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New Info Will Become Public – Codes

October 11, 2017

Remember when President Trump said, “the Calm before the storm?” “You will see.”

That was just one simplistic message, as there will be others to Americans, he will eventually drop other small messages along the way, then he will finally divulge the truth to the public which will shock the world, finally drawing back the curtains and exposing the Deep State.

It’s coming…..watch….wait……LISTEN! and pray for our President…for his safety!🙏🏻

In the President’s speech that I call “The Calm Before The Storm” there is a hidden message within his words. Don’t believe me? The CIA has been using reverse speech for years under the Stargate Project. Unbeknownst to the silly mainstream news monstrosity, the message was right there in plain site. If you play a recording backwards of President Trump’s speech you will hear, Hillary Clinton and California, meaning they will be dealt with! LISTEN HERE>

Harvey Weinstein was just the small fish, many more will fall, Hollywood will take a big hit, but don’t expect Hillary Clinton to ever serve time in prison for #pizzagate, that will never happen. However, she will be taken down for many other crimes, it’s drawing near an end for her and many others. This is confirmed!

Remember during the counting of the ballots during the Presidential election when it looked like Hillary was going to win? That long drawn out pause….before finally you saw the real numbers coming up on the screen for President Trump? We told you before the flag officers stopped the stealing of the election!

Well, the flag officers are getting involved with the censoring that google is doing! You will never hear that in the MSM.

The charger that was in Steven Paddocks room was not meant for a cell phone. Nope! It was meant to charge a very thin battery, much like a CP502520 3.OV 600 mAh LiMn02 non-rechargeable thin cell battery used by the US Special Forces and CIA. This is information neither the Sheriff or FBI would tell us.

When reading the following excerpt, keep in mind that President Kennedy tried to expose the secret societies by telling the press, we all know that was the wrong approach since he was assassinated right after! President Trump knows this and will not make the same mistake. 

He will start by giving the public access to Investigation reports of President Kennedy. This will show with proof there is a Deep State, like dominos, they will fall…their lies will be exposed all the way through 9/11/2001 to present Deep State false flags.

This excerpt comes from an anonymous posting (MegaAnon Leaks)


“ The MSM and public will only be given a few hours of notice on the day 

   of each series of Presidential addresses and will NOT be given details 

   or talking points, in advance. POTUS will choose a VERY select group of 

   WH media correspondents to attend live, which BTW, is standard protocol 

   for presidential addresses.”


   They will not be afforded the opportunity to tee up presser/subject 

   related questions, which is done on purpose. Gives media no chance to 

   build the public narrative or messaging in advance with a lot of 

   unfounded pre-address “speculation” and hypothesizing for hours, based 

   on a few pre-released talking point bones POTUS will usually throw in 

   advance. When these series of addresses have concluded, NO ONE will be 

   confused. He will be extremely clear and concise. He will leave no room 

   for false narratives. There will be no gray areas left to fill.”

“The goal is that when it’s all said and done, there will be no room for 

   question, when it comes to the people. He won’t have to disclose s***t 

   like 9/11, OKC, Vegas, Voter Fraud, Russia hacks or collusion, 

   elections rigging, etc. specifically. When he’s done, it will be a 

   literal “mic drop” on the world’s stage and you will no one ever again, 

   will have the ability to question who’s responsible for, involved 

   coordinating, etc. ANYTHING that has ever happened and been considered 

   a “conspiracy theory”, ever again. When he’s done, the entire world 

   will just KNOW IT ALL. It really is THAT all-encompassing. Like Trump 

   says, “you’ll see”. It just has to happen. We cannot be derailed. Ever 



  “[from another poster: Can you give us any indication on timing of when”

   “these disclosures will occur? Within days? Weeks? Months? Years?]”


“Soon, but I won’t pin myself to anything more than that because I 

   literally can’t. 2.5 weeks ago, I’d have said within 72 hours about 

   this if I didn’t know better. You’d then, would’ve called me a larp, 

   and rightfully so, no?! I would’ve been wrong thanks to what we now 

   call, a “Vegas attack”. 8 weeks ago, I would’ve said it would happen 

   within the week, with 100% certainty. I’d have bet my entire career on 

   it and doxxed myself to prove my credibility… but alas, I’ve drudged 

   through this “swamp” long enough to know that “timeframes” mean 

   nothing. Scheduled dates on a POTUS’s calendar mean nothing. Literally 

   ever. It is a full on hourly, daily, weekly race to the finish… truth 

   or corruption wins -whoever gets there first.”


   “So, instead of trying to pidgeon-hold me by asking me “WHEN”, I ask you 

   to realize that your most important should be, “WHY NOT ALREADY” and 

   your biggest concern should be “WHAT HAPPENS, BETWEEN NOW AND WHEN”.

“MegaAnon here. Trump went hard in his presser today so I’m going to 

   drop a few HUGE BREADCRUMBS, but it’s the first time I’ve really felt I 

   need to tread lightly with info… so please, for f***s sake friends, pay 

   attention to EVERY word I’m TYPING. 1. Internal reports floating around 

   that Kelly’s phone was stolen/hacked “a few days ago”. 2. Remember, 

   Kelly is a general and usually, “early reports” of s**t like 

   hacks/thefts are used as scapegoats to recall back to, when they later 

   need to try and say that someone couldn’t have said that, made that 

   phone call, emailed that person, etc. their “device had been 

   hacked/stolen”, therefore compromised evidence. 3. You had a good dude 

   tee you up about a “VIP”/”general” being escorted to Mandalay, also “a 

   few days ago”. Soon you’ll see airport arrival times of high level 

   officials seamlessly align with “suspicious activity” and claims of 

   “shots fired” reported at the airport. Like Trump says, “you’ll see”.

  4. Same good dude also told you a much larger scaled attack was the 

   initial intent, but was thwarted/averted. Would’ve “killed thousands”. 

   Trump tweeted it was a “miracle” using condescending quotes. The 

   miracle was their plan to kill thousands more, was thwarted. “Miracle” 

   was a f*** you to McCabe. 5. Trump then confirmed in statement last 

   night, he still has “no clue” if the shooter was connected to ISIS. 

   F*** you to Pompeo/Tillerson. 

   6. Tonight, he publicly confirms what candidly, we’ve ALL been working 

   towards, for the last 11 months. Everyone always asks me what I “do”. 

   Well, there’s lot of us and EXACTLY what we do. We are going to show 

   you what WAS intended for Las Vegas, HOW EXTREME it was supposed to be, 

   WHO coordinated it and WHY THEY DID. Trump isn’t blowing a lid on Vegas 

   when referring to “the storm”. Trump’s promised “storm” will prove that 

   Vegas was supposed to be no different than 27 classified pages 

   outlining what really happened on 9/11. Vegas was ONLY to STOP TRUMP 


“Morning y’all, “MegaAnon” here. Just an FYI, after you all came up with 

   this nickname for me back in May or June, you had asked me to use it to 

   ID myself so you could cap my posts and keep them together. So I had 

   been doing that but last night after a series of posts I’d made over 

   the last couple of days prior, I had tried to post under the name to ID 

   my posts and I got a notification from 4Chan that the “MegaAnon” name 

   was banned and though I could still post, I couldn’t use that name to 

   identify with my threads. It literally wouldn’t let me post if 

   “MegaAnon” was in the “Name” field of the comment box. So… I posted a 

   few comments last night (pic related) and if anyone cares, I’ll just 

   identify myself by saying I’m MegaAnon first, before I proceed with my 

   comment, in a thread. Stick with me though, I’m going to tell you 

   exactly what I know and I’ve been on the ground, have accessed the 

   suspects room, etc. I came home from Vegas Wednesday afternoon but I 

   got back tonight for another 4-day stint.”

   “1. You need to know that as of last Monday (mid-morning), the DC FBI 

   was officially approved to assume federal jurisdiction over the Vegas 

   investigation, via federal petition. Important to note that in the SAME 

   appeal, they not only circumvented the LVMPD, but they also ousted 

   their own NV FBI field office (this is A RARE MOVE, based on what 

   limited and again, very loose documented intel they presented to 

   support their appeal). At time of appeal, they informally presented 

   undisclosed intel (usually this means this intel was NOT obtained or 

   aggregated by US-based intel agencies. That’s important because it lets 

   them keep the source of the info confidential for “active investigation 

   purposes”, therefore remains completely unsourced and substantiated) 

   indicating the suspect had “terror related ties”.

“2. Hours after jurisdiction was approved and officially transferred, 

   the name of the suspect was released – Steve C. Paddock and 

   unironically less than 2 hours after that, ISIS took public 

   responsibility for the attack, claiming that Paddock had “converted to 

   Islam months ago” and that he was theirs.


   Ask yourselves this… in which attacks over the last four years, has 

   ISIS ever “waited” to publicly claim “responsibility” for? Answer: ALL 



   they can claim it’s terror related and assemble a sh**ty, loosely 

   substantiated appeal documentation, proving “terror”, it goes federal. 

   Remember that.”


   “Why does ISIS wait for FBI jurisdiction in these scenarios? So they can 

   “confirm” and “release” an FBI NAMED SUSPECT, while teeing up their 

   public statement, to confirm “affiliations”, based on ZERO EVIDENCE and

   SUPPORT. Simply put, they wait for the agency to tell them who their 

   newest convert is.”

  “3. If this looks like a complete cluster f*** between LVMPD and agency, 

   then ding, ding! You’re right… IT IS! Why?! For the slow in the back, 

   let me simplify… mass and scale. As much as the digital world benefits 

   these goons, they’ve also realized exactly how much it hinders them. 

   You no longer need the MSM, a few press conferences or the 

   “authorities” to air, broadcast, publicize information and reports. You 

   only need access to the internet. Know what’s ultimately responsible 

   for the 9/11 botch as opposed to other agency coordinated attacks?! 

   Internet access. The mass ability of we, the people, to access 

   exorbident information in real time, download, upload, archive and 

   store that info then, DISTRIBUTE ON OUR OWN.”


   “Example: Take all of those initial witness accounts and live interviews 

   of people within the first 6 hours of 9/11. They reported additional 

   explosions on random floors, flashes of lights, conflicting reports of 

   what they were being told by first responders in terms of 

   events/secured evacuation routes, unrelated fires on unimpacted floors, 

   etc., remember that? Remember the live CNN interview on WTC 7 

   collapsing, aired an hour and 23 minutes before it actually did?! See, 

   the MSM thought that by internally deleting the footage and never 

   re-airing or commenting on it publicly again, they were saved. They 

   underestimated the capability of the average person, to download, 

   privately store, re-upload and mass distribute, INFORMATION once it’s 

   hit the internet.”

“That’s where we are today! (((THEY))) can’t keep up with us. As 

   technology, availability and accessibility to everything from the 

   internet, mass info distribution platforms like social media, video 

   streaming applications, public board forums like 4Chan, etc. these 

   people LITERALLY have been floundering in their desperate attempts to 

   keep up. Over the last 2 decades, they’ve realized they CANNOT “dot 

   every single i” or “cross every single t”. 

“for the better part of the last 20 years, they’ve scrambled to 

   recruit search engines like Google, service providers like Verizon, 

   Comcast, Time Warner, etc., social media sites like Facebook and 

   Twitter and streaming sites like YouTube, to assist them in their 

   efforts. Hence you now see massive corruption via SEO skewing and info 

   scrubbing, edited metadata tags, buried search engine results based on 

   those tags, the complete erasure, blockage and shadow banning of social 

   media and upload/streaming accounts, etc. all done in a coordinated 

   effort to try and beat the public to the punch by proactively removing 

   information they can identify upfront that is, will or may be, a 

   problem For them in the future, while stifling your ability to find, 

   research, locate, download/upload, store and disseminate information.”


   Since there are millions of people with the ability and accessibility 

   to literally “debunk” ANYTHING they state, confirm, report, claim, 

   visually show, etc. they are clammoring over themselves in an effort to 

   keep their “stories” straight.


   “I can 100% CONFIRM that LVMPD absolutely KNOWS that in the end, they 

   are being set up to fail. They will take the fall for anything 

   misreported, misinterpreted, misinformed, incorrect, mishandled, etc. 

   They are being forced to look like the front man though EVERYONE 

   INTERNAL KNOWS that they are just running monitored and directed 

   talking points they are being given. They are being forced into a 

   “position of authority” that candidly, they HAVEN’T LEGALLY HELD 

   JURISDICTION OVER, SINCE MONDAY. See how quick they jumped to to 

   “publicly confirm” that they were opening an investigation into the 

   “first leaked photos of the hotel room and dead suspect”?!? THE LVMPD 

   WAS FORCED TO EAT THE FBI’S S**T because the credibility of the FBI 

   after the clusterf**Ks known as “Russia”, Comey, etc. can’t afford the 

   implication that those photos were leaked under THEIR AUTHORITY… so the 

   LVMPD publicly ate their f*** up…”

  “…because once a local authority or an agency confirms they are running 

   an investigation, it means that legally, whatever crime they are 

   assuming the responsibility of investigating, falls under their 

   jurisdiction. LVMPD really just wants to tell you all that they haven’t 

   collected, tagged, cleared or logged, A SINGLE PIECE OF F***ing 



   TAKEOVER. If agency had to publicly confirm the date/time of their 

   jurisdiction takeover, then EVERYONE would know the LVMPD shouldn’t 

   even be making statements the FBI’s investigation AND they’d know ANY 

   REPORTED SLIP UPS, like “LEAKED SCENE PHOTOS” were done under agency 

   authority, NOT LVMPD. The “storm” Trump’s refered to isn’t Vegas 

   itself. I confirm 100% that a MUCH larger event was planned/thwarted by 

   (((them))), but was done to DIVERT TRUMP AWAY FROM 

   declassifying/releasing “the storm” (a series of classified info that 

   admin will disclose publicly on 3 different but HUGE, socially 

   controversial topics. (((They’ve))) already delayed this TWICE. I’m not 

   saying they f*** with the weather – think what you will BUT, they DID 

   exploit the hurricanes/devastation to their advantage, by wrapping him 

   in so much red tape re: resource distro/allocation, services/duty 

   assembly/deployment, etc. Hence the “storm” reference was a “f*** you” 

   to McCabe, Kelly, Tillerson, Pompeo, McCain, Ryan, McConnell, Pelosi, 

   Schumer, etc. Anyone question timing of San Juan Mayor’s emboldened 

   comments, days before Vegas?! Done to get the PUBLIC focused on 

   Trump/admin. and accused “inaction” in Puerto Rico. While the MSM 

   distracted concerned public/Trump, it kept in him check as they geared 

   up for Vegas. It’s a “miracle” it didn’t work.”


   [from another poster: Thanks, anyway you can give insight on the 3 



 “I could but I won’t and as a courtesy, here’s why… I have never come on 

   here to post bulls**t. I don’t hypothesize theories or possibilities… I 

   post only what I know to be true. It’s why I won’t pidgeon-hold myself 

   by providing very narrow, specific dates or timeframes (like “tomorrow” 

   or “next week”, even when I’m 95% confirmed. If I post on here with the 

   intent of you taking me at face value, I have to build my credibility 

   and that’s only done through prolonged consistency and correctness on 

   valuable info. I’m never trying to be vague, though sometimes I have to 

   be, depending on the topic. I only post on here (hence is why I’m not 

   very good with tripcodes, sifting through archives, archiving or 

   capping s**t myself, etc.) to drop paths of info that connect dots 

   you’re either missing or ignoring, that in reality, are the most 

   important to focus on. Anyone being TOO specific, is f***ing lying to 

   you. No one at our level with everything to lose, would blow their 

   entire load on 4Chan. I promise you, no one actually involved, would 

   risk exposure. Hence, “blackwater Anon”. Notice he was specific, yet 

   just vague enough? He’s one of “your guys”. WHAnon?! Sadly he’s the 

   biggest long con LARP, I’ve seen on here in a while… it actually 

   disappoints me how much attention and credit you’ve given him.”

  “ I will confirm that the 3 disclosures have been discussed and vetted 

   thoroughly, for the last several months, here. Ok, fine… and while 

   “pizza” is on the menu, it’s not one of the 3 pending releases. Not in 

   the way you want it to be. It will be discussed and Hollywood 

   specifically will take a MASSIVE HIT in the very near future. Harvey 

   was the first lowhanging takedown so just imagine how high-level this 

   will go. But I assure you, while Hillary, the Clinton campaign/staff, 

   Obama admin, establishment (both parties) and DNC as related to 

   election fraud, etc. will eventually fall for epic crimes, you’ll never 

   see Hillary in an orange jumpsuit, for actual pizza.”











Germany Is Way Out Of Control – They Think They Can Tell You What You Can Say Or Report via Social Media

July 1, 2017

I’ve seen it all now, as reported by RT, Germany has approved a bill that would make it possible to fine social media $56 Million if they refuse to remove any material deemed/flagged fake news or hate related. They will have up to 24 hours to remove or block the content. If the case is more complicated, they will have up to a week to get it resolved. The networks will have to report back and explain how they dealt with flagged material.

Freedom of speech ends where criminal law begins,” Justice Minister Heiko Maas said, adding that the measure “end[s] the internet law of the jungle.”
According to Maas, who proposed the bill back in March, the number of hate crimes in Germany jumped by over 300 percent in the last two years. “This law is the logical next step for effectively tackling hate speech since all voluntary agreements with the platform providers have been virtually unsuccessful,” the Central Council of Jews in Germany said, praising the measure, as cited by Reuters.
This must be based on the supposed hate crimes that jumped 300% in the last two years. Are they talking about Germany? Well, the German people are most likely fed up with their leaders uncontrolled refugee crisis! 

Wow, now big brother is watching social media! Facebook….ought to go commando on them!

Sorry Germany, you don’t tell other countries or companies based out of the USA what is legal or not legal. In other posts I have done on Germany, in a nutshell, I have said they think they rule the world. Didn’t we have this problem with them during World War I and II? Yes we did, they never learn!

Where was the hate police when the Nazi’s killed the Jews? Or was that just fake news? 

If Germany wants to enforce this in their own country, so be it. But, they cannot act like China, North Korea and censor everything from around the world from citizens in free speech countries. Or can they?

In the beginning of 2017, as reported by theverge.com, Facebook applied filters for fake news in Germany. That to me was the correct way to handle problems in Germany. Now, Germany wants to take a big step towards censoring the world. Maybe Merkel is worried she may not win the election this year! Hey, it’s a big probability that she won’t. Her and Hillary, birds of a feather flock together!

L👀k at this controlling statement from Maas back in January, 2017:

In an interview with the German newspaper Welt Am Sonntag this week, Maas said that fake news represents a “danger to our culture of debate,” and that social media companies “have a duty” to rein it in. “danger to our culture of debate,” hmmm, bottom line, they don’t want a debate, they want to fill everyone’s mind with their deemed real news, propaganda.
This is more evidence that Germany is falling under a H&$@$& (can’t say the H word, might get censored) type of regime! Sad! 

According to HG. ORG, LLC, “Since the internet is not geographically bound, national laws cannot apply globally.” Well, that was until Obama sold us out!

Remember that net neutrality thing? Yup, you can thank Obama for that one! Basically censoring of certain sites on the internet. 

Net Neutrality Another major area of interest in Internet Law is net neutrality. Net neutrality refers to regulations of the infrastructure of the Internet, itself. Every piece of information transmitted across the internet is broken into what are called “packets” of data, then passed through routers and transmission infrastructure owned by a variety of private and public entities, like telecommunications companies, universities, and government agencies. This has become a major area of concern in recent years, because changes to laws affecting this infrastructure in one jurisdiction could have a ripple effect, changing how information is sent and received in other jurisdictions whether those areas would otherwise be subject to the jurisdiction of the country implementing the new law or not.
Whether we like it or not, Obama sold us out, people were sleeping, not awake yet as to exactly what the net neutrality really meant. So, welcome to censorship America!

[VIDEO] Germany Approves Bill To Fine Social Media Millions Over Hate Speech, Fake News 

German Civil War, Might Soon Be Approaching, Unless Big Changes Made 

June 30, 2017


With the German elections approaching soon, if the German people do not get to vote on a referendum concerning the EU and borders, there most likely will be a civil war in their country?


They are starting to censor what Germans are privy to, in the way of information in regards to their political election, etc… they must fear they are losing their monopoly on manipulating their citizens minds. Articles that do not pass German inspection are deemed fake news, they don’t want any public manipulation in their news sources. Where have we heard this before?


Germans feel the immigration/refugee situation is spiraling out of control. What are their options to protect their families? According to en.em.wikipedia.org, using guns for self defense in Germany is restricted, unlike the USA. A firearms ownership license is not usually given for self defense, its deemed not an excuse for obtaining a license. So, they are limited to the types of guns like flare guns, stun guns, non-lethal gas pistols, pepper spray that can be carried by the German citizen. These types of guns are not going to protect their families.
Emily Haber, State Secretary for Interior  Ministry is well aware of how the Germans view accepting overwhelming numbers of migrants from the Middle East. She states: “…it will trigger fears and concerns, we’ll have to address them, and the first step in addressing them is reducing the numbers, we’ll not do it alone, we’ll do it along with other European partners.” But, are they reducing the number of Middle East refugees?

It seems that Germans are in tune with their western ally, USA, criminal migrants are causing a negative impact on their welcoming from the Middle East. They are no longer welcome in Germany or anywhere else if they can’t assimilate.

The EU is in a crisis, as one night in Cologne proves the welcoming was destroyed as migrants committed heinous acts of rape among German women. Backlash, of course ensued for migrant asylum seekers. The German people are not going to stand by while Merkel makes up her mind, what she will do to curtail this type of criminal behavior. This is the first view we get as to what the German people will not let happen in their country. They will fight for their women, as they did already.

Some Muslims sent a letter to Angela Merkel after these attacks on German women, denouncing these sexual attacks on the German women. I don’t recall Islamists here in America denouncing any of their brutal attacks.

Excerpt from telegraph.co.uk: The letter:

Dear Chancellor Merkel

We are asylum seekers in Germany who have fled from war, terror, political persecution and sexual attacks (such as from Isil). Many of us have been through very dangerous experiences. We are pleased to have finally found shelter in Germany and are very thankful to the German people and its government.

In light of this we were appalled by what happened on NYE in Cologne and other towns nearby. We abhor the sexual assaults and petty thefts which took place and we denounce them.

We hold human dignity in as high regard as anyone else, be they man or woman. We also forbid any form of petty theft or burglary.

According to VertigoPolitix in a [VIDEO], the EU police distance themselves from areas that are ripe with civil unrest due to the migrant influx, thus Sharia Law is put into place.

In Sweden their are around 50 no go zones, which police will not dare cross. As reported by VertigoPolitix; “Sweden has closed its doors to undocumented migrants, but it’s to late, the “virus” has been allowed in and is becoming stronger.” This will happen in Germany unless Merkel fights for her people, instead of turning a blind eye towards it.

In Sweden as reported by VertigoPolitix, the migrant population heavily outweighs the number of police and military. Sweden is definitely in trouble!

Protesters in Germany are treated as neo-Nazi’s, referred to as bigots, racists, sound familiar? It is reported that the Syrian refugees from war torn areas contribute zero to the German economy,  or for that matter any EU economy. They receive welfare, free healthcare, and are now asking for free dental care. How long will it be before the Germans say that’s enough! With their news being censored, maybe they don’t have access to the whole truth.

The German government is pushing for the big birth boom from these migrants, eventually changing Germany and all of the European population landscape.

Germany has deported 20,914 migrants as of 2016, according to BBC.com, 37,220 left voluntarily.

According to international law under the UN, countries are not allowed to send migrants back to war torn areas for fear of persecution in some way. So, where do these migrants go when they are deported or leave of their own cognition? Probably another EU state, as there is no list of what countries are safe to return migrants to. This is a no win situation! Plus, add the ones that were deported and either refused in one way or another to be deported, and got away with it, as they were given direction by pro-free movement groups…how to defy deportation. So, the above numbers could be a skewed a bit.

FEBRUARY 14 – Every Year Threaten To Assault German Women Quora👇

It seems that the German politicians can’t make up their minds whether or not they like this influx of refugees. Police admit that threats posted on-line by Muslims are real, but the police have not received clear instructions on how to handle these threats! This is clear evidence Merkel is still on the fence, can’t make up her mind. Their moto definitely is not Germany First. No sovereignty there!

Why should Americans be concerned about the migrant crisis in Europe? Because, it’s that much closer to us, World War III! So, when the civil war starts in Germany, I say when, because it’s inevitable, the civil unrest will reverberate to neighboring countries and eventually the US will be brought into it.

Since the election of 2016, our USA sovereignty is being fought for by a President who thinks about America First. Germany’s problems continue as they are protesting overwhelming migration, they could lose their sovereignty altogether, since they are no longer a fully sovereign nation. It seems they have given up a lot already with no end in sight, since the Chancellor will not change her mind on accepting so many refugees. Angela Merkel, not the German people, are for an open door policy. Germany’s aggressiveness has always been the start of both world wars and it will cause a civil war if she refuses to listen to the German people.

Merkel has been warned that the people should be given a referendum, leaving or staying in the EU. The people should be allowed to vote if they want border reform. I can tell you right now this will be a very big problem, she will never leave the EU and she won’t close her borders. The German people will not stand for no referendum.

Remember when Marine Le Pen said you vote for me or for Angela Merkel? Basically the aggressive Angela will rule everything, it’s about control with her. Again, she will be the next Chancellor who will lead Germany into civil war and possibly World War III. Thankfully President Trump sees what is going on, he’s no follower, but a true leader.

Germany has many Islamist enclaves (no go zones) which are just a training ground for jihadists.

Excerpt from gatestoneinstitute.org:



According to a Polish journalist, originally Poland was to take in 7,000 refugees, but with the election Civic Platform committing to even this small number of refugees, they lost. Poland has a similar refugee problem like France. When the refugees realized that they would only be getting a small amount (80 Euros benefits per month) in payments, they chose to leave. Mind you, they were all Christian Muslims living with Christian families, the journalist said they all ran off to Germany one night. The journalist is reminded that Merkel said this a European problem which must be worked out with all European nations. The journalist answered, no, this will not work out for us in Poland since redistribution of the refugees takes approximately one year to redistribute 400 people, how long then do you need for 4,000? She states; I do understand you expect solidarity. But, she continues, the problem is that the Polish have the feeling that Germany is not in solidarity with them on many issues, such as the pipe line. She stated that Merkel invited the refugees, and suddenly there is a problem. And now other European members are forced to bear the problem too. She reiterates that there is no temporary solution.

So there you have it, not all EU members agree with Angela Merkel on the position of accepting more refugees. If Merkel keeps on pushing she may find herself in a very precarious position with other member of the EU as well as at home.

Watch “Open Gates” video, it will blow your mind! http://www.vdare.com/posts/with-open-gates-powerful-video-of-the-invasion-of-europe

Germany Is Returning To Fascist Dictatorship Under Angela Merkel, They Need A Major Change In Leadership

June 25, 2017

Image courtesy of Express.Co.UK

For months we have watched the fall of Germany, France, England. But, what is very disturbing, people are trying to leave Germany in droves. This is no joke, here is the info, spread the news! Angela Merkel is pulling a Hitler Regime approach!

This information is copied from the Gatestone Institute: by Soeren Kern
More than 1.5 million Germans, many of them highly educated, left Germany during the past decade. — Die Welt.
Germany is facing a spike in migrant crime, including an epidemic of rapes and sexual assaults. Mass migration is also accelerating the Islamization of Germany. Many Germans appear to be losing hope about the future direction of their country.
“We refugees… do not want to live in the same country with you. You can, and I think you should, leave Germany. And please take Saxony and the Alternative for Germany (AfD) with you…. Why do you not go to another country? We are sick of you!” — Aras Bacho an 18-year-old Syrian migrant, in Der Freitag, October 2016.

Recently there was a person on Twitter hoping that Trump would see his note, he is one of the people that is trying to leave his native born country, Germany.

Germany, it seems has stepped up censoring on Twitter, most likely other social media as well. They are not allowed to complain about immigration of radical Islamists.

When President Trump visited with Angela Merkel and other top diplomats of foreign countries to discuss the Climate Change Accord last month you could see the coldness emanating from Merkel. President Trump does not agree with her on several topics like immigration, Climate Change.

Contrary to what MSM pushes, I am sure after reading information from Gatestone Institute, most Germans don’t agree with her policies on immigration/migration.

Germany does have a Constitution which is repeatedly violated when they force German people out of their homes to enable refugees/asylum seekers to live there. 

Excerpt from Gatestone Institute:

What they tried to perpetuate on their German citizens is outrageous and grievously wrong. It seems that the refugees mean more to Merkel than her own German people. If mass immigration is allowed to continue in Germany, your looking at a major change in the landscape of true Germans by the year 2025. Merkel knows this change will come about, this is what she wants, even if it means war.

Excerpt from pastebin.com:

According to Breitbart and Associated Press, because of Merkel’s stance on asylum seekers, nearly half of the Germans are looking to replace Merkel in the 2017 election on September, 24th.
I hope 🤞 the German people get a more sensible Chancellor that is sympathetic and more compassionate to the German people’s rights.