The Truth about Obamacare, People Will Not Die, Another Lie Manufactured – Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton Be Damned

The Truth about Obamacare, People Will Not Die, Another Lie Manufactured – Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton Be Damned

June 25, 2017


With all the hubbub about the healthcare changes President Trump is trying to get passed, let’s just look at one woman’s story about Obamacare, the socialist healthcare system Barrack forced on the people of the USA!

You better listen up, because people are dead wrong if they think thousands are going to die with Trumps new healthcare package. This problem started when Obama and Hillary Clinton put there heads together and forced Obamacare on the American people! Sad!

Anderson Cooper asked Bernie Sanders, “Do you think thousands of Americans will die?” Bernie Sanders replied: “Absolutely. No question,”  “The bill passed today in the House became law thousands of Americans would die because they would no longer have access to health care.”

Bernie Sanders Is Dead Wrong – Read👇

The following article comes from Cheryl K Chumley at the Washington Timesit is an article which talks about healthcare before Obamacare, a wife’s confession about her husbands serious illness, he would have died if under Obama’s healthcare plan! I am positive many have died because of Obamacare, this is not the only case.

My husband would’ve died with Obamacare


Here’s a story the liberals don’t want you to know — a real Jimmy Kimmel-type tearjerker, with a twist.

In April of 2008, my husband, Doug, suffered a massive heart attack. It happened during the work day; his boss called me and said the ambulance had just transported my husband to the hospital. There’s a call you never want to get.
So I drove to the hospital, only to find emergency workers were going to airlift him to another facility, one about an hour’s drive from home. I said goodbye to my husband, who was in considerable pain but still conscious and talking — though barely — and told him I would meet him at the next hospital. I had to go home and get our four kids, ages 13, 12, 6 and 1 at the time.
Unbeknownst to me, Doug’s potassium levels dipped to dangerous levels during the helicopter flight, and he nearly died. As it was, he fell into a coma.

Hours later — this is the Washington, D.C., area, the traffic nightmare capital of the free world — I arrived at the hospital, kids in tow, and met with a doctor. The news was not good.

The physician, now retired, Dr. Siripracorn, kept shaking his head as he looked at my kids playing in the waiting area, saying over and over, “this isn’t good.” Basically, they couldn’t keep his heart beating. It just rattled in his chest, is how someone described it to me.

It was a long night. Within hours, hospital staffers had sent along a grief counselor who offered to call family and friends so they could be notified Doug was dying. I couldn’t remember the name of my in-laws — imagine that, right? But I mentioned a pastor’s name, and my parents; I told her, too, my husband’s best friend, a coworker, was on the way. She suggested I tell my children their father wasn’t going to make it through the night. Tough moment.

For the curious, here’s what I finally told them: “The doctors say daddy’s going to die. But let’s just wait and see what God says. He has the final word.” Or it was something to that effect.

There’s a long story that could come here. But here’s the summary: Doctors and nurses worked through the night to get Doug’s heart pumping, shocking him time after time with the defibrillator — way more times than is recommended. He received three stents, and was kept in a medically induced coma for 10 days. In the midst of all that, medical personnel inserted a balloon pump above his leg in order to keep the blood flowing. Complications developed, and doctors were forced to amputate his leg — all the while insisting the amputation was probably useless, that he was going to die, anyway.

Ten days later, on the heels of the diligent work of two intensive care teams working around the clock to provide nonstop care — and much to the astonishment of all the medical professionals — Doug came out of his coma. And without a lick of brain damage, either.

Over? Did you say over?

Nope. That was just step one in a long medical process that included home health care, followup surgeries on the stump of his amputated leg, a gall bladder removal — all the defibrillation had zonked his internals — and several stomach surgeries and procedures. On top of that was the fitting for the prothetic leg — a frustrating, painful, lengthy and trying adventure in itself.

But here’s the point: When the time for bill tabulation came, the financial bottom line dent to us was — get this — about $1,200. That was the copay cost for the helicopter flight.
BlueCross-BlueShield, a private insurer, provided through my husband’s work, picking up everything. Everything.

And when our insurance some months later switched to Aetna, there were no headaches about preexisting conditions when it came time for the next prosthetic fitting, or for the new $60,000 leg (or maybe it was $80,000; I can’t recall). There were no denials of service when Doug had to enter the hospital again, as he’s had to many times through the years, to receive either emergency services or followup care for various health issues.

This was pre-Obamacare days, mind you. The days when so-called evil private insurers were routinely denying necessary services and screwing poor sick victims out of proper health care.

It was a few months after my husband left the hospital from his heart attack that we ran into one of the nurses who cared for him — at a presidential campaign event, no less. One chat led to another and the subject of socialized health care was raised. And this is what the nurse said: Had my husband been on Medicare or Medicaid at the time of his heart attack, the doctors would have quit their life-saving efforts long before his 10 comatose days had ended. Why? Because the government health care plan wouldn’t have paid for the around-the-clock intensive care. The situation would’ve quickly evolved into a pull the plug, wait and see what happens type of deal.

As it was, BlueCross-BlueShield, the private insurance company, approved all the doctors’ service requests. And so my husband went on to live another day — another nine years, and counting.

That’s not how Barack Obama and his socialist Obamacare supporters would tell it. According to them, private insurers were — still are — evil money-making grubs, concerned only about the profit statements they can deliver their boards.

The truth?

Had Obamacare been the law of the land in early 2008, my husband probably would’ve died. And even if he didn’t, we probably would’ve had thousands and thousands of more dollars in medical expenses than we did. We do now, for crying out loud: post-Obamacare, the ongoing health needs of my husband cost thousands of dollars more in deductibles and copays than we ever paid in the freer market.

Thanks Obamacare.

Pretty much everything Obama and his ilk said was happening in the medical world to justify the passage of Obamacare — the high copays, the burdensome deductibles, the limited choice of doctors, the inability to visit the physicians and hospitals of preference — actually only occurred after Obamacare passed.

The lies of the left.

Want another left-busting anecdote?

While sitting in the hospital cafeteria, maybe around day three of the heart attack ordeal, wondering if my husband died how I might provide financially for our four kids, my cell phone rings. It’s my husband’s boss, a man I had only met once, and briefly. He cut right to the chase. After asking about Doug’s welfare, he came out and said — and this is a paraphrase, but a pretty accurate one — “Don’t worry about money. Doug will keep getting paid, he’ll keep getting his paychecks, same as usual.”
Bob Swiger’s his name. He owns golf courses and is a guy Obama would likely label a “fat cat,” a wealthy, greedy capitalist type who cares only about the bottom line — who simply uses employees as a means of increasing his personal wealth. I prefer the word “saint.”

Well, there you have it. The personal tale of woe — the type the left likes to use to advance their political agendas. But unlike Jimmy Kimmel, whose big takeaway from his newborn son’s heart defect emergency fix was to advocate on behalf of Obamacare, while deceptively conflating emergency care and ongoing medical service, no less, mine’s a bit different.
Mine ends like this: First of all, all the glory goes to Jesus.

And secondly: Government provided healthcare is not your friend. That’s a deception of the left — a dream of the socialist who aims only to control. Obamacare, I’m sure, would have left my husband dead.


Now, let me tell you about a time I know about where an adult would have died because he did not have healthcare during or after Obamacare rollout, had it not been for his father who could not watch him die during Barrack’s Obamacare!

This young man did not have a job due to serious health concerns. He also had Type 1 Diabetes. People talk about Medicaid not being available to thousands under Trumps new revised plan of Obamacare. This was about to happen to this young man when Obama was still in office! Mind you, he didn’t have a job, he apparently didn’t qualify for Medicaid unless he was a child. He had no way to buy the necessary insulin that kept him alive. So, he was left to die under Obama’s Medicaid plan! His father who is retired, on a fixed income and has his own health problems, picked up the slack for as long as he could….that should of been picked up by Medicaid.

If it was not for his father’s attorney telling him about a free clinic, which is available to people who do not qualify for Medicaid, he would of eventually fallen into the cracks that so many fall into. NO HEALTHCARE 

When dumb dumb Bernie Sanders stands up there and tells you thousands will die, just remember, Trump didn’t start the problem of people falling into the cracks, the socialists did. So, point the finger at who really should be held accountable…..OBAMA, CLINTON AND THEIR MINIONS!

Under Trump’s new Obamacare, there is absolutely no way people will die, there are clinics all over the USA that take people who are not able to get Medicaid. That is the absolute truth. Do not fall for the absolute looney toons Bernie, socialist Sanders ploy about US healthcare under the Trump administration. It’s too bad we can’t go back to what healthcare was before Obama’s healthcare. The Trump administration is left to pick up the pieces of a failing healthcare crisis.

When Bernie Sanders claims that billionaires get tax breaks, well, think about this, MSM was complaining about this same thing when Obamacare under the Obama Administration was first rolled out. They never yelled and screamed at Obama, but, now they turn on Trump. He’s limited to what he can do with this terrible socialist healthcare plan that Obama put into action.

Under Obama’s original healthcare: Millionaires Get Obamacare Tax Credits. And It’s Completely Legal. So, Bernie Sanders, it’s not Trump’s fault.
Oh and another important thing to remember, I simply will never forget Obama saying you could keep your doctor when Obamacare was rolling out, that was only one big fat lie he told, there are many more.

I know personally, elderly people making less than $6,000.00 per year can not get Medicaid help unless hospitalized. All of this….because some states refused to expand Medicaid in their states!

We should give a lot of thanks to Eric Trump who has done more to help very sick children by raising $16.3 Million for St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in Tennessee, which offers free care to needy children. The MSM never talks about the great things the Trump’s have done for the USA. 

About 7,800 active patients are seen at St. Jude yearly, most of whom are treated on a continuing outpatient basis as part of ongoing research programs. The hospital also has 78 beds for patients requiring hospitalization during treatment. St. Jude has treated children from all 50 states and from around the world. Patients at St. Jude are referred by a physician, and nearly all have a disease currently under study and are eligible for a clinical trial. 

*Note: Obamacare was originally a plan drawn up by Hillary Clinton during Bill Clinton’s presidency. It was so bad, they trashed her idea during that time. Then along came the biggest buffoon of all, Obama and put that healthcare into motion! Put the blame right square onto the shoulders of where it should be, not the Trump administration!

Liz Warren and Bernie Sanders have lied to the American public, people will not die! Liz Wheeler from OANN explains the truth about healthcare.


What Will Happen With Hillary Clinton’s Security Clearance? Let’s Take A Look 👀 

What Will Happen With Hillary Clinton’s Security Clearance? Let’s Take A Look 👀 

June 21, 2017

With the recent concerns of whether or not Hillary Clinton and her aides still hold government clearances, I was drawn to an article written in WAPO by John V Berry, a lawyer from Virginia who specializes in security clearance issues, which raises concerns about high profile people retaining security clearances, or let’s just say… the privilege to know more than ordinary civilians do about the secrets that are kept by intelligence agencies, military, etc…he believes “there should be an overhaul in the system so there is consistency for all clearance holders, no matter their station in life.”

Security clearances held by ex-government employees is not the only issue that should worry us, you have the leakers, such as General Petraeus, the Kennedy brothers. Obama’s CIA Director who leaked highly classified information to Hollywood. I am sure there are more incidents that we do not know about.

A very good example of this high profile privilege that Berry talks about is Marilyn Monroe, yup you heard that correctly, Marilyn had a close relationship/affairs with Bobby Kennedy and John F Kennedy. She kept a red diary of discussions she had with them. 

When both Kennedy brothers distanced themselves from her she threatened to hold a press conference to expose information she knew about the plot to kill Castro, highly classified information about UFO’s. 

There was a secret airbase where bodies of aliens were kept after the UFO crash in 1947, which she had been privy to through trists with the Kennedy brothers. This highly classified information which was disclosed to her would have ended both careers of the Kennedy’s.

Disclosing such highly classified information is indicative of indictment and possible charges of treason. This should of been the case of Hillary Clinton’s email fiasco. Who knows to what extent our highly classified information was leaked? And to whom? She definitely should not be holding any type of  security clearance.

Why does she still hold a clearance? Well, has the answer in a nutshell. She violated the Federal Records Act, but she’s off the hook. Why? Since she left her position as Secretary of State, there are no consequences because she left! If she had still been in office, there would of been consequences for her moronic careless actions. 

The Federal Records Act is in place not only to provide the American public with some level of transparency but also “to protect the legal and financial rights of the Government and of persons directly affected by the agency’s activities.”
As Metcalfe pointed out, The Federal Records Act, if violated in this way, does allow action to be taken against a government employee– but only administrative action. Both Clinton and Powell are not in office, so they can’t be punished. As for the Freedom of Information Act, there are sanctions provided under (a)(4)(F)(1), but again, those penalties only apply to someone who is still working for the federal government. While there are consequences if you are found to have intentionally destroyed federal records, the audit did not make a finding that this happened.

Because she cannot be held accountable, she will probably continue to hold a clearance unless they can prove she destroyed federal records.

So, unless they open a new investigation into her and her aides helping to destroy federal records, believe me when I say, she’s free and will continue to have a security clearance, unless a congressional bill which was brought forth on 7/06/2016 by Senator Gardner, Cory (R-CO) – All Bill Information (Except Text) for S.3135 – Taking Responsibility Using Secured Technologies Act of 2016 114th Congress (2015-2016) is passed. 

This bill would revoke her security clearance. This has been referred to Senate Homeland Security and Governmental affairs. Their is also a related bill H.R. 5697 which was referred to the subcommittee on crime, terrorism, and Homeland Security and investigations on 7/20/2016.

My question is why has this bill been stalling? We need to call our Senators and Congressman on this ASAP!

More About Bill >

Calls Worldwide Since Recent London Terrorist Attacks, Suspected Terrorist Internment Camps 

Calls Worldwide Since Recent London Terrorist Attacks, Suspected Terrorist Internment Camps 

June 21, 2017


The USA did it once, we can do it again! Internment Camps may just be the answer for suspected radical Islamic terrorists. No more just being put on a watch list, this is a warning ⚠️ 

As reported by, in a growing call for internment camps in the aftermath of the recent London attack, UKIP leader Nigel Farage states; “if there is not action, then the calls for internment will grow.”

Nigel Farage joins President Trump in questioning why the London Mayor, Sadiq Kahn is not enacting proposed legal measures against radical Islamic terrorists.

This is a legal measure, as it once was enacted on Japanese in the USA during World War II. It is definitely a precedent that can be used.

Prime Minister Theresa May has called for ripping up human rights laws that are standing in the way of internment camps.

Theresa May has had enough, she states: “And I mean doing more to restrict the freedom and the movements of terrorist suspects when we have enough evidence to know they present a threat, but not enough evidence to prosecute them in full in court. “And if human rights laws stop us from doing it, we will change those laws so we can do it.”
I believe since you do not hear a call for radical Islamic terrorism to be stopped by the majority of Muslims within Western nations, this shows a complicity in their views on terrorism. 

There is a law cited in [Korematsu v. United States], which is that the president has vast powers over immigration — particularly when they are national security issues.

Case Law: Korematsu v. United States

A Muslim registry would be an important step to get a handle on who exactly is here in the USA. 

According to, Mr. Tarique Ghaffur, an Assistant Commissioner at Scotland Yard has asked for special detainment centers to be set up to house 3,000 suspected terrorists in order to stop further attacks. He states that there are to many extremists on the streets which makes it to hard for M-15 or police officers to follow. Ghaffur also believes that a fatwa should be issued by Imams condemning the atrocities.

Image from

Muslims calling for “safe spaces,” within the USA is ludicrous, it is every persons right to be able to have safe space no matter what Religion you are affiliated with. Do not be deluded into thinking safe spaces for Muslims is not a sanctuary city where you are protected from prosecution.

San Francisco’s Mayor Ed Lee and Supervisor Malia Cohen have introduced a resolution to ban Muslim registry earlier in 2017. They are basically saying that registering based on religion would be putting a bullseye on the backs of Muslims. But, in all reality if we don’t have some type of watch list, we could be open to more extreme violence. California just does not seem to be able to grapple with the reality of Islamic radical ideology and the implications of it. They are jeopardizing their people who live there on a very high level. How soon they have forgotten the San Bernardino attack!

Bush’s Muslim Registry which was implemented after 9/11 was dismantled in 2016 by the Obama Administrations Department of Homeland Security. This needs to be reimplemented!

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson upon his confirmation has never ruled out a Muslim registry. 

If the Supreme Court doesn’t pass the travel ban then this registry needs to be implemented so we know who is coming into the USA and exactly where they are. We do it for sexual predators, it would not be to extreme to have a registry for Muslims coming from known terrorist supporting countries entering into the USA.

Right Wing Calls for Muslim Internment Camps Growing Worldwide

Clinton’s Problems Continue, Trump’s Problems Unfounded

Clinton’s Problems Continue, Trump’s Problems Unfounded

June 15, 2017

Seems like the mainstream media is still pushing their “obstruction of justice” claims against the President. This is much to do about nothing! This is all coming from the Clinton allies, in a last ditch effort to save their own hides.

The MSM still won’t tell you that Hillary Clinton is still under investigation, they throw you off with fake news about President Trump. The Hillary Clinton investigations are warranted, says Senator Dianne Feinstein. These new revelations came out in James Comey’s testimony on June 8, 2017.

These revelations are not actually new, as most Americans believed that both the FBI and DOJ were protecting Clinton. Now, Democrats are listening to calls from ranking Senators like Feinstein and Grassley.

Feinstein believes their just might of been downplaying of the investigation into Clinton during the 2016 election. Comey testified that AG Loretta Lynch told him to say it was a “matter,” instead of a criminal investigation into Clinton. Comey testified that Lynch’s request made him feel queasy. Now, Feinstein is getting queasy to learn what Lynch asked Comey to state, enough to ask the Judiciary Committee for an investigation as she stated on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “I think we need to know more about that, and there’s only one way to know about it, and that’s to have the Judiciary Committee take a look at that.”

Feinstein also said she didn’t know whether Trump’s statements to Comey on the Russia probe, as relayed by the former FBI director, constitute obstruction of justice.

Senator Chuck Grassley is asking the State Departments, Rex Tillerson to investigate Hillary Clinton’s alleged misuse of power during her tenure as Secretary Of State. He reiterated back in 2015 that it had nothing to do with politics, but it was a matter of national security, this has never changed! He’s right, it is a national security issue!

The “obstruction of justice,” claim for the President will definitely not stick, as it was not an order by the President, as such it absolutely could not be misconstrued as an order. Flynn was still under investigation after Trumps talk with Comey, as he is to this very day. What must be emphasized here, which the MSM refuses to say, Trump is not under investigation for Russian ties. 

Further evidence for unprovable obstruction of justice claims for the President, the letters that were released by AG Sessions, and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein proved Comey  was removed due to not upholding the rule of law, which could amount to obstruction of justice being drawn up against Comey. It is the President’s constitutional duty to make sure the rule of law is upheld and faithfully executed. 

As far as I am concerned a motive beyond faithfully executing the law which is not obstruction of justice, would be to hard to prove with evidence such as the letters. Another point to make since Comey’s firing, guess what? The Flynn investigation is still ongoing! There’s no obstruction of justice.

Hillary Clinton was obstructing justice by destroying cell phones, using bleachbit on emails…..This is clearly a double standard, one in which she finally will be brought to justice since Comey is no longer the Director of the FBI. 

By insiders or outsiders unknown at this time, leaking information that Mueller is investigating the President for obstruction of justice or the supposed Russian ties that his son-in-law, Jared Kushner had, it has been warned by Rosenstein that the leaks coordinated anonymously should be received with skepticism. In other words, don’t take it as fact. The Washington Post and CNN are known quite well for reporting, using anonymous sources. In my opinion this tactic to get a rumor started to thwart/hinder progression within the administrations duties to the American people. 

The firing of James Comey was because of the handling of the Clinton investigations. Feinstein and Grassley are the ones who are smart enough to figure it out after the Sessions and Comey testimonies.

This post comes from, posted by riversedge, 12 hours ago:

“Grassley is going after Hillary Clinton also in his probe to investigate Comey firing…….”

“Damn. I was happy when I found out Grassley committee was going to look into the Comey firing but did not know that part of the deal was to look AGAIN at the Hillary’s email witch hunt. Damn!!”

Senate Judiciary Committee to investigate Comey firing, Clinton email probe 

By Seung Min Kim 

06/14/2017 06:08 PM EDT 

“The Judiciary Committee has an obligation to fully investigate any alleged improper partisan interference in law enforcement investigations,” Grassley wrote to his Democratic counterpart, Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California. “It is my view that fully investigating the facts, circumstances, and rationale for Mr. Comey’s removal will provide us the opportunity to do that on a cooperative, bipartisan basis.”

In the letter, Grassley also stressed that the committee is obligated to look into the Justice Department’s handling last year of the probe surrounding Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail use, citing Comey’s testimony last week that he was concerned DOJ “could not credibly complete the investigation and decline prosecution without grievous damage to the American people’s confidence in the justice system.”

“There should be no improper interference with FBI investigations to favor any elected official or candidate of either party,” Grassley wrote to Feinstein. “The Committee has an obligation to pursue all evidence of such misconduct.” 
Grassley and Feinstein met late Tuesday to discuss the Russia matter following testimony from Attorney General Jeff Sessions before the Senate Intelligence Committee, according to a Grassley spokesman. The Judiciary Committee has oversight of the Justice Department and the FBI.

Grassley stressed that the committee is obligated to look into the Justice Department’s handling last year of the probe surrounding Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail use.

After this investigation is completed, we will finally have an end to the Trump allegations of any obstruction of justice. But, Hillary will still be under investigation, the truth will come out.

Sadiq Kahn’s Prospective On Travel Ban, Wrong

June 13, 2017

Is the Mayor of London Concerned about how some Muslims feel about the Grenfell Tower? (See at the bottom of article). The tweets are an example of why a travel ban should not be looked on as a bad idea. These particular Muslims have no compassion for innocent people. This fire is most likely not a terrorist attack, but the responses from some of the Muslims shows hate for the Londoners. Very sad


With London’s first Muslim Mayor Sadiq Kahn’s attitude towards radical Muslim ideology, it’s becoming very dangerous for Western nations. He preaches tolerance, says it’s the new norm. There can never be tolerance for such a barbaric way of thinking. This thinking only sets the world back in progression, and it’s very dangerous. 

He is continually hurting the relationship we as Americans have with the U.K., especially since he did not want our President to be allowed to visit. 

Because of a misconception of what the Mayor actually said after the recent terrorist attack, Kahn should not be speaking about a President of the US in such a way, by banning him from the U.K. because of a tweet! In all honesty, it wasn’t the tweet at all, in my opinion it’s this travel ban. He was just looking for an excuse.

When I think back to the protests that took place in January and February in England, which were directed at Trump’s travel ban, my thought is why? Trump is not their President! Usually protests take place world wide if there is a war, not for a travel ban which does not affect them. The globalism way of thinking is ludicrous, we have our own sovereignty which is ours, and ours alone.

What will the President do about his trip to the U.K.?

President Trump was honored that Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister Theresa May invited him to England. But, with three terrorist attacks, within a three month span, its not safe for him or any tourists. 

Kahn tells people in London to stay vigilant and be prepared for terrorist attacks, that it’s “part and parcel” of living in a big city. His idea of keeping them safe is to have the necessary resources and expertise to fight terrorism. A met officer has warned London, they do not have enough officers to keep them safe. Why would the expertise even be necessary if there was a travel ban? If ISIS and other terrorist organizations were eradicated first and foremost, beginning with the Middle East, there would be no need for burdening their taxpayers with extra officers. Seems that his view is backwards, inviting terrorism into the country, only then, when they are already there, will he do something about it. 

Then there are the protests which are not being curtailed, they continue to rage on – There were to be protests in June, when the President was set to visit England. His visit according to Newsmax, has been rescheduled for Oct 5-8, in order to let the protests die down. 

A combination of the protests and terrorist attacks will most likely give our administration a watch and wait approach before visiting.

President Trump will have a hard time finding common ground with the U.K. when he does finally visit, because the London Mayor doesnt respect him for his continued support of a travel ban. The Mayor seems to speak for all of London, when in reality no poll shows me that most of London agrees with Kahn’s views on a travel ban. In fact, recently Londoners took to the streets of London, chanting “Donald Trump, we love you.”


According to a poll by Reuters which encompassed all fifty states, one third of Americans were for the President’s travel ban.


Kahn should take note that it has been reported by Chatham House, an overwhelming number of Europeans agreed that migration from mainly dominant Muslim countries should be stopped. I am sure Kahn is aware how most of the U.K. people view a travel ban, but, nonetheless he continues to bully London into his narrow minded point of view. Even though London has a 50% Muslim population, according to the Office for National Statistics, Kahn should be considering the rest of the populations feelings on a travel ban and not attacking our President’s point of view.

The survey showed:

In our survey, carried out before President Trump’s executive order was announced, respondents were given the following statement: ‘All further migration from mainly Muslim countries should be stopped’. They were then asked to what extent did they agree or disagree with this statement. Overall, across all 10 of the European countries an average of 55% agreed that all further migration from mainly Muslim countries should be stopped, 25% neither agreed nor disagreed and 20% disagreed. Majorities in all but two of the ten states agreed, ranging from 71% in Poland, 65% in Austria, 53% in Germany and 51% in Italy to 47% in the United Kingdom and 41% in Spain. In no country did the percentage that disagreed surpass 32%.

This ongoing feud that Trump has with Kahn was justified since Kahn is continually lashing out about our travel ban, which is very odd considering the terrorist attacks in his own country. He should be more considerate of his own people who were harmed and killed in those attacks.

No small wonder why Khan is against a travel ban, since it has been noted that Sadiq Kahn has ties to an extremist organization. These ties should have been a wake up call for London. But then again, the Muslim population there is 50%. This percentage is probably why he was elected in the first place.  With his ties to an extremist organization, this should of been called into question by parliament.

The Daily Mail reported that Sadiq Khan made a speech while the ‘black flag of jihad’ was flying and gave his support to groups linked to extremism. His extremist views is why he is against Trump’s travel ban or anything Trump stands for. The President wants to protect America, Khan – not so much! 

A day after writing this article, a horrible fire took place in London, a response from a Muslim about the fire makes you literally sick to your stomach. I tweeted the Mayor and asked him for a response. So far, no response to condemn this horrible tweet.

Encroach Kfar? WTH? This is beyond sick!

This is why our President wants a travel ban. They have no compassion unless you are one of them.

Trump, Possible Travel Ban Proclamation 

June 12, 2017

If the Supreme Court rules against a stay on the President’s Tavel Ban, he could issue a proclamation to end entry by aliens who could be deemed from terrorist countries, for as long as necessary. He has the right under 8 US Code 1182

A proclamation according to the Free Dictionary: PROCLAMATION, evidence. The act of causing some state matters to be published or made generally known. A written or printed document in which are contained such matters, issued by proper authority; as the president’s proclamation, the governor’s, the mayor’s proclamation. The word proclamation is also used to express the public nomination made of any one to a high office; as, such a prince was proclaimed emperor. It’s evidence!

if issued under a valid claim of authority and published,[4] have the force and effect of law[5] and courts are required to take judicial notice of their existence.[6] 

The below information was announced on Twitter today by Cliff Sims who is the President’s special assistant.

This is an excerpt from Cornell Law School, what is not admissible under the US code:

The most famous proclamation that I can think of was when Abraham Lincoln issued the emancipation proclamation.

Gun Owners of America👍🏻🇺🇸

June 12, 2017


The Gun Owners of America (GOA) is a non profit lobbying group of patriots standing up for the rights of gun owners in America with members and activists currently 1.5 million strong👍🏻as reported by GOA, this bill is ranked 14th in number of co-sponsors out of more than 2,700 bills in congress.

Represenative Richard Hudson (R-NC), introduced bill H.R.38. This bill (Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act 2017), amends the federal criminal code. If this bill is passed it would allow eligible concealed gun carriers to carry anywhere within the U.S.A without unintentionally becoming criminals for trying to protect themselves and their families.

Rep Hudson has credited GOA as the driving force behind co-sponsors. As of June 8, 2017 GOA  is reporting that this bill is fast approaching its 200 co-sponsors.

You can help co-sponsor this bill by getting pre-written post cards that are sent to GOA members. Act now by becoming a GOA member for only $20.00. Join Gun Owners of America today

To amend title 18, United States Code, to provide a means by which nonresidents of a State whose residents may carry concealed firearms may also do so in the State.

WND – Security Officers Warn of Huma Abedin’s Ties to Saudi’s

June 11, 2017


Originally published by @2016 WND – make sure to watch the video “Enemies from Within'” within article, you will find Hillary is just as worrisome, if not more than Huma, be very very glad that Hillary is not President, as I am sure Huma would have been right at her side.

In the article the video mentions why neither Huma or Hillary should be able to pass a background check. Many of our Congressmen and Congresswomen should not be serving, as they also have ties to Russia, like Maxine Waters for instance. John McCain helped the Vietcong, he should not be serving. 👎👇

Millennials who voted for Hillary especially, please check when voting! Check with old timers, they were there when some of these Congressmen/Women and Senators were first elected, like for instance, McCain. The internet is there to help everyone learn all they can about a candidate. Don’t make a judgement on a candidate justified by what they say, they are politicians trying to get elected. Some are honest, some are not honest, and some do not have good intentions. I wish all serving could be like Trey Gowdy! But, I know that’s not reality.

The generation of baby boomers helped keep this country from going belly up, they won’t be around forever, so please educate yourselves. The trick in this political process is very simple, never ever lose this country’s sovereignty, to do so, will take your rights away.

This movie 🎥 is the movie Hillary Clinton banned from theaters. Her old scandals can maybe be covered up, but her new ones are continuous, a gift that keeps giving…..let’s hope she’s not going to run again!

Comey Was Nothing More Than A Leaker, Underminded FBI Trustworthiness 

Comey Was Nothing More Than A Leaker, Underminded FBI Trustworthiness 

June 11, 2017

President Trump fired Comey because he was derelict in his duties as Director of FBI. There were many times during the election of 2016, when he could of been honest with the American public, by being truthful and not misleading the public into thinking President Trump was under investigation for collusion with the Russians. But, he wasn’t, instead he chose to be political in every move he made, in order to help in discrediting our President. Comey’s testimony on June 8, 2017 all but sunk that misleading rumor.

The supposed memo that Comey leaked to Daniel Richmon, a Columbia law professor, was just an effort to have a special counsel appointed. This is without a doubt an action to bring about his own desired effect, which most likely would have never happened if he had told the truth. 

What happens now with the special prosecutor? Well, as I have said previously, the investigation into Russian collusion was not about Trump, it was about those in Trump’s campaign, like Flynn. You would of had to read between the lines every time Russian collusion came up in any of the MSM’s articles. They specifically were referring to those around the Trump campaign.

The Russian Dossier which MCCain produced was more fodder to confuse the public. That’s how the implication of Trump came into play. But, none of the allegations in the Dossier were ever proved. The foreign Intelligence officer, Christopher Steele, who was investigating Trump for dealings with the Russians pulled out of his deal with the FBI. This proves that something was not right with the Dossier. My question is who leaked this Russian Dossier? They should find this out! This was another attempt to undermine the election. You can be sure it wasn’t the Russians who leaked it!

In choosing to let the public think that Trump had colluded, it fanned the flames for CNN, NBC… publish wrong information that could of caused our President his rightful place as President, by having him impeached.

Trump is now striking back with his lawyers, to bring charges against Comey. Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Marc Kazowitz is accusing James Comey of leaking personal, privileged communications to the press in an effort to retaliate. Also an activist, Dr. Larry Kawa, as reported by, has filed a complaint to the FBI on the basis of James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Committee on June 8, 2017.

President Trump’s personal attorney makes a statement following testimony to the Senate:

As reported by Breitbart, Kasowitz made a statement in response to Comey’s testimony in the congressional hearing, a portion of which reads:

…it is overwhelmingly clear that there have been and continue to be those in government who are actively attempting to undermine this administration with selective and illegal leaks of classified information and privileged communications. Mr. Comey has now admitted that he is one of these leakers.

President Trump was well within his rights as President of the United States of America to fire Comey. This was not an “obstruction of justice.” This cannot be disregarded nor refuted, as the President’s objectives were to restore public confidence in the FBI, as noted in the memorandum to the Attorney General, Rod J Rosenstein:

Arguments on the opposing side of Trump stressed that it was obstructing justice in order to thwart the Russian investigation. According to Comey, during his testimony he stated Trump was never under investigation. You can’t be accused of obstructing justice if you were not a subject of an investigation in the first place.

It was a win situation for our President during Comey’s testimony, but it will most definitely never end, as the Democrats will continually try to find something to impeach our President. It’s a sad state of affairs, since it hog ties the administration from moving forward with more important affairs of state.

President Trump’s personal lawyer responds to James Comey’s testimony on June 8, 2017:

If You Are Right-Wing Or Left-Wing – Your Definitely On FBI’s Terrorist Watchlist

June 9, 2017

During the election of 2016, I often wondered why the right-wing protesters were handled poorly in some states, by not offering the same protections as the left-wing Hillary supporters seemingly received. We were never hostile, there wasn’t violence, or hate subjected towards anyone. Yes, we made our views heard with peaceful rallies, that were often surrounded by the lefts violence and hatred of our candidate.

Well, since 2000 the FBI has looked at the right-wing of society as domestic terrorists. Bet you didn’t know this. According to an archived document of the FBI, “we adhere to principals of supremacy and embrace anti-government, anti-regulatory beliefs.” But, we’re not alone, the left-wing is also looked at as domestic terrorists. According to the FBI this group is profiled as a “revolutionary, socialist doctrine and view themselves as protectors of the people against the dehumanizing effects of capitalism and imperialism.”

Where does that leave society as a whole?

Apparently you can neither have left or right wing views. This is why we are all under surveillance, whether its computers, phones, cameras which are everywhere, even in smart TVs. We are being surveilled always. Our government doesn’t trust anyone! We are all lumped in with the real domestic terrorists, radical Islamist terrorism. But, hey, they aren’t on the list that is archived.

Under President Trump, this will hopefully change. Most of us, whether left or right, love this country and would never even think about becoming a terrorist!


America’s Aging Infrastructure Is Getting A Face Lift Under President Trump

June 9, 2017

President Trump announced today that there will be major permit overhauls which were dragging down any rebuilding of our highways, buildings, bridges.

He showed us huge binders which were filled with regulations, which will be condensed into a few pages, giving states back their rights to rebuild their crumbling roads and bridges, airports, rails and ports. The permits that stand now is around 10 years to be approved. These regulations will be reduced to two years, a much needed improvement.

We will hire American workers, build with our own steel, iron, aluminum materials.

The President has dedicated $200 billion in his budget for infrastructure that can be leveraged for a $1 trillion investment into our crumbling systems. Investing in rural infrastructure is a key part of the President’s plan.

For many years, as the President pointed out in his speech today, billions of dollars went to the Middle East to help them with their infrastructure. What about us? We are not a third world country. But, if under the current administration, if changes were not made, we would become a third world country.

1. $200 billion in infrastructure funding

2. 8 year reduction in permit reduction time

3. $25 billion for rural infrastructure building

4. $15 billion for transformative projects

5. $100 billion for local prioritization for infrastructure needs

6. $1 million apprentices in two years

According to The Hill in an article written by Melanie Zanona on May 25, 2017, the Senate is taking the lead; “We’re working on a bill. We think it’s important to do,” Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), chairman of the Environment and Public Works (EPW) Committee, said in a telephone interview. “This is along the lines of what President Trump promised the country. … That’s why the first hearing I held as EPW chairman was on infrastructure.” Lawmakers from both parties have been clamoring for more information about Trump’s highly anticipated infrastructure package.

Trump promised to help with our aging infrastructure, another promise he has kept! Let’s hope this is approved by Congress.

President Trump Delivers Remarks at the Department of Transportation in Reference to Crumbling Infrastructure 6/9/2017:

President Trump Delivers Remarks to Governors and Mayors About US Infrastructure:

Obama’s Not The Only One Dodging Process Servers, Comey Is Too!

Obama’s Not The Only One Dodging Process Servers, Comey Is Too!

June 9, 2017

The best news to come out of the Comey testimony at the Senate Hearing on June 8, 2017, was the wonderful, total vindication that there was no Russian collusion between Russia and President Trump. The President had tweeted that there was no collusion, most of us believed him, as did I. The dumb dumbs who followed New York Times, Washington Post still believed there was collusion. Comey blew that story of New York Times right out of the water. He said Trump was never under investigation! 

Larry Klayman who founded Freedom Watch has been trying numerous times to serve “Obstruction of Justice” complaint papers on Mr. James Comey, former FBI Director.

President Trump promised to drain the swamp, these dodgers of the law should just be locked up, enough with the peaceful process servers!

I guess it’s time for that Representative Al Green to sit down and reconsider his racist move of filing articles for our President’s Impeachment. Hey, Green your articles aren’t worth the paper they are printed on! All lies!

As for Senator Warner, you are not judge and jury, your just a Senator who is suppose to be representing truth and justice for Virginian’s. Your reply email to me was a lie, Trump and his campaign staff were being illegally surveilled. Not to mention all the Americans who are being illegally surveilled.

If you are reading this and are concerned about this illegal surveillance, then contact your representatives and tell them you want it stopped! Our voices can be heard, only if we act!

One very important note here, since the Climate Change Agreement was turned down by our President, which was in America’s best interest,  that he made this move, California’s Governor, Jerry Brown has signed an agreement with China on Climate Change. Yup, good old Brown, that traitor and chief of CA! Thinks he is the President! Well, actually it’s against our Constitution under Article 1, Section 10, which states; No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility. 

President Trump, in my opinion is doing a great job, I know he will fight for America. 

In conclusion, stop reading the New York Times, Washington Post, they are only feeding you propaganda and lies. Their strategy comes right out of communistic books. Their best interests are not in our best interests.

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Jason Chaffetz – Heading To Fox News?

Jason Chaffetz – Heading To Fox News?

June 7, 2017 UPDATED 6/29/2017 

Jason Chaffetz will be retiring from Congress at the end of June, 2017, what path will his life’s next big adventure take him?

During a news presentation with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, they were originally discussing the Russian probe, towards the end of CNN’s presentation, Chaffetz was asked why he was leaving Congress after another a re-election, spanning only two years in congress. 

Chaffetz explained that; “at some point you have to get off this crazy train, there’s always someone doing something stupid, so there’s always plenty of things to investigate, at some point you have to look at yourself in the mirror, hey, I’ve spent more than 1,500 nights away from my family, I happen to love my wife, I adore our kids, we’re about to become empty nesters and, looking at the prospect of spending another 200-300 nights away from my wonderful wife Julie, over the next 18 months, I just don’t want to do it anymore.”  “I just want to make the transition, I always promised I would get in and serve, and get out, this is not suppose to be a lifetime appointment.” “I don’t want to get that Potomac fever, just get to caught up in myself or anything else, just get more of a balance back in my life.” “In June we’re going to hang up our cleats and close this chapter of our life.”

Wolf Blitzer asked Chaffetz if he was going to become a TV pundit, according to speculative reports. Chaffetz said he hasn’t been compelled to talk about his post congressional life, he says, “I have a voice I like to express it along the way, but find a balance in my life, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to July 1st.” Chaffetz told Blitzer he would talk about the speculations of joining Fox News at the proper time.

I personally think, that with his background and knowledge of how congress works, he would be a wonderful pundit. He would have that voice he talks about. He would also have many sources he could rely on in an effort to find out exactly what is being investigated, and whom is being investigated, and for what they are being investigated for. Transparency at its finest!

According to an article from OAN (One America News Network), Congressman Chaffetz is leaving Capitol Hill to become a commentator for Fox News. It’s official👏

He apparently makes this change due to not being able to afford a house in Washington, D.C. area as well as his home in Utah. 

OAN reports that; On Wednesday Chaffetz called for lawmakers to receive a $2,500 monthly stipend to help cover the cost of housing in Washington.

How many Congressman or Congresswomen are worth millions? Yup, tell tale sign something is not right! Be on the lookout!

Twenty Million Americans Were Illegally Spyed On By NSA, Intelligence Agencies – Profiling, Kill Lists…

Twenty Million Americans Were Illegally Spyed On By NSA, Intelligence Agencies – Profiling, Kill Lists…

June 7, 2017

As reported by Bill Still of the Still Report, nearly 20 million Americans were illegally spyed upon by NSA. A good, honest Intel Contractor, turned NSA whistleblower, Dennis Montgomery is suing James Comey, FBI, CIA and other intelligence agencies and current directors. 

Montgomery now has been granted immunity by a federal judge, and is turning over 47 hard drives and 600 million pages of documents, as proof to help bring down the deep state. Sara Carter from Circa News said the Intel Contractor likened the documents to 30 miles high of stacked documents😳

Under the articles of Impeachment for Obama, the spying of Americans actually amounted to 300 million Americans. It is disclosed toward the end of the video.

As a Intel Contractor, Montgomery was able to break through firewalls. Sara Carter, who appeared on Hannity’s Fox News says that people who were unmasked had their bank accounts, their records, homes, emails, telephone conversations…all unmasked.

Originally Montgomery tried to get immunity through the FBI. But, the FBI decided not to move forward with the case. This is bigger than Watergate! Why am I not surprised that the FBI decided not to move forward? Because they were a very big part of this travesty of warrantless injustice! This summer is going to be a very enlightening one, thoroughly exposing the Obama Administration’s unethical behavior, thus bringing the deep state to its knees!

This case has been assigned to Judge Richard Leon a very respected Washington, D.C. judge. He is the original judge who said American’s privacy was violated.

Stay updated, follow both Circa News and Bill Still. Watch the below video all the way through to hear Sara on Hannity’s Fox News report.

This all started with the Bush Administration. William Binney who worked for NSA for 32 years was the first whistleblower to expose surveillance on Americans. Did you know that there were kill lists? 

Excerpt from 

Lawsuit – James Comey being sued by Freedom Watch and Dennis Montgomery and his counsel Larry Klayman for illegal surveillance and cover-up, dated June 6, 2017:

Obama’s Obstruction of Justice – Process Server

Obama’s Obstruction of Justice – Process Server

June 6, 2017


Larry Klayman, Chairman and General Council for Freedom Watch, reports/explains that many times, including when he was President, a process server has tried to serve Obama with a complaint of “obstruction of justice.”

The Secret Service are now also involved by running interference for Obama, by aiding and obstructing with process servers trying to serve a complaint for NSA illegal surveillance of President Trump and others. 

This illegal surveillance has been going on for quite sometime. Each time they call Obama or interact with his secret service, they are brushed off. May I make it very clear here: THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR QUITE AWHILE! 

This should be the biggest story from the media right now.

Freedom Watch is is trying to serve the complaint under a peaceful process. It would seem from watching Larry Klayman’s [VIDEO], their patience is wearing thin very quickly. Larry is now questioning the way in which government works right now. He also points out that Obama, who is now a regular citizen, just like you and I, is receiving some type of protection by Secret Service that should not be  allowed. Larry says about Obama; “he has little to no respect for the American system of justice.”

This is further evidence of why the leftist Democrats are bullying people, mouthing off, being very vocal against Trump. Just another spinning of the actual facts! WAKEUP! 

Walk Down Memory Lane – Obama’s Impeachment Proceedings….This Was No Joke! – NO EVIDENCE TRUMP COLLUDED WITH RUSSIA

June 3, 2017

All I hear lately is talk about impeachment proceedings about President Trump. It makes me think back to Obama’s era of President. If ever there was a President that was very close to impeachment, that would be Obama.

So every Democratic person talking about Trump’s impeachment, maybe you need to listen to these videos, he came very close….

Obama Was to be impeached for treason and other less crimes. Treason is an offense punishable by death, he’s still having legal issues and continues with his army of lawyers by stalling, but they will finally catch up to him.

When Obama’s Vice President wanted Obama impeached, now that’s bad.


Supreme Court okay’s Obama’s Impeachment

Joe Biden Says Obama Should Be Impeached Over Unconstitutional War in Iraq

Obama Impeachment Begins
Trey Gowdy Talks About Obama Impeachment Over Immigration


Articles of Impeachment Filed By Black Republicans

Articles of Impeachment For Barack Obama – North American Law Center

There are so many other references I could give here, but I am sure you get the jist of what I am saying, basically it’s just another day in politics instead of Justice.

Lets not forget about the ongoing process servers, that have been brushed away by Obama’s Secret Service, its worse than Nixon’s Watergate. This began when he was in office and is continuing to this day while Obama jets around the world, ignoring and ducking the American justice system. They will get him!

According to USA Today, originally reported by VISALI, Calif – House Select Intelligence Committee Chairman, Devin Nunes: “As of right now we have no credible evidence that there was any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government and if we found that I would run it over to the Department of Justice and ask for prosecution as soon as that happened,” Nunes said. “Being that it’s been six or seven months now since the claims have been made by the party that lost the election, my guess is it doesn’t exist.”

So, in conclusion, don’t look for an impeachment for President Trump. Special Prosecutor Mueller is mainly looking at individuals surrounding the Trump Campaign of 2016, which they will find their was no Russian collusion. This leftist Russian narrative is costing you, the tax payers an unduly large amount of money, and eventual finding that there never was any Russian collusion.

Fox News lays down the impeachable offenses, under high crimes:

Memorable Tweets Supporting President Trump’s Withdraw From Paris Climate Accord

June 4, 2017

It took me about a half a day to go through tweets from our Senate and House members to capture tweets that supported his withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord deal.

California of course was a no brainer, but some House and Senate members had nothing in their timelines referring to how they felt one way or the other on the Presidents withdrawal. We have seen some of the bully, loud mouths coming from the state of California. But, do not let that be a detractor from the fact that a lot of them had nothing to say, one way or another. Are they afraid to give their opinions, fearing backlash from other members? A very possible conclusion I think.

So, here is what I have, and may I say thank you to all that supported our President. Enjoy!

FBI Raid – Huma Abedin Brother and Sisters Home, June 1, 2017

FBI Raid – Huma Abedin Brother and Sisters Home, June 1, 2017

June 3, 2017



As reported by, On June 1, 2017, a raid took place in a home in the 7200 Block of Jonathon Street in Dearborn, Michigan which is owned by a “shell company,”  turns out it’s actually owned by Huma Abedin’s brother and sister. This shell company is the Journal of Muslim Affairs. Important to note, Huma worked as an Assistant Editor for this company at one time. 

Several FBI and DOJ officers left Washington enroute to Dearborn……convoys of cars descended on the home located at 7246 Jonathon Street, assisted by other law enforcement officers from neighboring locals.

During the Clinton campaign last summer, if you recall, we didn’t see Huma Abedin for awhile, she had apparently made a trip to Dearborn, Michigan. A few months before she left to visit her brother, Hassan Abedin’s home in Dearborn, she was interviewed by the FBI about Hillary Clinton’s lost emails. Upon Abedin’s testimony to the FBI, it is reported that a laptop containing an archived copy, along with a thumb drive, were lost in the mail.

Apparently after it was reported that Huma and Anthony Weiner would be getting a divorce shortly after Weiner was convicted in May, the story takes a different turn, they moved back into their home in New York City. Hmmm, this begs the question, is Weiner still going to prison?

Only 24 hours after the Weiner’s moved back into their home the Raid in Dearborn took place. It is assumed that when Huma left during Hillary’s campaign last summer, she made that secret trip to Dearborn to hide the archived copies of the missing emails. Events now are falling into place.

As of now, the media still has not reported what the Raid was in reference to, only stating it was not a terrorism issue, but a matter of national security. This information was conveyed to people that lived around the house in Dearborn. Can you imagine all these Agents pulling into your neighborhood? That would send panic into me, that’s for sure.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the Raid appears to have nothing to do with metro Detroit or the young adult male who lives in house that was raided.

According to RT, the Free Press interviewed the former head of terrorism operations in Detroit, Andy Arena – it most likely was not related to terrorism, as their would of been bomb sniffing dogs on the site, and neighbors would of been evacuated. So, we know it was in no way related to any type of terrorism. In my opinion, they were specifically looking for documentation of some sort.

According to multiple sources they took one person into custody, removed boxes from the home, which they took with them. I am wondering if this was some type of spy network they are going after. This could involve many people.

Fox News also reported about this, but not CNN! Lol, guess their to busy keeping it quiet, that tells me it’s something big! In my opinion, it likely involves people they don’t want to tell us about. 

After Fox reported this, other new sources are starting to release video, such as channel 7, WXYZ Detroit News! Hope we will hear what other state this is involving besides Michigan. [VIDEO BELOW] Important to note, Joey Lowe said in his comment to me that in the unedited version of the video, there was an NYPD detective at the scene in Dearborn.

Important to note, other family members of Huma’s are being prosecuted for conspiracy, wire fraud, securities fraud – and she along with the State Department, where she previously worked for Clinton, are mentioned in the federal case, court records show. Read more at There is no doubt in my mind something very nefarious is afoot here.

NOTE – Shell companies are set up for one main reason, to keep the owner of this particular house anonymous. The only people that could actually be able to find out who owns the home are intelligence agencies who have access to records here and around the world. The people living in a shell company home are not necessarily the owners. Shell companies are set up for different reasons, but the most important one I found is evading the tax man. If the house was purchased with cash and filed under an LLC you have absolute privacy, there is no way a lawyer or private investigator could track the homeownership to you or anyone else. Also, LLC’s protect individuals from legal liability.

I am sure it will take awhile to go through all of those emails. Hope we hear something soon from the MSM, but don’t hold your breath!

UPDATE Since this article was written, within the first day, I had many views from Syria. Very strange, as they have never been among the countries viewing my articles. Ask yourself why? Very strange!


 37 year old Samer el Debek, aka “Samer Eldebek,” that was living at the address was arrested June 1, 2017 in Livonia, Michigan on “charges related to alleged activities related to Hezbollah, and an unrelated complaint for allegedly possessing extensive bomb making training received from Hezbollah. He was presented on June 5, before Magistrate Judge Henry Pitman in Manhattan federal court.”

32 year old Ali Kourani was arrested in the Bronx for “allegedly conducting surveillance of potential targets in America, including military and law enforcement facilities in New York City, also providing, attempting, and conspiring to provide material support to Hezbollah; receiving and conspiring to receive military-type training from Hezbollah; a related weapons offense that is alleged to have involved, among other weapons, a rocket-propelled grenade launcher and machine guns; violating and conspiring to violate the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA); and naturalization fraud to facilitate an act of international terrorism. Kourani was presented on Friday, June 2, before Magistrate Judge Barbara Moses in Manhattan federal court.”


June 3, 2017

FBI Nabs Hillary Clinton “Lost” Emails In Surprise Raid On Huma Abedin Home

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A stunning Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) urgent action bulletin circulating in the Kremlin today is reporting that the believed to be “lost” emails belonging to former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were recovered on 1 June when special agents of the American Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) raided a home in Dearborn, Michigan, owned by a “shell company” belonging to top Clinton aide Huma Abedin’s brother and sister. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this bulletin, during the afternoon of 1 June, SVR intelligence analysts reported that a specialized team of FBI special agents and US Department of Justice prosecutors hurriedly left Washington D.C. enroute to Dearborn, Michigan, where upon landing they were sped by a large convoy to a multi-family home located at 7246 Jonathon Street that they promptly raided stating to the local press that they were “investigating a matter of national security” and further saying that: “There’s no threat to public safety in the area, so folks don’t need to be concerned about any dangerous situation.”
Important to note about this Jonathon Street home in Dearborn, this bulletin continues, is that it is owned by a subsidiary “shell corporation” established by the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs that’s long been known as a Abedin family business where Huma Abedin’s brother, Hassan Abedin, is a book-review editor and her sister, Heba Abedin, is an assistant editor.

Born into an illustrious family of Brotherhood leaders, this bulletin details, Huma Abedin has been labeled as “nothing short of a Muslim Brotherhood princess” who grew up barely two hours from Dearborn in Kalamazoo, Michigan—and who, in August, 2016, mysteriously broke off from the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign to make a secret trip to Dearborn, that is now the largest Muslim city in America.

Just a few months before Huma Abedin’s secret visit to Dearborn, this bulletin says, she had been interviewed by the FBI investigating Hillary Clinton’s “lost” emails—and from her testimony, the FBI reported that a laptop containing a copy, or “archive,” of the emails on Hillary Clinton’s private server was apparently lost—in the postal mail—along with a thumb drive that also contained an archive of Clinton’s emails.

Twelve days ago, however, this bulletin explains, Huma Abedin’s husband, the now convicted sex-offender, and former US Congressman, Anthony Weiner, was indicted by a secret US grand jury, arrested by the FBI, and pled guilty to sex charges in a US Federal Court in the span of 2 hours, and that the SVR described at the time as being the fastest processing of such a case in American history—and that we detailed in our 22 May report titled “Most Secret Grand Jury In American History Paralyzes Washington With Fear”.

Being taken by surprise at her husband’s “lightning fast” arrest and conviction, and his facing up to 2 years prison time, this bulletin continues, Huma Abedin filed for divorce against Anthony Weiner just mere hours after he pled guilty to the sex charges leveled against him by President Trump’s Department of Justice.
Three days ago, though, this bulletin notes, on 31 May, both Huma Abedin and her husband Anthony Weiner met with top level FBI agents in New York City—immediately after which they renewed the lease on their luxurious Union Square duplex and returned to living as man and wife.

Barely 24 hours after Huma Abedin and her husband Anthony Weiner moved back into their luxurious New York City home, this bulletin says, FBI special agents and US Department of Justice prosecutors raided the Abedin owned property in Dearborn—leading the SVR to conclude that during Huma Abedin’s secret trip to Dearborn last summer, she “secreted/hid” within that home critical evidence relating to Hillary Clinton’s “lost” emails—and maybe even the “lost” computer and thumb drive too.

With there being no doubt that both Huma Abedin and her husband Anthony Weiner are now in full cooperation with President Trump’s Department of Justice, this bulletin concludes, the US mainstream propaganda media, nevertheless, remains fixated on their “fake news” Russian hysteria campaign that President Putin suggests they need a “chill pill” to cure themselves of—but with the newest member of this elitist cabal of leftist journalists, named Megyn Kelly, shocking the world yesterday after she asked Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi “Are you on Twitter?” (Modi has the 2nd most viewed Twitter feed in the world with over 30 million followers, 2nd only to President Trump), once again proof is shown that only “uneducated idiots” are allowed to report the news in America today. 



Kathy Griffin’s Attorney, Lisa Bloom Speaks at Press Conference 

Kathy Griffin’s Attorney, Lisa Bloom Speaks at Press Conference 

June 2, 2017

This is absolutely the worst video I have ever seen, no remorse whatsoever!

To hear her attorney talk, you would think it’s Trump’s fault she has lost her jobs. Crazy, I know, but there it is.

Watch the video and let me know what you think.

In the video Kathy definitely has no remorse for what she did by tweeting the faux severed, bloody head of our President. This video is not going to look good in court, believe me. The press conference should of been about making a very wrong judgement call in tweeting the image she did. Instead her attorney lambasted our President as if he were on trial. No, Lisa wrong approach for helping your client, in my opinion. 

All day 5/2/2017, every other tweet on Twitter was taking to task Kathy’s words about the President ruining her career. Sounds so familiar, we’re still hearing from Hillary Clinton how everybody is to blame for her losing the 2016 election.


These violent reactions from people has to stop. Do they know any better? Same as when Madonna talked about “blowing up the Whitehouse,” when she spoke at the Washington, D.C. Women’s March earlier in the year. These Hollywood elites that our young people look up to is a shame.  

There are good actors, comedians, singers, you just have to know which ones could be grooming your child the wrong way when you are not around to watch them. Scary world we live in, but, putting your head in the sand and ignoring what is going on around you will never change the world for the better.

Barron Trump has a Twitter account and he saw this tweet from Kathy Griffin because everyone was reposting it. Why Twitter let that happen is beyond fathomable. It’s not a funny meme to be shopped around on Twitter. Bottom line, the President’s son was horrified when he saw it, he’s only eleven years old! I just hope he doesn’t have nightmares as a result of Kathy’s very poor judgement. Some people never think before they do something, she seems to be one of those people from what I see.

Important to note, the Secret Service does monitor social media, she didn’t know that?🙄

Supposedly Kathy had threatened Trump and his son earlier:

Then in December, 2016, this was in an article from

This is an example of how mean spirited this woman can be:

Alex Jones exposes the apparent acceptance in society of suggestive violence: Weird world we are living in today. But, it’s not acceptable!

The mean spirited people of society will not get us down, we will not falter, we will hold our heads high, and above all forgive, then move on. We have better things to accomplish for this world in which we live.

Wow, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, What Did You Just Do? 

Wow, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, What Did You Just Do? 

June 2, 2017

With all the new revelations involving the DNC, DOJ obtaining warrants (FISA Court), Debbie Wasserman Schultz is up to her neck in this stuff.

Recently as reported by the, Attorney Elizabeth Beck received a call from someone using a robotic voice. The person calling was inquiring about the DNC lawsuit filed during the 2016 regarding cheating.

After the call was concluded, the law firm decided to check and see who just called them. The caller ID apparently showed the number which they were able to Google. Yup, you probably already guessed who was calling! Wait for it………It was none other than Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s office! Now, I wonder why they were calling????

Guess that US Federal Prison being prepared for 23 inmates is going to fill up quickly.

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