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The White Hats Are In Full Control | Cabal Being Dethroned

March 20, 2018

From top to bottom the Cabal pyramid is collapsing, corruption is being reigned in world wide. We watched it begin November, 2017 in Saudi Arabia with the arrests/detentions of political and business elites. After months in detention where 200 were kept in detention at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Riyadh, many were released in January, 2018 upon reaching large payment settlements. Some who did not pay a settlement will stand trial.

Those of us who have been following the QAnon posts where Dr. Jerome Corsi worked with the 8Chan moderators to help decode Q’s posts have watched over a series of months the fall of the Cabal (Deep State).

The Anons have carefully followed the news to coincide with Q’s posts and it is paying off in a big way. We have seen many politicians resign all of a sudden. We have watched pedophile and sex trafficking rings be rounded up worldwide.

We have witnessed top FBI bosses Andrew McCabe , James Comey and Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson be terminated. We watched, starting in 2017 several Congress and Senate members either step down, retire, or not seek re-election. It seems to be proof that the swamp is being drained and law and order once again has meaning.

Dethroning the Cabal seems to be a coordinated event, in my opinion, between Saudi Arabia and the United States. President Trump has met with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia many times since becoming President of the United States, most recently on March 20, 2018.

We are not always privy to what is discussed in the meetings with the Crown Prince, but I feel that there will be peace in the Middle East soon as evidenced in a tweet posted from @drsAlsadoun in which he states: “President Trump, with King Salman and Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, may be able to establish peace in the world and in our Arab region in particular. There is great optimism.”

It is most interesting that comments posted on Twitter from Saudi Arabia seems to coincide with some of what QAnon has posted on 8Chan. The morning of March 19, 2018 there were particular tweets that peaked my interest. Upon translating them I found correlations between what Q has been telling us through his crumb drops, seemingly mirroring what was in these tweets. To me this is definitive proof that Q is not a lark. We are living in a great time that will mark a great turning point in history. God willing, PEACE! For if we can completely rid ourselves of the warmongering Deep State the world will have a much better chance achieving peace and prosperity among men.

You can follow the particular thread I am referring to on Twitter from @drSAlsadoun starting with his tweet here where he is talking about Saudi Arabia’s relationship with our President and how important our relationships are:

“1. When we talk about President Trump, because he became an important part of America’s security and the security of the Arabian Gulf countries for his love of friendship and the exchange of economic interests and peace so we care about him, because any defect in America will be reflected in the world, we are lovers of world peace. Tourism, exchange of interests and enjoyment of life accordance”….

Our POTUS Needs A Psychiatric Check Up?

Our POTUS Needs A Psychiatric Check Up?

January 10, 2017

With the great progress our nation is making in as little as a year, we still have the haters of our President. Why would so many still be crying foul over these great accomplishments? It’s very simple, the leftist liberals could not make the final change to a totalitarian New World Order, similar to what occurred in Russia and China that many years ago.

Recently a psychiatrist who teaches at Yale who goes by the name of Bandy Lee has made her platform known by questioning our President’s mental health. This isn’t the first time in history where psychiatry was used as a political weapon. Psychiatry Today reports that a study by Jonathan Davidson which looked at our first 37 Presidents and at the conclusion of this study it was surmised that 24% of our earlier Presidents met the clinical diagnosis for depression or anxiety disorders, these included Thomas Jefferson, Ulysses S Grant, Coolidge and Woodrow Wilson. Lyndon Johnson and Theodore Roosevelt showed signs of bi-polar disorder, according to this study. Also, we must note that the aforementioned Presidents were among our greatest Presidents in history.

What is considered normal or abnormal in psychiatry? First we need to establish that the psychiatric field is not a science, therefore they are not considered a medical field.There are no rules that are essentially written in stone, the board makes up their clinical diagnoses, as they literally vote on what they believe to be normal or not. Sometimes these fabrications are literally bordering on the criminal.

Most people do not realize that many of the mind control experiments (MKUltra) were applied at upscale universities like Yale, Harvard, Cornell, John Hopkins and Stanford after World War 11. There was a mad dash for German physicians, scientists after the war. Who would get them first? Russia or the USA? This is where it gets interesting! If an unfriendly faction within the United States government could somehow mold the mind of a soon to be, fully groomed Manchurian Candidate for President, their dreams of a fully controlled government would come to fruition. This wasn’t just a made up movie, this was a reality being exercised on unsuspecting individuals by our own Central Intelligence Agency.

Knowing the devious side of psychiatry, it only fits the mold in questioning a Presidents mental health when it is so obvious that the psychiatrist in question is definitely using it for political purposes. There needs to be a line drawn somewhere to stop the use of psychiatry as a political weapon.

In the below video, G Edward Griffin describes in detail how the field of psychiatry can be used as a political weapon.

Mr. Griffin mentions MICA Reports which were to be used as a strategic report to basically round up people who don’t believe in globalization, open borders, One World Government, New World Order, anything that does not meet the governments criteria for their norm. People are labeled as anarchists, racists, terrorists…as he says, this is not freedom if you let them get away with this behavior.

Dr. Thomas Szasz, CCHR Co-Founder explains what the field of psychiatry has become in the last 60 years in this next video. He makes a very good argument.


By Senator Dianne Feinstein releasing the Fusion GPS interview papers to the public, she may have committed a crime. At first she said she was pressured to release the transcript, then she walked back her original statement.

You can add up all the problems that the Deep State is creating, not a day goes by where they just can’t let the President govern, he has to deal with this nonsense.

Senator Dianne Feinstein took it upon herself to release a transcript of an interview with Fusion GPS Co-Founder, Glenn Simpson. Never mind that the former MI16 spy, Christopher Steele was to be dragged into a criminal investigation because of “providing false statements” about his sharing of information from the Dossier with media outlets. There is a Top Secret memo that relates to Steele having communications with several media outlets.

It has recently been reported by dailycaller.com, Washington; Senator Feinstein released the Fusion GPS transcripts because the Fusion GPS lawyers asked her to. Remember, she never consulted with the Senate Judiciary Committee before releasing these transcripts.

Feinstein statement: “We were written to by the lawyers of the company asking that it be released, and the reason, of course, is because it has been used by rumor and innuendo and falsity so much that the time came for people to see exactly what was said,” Feinstein said.

Not only has the Fusion GPS document been debunked, it seems to me that it actually has no foundation on which to build a case. If there were witnesses to testify to this document, to late now, they already have rehearsed what to say. I believe this so called evidence should now, since it has been compromised, be thrown out in its entirety!

Chris Farrell who is Director of Investigations and Research for Judicial Watch brings up an interesting thought in his VIDEO, where he refers to the supposed death that occurred as a result of this Fusion GPS document. When Simpson is questioned about checking sources for this document, Simpson refuses to answer this line of questioning. Why would he refuse? But, his attorney Mr. Levy interjects that someone has died? Without any evidence that anyone died! In other words…just accept what this honest piece of work (Fusion GPS) is telling us! Something is very wrong with this! As I have said before, there is no foundation for this document and it should not be accepted as any type of evidence.

INTERVIEW OF GLEN SIMPSON, Tuesday August 22, 2017, Washington, D.C.

UPDATE: President Trump had a complete medical exam, as reported by Reuters. The exam took three hours, and was performed at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. White House doctor Ronny Jackson said went “exceptionally well.” As far as his cognitive test score, New York Times reports what Dr. Ronny L Jackson says about President Trump’s cognitive health: “I’ve found no reason whatsoever to think the president has any issues whatsoever with his thought processes,”

False Flag Christmas Day? INFO

False Flag Christmas Day? INFO

November 30, 2017

I usually don’t report on events I cannot vet, but this for some reason has me worried and I think we might want to be aware that this information could be true. Don’t expect to hear it in the MSM, we know that will never happen. Just be aware of things around you, report anything you see that seems strange.

A certain gentleman reports that he has remote viewing capabilities. We know these types of people have on occasion been used by our US military. So, I cannot completely discount what this gentlemen is trying to relay to the public.

The operation he is talking about he refers to as “Operation Christmas.” What day it will take place, we assume Christmas Day.

He has contacted the military about what he saw during this remote viewing. I would assume that our military are checking this out.

His viewing starts out with a type of “Blue Beam” that people will assume North Korea is firing missiles at the USA heading to the west coast. FYI, Blue Beam is suppose to be types of holograms that are supposedly used by our own CIA, NASA. His specifics are Los Angeles (2 areas) and San Francisco (1area). In all actuality it won’t be North Korea firing any missiles at all….in his remote viewing he sees three black duffle bags hidden in the Los Angeles aquatics and in San Francisco fault lines. They will be set to go off with a nuclear blast. If this is true, this definitely would start a war if that is what the Deep State is/was planning.

He has alerted the military about this which seems like they are taking it seriously since he says there are many outside his home protecting him today. He was told by the military to get this out to the people. This kind of bothers me since I know under normal circumstances they wouldn’t want the public to know anything about this. They would just handle the situation, unless they are trying to flush out the people who are trying to carry this out. Maybe waiting for them to remove or relocate the bombs.

Anyway, since I know remote viewing is real, maybe this should be made public to stop it from happening. I still am wrestling with whether or not I should report on this, but something is telling me that I should.

You can listen, linked to the VIDEO HERE


I don’t know much about Max Steel, but I did find a VIDEO made in 2014 where he is being interviewed on Steven D Kelly’s Revolution radio. The following was in the description box of the video:

As with everything that is put on YouTube, or anywhere else on the web, you will have to draw your own conclusions. Many people do not believe in extraterrestrial beings and that is definitely understandable. This information is for your own discernment.

Who are the “Wizards and Warlocks?”

Who are the “Wizards and Warlocks?”

November 26, 2017

Q Anonymous who seems to be on (8ch.net now) refers to the Wizards and Warlocks several times in his/hers postings on 4chan. That had me wondering exactly who they were?

We know that the CIA was founded after World War II. The Office of Strategic Services (OSS) was the wartime predecessor to the CIA. We know that the Roman Catholic Church has always had an influence on the United States government policy.

When the end came to World War II, did it ever actually end? Well, the actual physical warring may have ended, but the takeover of other countries never did. So, the answer is NO, the Nazis’s lived on in other countries that they absconded to, with the help of the USA and its intelligence services.

Where does Charlie Sheen fit into all of this?

During a radio interview between Charlie Sheen and Alex Jones, Sheen claimed “Guys, it’s right there in the thing, duh! We work for the Pope, we murder people. We’re Vatican assassins. How complicated can it be? What they’re not ready for is guys like you and I and Nails and all the other gnarly gnarlingtons in my life, that we are high priests, Vatican assassin warlocks. Boom. Print that, people. See where that goes.”

Most people thought that Charlie was crazy when he did that interview, nope he was telling it like it is….they are the WARLOCKS!

This brings us to what is Opus Dei? Is Charlie Sheen a member? He could be since we know his father Martin was a devout Roman Catholic.

Opus Dei’s members are secretive, they are not made up of priests, bishops and the like. They serve the Pope in anyway the Pope directs them. Their purpose is to take over the USA.

Robert Hanssen the spy who was caught spying for Russia was an Opus Dei member. Many infiltrators of Washington’s political power including the White House were members of Opus Dei, ongoing since the Reagan Administration.

Dr. Stephen Mumford says “The CIA serves as an agency through which secret “assistance” to the Holy Mother [Roman Catholic] Church can be provided by secret American society members acting as her defenders…”Just remember that the Pope wants a New World Order, one religion!

At one time we did have a Catholic President who made it clear in his speech that he would not serve the Catholic Church in any of his decision making processes. President Kennedy’s speech is here>

The Wizards are the scientific intelligence in the CIA!

I know this all sounds crazy, but just remember Orwell once said “Who controls the past, controls the future; who controls the present, controls the past.”

Many people say that they are so glad Hillary Clinton was not elected as President. She would have been nothing but an extension to Obama! The Obama Administration performed many nefarious activities behind the scenes, from gun running to the enemy, to paying a $400 million, so called ransom to Iran to get the political prisoners back, and many more activities to push the New World Order that the Vatican backs. But, the most telling event of bad actors was when a conference took place where Benjamin Netanyahu (a Free Mason) made a rather strange comment to Barack Obama, “Americans know that Israel and the United States share common values Iran’s leaders know that, too. For them you are the Great Satan and we are the Little Satan. For them we are you and you are us. And on this last point, Mr. President, I think that they are right. We are you. And you are us.” Very telling, don’t you think so? By the way most people thought he was joking. Remember the Illuminati (Free Masons) always telegraphs their next move. The Jesuit’s control the Illuminati.Since we have so many holdovers from the Obama Administration….President Trump has his job cut out for him….draining the swamp, cleaning up the CIA.

I will update as needed….

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Did Marines Land At CIA In Langley?

Did Marines Land At CIA In Langley?

November 20, 2017

As I reported in a comment I made on George Webb’s YouTube channel on November 18, 2017, where I stated that the Marines were protecting our President. I didn’t go into more information as I was waiting for confirmation myself about things that I was reading/hearing that seemed to be unfolding….

Five hours later April LaJune came out on her YouTube channel claiming that it was confirmed, Marines had landed at Langley. She didn’t name her source, but I am sure it was Hal Turner. I sure would like to know how she found out.

Anyway, first let’s be clear, we don’t know why the Marines were there and exactly how many marines deplaned. We have different sources to check, all of them have different ideas as to what actually occurred at Langley on Saturday. Hal Turner’s intel seemed to be more in-depth, but we will explore different sources. In the end you will have to come to your own conclusion as to what actually happened. Possibly in the days ahead more information will come out.

For those of you who don’t know who Hal Turner is, I will just briefly say that he did work for the FBI at one time. Most ex-intelligence officers still have ties to investigators throughout their lives. So, I would listen to them when they give you a heads up. Don’t discount what they are trying to tell you.

Another great source is Ex-CIA intelligence officer Robert David Steele who was recently on YouTube channel Victurus Libertas VL, where he was talking about the Trump coup that was taking place. Infowars has also talked about the coup as well as Steve Pieczenik, who guest stars on the War Room. Another ex-Intelligence officer to follow would be William Binney who was the whistleblower on the CIA, exposing the spying on Americans illegally as well as other unsavory tactics that were used.

Now, everyone is just assuming that the Marine landing at Langley had to do with the coup turning into a counter coup. We don’t know this as fact! What they were actually doing at the CIA is most likely classified. As Hal Turner has said recently in his blog….he doesn’t know why, or actually how many….just that it was abnormal for them to be there.

Now, whether or not President Trump sent those Marines there….One thing we do know is that the US military is suppose to be under civilian control, meaning the President of the USA controls our Military. Those of you that believe they are strictly under military commander control, just be advised…if that were so, then it would be a military dictatorship! Any officer who does not follow the command of the President of the USA is committing treason and would be brought up on treasonous charges, especially during times of war. One example being the termination of General MacArthur’s command during World War II. President Truman was lenient with this decision.

Another good intelligence to follow would be Benjamin Fulford. He is stating that the Marines invading the CIA at Langley was a coup to take down Operation Mockingbird which is run by the CIA, his source comes from the NSA. He likens this to the mass media mind control propaganda Americans were being fed through internet, Google, Facebook, etc….as Infowars for the last couple of days has been talking about how Google is getting worse with their mind control by pushing fact check sites on desktop web browsers every time Infowars is searched for or mentioned.

There has been an update on Hal Turner Radio Show where he clears up any misunderstandings/misconceptions about his reporting on the Marines landing at Langley. I would recommend you visiting his site which I have linked. Just keep in mind their are witnesses that live nearby that heard the Marine helicopters which went on for 30 minutes. Whether they actually landed or not is another matter…..

Another good source is Simon Parkes who has talked about a tweet by our President which referenced Alice & Wonderland, he claims the tweet was taken down just as quick as it went up.

With that all said, let’s not forget that President Trump has made the opioid addiction problem in the USA a main priority to get rid of the drugs that are coming into this country. We know that the CIA has looked the other way about the opium production in Afghanistan in previous administrations. Why would they do this? Simple, they have something to do with that production, just my opinion. But, when trying to put the puzzle pieces together and knowing that the US Military is now bombing drug labs in Afghanistan, as reported by the Washington Post, these strikes started on November 19, maybe, just maybe the Marines were sending a message to the CIA in Langley. Read More > ICC prosecutor seeks probe into war crimes allegations against U.S. military, CIA in Afghanistan


Normally if there is some type of insurrection within the US government the National Guard would be the branch that the President would most likely use, not the Marines. Here is why I say this, number one, they have been used before in situations of insurrection, within the USA. Number two, the Marines are not suppose to be used on domestic soil because of the Posse Comitatus Act. The intent of this act which was passed in the nineteenth century was used to prevent the military forces of the U.S. from becoming a national police force or guardia civil. Accordingly, the act prohibits the use of the military to “execute the laws. This is why I tend to believe some reports that say the Marines never landed.

In this situation I think that these intelligence sources were definitely gaslighted. Remember Q anonymous said we may get information that is disinformation and we should expect that.

This brings us to the conclusion of this report. Like I have said before, the President was duly elected, he is our President. We may believe the “QAnon” postings on 4chan, and others don’t believe. All I know is that our President is in control, surrounded with the best military he could possibly have at his command to protect American citizens, for this I sleep well at night, and so should you. God Bless our President, Military and the USA!

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New Info Will Become Public – Codes

October 11, 2017

Remember when President Trump said, “the Calm before the storm?” “You will see.”

That was just one simplistic message, as there will be others to Americans, he will eventually drop other small messages along the way, then he will finally divulge the truth to the public which will shock the world, finally drawing back the curtains and exposing the Deep State.

It’s coming…..watch….wait……LISTEN! and pray for our President…for his safety!🙏🏻

In the President’s speech that I call “The Calm Before The Storm” there is a hidden message within his words. Don’t believe me? The CIA has been using reverse speech for years under the Stargate Project. Unbeknownst to the silly mainstream news monstrosity, the message was right there in plain site. If you play a recording backwards of President Trump’s speech you will hear, Hillary Clinton and California, meaning they will be dealt with! LISTEN HERE>

Harvey Weinstein was just the small fish, many more will fall, Hollywood will take a big hit, but don’t expect Hillary Clinton to ever serve time in prison for #pizzagate, that will never happen. However, she will be taken down for many other crimes, it’s drawing near an end for her and many others. This is confirmed!

Remember during the counting of the ballots during the Presidential election when it looked like Hillary was going to win? That long drawn out pause….before finally you saw the real numbers coming up on the screen for President Trump? We told you before the flag officers stopped the stealing of the election!

Well, the flag officers are getting involved with the censoring that google is doing! You will never hear that in the MSM.

The charger that was in Steven Paddocks room was not meant for a cell phone. Nope! It was meant to charge a very thin battery, much like a CP502520 3.OV 600 mAh LiMn02 non-rechargeable thin cell battery used by the US Special Forces and CIA. This is information neither the Sheriff or FBI would tell us.

When reading the following excerpt, keep in mind that President Kennedy tried to expose the secret societies by telling the press, we all know that was the wrong approach since he was assassinated right after! President Trump knows this and will not make the same mistake. 

He will start by giving the public access to Investigation reports of President Kennedy. This will show with proof there is a Deep State, like dominos, they will fall…their lies will be exposed all the way through 9/11/2001 to present Deep State false flags.

This excerpt comes from an anonymous posting (MegaAnon Leaks)


“ The MSM and public will only be given a few hours of notice on the day 

   of each series of Presidential addresses and will NOT be given details 

   or talking points, in advance. POTUS will choose a VERY select group of 

   WH media correspondents to attend live, which BTW, is standard protocol 

   for presidential addresses.”


   They will not be afforded the opportunity to tee up presser/subject 

   related questions, which is done on purpose. Gives media no chance to 

   build the public narrative or messaging in advance with a lot of 

   unfounded pre-address “speculation” and hypothesizing for hours, based 

   on a few pre-released talking point bones POTUS will usually throw in 

   advance. When these series of addresses have concluded, NO ONE will be 

   confused. He will be extremely clear and concise. He will leave no room 

   for false narratives. There will be no gray areas left to fill.”

“The goal is that when it’s all said and done, there will be no room for 

   question, when it comes to the people. He won’t have to disclose s***t 

   like 9/11, OKC, Vegas, Voter Fraud, Russia hacks or collusion, 

   elections rigging, etc. specifically. When he’s done, it will be a 

   literal “mic drop” on the world’s stage and you will no one ever again, 

   will have the ability to question who’s responsible for, involved 

   coordinating, etc. ANYTHING that has ever happened and been considered 

   a “conspiracy theory”, ever again. When he’s done, the entire world 

   will just KNOW IT ALL. It really is THAT all-encompassing. Like Trump 

   says, “you’ll see”. It just has to happen. We cannot be derailed. Ever 



  “[from another poster: Can you give us any indication on timing of when”

   “these disclosures will occur? Within days? Weeks? Months? Years?]”


“Soon, but I won’t pin myself to anything more than that because I 

   literally can’t. 2.5 weeks ago, I’d have said within 72 hours about 

   this if I didn’t know better. You’d then, would’ve called me a larp, 

   and rightfully so, no?! I would’ve been wrong thanks to what we now 

   call, a “Vegas attack”. 8 weeks ago, I would’ve said it would happen 

   within the week, with 100% certainty. I’d have bet my entire career on 

   it and doxxed myself to prove my credibility… but alas, I’ve drudged 

   through this “swamp” long enough to know that “timeframes” mean 

   nothing. Scheduled dates on a POTUS’s calendar mean nothing. Literally 

   ever. It is a full on hourly, daily, weekly race to the finish… truth 

   or corruption wins -whoever gets there first.”


   “So, instead of trying to pidgeon-hold me by asking me “WHEN”, I ask you 

   to realize that your most important should be, “WHY NOT ALREADY” and 

   your biggest concern should be “WHAT HAPPENS, BETWEEN NOW AND WHEN”.

“MegaAnon here. Trump went hard in his presser today so I’m going to 

   drop a few HUGE BREADCRUMBS, but it’s the first time I’ve really felt I 

   need to tread lightly with info… so please, for f***s sake friends, pay 

   attention to EVERY word I’m TYPING. 1. Internal reports floating around 

   that Kelly’s phone was stolen/hacked “a few days ago”. 2. Remember, 

   Kelly is a general and usually, “early reports” of s**t like 

   hacks/thefts are used as scapegoats to recall back to, when they later 

   need to try and say that someone couldn’t have said that, made that 

   phone call, emailed that person, etc. their “device had been 

   hacked/stolen”, therefore compromised evidence. 3. You had a good dude 

   tee you up about a “VIP”/”general” being escorted to Mandalay, also “a 

   few days ago”. Soon you’ll see airport arrival times of high level 

   officials seamlessly align with “suspicious activity” and claims of 

   “shots fired” reported at the airport. Like Trump says, “you’ll see”.

  4. Same good dude also told you a much larger scaled attack was the 

   initial intent, but was thwarted/averted. Would’ve “killed thousands”. 

   Trump tweeted it was a “miracle” using condescending quotes. The 

   miracle was their plan to kill thousands more, was thwarted. “Miracle” 

   was a f*** you to McCabe. 5. Trump then confirmed in statement last 

   night, he still has “no clue” if the shooter was connected to ISIS. 

   F*** you to Pompeo/Tillerson. 

   6. Tonight, he publicly confirms what candidly, we’ve ALL been working 

   towards, for the last 11 months. Everyone always asks me what I “do”. 

   Well, there’s lot of us and EXACTLY what we do. We are going to show 

   you what WAS intended for Las Vegas, HOW EXTREME it was supposed to be, 

   WHO coordinated it and WHY THEY DID. Trump isn’t blowing a lid on Vegas 

   when referring to “the storm”. Trump’s promised “storm” will prove that 

   Vegas was supposed to be no different than 27 classified pages 

   outlining what really happened on 9/11. Vegas was ONLY to STOP TRUMP 


“Morning y’all, “MegaAnon” here. Just an FYI, after you all came up with 

   this nickname for me back in May or June, you had asked me to use it to 

   ID myself so you could cap my posts and keep them together. So I had 

   been doing that but last night after a series of posts I’d made over 

   the last couple of days prior, I had tried to post under the name to ID 

   my posts and I got a notification from 4Chan that the “MegaAnon” name 

   was banned and though I could still post, I couldn’t use that name to 

   identify with my threads. It literally wouldn’t let me post if 

   “MegaAnon” was in the “Name” field of the comment box. So… I posted a 

   few comments last night (pic related) and if anyone cares, I’ll just 

   identify myself by saying I’m MegaAnon first, before I proceed with my 

   comment, in a thread. Stick with me though, I’m going to tell you 

   exactly what I know and I’ve been on the ground, have accessed the 

   suspects room, etc. I came home from Vegas Wednesday afternoon but I 

   got back tonight for another 4-day stint.”

   “1. You need to know that as of last Monday (mid-morning), the DC FBI 

   was officially approved to assume federal jurisdiction over the Vegas 

   investigation, via federal petition. Important to note that in the SAME 

   appeal, they not only circumvented the LVMPD, but they also ousted 

   their own NV FBI field office (this is A RARE MOVE, based on what 

   limited and again, very loose documented intel they presented to 

   support their appeal). At time of appeal, they informally presented 

   undisclosed intel (usually this means this intel was NOT obtained or 

   aggregated by US-based intel agencies. That’s important because it lets 

   them keep the source of the info confidential for “active investigation 

   purposes”, therefore remains completely unsourced and substantiated) 

   indicating the suspect had “terror related ties”.

“2. Hours after jurisdiction was approved and officially transferred, 

   the name of the suspect was released – Steve C. Paddock and 

   unironically less than 2 hours after that, ISIS took public 

   responsibility for the attack, claiming that Paddock had “converted to 

   Islam months ago” and that he was theirs.


   Ask yourselves this… in which attacks over the last four years, has 

   ISIS ever “waited” to publicly claim “responsibility” for? Answer: ALL 



   they can claim it’s terror related and assemble a sh**ty, loosely 

   substantiated appeal documentation, proving “terror”, it goes federal. 

   Remember that.”


   “Why does ISIS wait for FBI jurisdiction in these scenarios? So they can 

   “confirm” and “release” an FBI NAMED SUSPECT, while teeing up their 

   public statement, to confirm “affiliations”, based on ZERO EVIDENCE and

   SUPPORT. Simply put, they wait for the agency to tell them who their 

   newest convert is.”

  “3. If this looks like a complete cluster f*** between LVMPD and agency, 

   then ding, ding! You’re right… IT IS! Why?! For the slow in the back, 

   let me simplify… mass and scale. As much as the digital world benefits 

   these goons, they’ve also realized exactly how much it hinders them. 

   You no longer need the MSM, a few press conferences or the 

   “authorities” to air, broadcast, publicize information and reports. You 

   only need access to the internet. Know what’s ultimately responsible 

   for the 9/11 botch as opposed to other agency coordinated attacks?! 

   Internet access. The mass ability of we, the people, to access 

   exorbident information in real time, download, upload, archive and 

   store that info then, DISTRIBUTE ON OUR OWN.”


   “Example: Take all of those initial witness accounts and live interviews 

   of people within the first 6 hours of 9/11. They reported additional 

   explosions on random floors, flashes of lights, conflicting reports of 

   what they were being told by first responders in terms of 

   events/secured evacuation routes, unrelated fires on unimpacted floors, 

   etc., remember that? Remember the live CNN interview on WTC 7 

   collapsing, aired an hour and 23 minutes before it actually did?! See, 

   the MSM thought that by internally deleting the footage and never 

   re-airing or commenting on it publicly again, they were saved. They 

   underestimated the capability of the average person, to download, 

   privately store, re-upload and mass distribute, INFORMATION once it’s 

   hit the internet.”

“That’s where we are today! (((THEY))) can’t keep up with us. As 

   technology, availability and accessibility to everything from the 

   internet, mass info distribution platforms like social media, video 

   streaming applications, public board forums like 4Chan, etc. these 

   people LITERALLY have been floundering in their desperate attempts to 

   keep up. Over the last 2 decades, they’ve realized they CANNOT “dot 

   every single i” or “cross every single t”. 

“for the better part of the last 20 years, they’ve scrambled to 

   recruit search engines like Google, service providers like Verizon, 

   Comcast, Time Warner, etc., social media sites like Facebook and 

   Twitter and streaming sites like YouTube, to assist them in their 

   efforts. Hence you now see massive corruption via SEO skewing and info 

   scrubbing, edited metadata tags, buried search engine results based on 

   those tags, the complete erasure, blockage and shadow banning of social 

   media and upload/streaming accounts, etc. all done in a coordinated 

   effort to try and beat the public to the punch by proactively removing 

   information they can identify upfront that is, will or may be, a 

   problem For them in the future, while stifling your ability to find, 

   research, locate, download/upload, store and disseminate information.”


   Since there are millions of people with the ability and accessibility 

   to literally “debunk” ANYTHING they state, confirm, report, claim, 

   visually show, etc. they are clammoring over themselves in an effort to 

   keep their “stories” straight.


   “I can 100% CONFIRM that LVMPD absolutely KNOWS that in the end, they 

   are being set up to fail. They will take the fall for anything 

   misreported, misinterpreted, misinformed, incorrect, mishandled, etc. 

   They are being forced to look like the front man though EVERYONE 

   INTERNAL KNOWS that they are just running monitored and directed 

   talking points they are being given. They are being forced into a 

   “position of authority” that candidly, they HAVEN’T LEGALLY HELD 

   JURISDICTION OVER, SINCE MONDAY. See how quick they jumped to to 

   “publicly confirm” that they were opening an investigation into the 

   “first leaked photos of the hotel room and dead suspect”?!? THE LVMPD 

   WAS FORCED TO EAT THE FBI’S S**T because the credibility of the FBI 

   after the clusterf**Ks known as “Russia”, Comey, etc. can’t afford the 

   implication that those photos were leaked under THEIR AUTHORITY… so the 

   LVMPD publicly ate their f*** up…”

  “…because once a local authority or an agency confirms they are running 

   an investigation, it means that legally, whatever crime they are 

   assuming the responsibility of investigating, falls under their 

   jurisdiction. LVMPD really just wants to tell you all that they haven’t 

   collected, tagged, cleared or logged, A SINGLE PIECE OF F***ing 



   TAKEOVER. If agency had to publicly confirm the date/time of their 

   jurisdiction takeover, then EVERYONE would know the LVMPD shouldn’t 

   even be making statements the FBI’s investigation AND they’d know ANY 

   REPORTED SLIP UPS, like “LEAKED SCENE PHOTOS” were done under agency 

   authority, NOT LVMPD. The “storm” Trump’s refered to isn’t Vegas 

   itself. I confirm 100% that a MUCH larger event was planned/thwarted by 

   (((them))), but was done to DIVERT TRUMP AWAY FROM 

   declassifying/releasing “the storm” (a series of classified info that 

   admin will disclose publicly on 3 different but HUGE, socially 

   controversial topics. (((They’ve))) already delayed this TWICE. I’m not 

   saying they f*** with the weather – think what you will BUT, they DID 

   exploit the hurricanes/devastation to their advantage, by wrapping him 

   in so much red tape re: resource distro/allocation, services/duty 

   assembly/deployment, etc. Hence the “storm” reference was a “f*** you” 

   to McCabe, Kelly, Tillerson, Pompeo, McCain, Ryan, McConnell, Pelosi, 

   Schumer, etc. Anyone question timing of San Juan Mayor’s emboldened 

   comments, days before Vegas?! Done to get the PUBLIC focused on 

   Trump/admin. and accused “inaction” in Puerto Rico. While the MSM 

   distracted concerned public/Trump, it kept in him check as they geared 

   up for Vegas. It’s a “miracle” it didn’t work.”


   [from another poster: Thanks, anyway you can give insight on the 3 



 “I could but I won’t and as a courtesy, here’s why… I have never come on 

   here to post bulls**t. I don’t hypothesize theories or possibilities… I 

   post only what I know to be true. It’s why I won’t pidgeon-hold myself 

   by providing very narrow, specific dates or timeframes (like “tomorrow” 

   or “next week”, even when I’m 95% confirmed. If I post on here with the 

   intent of you taking me at face value, I have to build my credibility 

   and that’s only done through prolonged consistency and correctness on 

   valuable info. I’m never trying to be vague, though sometimes I have to 

   be, depending on the topic. I only post on here (hence is why I’m not 

   very good with tripcodes, sifting through archives, archiving or 

   capping s**t myself, etc.) to drop paths of info that connect dots 

   you’re either missing or ignoring, that in reality, are the most 

   important to focus on. Anyone being TOO specific, is f***ing lying to 

   you. No one at our level with everything to lose, would blow their 

   entire load on 4Chan. I promise you, no one actually involved, would 

   risk exposure. Hence, “blackwater Anon”. Notice he was specific, yet 

   just vague enough? He’s one of “your guys”. WHAnon?! Sadly he’s the 

   biggest long con LARP, I’ve seen on here in a while… it actually 

   disappoints me how much attention and credit you’ve given him.”

  “ I will confirm that the 3 disclosures have been discussed and vetted 

   thoroughly, for the last several months, here. Ok, fine… and while 

   “pizza” is on the menu, it’s not one of the 3 pending releases. Not in 

   the way you want it to be. It will be discussed and Hollywood 

   specifically will take a MASSIVE HIT in the very near future. Harvey 

   was the first lowhanging takedown so just imagine how high-level this 

   will go. But I assure you, while Hillary, the Clinton campaign/staff, 

   Obama admin, establishment (both parties) and DNC as related to 

   election fraud, etc. will eventually fall for epic crimes, you’ll never 

   see Hillary in an orange jumpsuit, for actual pizza.”











What Should We Do About North Korea?

September 7, 2017

Since North Korea’s continued aggression will not cease, what options do we have?

North Korea is getting dangerously close to building a nuclear ICBM capable of hitting anywhere within the USA. You can bet that once they get rolling, their going to start producing them in mass since they have the capability. What are our options while trying to avoid a catastrophe?

People have thrown out the idea of a political assassination of Kim Jong Un. This would be an option if we had him in our sights. Anytime he appears in public, he is surrounded by his military. He rarely appears in public, most likely because he is paranoid and fears assassination. He has murdered many that were close to him fearing they were not showing allegiance to him, this shows his paranoia.

It has been noted that most of the people who might be inclined to kill Kim and who live in North Korea are either in custody, under surveillance or are dead. So, that’s not going to happen.

Our USA intelligence community has a very difficult time getting intelligence of his whereabouts, therefore we are unable to pin him down. So, this most likely is not an option for us.

There are some people that are hanging onto a hope that North Korea is so fragile, it may collapse soon. This has been discussed by a North Korean watcher Victor Cha “The Impossible State.” Well, we are running out of time!

The CIA has programs that induce heart attack with a radio frequency weapon, invisible tiny people  (Philadelphia Experiment), used for surveillance purposes, which was exposed by former Taiwan President Chiang Kai-Shek. All these technologies are useless if we can’t pin him down.

There are definitely a lot of cons as to why we should not assassinate him. It’s not clear who would be his successor, since he assassinated most of the people who would have come to power in case of his death. Also, his assassination would cement the Koreans point of view that the USA is a meddling, imperialist giant. That makes us look really bad!

We definitely know that Kim Jong Un has no dialogue with the USA, even if he did, would he listen? He seems hell bent on developing a nuclear arsenal and he can’t be trusted with that nuclear power, period. Even Vladimir Putin says North Korea would rather eat grass than suspend its nuclear weapons program.

Over the next few years if we let North Korea progress, I believe Kim Jong Un will sell those nuclear warheads and technology to other countries like Iran. Now, not only do we have to deal with North Korea, but Iran would definitely have nuclear missiles.

What better way to have someone do your dirty work. If the terrorists are able to get into the USA by way of, say…..a sleeper cell in Customs, they could use a miniature version of a nuclear bomb to terrorize the USA.

I am sure we have sleeper cells here in the USA, just look at the damage that was done in Congress from the Awan’s. I believe we are being attacked from within through computer technology as well as terrorist sleeper cells, waiting in the wings to do the unthinkable like poisoning our food.


We do know who helped Kim to further his nuclear missile program. Most likely they are not protected individuals. Without his trusted scientists who have helped him gain nuclear power, he’s incapable of mass producing these weapons.

According to Fox News, the scientist, Kim Jong Sik who was pictured with Kim Jong Un has apparently been hand picked by Kim to help him further his nuclear weapons program after successfully launching a Unha-3 rocket in 2012.

Reuters also reports that there are two other men that are helping to progress their nuclear capabilities, Ri Pyong Chol and Jong Chang Ha.

Would it be wise for the CIA or Military to possibly consider assassinating the three cohorts of Kim Jong Un? 

Since there’s a small population of aeronautics in North Korea, they cannot replace the three men that quickly. It would slow them down considerably.


Matthew Galat wakes up in the morning to an emergency 🚨 announcement on his phone 📱 Hokkaido, Japan [VIDEO HERE] The loud speaker was telling the Japanese to seek shelter. Can you imagine living through this? Not knowing, when? Where?

As reported by Fox News, on Tuesday, September 19, 2017, President Trump will be meeting with the UN Security Council in New York in the morning to discuss North Korea and possibly to talk about the UN Security Council members who are not enforcing the sanctions, such as supposed back room deals made between North Korea and China. A North Korean Foreign Minister will be there, you have to wonder what his statement will be after these discussions.

Fox News also brings up the 30% reduction in oil due to the sanctions and how hard it is to see if China is sticking to the sanctions. If the oil was traveling by trucks we could see how much oil was being supplied. But, there’s “a friendship pipeline” that runs between China and North Korea, so it is hard to assess how much oil is being supplied.

I really don’t know the answer to the continuing dilemma of North Korea. They may be just posturing so that the USA will give in on certain sanctions. Then again, they may want to be the little country that brings the USA down with an EMP. Either way, we better do something!
What do you think? 

Source for poisoning of Western Nations supermarket food:

Mrs Doubtfire Goes Rogue, Subliminal Message 

August 26, 2017

Mrs. Doubtfire who is hired as a housekeeper for Miranda’s three children, in an attempt to stay with his kids, is played by well known comedian Robin Williams. It is a very funny and sometimes sad movie 🎥 with a good twist at the end. 

In this movie there is one scene which most people never catch as a “spilling of the beans” moment by Robin Williams. You will ask yourself, was this in the script or was it an add lib moment for Robin? Was he trying to tell us something?

At the beginning when Mrs. Doubtfire starts watching the children, she is in the kitchen, most likely preparing something for the children, she walks into the TV room and sees the children watching a program. Doubtfire turns off the TV and turns to the children and tells them it’s time to do their homework. The oldest child, Liddy argues with Doubtfire and keeps turning the TV back on by remote. Finally Mrs. Doubtfire has had enough and walks over to Liddy and grabs the remote, throwing it into a fish tank. What she says during this scene is what most people do not catch. “The only thing you will be watching from now on is deep sea NN.” If you are careful and read between the lines she’s telling the children “the only thing you will be watching from now on is DEEP CNN.” Yup, even subliminal messages are in this movie 🎥 

I have watched this movie many times and never caught the subliminal message about CNN until today.

Clip from Mrs. Doubtfire: subliminal message

Of course we know that the Deep State does exist. It is a shadow government working within the USA to bring down the republic, transitioning our country into an oligarchy. Shadow control is achieved by placing key agents in all of the institutions that are to be controlled. What better place to place these agents than a main stream media source like CNN. 

Propaganda could easily be placed and spread to the masses, dumbing them down into complacency. Thus, major changes here and eventually abroad. Another significant way to accomplish this task would be to bring in very large numbers of drugs for the masses and filling their pockets/coffers with lots and lots of money to accomplish this change.

We know Anderson Cooper, an anchor for CNN trained for a career with the CIA. The biggest surprise to swallow is the fact he kept it a secret for many years. Why? Agent?

CIA, DEA AND THE MILITARY have  been involved with illegal drug trafficking for years. Don’t look so surprised! Currently the USA is experiencing a very high opioids epidemic. President Trump has declared it a national emergency. 

The opioids were most likely coming from countries like Afghanistan, especially after the USA invaded and occupied that country in 2001. Opioid production had soared from 185 tons in 2000 to 3,400 tons in 2002. 

According to mintpressnews.com, under President Trump our US troops are guarding these poppy fields in Afghanistan to counter their narcotic programs. Big question is; will this help the CIA to possibly export more opioids into the USA?

People need to wake up to the fact their kids are being brainwashed by movies, TV programs, schools, and the likes, including (drugs) in order to get them conditioned to receive the Deep State.

As for me, I am watching and will keep reporting, exposing the Deep State and their subliminal messages.

Twenty Million Americans Were Illegally Spyed On By NSA, Intelligence Agencies – Profiling, Kill Lists…

Twenty Million Americans Were Illegally Spyed On By NSA, Intelligence Agencies – Profiling, Kill Lists…

June 7, 2017

As reported by Bill Still of the Still Report, nearly 20 million Americans were illegally spyed upon by NSA. A good, honest Intel Contractor, turned NSA whistleblower, Dennis Montgomery is suing James Comey, FBI, CIA and other intelligence agencies and current directors. 

Montgomery now has been granted immunity by a federal judge, and is turning over 47 hard drives and 600 million pages of documents, as proof to help bring down the deep state. Sara Carter from Circa News said the Intel Contractor likened the documents to 30 miles high of stacked documents😳

Under the articles of Impeachment for Obama, the spying of Americans actually amounted to 300 million Americans. It is disclosed toward the end of the video.

As a Intel Contractor, Montgomery was able to break through firewalls. Sara Carter, who appeared on Hannity’s Fox News says that people who were unmasked had their bank accounts, their records, homes, emails, telephone conversations…all unmasked.

Originally Montgomery tried to get immunity through the FBI. But, the FBI decided not to move forward with the case. This is bigger than Watergate! Why am I not surprised that the FBI decided not to move forward? Because they were a very big part of this travesty of warrantless injustice! This summer is going to be a very enlightening one, thoroughly exposing the Obama Administration’s unethical behavior, thus bringing the deep state to its knees!

This case has been assigned to Judge Richard Leon a very respected Washington, D.C. judge. He is the original judge who said American’s privacy was violated.

Stay updated, follow both Circa News and Bill Still. Watch the below video all the way through to hear Sara on Hannity’s Fox News report.

This all started with the Bush Administration. William Binney who worked for NSA for 32 years was the first whistleblower to expose surveillance on Americans. Did you know that there were kill lists? 

Excerpt from civic.mit.edu 

Lawsuit – James Comey being sued by Freedom Watch and Dennis Montgomery and his counsel Larry Klayman for illegal surveillance and cover-up, dated June 6, 2017: http://www.freedomwatchusa.org/james-comey-fbi-and-others-sued-by-whistleblower-dennis-mo

Looks like Some Heads Are Going To Roll… (FISA Court)

June 2, 2017

The House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday issued subpoenas for the CIA, FBI, NSA. This in an effort to find out who leaked top secret documents to reporters of the New York Times and Washington Post, in order to damage President Trump.

This all comes on the heels of the DOJ obtaining a warrant from the FISA Court. They will most likely not go after the reporters, they are looking for the leaker.

According to the New York Post:

Some in the administration are focusing on a retired, high-ranking military officer who held important posts in the intelligence service, according to the source.

The possibly high-ranking leaker was getting some of his information from people inside the White House who were holdovers from the Obama administration, the source said.

Those White House leakers — said to be three people — have either already been fired or will soon be, the source claims.

And these cases, I’m told, have been turned over to the Justice Department for possible prosecution.

Former CIA Director and also a former NSA Director, Michael Hayden, who is a deep state operative, working under the Bush and Obama Administration. He is also a retired 4 star U.S. Airforce General. This is most likely the guy who was the leaker. With FISA court documents uncovering that Hayden was allowed by Obama to spy on Americans, in violations of our Constitution. Yeah, its most likely him!

Michael Hayden was interviewed by CNN in the alleged “Russian Back Channel,” set up by our President’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Hayden told CNN; “This is off the map, I know of no other experience like this in our history, and certainly not within my life experience.” I guess he forgot that President Kennedy set up a back channel during the Cuban Missile Crisis! What about President Obama setting up a back channel with the Iranians to further diplomatic negotiations that would eventually become known as the Iran Nuclear Deal.

According to the hill.comThis revelation coming to the forefront sparked partisan infighting on the House floor which could of derailed the House’s investigation permanently. Rep Mike Conway (Rep-TX) has taken over the probe in Nunes place, and the fracas has largely died down since.”


Wow, what a revelation! This saga is a continuing battle that will show that there was no collusion with the Russians. But, plenty of evidence by the deep state to try and keep Trump from ever getting into office.

Obama’s CIA Director Michael Hayden Said Ready To Flee To Ireland As FBI Closes In https://youtu.be/E4MOgoVpHEE



President Trump, One Very Smart Individual, No Doubt, A Genius Strategist!

May 28, 2017

President Trump has a very high IQ, one that can change the political landscape for the good. He is able to think out of the box, in an effort to move the United States to the top once again, make no mistake about it.

The leftists (Deep State) have tried to discredit, misalign, devalue our President. Most of the people in U.S. see his full potential to serve our country to its fullest, Making America Great Again (MAGA). The Deep State is scared to death, knowing he has so much backing from the American people. In their efforts during the campaign, messing around with polling numbers, became a failed early coup attempt, again and again, a failed attempt, which they are still trying to accomplish to this day with the fake Russian narrative.

We will not sit still, nor be quiet, we will not let the Deep State silence us! President Kennedy did not have the chance to MAGA, he died trying to keep the Deep State from taking over. President Kennedy was getting ready to dismantle the CIA before he was assassinated. So, what does this tell us about the CIA? They are a big part of the Deep State.

President Trump definitely wants to reform the CIA, another genius tactic, draining that deep state swamp. With the resignation of James Clapper, signaling disassembling of the ODNI, Mike Pompeo wants peace among nations. The Deep State under Clapper would of been War every four years. The Democrats anti-war policy drastically changed in 2016 with the running candidate of Hillary Clinton. She made it very clear when she talked about “regime change,” as evidenced by her sponsored secretive Arab Spring Program that destabilized the Middle East. The Arab Spring and the eventual rise of terrorism in the Middle East caused the humanitarian crisis that is still ongoing today.

During his first Middle East tour starting in Saudia Arabia, which was another genius move, he pushed for peace, starting with the ending of terrorism from all terrorist groups. This is just the start of what he visualizes for the world. The idea that war helps economic growth maybe in part true, for a short time, while providing more jobs for building bombs, artillery…but the long term effects on the military families are inconceivable, without warrant, not to mention the cost of helping to rebuild those countries that were destroyed.

President Trump’s genius budget cuts (cut the bloat), defies what textbooks say could happen. His plan, if approved would divert an economic fiscal calamity, thus providing middle class families with a continued prosperity. That’s genius!

Many geniuses of their time were thought to be moronic, crazy, including Albert Einstein. But, as science, political science analysis have proven the naysayers wrong. History will prove President Trump saved America from ruination because he could think outside the box.

From the very first he knew how to sway lifetime Democrats over to our side, bringing terrorism, jobs, economy to the forefront. Never seen before, massive rallies where he never forgot the previous (forgotten citizens), mainly the poor and the shrinking middle class. By talking about the realities of where the U.S. was heading under a continued foreign policy of the Obama regime…the changes he wanted to see in regards to ending terrorism, illegal aliens, Americans First policy, building up our military as a force seen, not to be reckoned with. This was all genius! He was able to think outside the box, which Hillary Clinton could never do.

Remember when Trump said “he” wouldn’t prosecute Hillary Clinton? You have to pay attention to all that he says, he has never been one to not follow through with what he has promised. He won’t prosecute her, it’s not his job, it’s the Department of Justices job to prosecute. Once again, a very well planned strategic move on his part! He knew from very early on that if he publically claimed he would have her prosecuted, most likely Obama would of pardoned her on his way out.

Early on in 2012, after Mitt Romney’s loss, Trump courted conservative and evangical leaders, donating to their causes, attending their events, hosting them at his properties. He was getting ready to run for President. Trump had the ability all along to stay on top, each punch he took during the campaign, he rallied, overcame his adversaries. He is a genius strategist!

Sad that Hillary Clinton is a failed candidate (2012, 2016) because, simply put, she never learned from past mistakes, she just kept on repeating them – that’s not genius! She never had a good strategy, or an honest campaign.

President Trump has been quoted as saying “We all know that chess is a game of strategy. So is business. Think Like a Champion.” This is what makes him a chief strategist and a winner! He knows how to strategize and win, that’s genius!

If Trump had not been turned down from serving in the military because of bone spurs on his heels, he most likely would of made a great contribution to the U.S., since he is a great strategist.

Read more about Trump’s “Fathomless Federation.” He is a winner, always has been, always will be. This overcoming of the deep state has taken him years to learn, he is ready to finish taking down the deep state…..