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The Elites Meet To Assess Damage Done To The Deep State – Bilderberg Secret Meeting

The Elites Meet To Assess Damage Done To The Deep State – Bilderberg Secret Meeting

June 2, 2017

These Bilderberg secret meetings are held by invitation only, at least once a year since May of 1954. The first meeting was held at the Hotel de Bilderberg in the Netherlands. This year it is being held at the Westfields Marriott in Chantilly, Virginia, very close to the Whitehouse.

There is a Chatham House Rule which means that participants are allowed to talk about the meeting without giving sources of who said what. This process they believe opens up dialogue with the participants without backlash.

Interesting to note that CERN’s Gianoti, Fabiola, (ITA) Director General will be attending the Bilderberg Meeting. 

As reported by earthchanges.ning.com, CERN is the largest machine ever built which produces a magnetic field 100,000 times more powerful than the earth. There have been reports from CERNS Director for Research, and scientific computing, Sergio Bertolucci’s references to interdimentional doorways at a recent press conference, when he said “Out Of this door might come something, or we may send something through it.” Now that’s scary, to say the least. I hope we are able to learn what he had to say at the Bilderberg Meeting. The part about something could come through it? That’s scary! At the bottom I have linked a very important article about CERN.

Last year the top subject at the Bilderberg meeting was the 2016 election and refugees. 

This year, I am sure they will be discussing:

1. Trump’s dismantling of their New World Order, starting with their Climate Accord Agreement, which Trump refused to sign until a renegotiation could possibly be reached. 

2. They will discuss the dropping out of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). 

3. Since the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), has hit a snag with our President’s America First stance, they fear it may be scrapped, you can believe they will be talking about this. As it stands right now until Britain leaves the European Union (EU), it cannot reopen talks for a new trade deal. But, Informal talks can be ongoing until then.

4. Can Trump slow down the globalization that they are trying to establish. What they can do to put a road block out there to stop him.

5. How Brexit will effect the EU

6. Why is populism growing? They are literally scared about this one.

7. Nuclear proliferation 


They are elites who are very influential with their ties of wealth, they are out to change the world 🌎 They consist of Bankers, Politicians, Tech Titans…..majority of effective people on the planet.

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