented in the first place

President Trump has said that immigration reform is possible:

“I believe that real and positive immigration reform is possible, as long as we focus on the following goals: To improve jobs and wages for Americans; to strengthen our nation’s security; and to restore respect for our laws.” – President Donald J. Trump

He’s right, so Congress needs to do their job and pass legislation that is both fair to undocumented immigrants and Americans alike.

White House Statement, President Donald J. Trump Restores Responsibility and the Rule of Law to Immigration

September 2, 2017


For so many years the Mexicans have illegally crossed US borders. They see a very different life over here, one they wish they had. The poverty in Mexico is very high. Drug cartels seem to run rampant with disregard for the Mexicans that just want a normal family life with good jobs and a chance to be well educated, a better future for their children and grandchildren. You can’t blame them for wanting a life like many Americans enjoy.
They see the border that separates the USA and Mexico is in very close proximity, this makes it an easy access point of crossing for them. It’s tempting, who wouldn’t want a better life. 

Since the main reason for immigrating to the US is to get out of an impoverished country, running from drug cartels, escaping barbarism….They know the pay for odd jobs, construction, maid service, etc…here in America is much higher. The opportunity to start over and do what they do best…make money. Most of them do not mind working those 80 hours a week. They are use to the long hours, they did it back in Mexico. 

So, we see why they want to come into the USA, they want the “American Dream” that many US citizens have and sometimes take for granted.

As a country that is born of immigrants it is hard to turn them away. Our hearts do go out to them. But, some are not coming into this country for good reasons either. The facts are that some are criminals with criminal backgrounds a mile long. They aren’t wanted in Mexico and they definitely are not wanted here in the USA. That is why we have borders in order to find out who these people are and why they want to come to America.


For those who want a borderless world, how would anyone know who was coming into their country, or where their allegiance is? It’s a very precarious position you could find yourself in with a borderless world. What if war were to break out and you have lived in one country for ten years, not the same country you were born in, or where your family is still residing, what do you do? Picking sides would be very difficult. For those that wish the USA harm, you can flip that coin, the enemy is already on USA land. Another reason borders are a necessity. 

Without borders how would you register for the draft if there was one? Where do your voting interests lie? Which country would you fight for? Border walls are not a gated community to keep people out, or inside like a prison wall. They are merely a means like checks and balances to distinguish friend from foe, we MUST know who comes and who goes, period.


According to, there are at least 350 million illegal border crossings annually into the USA. Now, some of the illegals have already been deported, how many? It is well known that some that are deported return on a recurring basis.

In 2010, because of the insecurity of the US/Mexican border, President Obama signed an appropriation bill which gave the Border Patrol $600 Million dollars to beef up border security. However, this did not stop the influx of illegal border crossings.

So, we know that without a large full barrier of some sort, illegal crossings will not stop.

Under the 1965 Immigration Act in accordance with the 14th Ammendment of the Constitution,

women who are not US citizens that have given birth in the USA, their babies automatically become citizens. This Act also gives permanent residency to the parents and any other children that they have, possibly including other relatives.

So, under the 14th Amendment the point of changing this law is moot, without amending the Constitution. Our framers worded it in such a way, it can’t become a point of contention.


On a case by case basis for those that are already on USA soil, children that were born on USA soil, working and paying taxes on USA soil; I don’t think the President will make them leave. The hardened criminals that have crossed USA borders should be deported. The ones who are here illegally and working, not paying taxes, President Trump most likely will have them deported.

When weighing the costs of what the USA spends to deport just one individual at $10,854 which was reported by ICE in FY2016, it seems quite impractical to consider this option. I am quite sure Mexico is not going to pay for it!

According to, there are approximately 12 – 20 million illegals in the USA, and probably more. I’m no math expert, but I can use a calculator! Wow, it comes out to, get this, 2.1708e11 which is ? I think it’s way off the charts! Trying to be serious here, I think we don’t have that kind of money laying around, period! Oh, and that was just calculated with 20 million! You can see where I am going with this, it’s a probable cause and effect of this whole out of control Immigration problem.

Doesn’t it seem more practical to spend that money that would be used for deportation on building a wall! We have to be reasonable here, we need a wall!

We know that deporting them all isn’t going to happen. The President can’t deport the ones that had their babies here, we have laws against it. But again, you would have to know the number of illegals, probably less than 20 million, as the women most likely had children while they were here illegally which makes the children legal US citizens.

President Trump is a very compassionate man. But, he understands the need for border walls and the legality of becoming a US citizen. He has a very hard decision to make, while still taking into account his country and people, most importantly…their safety and security. The felonious criminals have to go!

I personally have met very wonderful Mexican families here in the USA, they are no different than any other Americans, they came here legally and are now American citizens.

I have thought this over and over, maybe you could say my heart is getting in the way, but we really have no other alternatives. The only way to stop the mass illegal immigration is to build that wall. Deporting, depending on what President Trump decides is not cost effective. If all were to be deported, where are they going to go? Back to Mexico where maybe there isn’t a home to go to?

The ones that are paying their fair share are not a burden on our economy or welfare rolls. There might be hope for them with the BRIDGE ACT which would protect them from deportation. The ones that are on some type of assistance that is ongoing and doesn’t look like it will ever end, or they aren’t working, maybe some type of cutoff period should be brought forth. We do have our own citizens that should come first. I’m sure between Congress and the President, they will find a fair and human way of dealing with the problem. I want our Administration to work hard on this to find the right thing to do without hurting families.

More information on the Bridge Act

I think that most of the illegals are good people that are caught up in a snafu that could of been avoided by building a wall a long time ago. The ones that are working, staying out of trouble and contributing to America, paying their fair share of taxes might just as well stay. They feel like it is home to them. Who am I to say they aren’t at home? Let them stay! Get that wall built! Control Illegal Immigration!

Many people are trying to second guess what the President will do concerning DACA, Kelly Anne Polls gives her view and stresses that we will just have to wait until Tuesday.

Featured Image:

FBI Warned, Don’t Conceal Clinton Investigation!

September 1, 2017

UPDATE 09/9/2017 Judicial Watch reports, “Big Win: A federal judge will review #Clinton emails – over objections of TrumpAdmin lawyers who are defending her.”

Since we have been told that the FBI refuses to release any information via a FOIA request on Clinton Email investigation, a warning came right out of Twitter, bigger than life, they have been warned!

It seems that the Deep State forgets that Julian Assange is watching the progress on the Hillary Clinton Email investigation.

Exactly what Wikileaks has, we don’t know, but his warnings are always followed up on.

Whether this will affect a pardon from the President in the future, it most likely will, as the Trump Administration has been blocking any information regarding Hillary Clinton’s email investigation.

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Wow, Comey Had Already Decided Clinton’s Fate Before EMAIL Investigation Over

URGENT: Hillary Clinton Email Case, Claim, Lacks Public Interest

Wow, Comey Had Already Decided Clinton’s Fate Before EMAIL Investigation Over

August 31, 2017

I remember when Comey came out and gave that strange speech to the public, completely exonerating Hillary in her email fiasco.

I thought wow, I can’t believe it! Then thought, how in the world could they have gone through all those emails in such a short span of time, not once, but twice! 

This tipped everyone off to the realization that something 🐠🐟was going on. Well, we were 💯percent correct!

Just saw a tweet from Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch President:

Now, when Tom Fitton, who is a lawyer says something like this, you sit up and take notice, you can virtually take it to the bank!

This comes from, transcripts that were released by the Senate Judiciary Committee  today confirm that Comey had already decided to let Hillary off well before the formal FBI investigation was completed.

These transcripts were sent in a letter to the new FBI Director, Christopher Wray, the committee is demanding an explanation and also more documents that have to do with the case!

Do you think they will get more documents? Ty Clevenger, a reputable lawyer can’t even get FBI to release info under an FOIA request, stating not enough public interest.

We just might be getting to the bottom of this people👏, after all👏

Comey is going to be in some major trouble here, I am sure. Maybe he and Hillary will be cell mates.


UPDATE: According to, U.S. District Judge James E. Boasberg ordered the FBI to release more details about Hillary Clinton’s secret email account. 

The Grand Jury subpoenas for the internet service providers that compelled Clinton to testify are to be released to the public. This would give information to us about why they were issued in the first place and what information is on them.

The Trump Administration objected to these subpoenas being released to the public as they would violate the secrecy of the Grand Jury. The Judge overruled the administrations objection!

Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch kept warning us on Twitter that the Trump Administration was interfering  with his ability to get to the bottom of the Hillary Clinton Email scandal. Were the President’s hands tied? No! The President wanted the email case to remain closed since back in March, 2017! My question is why? My personal opinion is that we know Chelsea Clinton is best buddies with Ivanka Trump! This is not a secret!

So, you can understand Judicial Watch’s stance on the Trump Administration’s and DOJ’s stonewalling.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, Tom Fitton has said, “They’re taking the same position as the Obama Administration on Clinton.” 

We have holdovers from the Obama Administration such as Justice Department lawyer Carol Federighi who opposes any discovery investigations from Judicial Watch or any other legal team, saying it is “moot” not revelatory since Hillary Clinton is not President!

I know Tom Fitton will not give up in the Benghazi or email scandal, the public has a right to know what they are keeping from us.

Black Mark? Does Anyone Know What That Means?

August 31, 2017

Very strange thing happened today, received a notification from a service (won’t mention the name) that was streaming an “URGENT” press conference by President Trump from the White House. Many people were in the chat room asking why so URGENT? Why always URGENT? I said “URGENT? I hope it’s not about North Korea.” 

I didn’t think I said anything wrong, but was quickly admonished with text from one of the sites administrators saying “that is going to give us a black mark.”

I was shocked, as I didn’t see what I said was wrong. What do you all think?

If they are going to censure what I say, whether it be the streaming network or the government, then we are really in trouble in this country.

If what I said is that big of a deal, then something must be happening with North Korea, otherwise why censor it?

I have since unsubscribed from this streaming service.

I never checked the bell on YouTube to receive streaming services, why in the world are they sending me a notice on my smartphone? “URGENT….”which would make anyone panic!

Anyway, there are many streaming YouTubes to follow…..I will be moving along.

Trump in Springfield Missouri – Car Tries To Ram Motorcade? Trump Makes Terrific Tax Reform Speech

Trump in Springfield Missouri – Car Tries To Ram Motorcade? Trump Makes Terrific Tax Reform Speech

August 31, 2017

President Trump was in Springfield, Missouri on August 30, 2017. We aren’t sure exactly what happened to this white car. Whether it was trying to find an alternate route or was it trying to ram the motorcade? 

The car seemed to be going at a high rate of speed coming out of the woods. Why would that car be in the woods when that road was most likely blocked off? Why would the car try to cross a deep culvert? Who does that? Maybe just a very bad driver.

The secret service immediately turned around to confront the driver. There apparently were no arrests.

Original video comes from Josh Caplan 

Will report further if more details come out.


President Trump was in Springfield, MO to kick off a tax reform event to bring back Main Street in an effort to crush tax burden on our companies and workers. Meanwhile, hundreds of supporters showed up for this event.

He opened up his speech about the devastating effects that historical Hurricane Harvey has had on the people, praising everyone, including the first responders who continue to do heroic, fantastic work in coordinating efforts to help victims with a federal response. 

For those that have lost loved ones, POTUS spoke to them too, “To those Americans who have lost love ones, all of America is grieving with you and our hearts are joined with yours forever.”

The President sees how the tax burdens are affecting companies and their workers. He wants to make changes to help reduce these crushing tax burdens. 

POTUS: “Our self-destructing tax codes are costing millions and millions of jobs, trillions on money spent on compliance and paperwork.” “Many of the regulations are unnecessary and are going fast.”

Senator David Perdue (Rep, GA) says POTUS was right on spot about Tax Reform:

President Trump’s full speech in Missouri:

URGENT: Hillary Clinton Email Case, Claim, Lack of Public Interest

URGENT: Hillary Clinton Email Case, Claim, Lack of Public Interest

August 30, 2017

It has come to my attention that the FBI is not going to look into Hillary Clinton’s email case any further, due to lack of public interest!

READ> FBI says lack of public interest in Hillary emails justifies withholding documents

READ> FBI shuts down request for files on Hillary Clinton by citing lack of public interest

Excerpt from Fox News:

“If you seek disclosure of any existing records on this basis, you must demonstrate that the public interest in disclosure outweighs personal privacy interests,” the letter stated. “In this regard, you must show that the public interest sought is a significant one, and that the requested information is likely to advance that interest.” AGAIN, WHAT???????????

This information is suppose to be for DOJ, FBI, only way there could be a Grand Jury and an indictment, it has nothing whatsoever to do with the public!

I know there is public interest, as our whole security has been compromised by Hillary with her private, homebrewed at home server.

Public interest shouldn’t be the the point of contention, whether there is public interest or not shouldn’t matter. That’s against the law to assume otherwise. Since when do we decide there is not enough public interest to try any case? Where in the law books does this say there must be public interest? This seems like a classic case of a violation of state ethics and public corruption!

Who is going to stand with me to get this case moving further? We all need to stand up for our country by signing the petition in order to tell the FBI that this does need to be looked into. The State Department should be made to hand over records, whether they like it or not. Stop protecting Hillary!
Tom Fitton who is President of Judicial Watch has even warned us that Clinton and Obama continue to be protected! Are we living in another country? This is outrageous! Even a lawyer knows this is happening!

So glad Hillary is not our President and it’s great that other countries like England see we all have a major problem with the elite propaganda machine, but this doesn’t negate the need for the American public to continue to fight for justice. This is our country, we must make sure evil doesn’t win and people that cause our country to be harmed in anyway should be held accountable.

Julian Assange has continued to help countries fight corruption by exposing evil that has been laid upon us through corrupted politicians. But, that’s not enough!

Ty Clevenger is the one who asked for the documents through FOIA. On August 8, 2017, FBI sent him a letter arguing lack of public interest. He answered the denial on August 12, 2017, only to receive the same dumb argument. But, they don’t know Clevenger very well, he isn’t done yet. He is asking attorneys to help him, reward could be very sizable.

Maybe if enough FOIA’s are filed for this information, it might force their hand, what do you think? #SwampThem

Please join me in signing this petition, showing that there is enough interest in this case, they should move on with this!


We only have 30 days to get to 99,999, make it count, please sign the petition, let the FBI know there is enough people that want Hillary Clinton’s files turned over for possible indictment! 

Please share so we can get the coverage thereby getting enough signatures. Thank you 😊 

*The petition never did get enough signatures, therefore it was closed.

Oh, and by the way, if I come up missing, or my death is ruled a suicide, don’t believe it! I love life!

Hurricane Harvey, Now Looters!

Hurricane Harvey, Now Looters!

August 29, 2017

If Hurricane Harvey wasn’t devastating enough, now Houston has to deal with looters. People that have had to leave their homes or businesses are now becoming victims to looters. At least 14 looters have been arrested according to Fox News.

For those people who have bad intentions by taking advantage of homes or businesses that are vacant because of the evacuations, DA Brett Ligon has something to say; leniency and probation will be off the table for any crimes commited during this disaster. There will be mandatory jail time which can be enforced during a declaration of natural disasters. This includes theft, burglary, robbery, or any similar crime, as reported by

A group called the Louisiana based Cajun Navy, who originally assembled to help Hurricane Katrina victims were out with their boats trying to rescue victims from Harvey when they encountered people who fired some rounds. No one was hurt, but they believe they were looters possibly posing as people who needed to be rescued and then taking their boats. Also the founder of the Cajun Navy, Clyde Cain noted that people were out there on boats pretending to be rescuers and robbing the people. Report comes from 

Cain’s Statement: via

“A couple of our guys’ boats broke down,” he said, describing that looters “were trying to take the boats from them of course they were just trying to get out. Not sure if those guys are people out there pretending like they need to be rescued and then they’re robbing the boats. There’s also people that were out there on the boats and they were out there pretending to be rescuers and robbing the people. This is just what’s happening.”

Houston has approximately 575,000 undocumented immigrants. Police are stressing that they do not want any immigrants to refuse to go to shelters because they are worried about being arrested by immigration. Their primary job right now is for people’s safety and life. They will not be doing routine immigration enforcement at this time.

[VIDEO] within tweet

Remember the pink hatted ladies in the Women’s March earlier in the year? The March that Linda Sarsour organized? The one where Madonna said she was actually thinking about blowing up the White House? Well, I just wanted to say everyone during the disaster Harvey has caused needs help, no matter what race they are, all lives matter. Most caring, compassionate people know this. But, not the Women’s March person behind the Twitter account. Yeah, I would call that racist! What about if you aren’t black or Latino?

There is now a curfew for all areas that have been evacuated in Brazoria County between dusk and dawn until further notice. This was probably done to keep down looting.

According to, Police Officer Sergeant Steve Perez, a 34 year veteran drowned in high water when he was trying to get to work. It seems that he could not find a path to get to work, he drove around trying to find alternate ways. He had called in to tell command that he was having a hard time finding an alternate way, that was the last time they heard from him.

His disappearance was noticed at roll call on Monday, August 28, 2017. His body was recovered on August 29, it was decided that he had driven to an underpass and was most likely overcome by the high waters.

These Officers go above and beyond their duties while their families make the sacrifice. It is very sad what this hurricane has caused for many individuals and their pets. They all will never be forgotten. We do owe a lot to these policemen and policewomen who put their own lives at risk to serve their communities. Thank you!

For those who want to help Sergeant Perez’s family or the Police Officers:, or

Houston police have tweeted that there are 160 families of HPD Officers affected by this situation which are still on the job. The officers are sleeping at the stations throughout the response phase.

As reported by, the largest shelter has reached it’s capacity, they are looking to open up two, possibly three more mega shelters. They are stressing that they will not turn anyone away who is seeking refuge.

Texas State Guard has sheltered 6,189 evacuees in 118 shelters across the state.

Over A Million People Displaced In Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama

Penn State IFC is pledging to give .15 for every retweet to help those in need, keep retweeting! They are up to 213K retweets as of this reporting.

This next picture, all I can say is it looks like an ocean with waves 🌊 who knows when these waters will finally recede.

Governor Greg Abbott is helping to get needed supplies to areas of need by temporarily suspending IFTA.

During flood waters after a hurricane there is a big possibility of health issues due to contaminated waters. Dr. Tom Price, US Department of Health and Human Services is declaring a health emergency crisis due to the flood, both in Texas and Louisiana. They are advising that water should be boiled before consumption for some time.

The Food and Drug Administration is advising people to throw away food and drugs that have come into contact with flood waters. Also, because Texas is a warm climate there may be mold to contend with! This can aggravate asthma and allergies.

According to, many hospitals and nursing homes have been evacuated. Patients who have Medicare or Medicaid have had their documentation requirements waived so that care can still be given to the patients.

In the wake of natural disasters like Katrina and Hurricane Sandy, many hospitals have been rebuilt to withstand the worst of Mother Nature. Submarine doors were locked at the hospitals of Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas Children’s Hospital, Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center and TIRR Memorial Hermann Hospital to protect lower floors, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Disaster planning has increased since Hurricane Katrina and Sandy, looks like they are more prepared this time for the flood waters which will save many more lives.

If anyone from Houston area is looking for their pets, you might want to checkout Hurricane Harvey Pets, they are on Facebook and Twitter. @HurricanePets on Twitter, email:

For those that love pets 🐕🐩🐈🐾checkout 🐾these amazing stories:

Hurricane Harvey’s Amazing Animal Survival Stories: Rescues, Reunions and Furry Refugees

Thousands showed up in Corpus Christi, TX to greet President Trump chanting, so glad to see him! [VIDEO] within tweet

On August 31, 2017 Vice President Pence and Mrs. Karen Pence will be traveling to Texas to meet with Hurricane Harvey survivors and survey damage.

August 31, 2017 we were told by the White House Press, Sarah Sanders that President Trump will be donating 1M of his own money to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.
Good read for how to help the people of Houston during these troubling times. The author is a survivor himself from Harvey. He knows first hand about the devastation.

Where to apply for assistance:

John McCain, So Quick Criticizing Trumps Pardon, Joe Arpaio 

John McCain, So Quick Criticizing Trumps Pardon, Joe Arpaio 

August 29, 2017

Recently President Trump has been severely criticized for pardoning Joe Arpaio, especially by Senator of Arizona, John McCain.

Look how many disillusioned people retweeted McCain’s tweet. You can tell these people are probably young and don’t know the truth about John McCains actual treasonous activity when he was a prisoner of war. Many POWs have said from personal experience that he sang like a song bird, giving vital information to the enemy and worked with them.

But, to make a long story short, HE WAS PARDONED for much worse than Sheriff Joe had ever has done!

McCains debriefings and all of that information was classified FOREVER! Why? Because he’s guilty!

He made 32 videos of propaganda for the COMMUNISTS!

Ask yourself why he was the only turncoat? The other POWs never sang like he did. That to me is a big discredit to the other men who were POWs.

He also knew there were POWs that were left behind when he was released to come home. He received preferential treatment when being released because his father had been an Admiral for the USA Navy. The  government has covered this information up for many years, and it is still classified and covered up.

Watch the below video to see what he did by opposing any type of Committee to find the POWs. Keep in mind, he was a POW himself, why would he be opposed to finding them?

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