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Public Translation, Packed With Information

April 9, 2018

Tweets on Twitter are hard to follow when you don’t have the translation laid out in front of you. I had a request to translate a tweet thread of @drSAlsadoun’s. I am posting the translation here in my blog for all who likewise are interested in what he has to communicate in English speaking communities.

The thread was a long one and very informative. It is of the utmost importance that we understand where and when ISIS, also known as ISIL was formed. He explains all of this to us in this thread, and much, much more.

I will link his first tweet of the thread if you care to retweet, like and follow him. I would recommend following him since his tweets are enlightening and informative. Here we go…

TRANSLATION OF @drSAlsadoun’s TWEET DATED 4/8/2018

-1. In this series, ISIL will talk about its thinking, its orientations, who supports it?

When was it founded? And what are their objectives?

ISIS abbreviation for the name of the Islamic State which is the product of a deep thought of the communist Obama and followed by Hillary Clinton and the creator of the Zionist Dennis Ross who was appointed by Hillary and Obama first in 2009 responsible for the management of the Gulf file

-2. The main objective of Dennis Ross was when the dossier was received with full powers by Obama and Hillary is the overthrow of the monarchy in the Gulf.

and help Iran to cooperate with Turkey, America and the west to restore the clock of history until 600 days before the time of the domination of the Arabs by the Byzantine and Persian Arab states.

-3. All of them were: Obama…


Dennis Ross…



Ali Larijani.

They make a team at one table wanting to eat from the Arab table, but the Arabian cake is so delicious that each one of them wants the greatest amount and share of the cake..

They met and they thought the Arabs were moaning, and they brought knives to cut it.

-4. The general agreement between the Ambassador of Iran and the representative of Khamenei in Iraq, Dennis Ross, the representative of Obama, Hillary and the World Zionist, who are holding talks in Baghdad in the sponsorship of the Iraqi government occupied by Iran, was as follows: a) to restore the clock of history to 600 m.

b) Formulation of a general, specific and precise agreement on the projection

-5. Arab regimes and the establishment of the Turkish and Iranian occupation in the Arab countries;

Erdogan and Turkey are heir to the Byzantine state, so that Turkey will occupy all the property that was under the colonization of Byzantium in the year 600.

Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Hijaz from Saudi Arabia, Tabuk, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Sudan, Algeria, Tangier

-6. Tanger and his sepah from Morocco, so that Morocco will have a special status under the administrative administration of France and hand over power to the Nonselmin brothers.

But will not be subject to Turkey.

It was agreed that the broad Arab region to be occupied by Turkey would be named “The Islamic Crescent”, which noted the Islamic political crescent led by Erdogan and the Brotherhood.

-7. It is not the crescent of Muslims, we are Muslims and they are Muslim, we are peaceful and we love peace and Islamists love Terror, murder, blood, adultery, rape, and the marriage of jihad.

We have agreed to call it what will happen under the colonization of Iranian terrorism by the Islamic Shiite crescent of the Arab race.

It includes Iraq, Kuwait and east

-8- Eastern Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and the UAE to Yemen, with a special status for the state of Oman that is similar to that of Morocco, is not subject to the overthrow of the government. Omani but Oman signs a colonial treaty in its lower limits so that the Omani army is under the orders of Khamenei and the Omani geography becomes a conduit for the movement of soldiers

And the weapon to Yemen for a war

-9. The Saudi War of the South as its war after the occupation of Bahrain from the east is as fancy.

As well as three Iranian bases in Ethiopia, Eritrea and the Sudan.

Qatar, Hamad bin Jassem, is here to introduce a unified Arab emirate after isolating the Emir of Qatar, which includes the Arabian Gulf Coast, east, west and north, as its president.

-10. Who ruined the entire plan and introduced it into the death of Sheikh al-Sharthi, Hasan Nasr al-Lat, when he suggested to Khamenei that Lebanon not leave Turkey, and that it is possible to establish two Hilal Shiites from the north to the south (Tehran-Baghdad-Sana’a) and from east to west (Tehran-Baghdad-Damascus-Beirut) and here the Western talks are divided of Iran to

-11. To the two sections of the department, in the absurd talks between Larijani Iran (and 5 + 1) and a section between the Iranian ambassador in Baghdad and Dennis Ross, they are talking about the secret protocol to the nuclear agreement.

Which is being unleashed by Iran in the Arab countries for its occupation.

Dalal Khamenei and the Iranian ambassador in Baghdad were good luck for the Arabs

-12. Iran has opened up its appetite to the fullest extent of Iranian colonization of the Middle East 3,000 years ago.

The talks were delayed from 2009 to 2014, when Obama and Hillary underwent all Iran’s conditions.

The nuclear agreement was signed and Iran’s fractional lives with pride and arrogance as a habit of the Persians when they get cocky.

-13. Turkey was like a beggar at the nations table waiting for Britain, France and America to be received by the Arab countries one after another to steal the Arab money as they stole it over 500 years ago.

Erdogan, therefore, was humiliated about his psychological illness with frequent speeches, reviews and threats here and there.

-14. Before we proceed to the establishment of ISIL, we must talk about the background of the terms of the nuclear agreement to its secret protocol.

Obama: A man of hypocrite horizons.. From August Shia and the family of the brothers. He claimed to embrace Christianity as a kaafir, a hardcore Communist atheist who does not believe in the existence of a hypocritical machine that ostensibly reverses everything he believes in.

His father’s background +

-15. The background of his Shiite father made him envious of Saudi Arabia wanting to divide it.

And the background of the Kenyan brothers made him want to drop them more.

* Hillary Clinton: Not ruled out with a TV presenter who claimed she was not human and was transformed into a parking garage in Los Angeles.

And whether she’s joking or serious, she’s in any way a demon.

-16. She came to Saudi Arabia to contrive with the mother of her secretary, Homa Abdeen, an Indian resident of Saudi Arabia, and a group of women involved in the conspiracy. Homa Abdeen and her mother were Saleh Abdeen, who claimed that they were Saudi and Saudi Arabia rejected them because they were not Saudis at all.

Hillary was working to overthrow the +

-17. The Saudi Arabian government and the Gulf states through two ways: a) Dennis Ross talks with the Iranian embassy in Baghdad.

b) through clandestine shuttle visits to Iran.

Even God wanted to scandal her with those shuttle visits when she and Obama were declaring war declarations against Iran, while the best American pilot at the base of many was expensive +

-18. Under the command of a plane carrying Hillary each time to Tehran from Qatar–many.

He appears to be in a state of frustration, as the statements criminalizing Iran do not prevent him from seeing with his own mother Hillary as he embraces the Iranians under his aircraft. On their last visit to Tehran more than a month before they left the office of the Foreign Ministry, the pilot decided to

-19. The special pilot has decided to commit suicide because he can no longer endure the political hypocrisy that he hears and sees.

He was flown in a ravine. Hillary or seven lives came out of the accident with a concussion.

The hospital was hospitalized and taken prior to Obama’s inauguration as president for his second term.

That she is harassing the Arabs specially and care about Iran and

-20. The Muslim Brotherhood that they espouse and support their revolutions.

* Dennis Ross = Netanyahu which means an infinite grudge against Arabs.

* Khamenei: A Persian believer in the Antichrist made a cut in the left-hand to paralyze her as a sacrificial offering. He is envious of Islam and Muslims hani that he is close to the world with his hatred for Arabs. Being a peaceful subject of Islam.

-21. Erdogan: From a Georgian Jewish family.

Of the Dommah Jews who migrated from Spain, who were persecuting them and formally handing over control of Turkey.

He entered the Hezb-i-Islami to destroy the Arabs and Islam, with the religion of Hassan al-Banna, a Moroccan Jew.

He is hostile to the Arabs and he is plotting to seize their countries and their riches.

-22. Ali Larijani of a magianizing family of political Islam, a book of 50 years since the Khomeini revolution and his hardcore racist brother the mother of the villages was called to occupy Saudi Arabia and destroy Mecca and Medina and to transfer hajj to Iran, and I think they now built their Kaaba to achieve a plan The Magusi Larijani.

-23. We come to the establishment of the Muslim Islamic State (ISIL), the enemy of Islam.

During the numerous dialogues between Dennis Ross and Iranian Ambassador Nuri al-Maliki, which belongs to the Jews of Bani Qarqa, who betrayed the messenger of Allah Muhammad and reversed the peace treaty with him.

There was the idea of establishing ISIL in the last two or three weeks of

-24. The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ahmadinejad Hani, was the leader of a Jewish terrorist who took part in the detention of the American hostages immediately two weeks before he left for the presidential palace to visit Baghdad and met with Maliki and agreed to establish the Islamic State where they chose an Iranian president Abu Bakr Baghdadi

-25. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, not current, and the plan required that an Iranian Revolutionary Guard faction invade Iraqi jails and hit their surroundings at the time when the intelligence officers are imprisoned between joining the twelve or the death of the attack, nine thousand Iraqi prisoners of all nationalities, especially the rule of joining the twelve

They were taken out of prison.

-26. ISIS has thus been established and has begun to actively discuss the objectives, role and policies of ISIL and its supporting states.

Here it became its main base in Hamedan.

It developed its attack on Mosul as its political capital, and replaced Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi with the last Israeli who is their current unlucky successor

-27. In order to understand the states supporting ISIL: a) Obama announced that the Islamic Caliphate was coming soon.

(b) Iran has placed its secret and military command of ISIL in Hamedan.

(c) Israel appointed the president of ISIL as a conscript from its Israeli citizens to become the successor of the Islamists.

Turkey has pledged to buy oil and the Arab al-Qaeda assistant to engage

-28. Joining Isil.

(d) America has undertaken training, funds and armament.

Iraq was granted facilities to seize oil wells and to grant them part of Iraqi territory, and to enable them to occupy military bases with their weapons holdings.

If the countries that care for Isil and contributed by the founding of America Abuama, Hilary and Dennis Ross, Iraq +

-29. Iraq: The days of Maliki, Iran-Ahmadinejad and later, with the great support of Khamenei and the great Iranian terrorist Qasim Soleimani.

-Turkey Erdogan.


Its objectives.

-Implementation of the confidential Protocol to the Nuclear agreement Convention (Iran and 5 + 1).

-Defamation of Islam to prevent the sane west from being considered a theory and a religion of pain

-30. The future is global after the fall of Socialism and Communism in 1990 and the Fall of capitalism theory after the economic meltdown of 2008 in that global crisis.

ISIL has to distort the high-quality theory of Islam into a quasi-savage and immoral ideology.

The occupation of the oil wells of Iraq and Syria to reduce the exchange support for regulation

-31. To alter the idea of the religion of compassion and peace that Muslims believe, to the religion of eating hearts, livers and beheading.

Of course, Muslims are forbidden to eat donkeys, pigs and other beasts.

His fate makes the fire of anyone who has killed a human being without any guilt or crime.

Here we go to religion Isil, to which religion follows?

-32. There are a lot of organizations that believe in cutting off the heads with the bulk: the Parthusian religion and the Persians had a fractional fun in the Arabs every day he gets arrested in Arabic, cut off his hands and then his legs while he laughs, and then they cut off his head. This is how the Persian leader killed more than 1,000 Arabs throughout his reign every day.

-33. Abu Musallam al-Kharwani also killed the time of the Abbasid Revolution 750 m more than 600,000 Arabs in genocide.

The French also killed one million and a half Algerian and, as is known, how the Spaniards did to Muslim Arabs from a great murder, many of them fled to Latin America and forgot that they were Arabs and that their ancestors were Arabs.

-34. It is certain who wants to know how Blackwater or the black waters that are considered to be remnants of the Crusades as the Knights of Malta and the Servants of the temple, must know the massacres carried out by the Crusaders at the time of their entry to Jerusalem in 1099 and how did Salah al-Din do with them when he recovered Jerusalem this is the difference between black water and the guard. For a revolutionary

-35. The rule is the product of an Iranian Baha’i and Jewish ideology by Hassan al-Banna.

It between the true Islam represented by the peaceful Muslims, the abdeen of God, and those who love peace with other peoples.

-36. The biggest fraud came from the international group supporting ISIL when they said that Isis thought and Wahhabi was Saudi.

Isil thought Iran’s ultra-Orthodox and Biblical Orthodox crusader of the Israeli Torah Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

One third of the ISIL black water forces between 15,000 and 20,000, according to a withdrawal, a new extended and an Iranian Revolutionary Guard

37. They are followed by the popular crowd and Shiite militias to the terrorist groups.

One third of the Arab Islamists and the security of all countries of Islam who are Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda.

There are no Saudis among them but the Muslim Brotherhood and their crime belongs to the brothers Party and not to Saudi Arabia.

So the Crown Prince Muhammad asked

-38. Mohammed bin Salman Al-Aboul who wants to blame Saudi Arabia and the prince said I dont know wahabism do you know the Wahhabi

You’re the anchor.

My loved ones go back to the Wahhabi historical Encyclopahabism is a band of outsiders just like the Muslim Brotherhood originated in Algiers in 1995H/815 founded by Abdelwahab Rastam.

-39. They noted the lie and falsification. Usually, Jesus was named after his Christian name, and Islam wrongly qualifies as a Mohammedan as a relative to the first name of the Messenger of God as is the name of Christ and we do not agree with these designations other than that we want to get to the truth the Abdulalhap rustle is Persian he wanted to fake Islam so he named his religion as Wahhabi The first was not

-40. The capital was not said.

Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahab had come up with a new religion or doctrine to say the mohammedism.

It is the first name of Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahab.

Why are they trying to falsify the truth?

They said Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahab is outside.

If they search for a band they found Wahhabism 900 years ago from Muhammad’s birth, they wanted to drop the name on him.

-41. The people make sure that the Saudis have been outside as the Wahhabi in Algeria for 1100 years.

Thus, the Saudis give in to their intellectual destruction, then criminalize them by media, then their war, and then politically overthrow them.

It’s a big conspiracy to look at the world. We the peaceful Saudis have become scapegoats for terrorism that we have fought for centuries.

What Happened To Stephen Hawking?

March 20, 2018

Remember when Hillary Clinton was talking about becoming President on a different planet (Earth 2)? People thought she was crazy, unless you are someone that believes in aliens and a parallel universe. Could it be that the elite were working on escaping corruption indictments and worse, knowing it was only a matter of time until indictments are handed down by Mueller and the DOJ? At this point I wouldn’t discount anything they would do!

Think about it, if you made a wrong decision in your life and there was a parallel universe you could go to that would let you relive that moment and change the outcome. It’s not that far fetched, as we know The CIA was experimenting on people, moving them forward or back in time right here on earth using Tesla based quantum physics (CERN).

In a recent article that Benjamin Fulford wrote called The world is about to find out just how horrific the Khazarian mafia’s crimes were. In drawing a conclusion from his article, that people who were possibly facing indictments were “trying to get off the plant” only to find that the CERN portal was destroyed. This was confirmed by his CIA source, saying: “The earth is on lockdown—no leaving and no entering.

Enter….Stephen Hawking…

Stephen Hawking was working on a research paper “A Smooth Exit From External Inflation,” according to space.com, which was submitted in revised form on March 4, 2018, he passed away on March 14, 2018. According to ABC News, his family did not disclose his cause of death in a statement but claimed he “died peacefully.” There have been no updates as far as I know about the cause of his death.

According to allnewspipeline.com, back in March of 2015 Hawking warned that the reactivation in March of CERN’s large hadron collider could pose grave dangers to our planet… So, could his death have been attributed to the shutdown of CERN and concerns of re-activating it, in effect leaving no way to get off the planet?

Excerpt from “By Live Free or Die – All News Pipeline”

This could be considered as conspiracy, but without questioning events that coincide we will never get to the truth.

Proof Russia Wanted Hillary Clinton to Win, Election Was Rigged

Proof Russia Wanted Hillary Clinton to Win, Election Was Rigged

November 27, 2017


All we heard after Donald Trump became President is Russia, Russia, Russia, they meddled in our election…some did meddle, but it’s not what you are thinking, read on…

Turns out some did help by meddling after all, along with help from the U.S. digital service which was unofficially linked to 18F, another digital initiative “helping” the Federal Election Commission (FEC). This system was allowed to be set up in our White House by none other than Barack Hussein Obama. The election rigging was helped along the way through Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Eric Schmidt and Google’s people. The U.S. Digital Service was run out of the White House by on-loan Google manager Mikey Dickerson.

Now we know since indictments were handed down by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, it had nothing to do with the Trump campaign or having been helped along by the Russians to ensure a win for Trump.

So, what happened that moment we were all glued to our televisions, holding our breaths for what seemed like hours….looking like Hillary was going to win…then everything stopped. No one could figure out what was the hold up. Well, our White Hats stepped in and stopped the rigged election for Hillary Clinton through a firewall shell.

During the primaries Project Veritas uncovered some very good footage of clear and blatant rigging. Bernie Sanders himself knew that their was some type of rigging going on, he complained about it.

What happened during election night? We had suspected that the election might be rigged months before based on what we were seeing in the primaries with Bernie Sanders. We figured out something wasn’t right, but it has never been made public until today. So much information has been gleaned from American Intelligence Media that it’s impossible to say it wasn’t rigged. Wow, are they ever going to need a bigger federal prison to hold all of these treasonous criminals. Maybe some of those sealed indictments have really big fish to fry!

Back in 2008 Alphabets Eric Schmidt wanted to be Obama’s Tech Chief , did that mean he would do anything to get Obama elected? Changing algorithms? Could be

Back in 2010 Hillary took the Eric Schmidt Plan which was brought to light later by Wikileaks emails. This plan was used in the 2008 election, but this time they would advance it, where he would take the DNC servers and the (NGP) VAN program and create an individualized program for every single voter, it didn’t matter if they were a Republican or Democrat. That’s messing with the algorithms!


aim4truth reports, Hillary’s internal email server revealed that Russians at Facebook and the State Department began working on a “template for winning elections” which was evidently being used to ensure Hillary’s victory.

Read a lot more here>

After you finish reading what the American Intelligence Media has to say you most likely will be flabbergasted, as I was. I never thought for a moment that Obama could stoop so low as to have Facebook be the man right smack dab in the middle of our elections! It’s not just this last election…..Bush should of never been President either, that was rigged and it doesn’t stop there, Obama’s election was rigged! What makes me sick is the knowing of all this and remembering Hillary was behind the recount, knowing full well she didn’t win honestly.

I did read intelligence reports sometime back about the White Hats stopping the rigging. This is the first time learning exactly how it was done.

Poor Bernie!

Poor Bernie!

November 17, 2017

We have all heard by now since Donna Brazile’s book “Hack” hit the bookshelves, we learned that Hillary Rodham Clinton controlled the DNC. She took it over way before the election campaign began and Donna promised to get to the bottom of whether Hillary Clinton’s team had rigged the nomination process, as a cache of emails stolen by Russian hackers and posted online had suggested.

I recommend you read this book, it details how the nomination was stolen from Bernie Sanders. On the other hand, it is my opinion that Donna is covering her own butt by writing this book when it comes to not owning up to information she had concerning the DNC.

I have never forgotten her being fired by CNN for sharing questions for CNN-sponsored candidate events in advance with friends of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. This shows devious intentions!

In my opinion, her book is a left leaning detail of events that she says left her scared to death of Russians. I would say more paranoid and nothing else.

The book “Hack” is available on iTunes for $14.99.

Now not only has she made herself paranoid, she has to worry about what the Clinton’s might do? I think by going public, if anything happens to Donna the direction of any investigation would lead right to the Clintons.

Hillary Clinton Is At It Again…

Hillary Clinton Is At It Again…

November 17, 2017

With the recent revelations that Hillary Clinton should be charged with pay to play since the Clinton Foundation received kickbacks or something more like treason, as far as I am concerned…when she sold 20% of US Uranium to Russia 🇷🇺…there seems to be enough evidence to connect Clinton through an FBI informant. Let that sink in!

As we get further into this recent turn of events, she may actually have to stand before a Grand Jury who is appointed by a Special Counsel to answer why? What was her motive? And so on…

Now her answer to a second Special Counselor being appointed is that it’s an “abuse of power.”

Hmmm, now why would she say this? If you look at everything Hillary has ever done in the political spectrum of things, from spinning an outcome she doesn’t like, she never fails to signal HER NEXT MOVE: With a planned vote in Congress to remove our President Trump, Hillary is jumping on the bandwagon with her claim of “abuse of power,” to try and take down our President, thereby using “malfeasance in office,” “or official misconduct.” *Note, A recall election cannot be used to remove a President, but her claims can add to his removal during a congressional vote. Believe me when I say they will use it to spin their web of deceit.

Excerpt from legaliq.com: Excerpt – Definition of “recall election law,” via definitions.uslegal.com: Strange that this removal from office is coming at a time that the Russia Mueller investigation pointed to the other side of the isle instead of Trump. When Paul Manafort’s and Rick Gate’s sealed indictments became public, and as far as we know none of the other campaign members for the Trump campaign had indictments, we quickly connected the Russian ties to the Podestas and Clintons who had ties with Paul Manafort. They all go way back.

With most of our congressional members being republican, I doubt that this will go anywhere. But, the Democrats will not go down without a fight. It will be interesting to follow where this goes. Seems like the Democrats always step into something, releasing more dirt on themselves, in essence it “backfires.”

When Hillary Clinton was asked by Mother Jones about a possible second Special Counsel being appointed, she replied; “I’m not concerned, because I know that there is no basis to it,” she said. “I regret if they do it because it will be such a disastrous step to politicizing the justice system. And at the end of the day, nothing will come of it, but it will, you know, cause a lot of terrible consequences that we might live with for a really long time.” What terrible CONSEQUENCES is she talking about?😳

No sooner did I write this article warning everyone what Hillary was up to…she does another interview with Mother Jones where she is still pushing the “Russia meddling in the election” narrative, even after a year! NO SHE WON’T GO QUIETLY BACK INTO THE WOODS! That’s not all of what she is claiming, she truly believes that “Russia ran a disinformation campaign about her.” Just wish she would tell us the truth, where are the bodies buried Hillary? She never mentions stealing the nomination from Bernie Sanders, the Russian Uranium Deal, or any other interesting little tidbits. No, she thinks she’s UNTOUCHABLE! Arrogant as she is, I don’t feel a bit sorry for her.

Getting back to my original article here, this is more proof she’s going after Trump and the election for the millionth time…Take notice, every time she’s in trouble, she will spin anything to get out of trouble, not this time Hillary, you will never be President! Our President is staying put! Trump is not Putin’s puppet, but Podesta, Brazile, that woman with all the frizzy hair, what’s her name? Oh, yeah Debbie Wasserman Schultz, just to name a few are her puppets. There are many more who are her puppets, pay to play works well for her.

No one talks about all the middle eastern countries that contributed to the Clinton Foundation, never mind that they abuse woman with sharia law, that doesn’t seem to matter to Hillary. She just kept her eye on that prize….the Presidency. The Clinton Foundation Charity money was used for Clinton’s own personal use and for her campaign!

I have said it before that our CIA and FBI are comprised and that is still true today. Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch even admits it and says it just might come to light. I believe it already has and she and the Obama Administration need to answer for their questionable deeds. We are not going to go away quietly!

Featured Image s.newsweek.com

Podesta’s Arrested? HOUSE OF CARDS♥️♦️FALLING♠️♣️

Podesta’s Arrested? HOUSE OF CARDS♥️♦️FALLING♠️♣️

November 8, 2017

On a 4chan/pol thread from anonymous in which he/or she has claimed that the Podesta’s would be indicted on November 3, 2017, we don’t have the ability to be able to clearly see whether or not this indictment has taken place since the rest of the indictments are still sealed. But, we may have some clues…

I know most of you have read where their were a number of Saudi Princes (11), government officials, royal billionaire, etc..all in all 38 others that were arrested earlier in the week. What you might not know is that new documents have just tied the Podesta Group to several of these Saudi Princes as recently as this year, as reported by OAN. These arrests were made because they were found to be operating above the law. By the way, where is Huma Abedine?

OAN reports that according to the DOJ, the Saudi’s filtered $140,000 per month to the Podesta Group last year alone. In a FARA registration statement $10,000 went to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign.

Let’s not forget that the Podesta Group are major donors to the Clinton Foundation. This ties into Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2016.

It is now being discovered that Robert Mueller was never hired as Special Prosecutor for Russian Collusion! Yup, you heard right. First of all there is no law against collusion, that was a spin by the MSM. Second, Robert Mueller was actually hired to investigate lobbyists having to do with Ukraine, as reported by a source familiar with the investigation. ZeroHedge reported about this lobbying in a post dated May 10, 2017, where lucrative fees were being paid to the Podesta Group for lobbying against Russian sanctions.

The Podesta’s also lobbyed for the Center for Studies and Media Affairs at the Royal Court in Riyadh. Back in 2015 the press tried to ask what exactly this foreign lobbying consisted of and they were quickly rebuffed and told to contact their clients. What were they hiding? Why couldn’t they answer the press’s questions?

Something Big is happening for sure, otherwise why are so many moderate republicans, also known as (liberal republicans) politicians not seeking re-election? Have they been told that if they do run again that they will go to jail?

A very interesting fact brought to light, during one of Q’s anonymous postings on 4chan makes you wonder if Q is not our President. Why do I say this? LOOK 👀 NOTICE THE +++ AFTER Q SIGNS OFF, then 7 minutes later our President tweets, SIGNING OFF WITH +++!If it’s not our President posting on 4Chan, maybe it is someone close to him.

This all is getting very interesting and I wouldn’t put it past our President to keep us up to date in anyway he possibly could without endangering the process which is moving along. He kept telling us he was going to drain the swamp. Why do you think he relies on his military as much as he does? He has surrounded himself with Generals he trusts.

Here is the link to posts by Q (1-10 waves) *NOTE: YOU HAVE TO SCROLL DOWN QUITE AWAYS ON 4CHAN POSTING TO SEE THE WAVES UPDATES “Q” ON 11/11/2017


50 More Sealed Indictments; These in Federal Court, Eastern Virginia We all know that the Clintons got their political start in Little Rock, Arkansas, right? Interesting to note that there are quite a few indictments from there. Where does Barack Obama hail from? That’s right, Chicago, Illinois….there are many sealed indictments from there also. Keep in mind, we were just told the other day that Barack showed up in Chicago for “Jury duty,” around the 7-8 November, if you can believe that. Maybe it was for something else quite different. You know how the MSM constantly covers for the Dems. Things are getting quite interesting, great time to be alive!

There seem to be a lot of cases for grand jury trials coming up soon, some of which were rioters during the 2016 Election Campaign. Finally they are being brought to justice and most likely these cases may extend into 2018 since there are so many.

An interesting point has come to light concerning medical boots that Hillary and John McCain are wearing. Hillary supposedly was reported as injuring her ankle or toe a little while ago. John McCain’s injury is said to be effects from an Achilles’ tendon tear, just recently. Well, we know Paul Manafort and Rick Gates who were indicted recently, their records were unsealed….are wearing electronic ankle bracelets. How coincidental that McCain and Clinton are wearing boots on the same exact same leg. Could they be wearing the ankle bracelets under the casts in order to hide them?

UPDATE: 11/17/2017, Hillary was seen and a video taken of her coming out of possibly a bookstore, not sure, but anyway…she still is wearing that medical boot…(screen grab) https://twitter.com/jackposobiec/status/931513004855832577

UPDATED PICTURE OF HILLARY CLINTON TAKEN AT A BOOK SIGNING IN PHILADELPHIA on 11/31/2017, still wearing something under her pant leg for a broken toe:

UPDATE 12/14/2017

Well, Hillary is still wearing that boot on her right leg, this was supposed to be for a broken toe which was back in October, very strange. She was at a book signing at Elliot Bay Book Company in Seattle in 12/12/2017 and she’s still wearing it. The video where she is getting out of her scooby van can be seen HERE> Screen grab from video:

It looks like another one is wearing one of those medical boots, Rep Jackie Speier, US Representative for California’s 14th Congressional District:

I have stated before in a previous post, I don’t think Mueller is an enemy of our United States or our President. I still believe this! To much evidence is coming to light to tie Clinton, Huma Abedine and the Podesta’s to some possible nefarious activities.

Birds of a feather flock together, follow the money!

Well, QAnon has told us that by the time the President came back from his Asian trip all would be under control, the death of the Clinton cabal would be accomplished. It looks like even Jeb Bush might be signaling something important:


If 4Chan Anonymous is being touted as a big joke, think of this…how did they know that something big was going to happen in Texas?

In the London attacks, they (4Chan) were bold enough to post coordinates before it actually happened. So, we have to admit, some posts must be from people that know enough….but don’t stop it! Why? Are there two types of factions that post? Good vs Evil?

Below is the proof anonymous posted before the London attacks, excerpt taken from the SOUTH AFRICAN article:

New Info Will Become Public – Codes

October 11, 2017

Remember when President Trump said, “the Calm before the storm?” “You will see.”

That was just one simplistic message, as there will be others to Americans, he will eventually drop other small messages along the way, then he will finally divulge the truth to the public which will shock the world, finally drawing back the curtains and exposing the Deep State.

It’s coming…..watch….wait……LISTEN! and pray for our President…for his safety!🙏🏻

In the President’s speech that I call “The Calm Before The Storm” there is a hidden message within his words. Don’t believe me? The CIA has been using reverse speech for years under the Stargate Project. Unbeknownst to the silly mainstream news monstrosity, the message was right there in plain site. If you play a recording backwards of President Trump’s speech you will hear, Hillary Clinton and California, meaning they will be dealt with! LISTEN HERE>

Harvey Weinstein was just the small fish, many more will fall, Hollywood will take a big hit, but don’t expect Hillary Clinton to ever serve time in prison for #pizzagate, that will never happen. However, she will be taken down for many other crimes, it’s drawing near an end for her and many others. This is confirmed!

Remember during the counting of the ballots during the Presidential election when it looked like Hillary was going to win? That long drawn out pause….before finally you saw the real numbers coming up on the screen for President Trump? We told you before the flag officers stopped the stealing of the election!

Well, the flag officers are getting involved with the censoring that google is doing! You will never hear that in the MSM.

The charger that was in Steven Paddocks room was not meant for a cell phone. Nope! It was meant to charge a very thin battery, much like a CP502520 3.OV 600 mAh LiMn02 non-rechargeable thin cell battery used by the US Special Forces and CIA. This is information neither the Sheriff or FBI would tell us.

When reading the following excerpt, keep in mind that President Kennedy tried to expose the secret societies by telling the press, we all know that was the wrong approach since he was assassinated right after! President Trump knows this and will not make the same mistake. 

He will start by giving the public access to Investigation reports of President Kennedy. This will show with proof there is a Deep State, like dominos, they will fall…their lies will be exposed all the way through 9/11/2001 to present Deep State false flags.

This excerpt comes from an anonymous posting (MegaAnon Leaks)


“ The MSM and public will only be given a few hours of notice on the day 

   of each series of Presidential addresses and will NOT be given details 

   or talking points, in advance. POTUS will choose a VERY select group of 

   WH media correspondents to attend live, which BTW, is standard protocol 

   for presidential addresses.”


   They will not be afforded the opportunity to tee up presser/subject 

   related questions, which is done on purpose. Gives media no chance to 

   build the public narrative or messaging in advance with a lot of 

   unfounded pre-address “speculation” and hypothesizing for hours, based 

   on a few pre-released talking point bones POTUS will usually throw in 

   advance. When these series of addresses have concluded, NO ONE will be 

   confused. He will be extremely clear and concise. He will leave no room 

   for false narratives. There will be no gray areas left to fill.”

“The goal is that when it’s all said and done, there will be no room for 

   question, when it comes to the people. He won’t have to disclose s***t 

   like 9/11, OKC, Vegas, Voter Fraud, Russia hacks or collusion, 

   elections rigging, etc. specifically. When he’s done, it will be a 

   literal “mic drop” on the world’s stage and you will no one ever again, 

   will have the ability to question who’s responsible for, involved 

   coordinating, etc. ANYTHING that has ever happened and been considered 

   a “conspiracy theory”, ever again. When he’s done, the entire world 

   will just KNOW IT ALL. It really is THAT all-encompassing. Like Trump 

   says, “you’ll see”. It just has to happen. We cannot be derailed. Ever 



  “[from another poster: Can you give us any indication on timing of when”

   “these disclosures will occur? Within days? Weeks? Months? Years?]”


“Soon, but I won’t pin myself to anything more than that because I 

   literally can’t. 2.5 weeks ago, I’d have said within 72 hours about 

   this if I didn’t know better. You’d then, would’ve called me a larp, 

   and rightfully so, no?! I would’ve been wrong thanks to what we now 

   call, a “Vegas attack”. 8 weeks ago, I would’ve said it would happen 

   within the week, with 100% certainty. I’d have bet my entire career on 

   it and doxxed myself to prove my credibility… but alas, I’ve drudged 

   through this “swamp” long enough to know that “timeframes” mean 

   nothing. Scheduled dates on a POTUS’s calendar mean nothing. Literally 

   ever. It is a full on hourly, daily, weekly race to the finish… truth 

   or corruption wins -whoever gets there first.”


   “So, instead of trying to pidgeon-hold me by asking me “WHEN”, I ask you 

   to realize that your most important should be, “WHY NOT ALREADY” and 

   your biggest concern should be “WHAT HAPPENS, BETWEEN NOW AND WHEN”.

“MegaAnon here. Trump went hard in his presser today so I’m going to 

   drop a few HUGE BREADCRUMBS, but it’s the first time I’ve really felt I 

   need to tread lightly with info… so please, for f***s sake friends, pay 

   attention to EVERY word I’m TYPING. 1. Internal reports floating around 

   that Kelly’s phone was stolen/hacked “a few days ago”. 2. Remember, 

   Kelly is a general and usually, “early reports” of s**t like 

   hacks/thefts are used as scapegoats to recall back to, when they later 

   need to try and say that someone couldn’t have said that, made that 

   phone call, emailed that person, etc. their “device had been 

   hacked/stolen”, therefore compromised evidence. 3. You had a good dude 

   tee you up about a “VIP”/”general” being escorted to Mandalay, also “a 

   few days ago”. Soon you’ll see airport arrival times of high level 

   officials seamlessly align with “suspicious activity” and claims of 

   “shots fired” reported at the airport. Like Trump says, “you’ll see”.

  4. Same good dude also told you a much larger scaled attack was the 

   initial intent, but was thwarted/averted. Would’ve “killed thousands”. 

   Trump tweeted it was a “miracle” using condescending quotes. The 

   miracle was their plan to kill thousands more, was thwarted. “Miracle” 

   was a f*** you to McCabe. 5. Trump then confirmed in statement last 

   night, he still has “no clue” if the shooter was connected to ISIS. 

   F*** you to Pompeo/Tillerson. 

   6. Tonight, he publicly confirms what candidly, we’ve ALL been working 

   towards, for the last 11 months. Everyone always asks me what I “do”. 

   Well, there’s lot of us and EXACTLY what we do. We are going to show 

   you what WAS intended for Las Vegas, HOW EXTREME it was supposed to be, 

   WHO coordinated it and WHY THEY DID. Trump isn’t blowing a lid on Vegas 

   when referring to “the storm”. Trump’s promised “storm” will prove that 

   Vegas was supposed to be no different than 27 classified pages 

   outlining what really happened on 9/11. Vegas was ONLY to STOP TRUMP 


“Morning y’all, “MegaAnon” here. Just an FYI, after you all came up with 

   this nickname for me back in May or June, you had asked me to use it to 

   ID myself so you could cap my posts and keep them together. So I had 

   been doing that but last night after a series of posts I’d made over 

   the last couple of days prior, I had tried to post under the name to ID 

   my posts and I got a notification from 4Chan that the “MegaAnon” name 

   was banned and though I could still post, I couldn’t use that name to 

   identify with my threads. It literally wouldn’t let me post if 

   “MegaAnon” was in the “Name” field of the comment box. So… I posted a 

   few comments last night (pic related) and if anyone cares, I’ll just 

   identify myself by saying I’m MegaAnon first, before I proceed with my 

   comment, in a thread. Stick with me though, I’m going to tell you 

   exactly what I know and I’ve been on the ground, have accessed the 

   suspects room, etc. I came home from Vegas Wednesday afternoon but I 

   got back tonight for another 4-day stint.”

   “1. You need to know that as of last Monday (mid-morning), the DC FBI 

   was officially approved to assume federal jurisdiction over the Vegas 

   investigation, via federal petition. Important to note that in the SAME 

   appeal, they not only circumvented the LVMPD, but they also ousted 

   their own NV FBI field office (this is A RARE MOVE, based on what 

   limited and again, very loose documented intel they presented to 

   support their appeal). At time of appeal, they informally presented 

   undisclosed intel (usually this means this intel was NOT obtained or 

   aggregated by US-based intel agencies. That’s important because it lets 

   them keep the source of the info confidential for “active investigation 

   purposes”, therefore remains completely unsourced and substantiated) 

   indicating the suspect had “terror related ties”.

“2. Hours after jurisdiction was approved and officially transferred, 

   the name of the suspect was released – Steve C. Paddock and 

   unironically less than 2 hours after that, ISIS took public 

   responsibility for the attack, claiming that Paddock had “converted to 

   Islam months ago” and that he was theirs.


   Ask yourselves this… in which attacks over the last four years, has 

   ISIS ever “waited” to publicly claim “responsibility” for? Answer: ALL 



   they can claim it’s terror related and assemble a sh**ty, loosely 

   substantiated appeal documentation, proving “terror”, it goes federal. 

   Remember that.”


   “Why does ISIS wait for FBI jurisdiction in these scenarios? So they can 

   “confirm” and “release” an FBI NAMED SUSPECT, while teeing up their 

   public statement, to confirm “affiliations”, based on ZERO EVIDENCE and

   SUPPORT. Simply put, they wait for the agency to tell them who their 

   newest convert is.”

  “3. If this looks like a complete cluster f*** between LVMPD and agency, 

   then ding, ding! You’re right… IT IS! Why?! For the slow in the back, 

   let me simplify… mass and scale. As much as the digital world benefits 

   these goons, they’ve also realized exactly how much it hinders them. 

   You no longer need the MSM, a few press conferences or the 

   “authorities” to air, broadcast, publicize information and reports. You 

   only need access to the internet. Know what’s ultimately responsible 

   for the 9/11 botch as opposed to other agency coordinated attacks?! 

   Internet access. The mass ability of we, the people, to access 

   exorbident information in real time, download, upload, archive and 

   store that info then, DISTRIBUTE ON OUR OWN.”


   “Example: Take all of those initial witness accounts and live interviews 

   of people within the first 6 hours of 9/11. They reported additional 

   explosions on random floors, flashes of lights, conflicting reports of 

   what they were being told by first responders in terms of 

   events/secured evacuation routes, unrelated fires on unimpacted floors, 

   etc., remember that? Remember the live CNN interview on WTC 7 

   collapsing, aired an hour and 23 minutes before it actually did?! See, 

   the MSM thought that by internally deleting the footage and never 

   re-airing or commenting on it publicly again, they were saved. They 

   underestimated the capability of the average person, to download, 

   privately store, re-upload and mass distribute, INFORMATION once it’s 

   hit the internet.”

“That’s where we are today! (((THEY))) can’t keep up with us. As 

   technology, availability and accessibility to everything from the 

   internet, mass info distribution platforms like social media, video 

   streaming applications, public board forums like 4Chan, etc. these 

   people LITERALLY have been floundering in their desperate attempts to 

   keep up. Over the last 2 decades, they’ve realized they CANNOT “dot 

   every single i” or “cross every single t”. 

“for the better part of the last 20 years, they’ve scrambled to 

   recruit search engines like Google, service providers like Verizon, 

   Comcast, Time Warner, etc., social media sites like Facebook and 

   Twitter and streaming sites like YouTube, to assist them in their 

   efforts. Hence you now see massive corruption via SEO skewing and info 

   scrubbing, edited metadata tags, buried search engine results based on 

   those tags, the complete erasure, blockage and shadow banning of social 

   media and upload/streaming accounts, etc. all done in a coordinated 

   effort to try and beat the public to the punch by proactively removing 

   information they can identify upfront that is, will or may be, a 

   problem For them in the future, while stifling your ability to find, 

   research, locate, download/upload, store and disseminate information.”


   Since there are millions of people with the ability and accessibility 

   to literally “debunk” ANYTHING they state, confirm, report, claim, 

   visually show, etc. they are clammoring over themselves in an effort to 

   keep their “stories” straight.


   “I can 100% CONFIRM that LVMPD absolutely KNOWS that in the end, they 

   are being set up to fail. They will take the fall for anything 

   misreported, misinterpreted, misinformed, incorrect, mishandled, etc. 

   They are being forced to look like the front man though EVERYONE 

   INTERNAL KNOWS that they are just running monitored and directed 

   talking points they are being given. They are being forced into a 

   “position of authority” that candidly, they HAVEN’T LEGALLY HELD 

   JURISDICTION OVER, SINCE MONDAY. See how quick they jumped to to 

   “publicly confirm” that they were opening an investigation into the 

   “first leaked photos of the hotel room and dead suspect”?!? THE LVMPD 

   WAS FORCED TO EAT THE FBI’S S**T because the credibility of the FBI 

   after the clusterf**Ks known as “Russia”, Comey, etc. can’t afford the 

   implication that those photos were leaked under THEIR AUTHORITY… so the 

   LVMPD publicly ate their f*** up…”

  “…because once a local authority or an agency confirms they are running 

   an investigation, it means that legally, whatever crime they are 

   assuming the responsibility of investigating, falls under their 

   jurisdiction. LVMPD really just wants to tell you all that they haven’t 

   collected, tagged, cleared or logged, A SINGLE PIECE OF F***ing 



   TAKEOVER. If agency had to publicly confirm the date/time of their 

   jurisdiction takeover, then EVERYONE would know the LVMPD shouldn’t 

   even be making statements the FBI’s investigation AND they’d know ANY 

   REPORTED SLIP UPS, like “LEAKED SCENE PHOTOS” were done under agency 

   authority, NOT LVMPD. The “storm” Trump’s refered to isn’t Vegas 

   itself. I confirm 100% that a MUCH larger event was planned/thwarted by 

   (((them))), but was done to DIVERT TRUMP AWAY FROM 

   declassifying/releasing “the storm” (a series of classified info that 

   admin will disclose publicly on 3 different but HUGE, socially 

   controversial topics. (((They’ve))) already delayed this TWICE. I’m not 

   saying they f*** with the weather – think what you will BUT, they DID 

   exploit the hurricanes/devastation to their advantage, by wrapping him 

   in so much red tape re: resource distro/allocation, services/duty 

   assembly/deployment, etc. Hence the “storm” reference was a “f*** you” 

   to McCabe, Kelly, Tillerson, Pompeo, McCain, Ryan, McConnell, Pelosi, 

   Schumer, etc. Anyone question timing of San Juan Mayor’s emboldened 

   comments, days before Vegas?! Done to get the PUBLIC focused on 

   Trump/admin. and accused “inaction” in Puerto Rico. While the MSM 

   distracted concerned public/Trump, it kept in him check as they geared 

   up for Vegas. It’s a “miracle” it didn’t work.”


   [from another poster: Thanks, anyway you can give insight on the 3 



 “I could but I won’t and as a courtesy, here’s why… I have never come on 

   here to post bulls**t. I don’t hypothesize theories or possibilities… I 

   post only what I know to be true. It’s why I won’t pidgeon-hold myself 

   by providing very narrow, specific dates or timeframes (like “tomorrow” 

   or “next week”, even when I’m 95% confirmed. If I post on here with the 

   intent of you taking me at face value, I have to build my credibility 

   and that’s only done through prolonged consistency and correctness on 

   valuable info. I’m never trying to be vague, though sometimes I have to 

   be, depending on the topic. I only post on here (hence is why I’m not 

   very good with tripcodes, sifting through archives, archiving or 

   capping s**t myself, etc.) to drop paths of info that connect dots 

   you’re either missing or ignoring, that in reality, are the most 

   important to focus on. Anyone being TOO specific, is f***ing lying to 

   you. No one at our level with everything to lose, would blow their 

   entire load on 4Chan. I promise you, no one actually involved, would 

   risk exposure. Hence, “blackwater Anon”. Notice he was specific, yet 

   just vague enough? He’s one of “your guys”. WHAnon?! Sadly he’s the 

   biggest long con LARP, I’ve seen on here in a while… it actually 

   disappoints me how much attention and credit you’ve given him.”

  “ I will confirm that the 3 disclosures have been discussed and vetted 

   thoroughly, for the last several months, here. Ok, fine… and while 

   “pizza” is on the menu, it’s not one of the 3 pending releases. Not in 

   the way you want it to be. It will be discussed and Hollywood 

   specifically will take a MASSIVE HIT in the very near future. Harvey 

   was the first lowhanging takedown so just imagine how high-level this 

   will go. But I assure you, while Hillary, the Clinton campaign/staff, 

   Obama admin, establishment (both parties) and DNC as related to 

   election fraud, etc. will eventually fall for epic crimes, you’ll never 

   see Hillary in an orange jumpsuit, for actual pizza.”











Wow, Comey Had Already Decided Clinton’s Fate Before EMAIL Investigation Over

August 31, 2017

I remember when Comey came out and gave that strange speech to the public, completely exonerating Hillary in her email fiasco.

I thought wow, I can’t believe it! Then thought, how in the world could they have gone through all those emails in such a short span of time, not once, but twice! 

This tipped everyone off to the realization that something 🐠🐟was going on. Well, we were 💯percent correct!

Just saw a tweet from Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch President:

Now, when Tom Fitton, who is a lawyer says something like this, you sit up and take notice, you can virtually take it to the bank!

This comes from townhall.com, transcripts that were released by the Senate Judiciary Committee  today confirm that Comey had already decided to let Hillary off well before the formal FBI investigation was completed.

These transcripts were sent in a letter to the new FBI Director, Christopher Wray, the committee is demanding an explanation and also more documents that have to do with the case!

Do you think they will get more documents? Ty Clevenger, a reputable lawyer can’t even get FBI to release info under an FOIA request, stating not enough public interest.

We just might be getting to the bottom of this people👏, after all👏

Comey is going to be in some major trouble here, I am sure. Maybe he and Hillary will be cell mates.


UPDATE: According to washingtontimes.com, U.S. District Judge James E. Boasberg ordered the FBI to release more details about Hillary Clinton’s secret email account. 

The Grand Jury subpoenas for the internet service providers that compelled Clinton to testify are to be released to the public. This would give information to us about why they were issued in the first place and what information is on them.

The Trump Administration objected to these subpoenas being released to the public as they would violate the secrecy of the Grand Jury. The Judge overruled the administrations objection!

Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch kept warning us on Twitter that the Trump Administration was interfering  with his ability to get to the bottom of the Hillary Clinton Email scandal. Were the President’s hands tied? No! The President wanted the email case to remain closed since back in March, 2017! My question is why? My personal opinion is that we know Chelsea Clinton is best buddies with Ivanka Trump! This is not a secret!

So, you can understand Judicial Watch’s stance on the Trump Administration’s and DOJ’s stonewalling.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, Tom Fitton has said, “They’re taking the same position as the Obama Administration on Clinton.” 

We have holdovers from the Obama Administration such as Justice Department lawyer Carol Federighi who opposes any discovery investigations from Judicial Watch or any other legal team, saying it is “moot” not revelatory since Hillary Clinton is not President!

I know Tom Fitton will not give up in the Benghazi or email scandal, the public has a right to know what they are keeping from us.

URGENT: Hillary Clinton Email Case, Claim, Lack of Public Interest

URGENT: Hillary Clinton Email Case, Claim, Lack of Public Interest

August 30, 2017

It has come to my attention that the FBI is not going to look into Hillary Clinton’s email case any further, due to lack of public interest!

READ> FBI says lack of public interest in Hillary emails justifies withholding documents

READ> FBI shuts down request for files on Hillary Clinton by citing lack of public interest

Excerpt from Fox News:

“If you seek disclosure of any existing records on this basis, you must demonstrate that the public interest in disclosure outweighs personal privacy interests,” the letter stated. “In this regard, you must show that the public interest sought is a significant one, and that the requested information is likely to advance that interest.” AGAIN, WHAT???????????

This information is suppose to be for DOJ, FBI, only way there could be a Grand Jury and an indictment, it has nothing whatsoever to do with the public!

I know there is public interest, as our whole security has been compromised by Hillary with her private, homebrewed at home server.

Public interest shouldn’t be the the point of contention, whether there is public interest or not shouldn’t matter. That’s against the law to assume otherwise. Since when do we decide there is not enough public interest to try any case? Where in the law books does this say there must be public interest? This seems like a classic case of a violation of state ethics and public corruption!

Who is going to stand with me to get this case moving further? We all need to stand up for our country by signing the petition in order to tell the FBI that this does need to be looked into. The State Department should be made to hand over records, whether they like it or not. Stop protecting Hillary!
Tom Fitton who is President of Judicial Watch has even warned us that Clinton and Obama continue to be protected! Are we living in another country? This is outrageous! Even a lawyer knows this is happening!

So glad Hillary is not our President and it’s great that other countries like England see we all have a major problem with the elite propaganda machine, but this doesn’t negate the need for the American public to continue to fight for justice. This is our country, we must make sure evil doesn’t win and people that cause our country to be harmed in anyway should be held accountable.

Julian Assange has continued to help countries fight corruption by exposing evil that has been laid upon us through corrupted politicians. But, that’s not enough!

Ty Clevenger is the one who asked for the documents through FOIA. On August 8, 2017, FBI sent him a letter arguing lack of public interest. He answered the denial on August 12, 2017, only to receive the same dumb argument. But, they don’t know Clevenger very well, he isn’t done yet. He is asking attorneys to help him, reward could be very sizable.

Maybe if enough FOIA’s are filed for this information, it might force their hand, what do you think? #SwampThem

Please join me in signing this petition, showing that there is enough interest in this case, they should move on with this!


We only have 30 days to get to 99,999, make it count, please sign the petition, let the FBI know there is enough people that want Hillary Clinton’s files turned over for possible indictment! 

Please share so we can get the coverage thereby getting enough signatures. Thank you 😊 

*The petition never did get enough signatures, therefore it was closed.

Oh, and by the way, if I come up missing, or my death is ruled a suicide, don’t believe it! I love life!

Looks Like Hillary Clinton Did Have Countries Trying To Influence Election👀

July 28, 2017

Found this interesting tidbit of information that was buried in the internet!

So, Turkey is sending money to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, among others, to influence our elections, huh?
 Fyi ———- Forwarded message ———- From: *Michael Werz* <m_werz@web.de> Date: Wednesday, August 19, 2015 Subject: Flagging Turkish campaign donations To: John Podesta <john.podesta@gmail.com> John, heard this second hand but more than once. Seems Erdogan faction is making substantial investments in U.S. to counter opposition (CHP, Kurds, Gulenists etc.) outreach to policymakers and USG. Am told that the Erdogan crew also tries to make inroads via donations to Democratic candidates, including yours. Two names that you should be aware of are *Mehmet Celebi* and *Ali Cinar*. Happy to elaborate on the phone, provided you are not shopping at the liquor store. M.

The DNC and Hillary Clinton, John Podesta…are all Toast! 



Democratic Crucible – McCarthyism In Politics Here And Abroad

Democratic Crucible – McCarthyism In Politics Here And Abroad

July 17, 2017

Among the many wrongful acts Barack Hussein Obama has committed against our country, you can add to that, the expulsion of so called 35 Russian Intelligence Operatives, and confiscation of properties in Eastern Maryland and New York, sanctions that were put into place for reasons related to probable Russian hacking of the USA election of 2016 and Russian provocations against American personnel in Russia. 

This action was accomplished without merit of facts. When President Trump took office he asked for evidence of such hacks claimed by the Obama Administration. As if this day we have no such evidence.

People are being confused when they hear our 2016 election was hacked – this instilled in their minds that Russia actually changed vote tallies. The answer to that implication is simple, they did not in anyway change vote tallies. What they are being accused of is possible swaying/influencing of American voters towards Trump. This is where our governmental bureaucracy believes that none of the citizens in the whole of the USA has enough of a brain to decide who to vote for.

If you remember there was enough dirt on Hillary Clinton, past and present on the internet and in books, written and substantiated by Americans in blogs, articles…..then were exposed to the public via media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, etc….Take Wikileaks out of the equation all together, Hillary’s DNC hacks were not Russian hacks. The DNC should never have run such a questionable candidate in the first place.

During the G20 Summit, when President Trump met with President Putin, Trump has tweeted that sanctions didn’t come up in their meeting that lasted two hours and 15 minutes.  In other words, if election meddling was mentioned, obviously no reversing of sanctions were discussed, as Trump stated in regards to sanctions in a tweet, “sanctions were not discussed at my meeting with President Putin. Nothing will be done until the Ukrainian and Syrian problems are solved!” 

In an effort to up the ante before the G20 Summit, according to russia-insider.com, Russia plans to confiscate USA diplomatic property, alter legal status of an Anglo-American school in Russia if the USA doesn’t return their confiscated property. All of this was suppose to be accomplished prior to the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany, all of this information comes from an unidentified diplomat source as told to the Moscow based, daily Kommersant.

But, for right now, I am sure Putin understands that while the Russian Investigation under Mueller is ongoing, Trump is limited in what he can do in regards to lifting sanctions.


 There were expulsions that happened in 2001, where 50 Russian diplomats were expelled under the Bush Administration. This was an act in retaliation for an FBI agent, Robert Hanssen (spanning 15 years) who was spying for Russia. Important to note, it was Hanssen who volunteered espionage for Russia. But, Russia was reprimanded just the same. 

In October, 1986 President Regan ordered 80 Russian diplomats to leave the USA in retaliation for American diplomats that were expelled. It’s always been a cat and mouse game, between Russia and the USA and most likely will continue to be.
According to Reuters, Moscow wants their compounds in Maryland and New York returned. I am sure there will have to be compromising on both sides for this to happen. The USA is not an angel in this spy game either. What is good for the goose is good for the gander, perfectly describes Russia and the USA.

 This continued Russian narrative being pushed by the left is definitely not helping relations between the two most powerful nations on earth. This is meant to cause a war, wake up! The only outcome the left revels in will eventually push us closer to war. 

It’s diplomatically important that the two most powerful countries in the world need to work together to stop terrorism. We don’t see eye to eye on a lot of Russia’s policies, but that doesn’t mean we should isolate ourselves from them either. One such cause we don’t agree with is banning a Christian religion, like Russia is now experiencing. I feel sorry for the Russian people who cannot be practicing Jehovah’s Witnesses, for fear of retribution from their government. But, it is not for the US to decide their fate as their Supreme Court upheld the ban. The UN would have to step in and help garner support for this religious sec.


We are wrong to take away Russian diplomats property in Maryland and New York. We were also wrong to take away property in Texas and Nevada. 

We have become a nation of land grabbers, as far back as when the American Indians were killed for their land, and run off their land. We are no better than Russia, the American Indian was made to conform to our customs, language, religion….

In April of 2017, according to the christianpost.com, “Russia’s Supreme Court decided Thursday to ban Jehovah’s Witnesses as an “extremist” organization and strip them of all property a month after the Russian Justice Ministry filed a formal petition with the court to outlaw the religious sect.” 

Is this ban in part a retaliation for Russian diplomats being expelled, their property rights taken away from them here in the USA? After all, Jehovah Witnesses was originally registered in 1991 in Russia, reregistered in 1999, so why now, all of a sudden are they an “extremist organization”?

So, this religious group will lose their own property rights, sad. But, right here in the USA, that very taboo land grab was actually happening under Obama’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM). In a 1988 court ruling as reported by thenewamerican.com, where a landowner Tommy Henderson lost a significant chunk of property (140 acres) to authorities, this would of given precedence to future land grabs in Texas. Let’s not forget about the Uranium ore that is mined at the expense of landowners property rights. We have become so accustomed to taking American’s property, we have no problem confiscating Russia’s property here in the USA.

The Department of Justice just signaled more police property seizures are coming. This measure is for people that are arrested for possible criminal action concerning drug crimes. But, the property is taken before any case gets to court. Are they guilty just like Russia before a definite conviction of wrongdoing?

So, kicking the Russian diplomats out of the USA might be acceptable. But, taking their land is not acceptable especially on unfounded grounds. They were judged to harshly before any undeniable claims that they hacked the DNC and the 2016 elections, when the USA has been involved with other countries elections for a very long time. 

According to the latimes.com, “the USA has been involved in at least 81 times of influencing elections in foreign countries between the years of 1946 and 2000, according to a database amassed by political scientist Don Levin of Carnegie Mellon University.” 

The old analogy that two wrongs do not make a right is true. But, trying to whitewash with total disregard to the truth is sick.

This whole Russian narrative is nothing more than an effectual coup d’état. Russia is no stranger to a coup d’état (gang of eight) also called the August Coup which took place in 1991. The coup only lasted two days before collapsing and Mikhail Gorbachev was returned to power. Let that be a lesson to the leftists here in our country.


As reported by exiledonline.com, how the West lead by Hillary’s husband Bill Clinton, enabled and whitewashed Russia’s 1996 fraud-riddled, stolen elections, which assured the hugely unpopular Boris Yeltsin, the “butcher of Chechnya” and creator of Russia’s oligarchy would remain in power for another term-thanks to the Chechens overwhelmingly “voting” “for” Yeltsin by an overwhelming 73% vote (of 1 million votes even though there were only an estimated 500,000 voting-aged people living in Chechnya at the time of the 1996 presidential elections). READ MORE>

Let’s not forget the tweet Wikileaks put out in April of 2017, CIA orders hack of Candidate Le Pen and other French candidates.


In determining whether Russia influenced the American 2016 election or not is not the point, they didn’t hold a gun to our heads and tell us to vote for Trump. This is definitely the leftist idea to make a mountain out of a molehill. 

Instead, why don’t they focus on all the states including California who refuse to cooperate with election fraud findings under President Trump’s direction? What are they hiding?

Trey Gowdy Set To Dismantel NSA

Trey Gowdy Set To Dismantel NSA

July 11, 2017

During Barrack Obama’s Presidential tenure, he set forth to change America for good, under his eight years of Presidency and then handed/transferred to Hillary Clinton for reinforcement, America would never be the same again.

We know during his second term there were rumors circulating that could of possibly done away with term limits under the 22nd Amendment. Congressman Jose Serrano (D-NY), introduced a bill in Congress that would of done just that. There were plans to buy him more time to carry out the dismantling of our Constitution, our way of life, and possibly locking up citizens that were being surveilled by the NSA spy Agency.

Patriots warned the public, through blogs, social  media like Twitter, Facebook, and still Obama’s deep state moved on, quietly trying to take away gun rights, 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, after all he and Bush Jr. thought the Constitution was just an old piece of paper that was hampering their deep state. They were correct in their assumption, it was hampering their deep state, it was the last line of defense for American’s.

Hillary was so confident that she would win, after all, the Presidency was being handed to her on a silver platter, until Trump’s army took matters into their own hands.

Most people on Twitter during the 2016 election had to be schooled by Patriots about the evil of Agenda 21, 2030. They had no idea what it was. Patriots stayed up late on Twitter to get the message out there, so citizens would have the necessary information to know exactly what the deep state was planning for America. This wasn’t done by Russia, it was Trump’s army, as evidenced by his rallies. This was done solely by good American Patriots like Info Wars and others like Seth Rich and just ordinary Patriots who love their country, …. that cared enough for the future generations, and there were thousands upon thousands of them. Enough of us out there in Twitterland and Facebook, that we could not be silenced. We made enough of an impact that Twitter actually grew in numbers, people were finally listening. We scared the deep state into a panic mode of censoring everything that didn’t place Hillary on a pedestal. Both candidates had Twitter bots, which is now the new conventional way of fighting your opponent. Again, this was not Russia! This was an all out bot-war accompanied by true Patriots. We were and still are Trump’s Army.

For years people looked the other away when we tried to explain about FEMA camps, extra mega ammunition that was being bought and horded by social security, the illegal spying on every citizen, and there was more, lots more….subjects that were to taboo for even mainstream media to mention. We were called conspiracy theorists, because the deep state was hiding in plain site and didn’t want the information out there.

The mainstream media were so panicked when the deep state was uncovered, they blamed Russia, even went so far as to call Alex Jones (INFOWARS) and Roger Stone Russian agents. That’s laughable, since they both have many Patriot followers…what would stop the deep state or NSA from labeling Patriots as Russian agents? With all that metadata that they collect on us they could spin it around on us just like they tried to do to Stone and Jones!

The deep state, we know is still trying to function, albeit not as well as before Trump’s rise to the Presidency. We have good Senators and Congressmen and women who are helping us to fight the deep state, one such person is Trey Gowdy who is leading by his appointment as Chairman of the House Oversite and Government Reform Committe, in the taking down of the deep state. He is one of us, a person that is in place to take down Obama and his minions.

One very big step in the right direction would be to not reauthorize NSA’s ability to spy on the American population, Trey Gowdy is leading this  advance to stop the spying that the Obama Administration put into place. I believe that unmasking is a problem, but so is spying on Americans without a warranted justification to do so. Obama’s plan (deep state) was to eventually round up Patriots (placing them into FEMA Camps) when they disagreed with the removal of our sovereignty and freedoms.

Trey Gowdy on Fox News with Bill Hemmer:

We are not going to reauthorize these surveillance programs if the American people are not satisfied that their security is not going to be safeguarded. That is a privilege to be able to request that a United States person’s name be unmasked. I want to know who is making the requests? And if it is late in your tenure – like the day before you leave office – that should send off alarms and sirens in your head as to why that person did it. 

Back in May of 2015,  NSA’s bulk collection of citizens phone calls was found to be illegal, the DOJ which stepped in, prompted NSA to shut down the collection of domestic phone records. A three judge panel for the United States Court of Appeals for the second circuit ruled that a provision under the Patriot Act, known as section 215 cannot be legitimately interpreted to allow the bulk collection of domestic calling records. But, that’s not enough! They are still collecting emails, private messages…they know where you go every minute of the day, they know your purchases, they have your credit card accounts, they know more about you, than you do about yourself! This is an unwarranted act that has left many Americans disgusted. Now, Trey Gowdy may finally get a chance to stop all this surveillance insanity that has gotten out of hand. 

How do we know that the information that was collected on every American is safe? We don’t! How many times have you had your credit card compromised? And simply can’t figure out how your information was compromised!

As Alex Jones says, IT’S A GREAT TIME TO BE ALIVE! 





HOW DARE CNN Portray Trump As Fascist – G20 Summit

July 6, 2017

POTUS and FLOTUS have landed in Germany for the Hamburg G20 Summit.

In order to understand the lies from the far left, trying to brand the Trump Administration as fascist, please get Dinesh D’Souza’s book “The Big Lie,” know the truth, help expose the lies! Available July 31, 2017 on bigliebook.com or Amazon for $26.99.

Our mainstream media has portrayed our President Trump as a fascist which has carried over to Europe. I am very angry that they have done this to dishonor America and our President. The definition of fascist just does not define a President who cares so much for his country and it’s people. He is our President, not Germany’s, or any other nation, for that matter. Foreign policy can have it’s differences without prejudice, or mocking.

Definition of fascist by the Merriam Webster:

often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition 2 : a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control early instances of army fascism and brutality — J. W. Aldridge

The above is a classic example of Germany when Adolf Hitler was in power. We rescued Germany from that dictatorship, how soon they forget! Does Germany really think America would elect a President that is the embodiment of Hitler? Give me a break!

President Trump does not resemble anything that could be construed as a fascist. With the false news of Trump being called a fascist from CNNHillary Clinton, leading other nations to believe it as the absolute truth, the media has succeeded in maligning and falsely reporting, thus giving some Germans the impression which lead them to conclude he is a fascist and in return they have parroted these false accusations.

Many people in America do not like Germany’s Chancellor Merkel, but we would not show the disrespect that I saw from crowds of ignorant protesters.

When a foreign dignitary comes to your country, show some respect as we do for your Chancellor.

Definition of Autocracy, an autocratic form of government by Merriam Webster:

1 : the authority or rule of an autocrat 2 : government in which one person possesses unlimited power 3 : a community or state governed by autocracy

Our President does not have unlimited power!

Both Barack Obama and Angela Merkel opened their borders to refugees without support from House or Senate, or her parliament. That’s unlimited power, they are the fascists. WAKE UP GERMANY!

When Germany was suffering terrorist attacks back in the summer of 2016, even with the tougher asylum laws that were put forth, they still had the attacks because the refugees were let en masse without proper vetting. Just because an American President wants to be extra careful about making sure America’s citizens are safe from terrorist attacks, does not make him a fascist.

Germany faces many hardships, as they are censored from the West, as well as within their own country, only hearing what Merkel wants them to hear, they are severely repressed by their media. Germans most likely haven’t a clue as to how much support our President actually has back here in the U.S.A. Very sad for them, that is why they are in the predicament that they are with the overwhelming amount of refugees. From Twitter and Facebook offices in Germany they are able to block   accounts on Twitter (mainly Neo-Nazis’ accounts) by using the “country-withheld content”  rule when blocking certain users from the U.S.A., giving further credence to censorship. Just for your information, the United States  also uses the rule.


I am sure the “lying press” has worsened over time, past 1930’s – Above graph comes from Spiegel Online

This years summit in Hamburg is not held remotely, as in past years. Why is it held out in the open, so close, within ear shot of our President? Because she wants our President to hear the protests. This is outrageous! and dangerous! But, we must remember, these protesters are not the majority of Germans. These protesters are equivalent to ANTIFA here in the U.S.A. If you remember back in early 2016, They were paid, according to Pamela Geller, $50.00 per hour by German Socialist (fascist) Party #dankeantifa #hitlerian. This time there were over 100,000 of them! I wouldn’t put it past Merkel to be behind some of these protests.


With the President’s motorcade being so large in Hamburg, you have to ask yourself why? Because of the 10,000 protesters, mix that with the large presence of the Islamic State which pose an existential threat of violent left-wing terrorists groups, you can see why. There is also the threat of more organized groups that could attempt to breach security containment areas.

You can watch the large motorcade on YouTube HERE>


I hope our President is kept safe by Germany, I know his Secret Service is working hard to keep him safe. I will be glad to see him and FLOTUS back here safe and sound on U.S. soil.

 25th Amendment Being Used For Subversion Is Abhorrent, Idiotic, Galactically Stupid🙄

July 3, 2017

In the case of recent twittering of #25thAmendmentNow, I really have to keep from laughing. When they could not impeach the President for “obstruction of justice,” or the fakenews Russia propaganda, now they want to try the 25th amendment.

To be clear, in case the Democrats and Liberals didn’t know, it would be harder to remove a President under the 25th amendment than an impeachment.

The President has to be in someway unable to discharge the powers and his duties as President. This usually encompasses a medical problem, i.e. stroke, coma, death etc..

This whole idiotic rumor started with a tweet the President made regarding two knuckleheads that work for MSNBC “Morning Joe,” Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.


He simply stated that he doesn’t watch them anymore since the woman insisted on coming over three nights in a row, while bleeding everywhere. Hey, I wouldn’t want blood all over my house either. That’s just nutty! Some people don’t know when they should just stay home until they feel better.

His tweet does not in any way reflect him as unable to discharge his duties as President!

When Charles Krauthammer says Trump’s tweet sounds like it came from a banana republic, it embarrasses the country….talking about an embarrassment, when I see tweets from crazed liberals supporting Obama’s rhetoric on nationalism being a bad thing, yup, the left has clearly lost their ability to function coherently. Trump has a right Charles, just like you do, to express his opinion, he reacts to continued berating and making fun of him. 

During one of “Morning Joe’s” programs they were really disrespectful towards the President when MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” compared President Trump to a “kid pooping his pants” on Thursday morning. There was even a video of this segment which has been taken down (unavailable). Who in the world says this sort of stuff on a show? They both received a lot less backlash then they deserved. It was a very mean spirited attack on the President. If they thought it was funny, I’m not laughing. If like CNN they think it will help their ratings, they are definitely delusional and mean spirited.

Trump is a different kind of President by staying in touch with his supporters, we’re in a new age, a new communication! If you don’t like the truth, or firing back at you, block him!!! Those knuckleheads can hit below the belt, without repercussions? I don’t think so. Krauthammer says he is vindictive, everyone has the ability to be vindictive, after all he’s human. We finally get a look at a President that is only human, with faults, just like us. It does not make him unable to discharge his duties as President. In fact, from now on all new, incoming Presidents will most likely tweet.

I can remember when Rick Santorum said that Obama was the most vindictive bully of a President that they had ever dealt with. Remember the time Trump supporters were called “deplorables.” Yup, that was embarrassing for the country, made us look like a banana republic, coming from a Presidential contender. Or, maybe the time that CBS’s Dickerson said “Hillary is more vindictive than Trump.” 

Actually, when talking about a banana republic, we were becoming one until Trump. Income inequality, unchecked police corruption, police states, highest incarceration in the world, corrupt alliance of big business and big government, high unemployment, inadequate access to healthcare, highest infant mortality….and I could go on and on! 

President Trump’s tweets are his feelings, his thoughts on different matters, it in no way limits his ability to carry out the service of President that he was duly elected for. He is giving up his life for this country, just like our military men and women.

Does anyone ever talk about his great tweets? The Health and Human Services Secretary says his tweets are not hurting the push for healthcare and overhaul. This is one issue that is dear to his heart for all Americans, which is great! Does his tweeting habit get in the way of or distract him from his job as President? Tom Price, Secretary of Health and Human Services says, “absolutely not.”

Don’t let a tweet bother you, we have more pressing matters to worry about, like North Korea destroying us! Think about that!

The 25th Amendment in this case is nothing more than a sick subversive movement meant to undermine our President.

President Trump, despite is human flaws, as we all have, has a big heart ❤️ . He has offered to help a terminally ill little boy, Charlie Gard. Why isn’t the MSM reporting this? Morning Joe, why aren’t you reporting this?



The Truth about Obamacare, People Will Not Die, Another Lie Manufactured – Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton Be Damned

The Truth about Obamacare, People Will Not Die, Another Lie Manufactured – Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton Be Damned

June 25, 2017



With all the hubbub about the healthcare changes President Trump is trying to get passed, let’s just look at one woman’s story about Obamacare, the socialist healthcare system Barrack forced on the people of the USA!

You better listen up, because people are dead wrong if they think thousands are going to die with Trumps new healthcare package. This problem started when Obama and Hillary Clinton put there heads together and forced Obamacare on the American people! Sad!

Anderson Cooper asked Bernie Sanders, “Do you think thousands of Americans will die?” Bernie Sanders replied: “Absolutely. No question,”  “The bill passed today in the House became law thousands of Americans would die because they would no longer have access to health care.”

Bernie Sanders Is Dead Wrong – Read👇

The following article comes from Cheryl K Chumley at the Washington Timesit is an article which talks about healthcare before Obamacare, a wife’s confession about her husbands serious illness, he would have died if under Obama’s healthcare plan! I am positive many have died because of Obamacare, this is not the only case.

My husband would’ve died with Obamacare


Here’s a story the liberals don’t want you to know — a real Jimmy Kimmel-type tearjerker, with a twist.

In April of 2008, my husband, Doug, suffered a massive heart attack. It happened during the work day; his boss called me and said the ambulance had just transported my husband to the hospital. There’s a call you never want to get.
So I drove to the hospital, only to find emergency workers were going to airlift him to another facility, one about an hour’s drive from home. I said goodbye to my husband, who was in considerable pain but still conscious and talking — though barely — and told him I would meet him at the next hospital. I had to go home and get our four kids, ages 13, 12, 6 and 1 at the time.
Unbeknownst to me, Doug’s potassium levels dipped to dangerous levels during the helicopter flight, and he nearly died. As it was, he fell into a coma.

Hours later — this is the Washington, D.C., area, the traffic nightmare capital of the free world — I arrived at the hospital, kids in tow, and met with a doctor. The news was not good.

The physician, now retired, Dr. Siripracorn, kept shaking his head as he looked at my kids playing in the waiting area, saying over and over, “this isn’t good.” Basically, they couldn’t keep his heart beating. It just rattled in his chest, is how someone described it to me.

It was a long night. Within hours, hospital staffers had sent along a grief counselor who offered to call family and friends so they could be notified Doug was dying. I couldn’t remember the name of my in-laws — imagine that, right? But I mentioned a pastor’s name, and my parents; I told her, too, my husband’s best friend, a coworker, was on the way. She suggested I tell my children their father wasn’t going to make it through the night. Tough moment.

For the curious, here’s what I finally told them: “The doctors say daddy’s going to die. But let’s just wait and see what God says. He has the final word.” Or it was something to that effect.

There’s a long story that could come here. But here’s the summary: Doctors and nurses worked through the night to get Doug’s heart pumping, shocking him time after time with the defibrillator — way more times than is recommended. He received three stents, and was kept in a medically induced coma for 10 days. In the midst of all that, medical personnel inserted a balloon pump above his leg in order to keep the blood flowing. Complications developed, and doctors were forced to amputate his leg — all the while insisting the amputation was probably useless, that he was going to die, anyway.

Ten days later, on the heels of the diligent work of two intensive care teams working around the clock to provide nonstop care — and much to the astonishment of all the medical professionals — Doug came out of his coma. And without a lick of brain damage, either.

Over? Did you say over?

Nope. That was just step one in a long medical process that included home health care, followup surgeries on the stump of his amputated leg, a gall bladder removal — all the defibrillation had zonked his internals — and several stomach surgeries and procedures. On top of that was the fitting for the prothetic leg — a frustrating, painful, lengthy and trying adventure in itself.

But here’s the point: When the time for bill tabulation came, the financial bottom line dent to us was — get this — about $1,200. That was the copay cost for the helicopter flight.
BlueCross-BlueShield, a private insurer, provided through my husband’s work, picking up everything. Everything.

And when our insurance some months later switched to Aetna, there were no headaches about preexisting conditions when it came time for the next prosthetic fitting, or for the new $60,000 leg (or maybe it was $80,000; I can’t recall). There were no denials of service when Doug had to enter the hospital again, as he’s had to many times through the years, to receive either emergency services or followup care for various health issues.

This was pre-Obamacare days, mind you. The days when so-called evil private insurers were routinely denying necessary services and screwing poor sick victims out of proper health care.

It was a few months after my husband left the hospital from his heart attack that we ran into one of the nurses who cared for him — at a presidential campaign event, no less. One chat led to another and the subject of socialized health care was raised. And this is what the nurse said: Had my husband been on Medicare or Medicaid at the time of his heart attack, the doctors would have quit their life-saving efforts long before his 10 comatose days had ended. Why? Because the government health care plan wouldn’t have paid for the around-the-clock intensive care. The situation would’ve quickly evolved into a pull the plug, wait and see what happens type of deal.

As it was, BlueCross-BlueShield, the private insurance company, approved all the doctors’ service requests. And so my husband went on to live another day — another nine years, and counting.

That’s not how Barack Obama and his socialist Obamacare supporters would tell it. According to them, private insurers were — still are — evil money-making grubs, concerned only about the profit statements they can deliver their boards.

The truth?

Had Obamacare been the law of the land in early 2008, my husband probably would’ve died. And even if he didn’t, we probably would’ve had thousands and thousands of more dollars in medical expenses than we did. We do now, for crying out loud: post-Obamacare, the ongoing health needs of my husband cost thousands of dollars more in deductibles and copays than we ever paid in the freer market.

Thanks Obamacare.

Pretty much everything Obama and his ilk said was happening in the medical world to justify the passage of Obamacare — the high copays, the burdensome deductibles, the limited choice of doctors, the inability to visit the physicians and hospitals of preference — actually only occurred after Obamacare passed.

The lies of the left.

Want another left-busting anecdote?

While sitting in the hospital cafeteria, maybe around day three of the heart attack ordeal, wondering if my husband died how I might provide financially for our four kids, my cell phone rings. It’s my husband’s boss, a man I had only met once, and briefly. He cut right to the chase. After asking about Doug’s welfare, he came out and said — and this is a paraphrase, but a pretty accurate one — “Don’t worry about money. Doug will keep getting paid, he’ll keep getting his paychecks, same as usual.”
Bob Swiger’s his name. He owns golf courses and is a guy Obama would likely label a “fat cat,” a wealthy, greedy capitalist type who cares only about the bottom line — who simply uses employees as a means of increasing his personal wealth. I prefer the word “saint.”

Well, there you have it. The personal tale of woe — the type the left likes to use to advance their political agendas. But unlike Jimmy Kimmel, whose big takeaway from his newborn son’s heart defect emergency fix was to advocate on behalf of Obamacare, while deceptively conflating emergency care and ongoing medical service, no less, mine’s a bit different.
Mine ends like this: First of all, all the glory goes to Jesus.

And secondly: Government provided healthcare is not your friend. That’s a deception of the left — a dream of the socialist who aims only to control. Obamacare, I’m sure, would have left my husband dead.


Now, let me tell you about a time I know about where an adult would have died because he did not have healthcare during or after Obamacare rollout, had it not been for his father who could not watch him die during Barrack’s Obamacare!

This young man did not have a job due to serious health concerns. He also had Type 1 Diabetes. People talk about Medicaid not being available to thousands under Trumps new revised plan of Obamacare. This was about to happen to this young man when Obama was still in office! Mind you, he didn’t have a job, he apparently didn’t qualify for Medicaid unless he was a child. He had no way to buy the necessary insulin that kept him alive. So, he was left to die under Obama’s Medicaid plan! His father who is retired, on a fixed income and has his own health problems, picked up the slack for as long as he could….that should of been picked up by Medicaid.

If it was not for his father’s attorney telling him about a free clinic, which is available to people who do not qualify for Medicaid, he would of eventually fallen into the cracks that so many fall into. NO HEALTHCARE 

When dumb dumb Bernie Sanders stands up there and tells you thousands will die, just remember, Trump didn’t start the problem of people falling into the cracks, the socialists did. So, point the finger at who really should be held accountable…..OBAMA, CLINTON AND THEIR MINIONS!

Under Trump’s new Obamacare, there is absolutely no way people will die, there are clinics all over the USA that take people who are not able to get Medicaid. That is the absolute truth. Do not fall for the absolute looney toons Bernie, socialist Sanders ploy about US healthcare under the Trump administration. It’s too bad we can’t go back to what healthcare was before Obama’s healthcare. The Trump administration is left to pick up the pieces of a failing healthcare crisis.

When Bernie Sanders claims that billionaires get tax breaks, well, think about this, MSM was complaining about this same thing when Obamacare under the Obama Administration was first rolled out. They never yelled and screamed at Obama, but, now they turn on Trump. He’s limited to what he can do with this terrible socialist healthcare plan that Obama put into action.

Under Obama’s original healthcare: Millionaires Get Obamacare Tax Credits. And It’s Completely Legal. So, Bernie Sanders, it’s not Trump’s fault.
Oh and another important thing to remember, I simply will never forget Obama saying you could keep your doctor when Obamacare was rolling out, that was only one big fat lie he told, there are many more.

I know personally, elderly people making less than $6,000.00 per year can not get Medicaid help unless hospitalized. All of this….because some states refused to expand Medicaid in their states!

We should give a lot of thanks to Eric Trump who has done more to help very sick children by raising $16.3 Million for St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in Tennessee, which offers free care to needy children. The MSM never talks about the great things the Trump’s have done for the USA. 

About 7,800 active patients are seen at St. Jude yearly, most of whom are treated on a continuing outpatient basis as part of ongoing research programs. The hospital also has 78 beds for patients requiring hospitalization during treatment. St. Jude has treated children from all 50 states and from around the world. Patients at St. Jude are referred by a physician, and nearly all have a disease currently under study and are eligible for a clinical trial. 

*Note: Obamacare was originally a plan drawn up by Hillary Clinton during Bill Clinton’s presidency. It was so bad, they trashed her idea during that time. Then along came the biggest buffoon of all, Obama and put that healthcare into motion! Put the blame right square onto the shoulders of where it should be, not the Trump administration!

Liz Warren and Bernie Sanders have lied to the American public, people will not die! Liz Wheeler from OANN explains the truth about healthcare.


What Will Happen With Hillary Clinton’s Security Clearance? Let’s Take A Look 👀 

What Will Happen With Hillary Clinton’s Security Clearance? Let’s Take A Look 👀 

June 21, 2017

With the recent concerns of whether or not Hillary Clinton and her aides still hold government clearances, I was drawn to an article written in WAPO by John V Berry, a lawyer from Virginia who specializes in security clearance issues, which raises concerns about high profile people retaining security clearances, or let’s just say… the privilege to know more than ordinary civilians do about the secrets that are kept by intelligence agencies, military, etc…he believes “there should be an overhaul in the system so there is consistency for all clearance holders, no matter their station in life.”

Security clearances held by ex-government employees is not the only issue that should worry us, you have the leakers, such as General Petraeus, the Kennedy brothers. Obama’s CIA Director who leaked highly classified information to Hollywood. I am sure there are more incidents that we do not know about.

A very good example of this high profile privilege that Berry talks about is Marilyn Monroe, yup you heard that correctly, Marilyn had a close relationship/affairs with Bobby Kennedy and John F Kennedy. She kept a red diary of discussions she had with them. 

When both Kennedy brothers distanced themselves from her she threatened to hold a press conference to expose information she knew about the plot to kill Castro, highly classified information about UFO’s. 

There was a secret airbase where bodies of aliens were kept after the UFO crash in 1947, which she had been privy to through trists with the Kennedy brothers. This highly classified information which was disclosed to her would have ended both careers of the Kennedy’s.

Disclosing such highly classified information is indicative of indictment and possible charges of treason. This should of been the case of Hillary Clinton’s email fiasco. Who knows to what extent our highly classified information was leaked? And to whom? She definitely should not be holding any type of  security clearance.

Why does she still hold a clearance? Well, lawnews.com has the answer in a nutshell. She violated the Federal Records Act, but she’s off the hook. Why? Since she left her position as Secretary of State, there are no consequences because she left! If she had still been in office, there would of been consequences for her moronic careless actions. 

The Federal Records Act is in place not only to provide the American public with some level of transparency but also “to protect the legal and financial rights of the Government and of persons directly affected by the agency’s activities.”
As Metcalfe pointed out, The Federal Records Act, if violated in this way, does allow action to be taken against a government employee– but only administrative action. Both Clinton and Powell are not in office, so they can’t be punished. As for the Freedom of Information Act, there are sanctions provided under (a)(4)(F)(1), but again, those penalties only apply to someone who is still working for the federal government. While there are consequences if you are found to have intentionally destroyed federal records, the audit did not make a finding that this happened.

Because she cannot be held accountable, she will probably continue to hold a clearance unless they can prove she destroyed federal records.

So, unless they open a new investigation into her and her aides helping to destroy federal records, believe me when I say, she’s free and will continue to have a security clearance, unless a congressional bill which was brought forth on 7/06/2016 by Senator Gardner, Cory (R-CO) – All Bill Information (Except Text) for S.3135 – Taking Responsibility Using Secured Technologies Act of 2016 114th Congress (2015-2016) is passed. 

This bill would revoke her security clearance. This has been referred to Senate Homeland Security and Governmental affairs. Their is also a related bill H.R. 5697 which was referred to the subcommittee on crime, terrorism, and Homeland Security and investigations on 7/20/2016.

My question is why has this bill been stalling? We need to call our Senators and Congressman on this ASAP!

More About Bill >

Clinton’s Problems Continue, Trump’s Problems Unfounded

Clinton’s Problems Continue, Trump’s Problems Unfounded

June 15, 2017

Seems like the mainstream media is still pushing their “obstruction of justice” claims against the President. This is much to do about nothing! This is all coming from the Clinton allies, in a last ditch effort to save their own hides.

The MSM still won’t tell you that Hillary Clinton is still under investigation, they throw you off with fake news about President Trump. The Hillary Clinton investigations are warranted, says Senator Dianne Feinstein. These new revelations came out in James Comey’s testimony on June 8, 2017.

These revelations are not actually new, as most Americans believed that both the FBI and DOJ were protecting Clinton. Now, Democrats are listening to calls from ranking Senators like Feinstein and Grassley.

Feinstein believes their just might of been downplaying of the investigation into Clinton during the 2016 election. Comey testified that AG Loretta Lynch told him to say it was a “matter,” instead of a criminal investigation into Clinton. Comey testified that Lynch’s request made him feel queasy. Now, Feinstein is getting queasy to learn what Lynch asked Comey to state, enough to ask the Judiciary Committee for an investigation as she stated on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “I think we need to know more about that, and there’s only one way to know about it, and that’s to have the Judiciary Committee take a look at that.”

Feinstein also said she didn’t know whether Trump’s statements to Comey on the Russia probe, as relayed by the former FBI director, constitute obstruction of justice.

Senator Chuck Grassley is asking the State Departments, Rex Tillerson to investigate Hillary Clinton’s alleged misuse of power during her tenure as Secretary Of State. He reiterated back in 2015 that it had nothing to do with politics, but it was a matter of national security, this has never changed! He’s right, it is a national security issue!

The “obstruction of justice,” claim for the President will definitely not stick, as it was not an order by the President, as such it absolutely could not be misconstrued as an order. Flynn was still under investigation after Trumps talk with Comey, as he is to this very day. What must be emphasized here, which the MSM refuses to say, Trump is not under investigation for Russian ties. 

Further evidence for unprovable obstruction of justice claims for the President, the letters that were released by AG Sessions, and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein proved Comey  was removed due to not upholding the rule of law, which could amount to obstruction of justice being drawn up against Comey. It is the President’s constitutional duty to make sure the rule of law is upheld and faithfully executed. 

As far as I am concerned a motive beyond faithfully executing the law which is not obstruction of justice, would be to hard to prove with evidence such as the letters. Another point to make since Comey’s firing, guess what? The Flynn investigation is still ongoing! There’s no obstruction of justice.

Hillary Clinton was obstructing justice by destroying cell phones, using bleachbit on emails…..This is clearly a double standard, one in which she finally will be brought to justice since Comey is no longer the Director of the FBI. 

By insiders or outsiders unknown at this time, leaking information that Mueller is investigating the President for obstruction of justice or the supposed Russian ties that his son-in-law, Jared Kushner had, it has been warned by Rosenstein that the leaks coordinated anonymously should be received with skepticism. In other words, don’t take it as fact. The Washington Post and CNN are known quite well for reporting, using anonymous sources. In my opinion this tactic to get a rumor started to thwart/hinder progression within the administrations duties to the American people. 

The firing of James Comey was because of the handling of the Clinton investigations. Feinstein and Grassley are the ones who are smart enough to figure it out after the Sessions and Comey testimonies.

This post comes from democraticunderground.com, posted by riversedge, 12 hours ago:

“Grassley is going after Hillary Clinton also in his probe to investigate Comey firing…….”

“Damn. I was happy when I found out Grassley committee was going to look into the Comey firing but did not know that part of the deal was to look AGAIN at the Hillary’s email witch hunt. Damn!!”


Senate Judiciary Committee to investigate Comey firing, Clinton email probe 

By Seung Min Kim 

06/14/2017 06:08 PM EDT 

“The Judiciary Committee has an obligation to fully investigate any alleged improper partisan interference in law enforcement investigations,” Grassley wrote to his Democratic counterpart, Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California. “It is my view that fully investigating the facts, circumstances, and rationale for Mr. Comey’s removal will provide us the opportunity to do that on a cooperative, bipartisan basis.”

In the letter, Grassley also stressed that the committee is obligated to look into the Justice Department’s handling last year of the probe surrounding Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail use, citing Comey’s testimony last week that he was concerned DOJ “could not credibly complete the investigation and decline prosecution without grievous damage to the American people’s confidence in the justice system.”

“There should be no improper interference with FBI investigations to favor any elected official or candidate of either party,” Grassley wrote to Feinstein. “The Committee has an obligation to pursue all evidence of such misconduct.” 
Grassley and Feinstein met late Tuesday to discuss the Russia matter following testimony from Attorney General Jeff Sessions before the Senate Intelligence Committee, according to a Grassley spokesman. The Judiciary Committee has oversight of the Justice Department and the FBI.

Grassley stressed that the committee is obligated to look into the Justice Department’s handling last year of the probe surrounding Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail use.

After this investigation is completed, we will finally have an end to the Trump allegations of any obstruction of justice. But, Hillary will still be under investigation, the truth will come out.

WND – Security Officers Warn of Huma Abedin’s Ties to Saudi’s

June 11, 2017


Originally published by @2016 WND – make sure to watch the video “Enemies from Within'” within article, you will find Hillary is just as worrisome, if not more than Huma, be very very glad that Hillary is not President, as I am sure Huma would have been right at her side.


In the article the video mentions why neither Huma or Hillary should be able to pass a background check. Many of our Congressmen and Congresswomen should not be serving, as they also have ties to Russia, like Maxine Waters for instance. John McCain helped the Vietcong, he should not be serving.

https://mobile.twitter.com/jkellyr/status/874185783703252993 👎👇

Millennials who voted for Hillary especially, please check when voting! Check with old timers, they were there when some of these Congressmen/Women and Senators were first elected, like for instance, McCain. The internet is there to help everyone learn all they can about a candidate. Don’t make a judgement on a candidate justified by what they say, they are politicians trying to get elected. Some are honest, some are not honest, and some do not have good intentions. I wish all serving could be like Trey Gowdy! But, I know that’s not reality.

The generation of baby boomers helped keep this country from going belly up, they won’t be around forever, so please educate yourselves. The trick in this political process is very simple, never ever lose this country’s sovereignty, to do so, will take your rights away.

This movie 🎥 is the movie Hillary Clinton banned from theaters. Her old scandals can maybe be covered up, but her new ones are continuous, a gift that keeps giving…..let’s hope she’s not going to run again!

FBI Raid – Huma Abedin Brother and Sisters Home, June 1, 2017

FBI Raid – Huma Abedin Brother and Sisters Home, June 1, 2017

June 3, 2017




As reported by whatdoesitmean.com, On June 1, 2017, a raid took place in a home in the 7200 Block of Jonathon Street in Dearborn, Michigan which is owned by a “shell company,”  turns out it’s actually owned by Huma Abedin’s brother and sister. This shell company is the Journal of Muslim Affairs. Important to note, Huma worked as an Assistant Editor for this company at one time. 

Several FBI and DOJ officers left Washington enroute to Dearborn……convoys of cars descended on the home located at 7246 Jonathon Street, assisted by other law enforcement officers from neighboring locals.

During the Clinton campaign last summer, if you recall, we didn’t see Huma Abedin for awhile, she had apparently made a trip to Dearborn, Michigan. A few months before she left to visit her brother, Hassan Abedin’s home in Dearborn, she was interviewed by the FBI about Hillary Clinton’s lost emails. Upon Abedin’s testimony to the FBI, it is reported that a laptop containing an archived copy, along with a thumb drive, were lost in the mail.

Apparently after it was reported that Huma and Anthony Weiner would be getting a divorce shortly after Weiner was convicted in May, the story takes a different turn, they moved back into their home in New York City. Hmmm, this begs the question, is Weiner still going to prison?

Only 24 hours after the Weiner’s moved back into their home the Raid in Dearborn took place. It is assumed that when Huma left during Hillary’s campaign last summer, she made that secret trip to Dearborn to hide the archived copies of the missing emails. Events now are falling into place.

As of now, the media still has not reported what the Raid was in reference to, only stating it was not a terrorism issue, but a matter of national security. This information was conveyed to people that lived around the house in Dearborn. Can you imagine all these Agents pulling into your neighborhood? That would send panic into me, that’s for sure.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the Raid appears to have nothing to do with metro Detroit or the young adult male who lives in house that was raided.

According to RT, the Free Press interviewed the former head of terrorism operations in Detroit, Andy Arena – it most likely was not related to terrorism, as their would of been bomb sniffing dogs on the site, and neighbors would of been evacuated. So, we know it was in no way related to any type of terrorism. In my opinion, they were specifically looking for documentation of some sort.

According to multiple sources they took one person into custody, removed boxes from the home, which they took with them. I am wondering if this was some type of spy network they are going after. This could involve many people.

Fox News also reported about this, but not CNN! Lol, guess their to busy keeping it quiet, that tells me it’s something big! In my opinion, it likely involves people they don’t want to tell us about. 

After Fox reported this, other new sources are starting to release video, such as channel 7, WXYZ Detroit News! Hope we will hear what other state this is involving besides Michigan. [VIDEO BELOW] Important to note, Joey Lowe said in his comment to me that in the unedited version of the video, there was an NYPD detective at the scene in Dearborn.

Important to note, other family members of Huma’s are being prosecuted for conspiracy, wire fraud, securities fraud – and she along with the State Department, where she previously worked for Clinton, are mentioned in the federal case, court records show. Read more at http://mobile.wnd.com/2017/04/humas-kin-under-federal-fraud-investigation/#1qCLZAsAsCwThDLA.99. There is no doubt in my mind something very nefarious is afoot here.

NOTE – Shell companies are set up for one main reason, to keep the owner of this particular house anonymous. The only people that could actually be able to find out who owns the home are intelligence agencies who have access to records here and around the world. The people living in a shell company home are not necessarily the owners. Shell companies are set up for different reasons, but the most important one I found is evading the tax man. If the house was purchased with cash and filed under an LLC you have absolute privacy, there is no way a lawyer or private investigator could track the homeownership to you or anyone else. Also, LLC’s protect individuals from legal liability.

I am sure it will take awhile to go through all of those emails. Hope we hear something soon from the MSM, but don’t hold your breath!

UPDATE Since this article was written, within the first day, I had many views from Syria. Very strange, as they have never been among the countries viewing my articles. Ask yourself why? Very strange!


 37 year old Samer el Debek, aka “Samer Eldebek,” that was living at the address was arrested June 1, 2017 in Livonia, Michigan on “charges related to alleged activities related to Hezbollah, and an unrelated complaint for allegedly possessing extensive bomb making training received from Hezbollah. He was presented on June 5, before Magistrate Judge Henry Pitman in Manhattan federal court.”

32 year old Ali Kourani was arrested in the Bronx for “allegedly conducting surveillance of potential targets in America, including military and law enforcement facilities in New York City, also providing, attempting, and conspiring to provide material support to Hezbollah; receiving and conspiring to receive military-type training from Hezbollah; a related weapons offense that is alleged to have involved, among other weapons, a rocket-propelled grenade launcher and machine guns; violating and conspiring to violate the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA); and naturalization fraud to facilitate an act of international terrorism. Kourani was presented on Friday, June 2, before Magistrate Judge Barbara Moses in Manhattan federal court.”


June 3, 2017

FBI Nabs Hillary Clinton “Lost” Emails In Surprise Raid On Huma Abedin Home

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A stunning Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) urgent action bulletin circulating in the Kremlin today is reporting that the believed to be “lost” emails belonging to former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were recovered on 1 June when special agents of the American Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) raided a home in Dearborn, Michigan, owned by a “shell company” belonging to top Clinton aide Huma Abedin’s brother and sister. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this bulletin, during the afternoon of 1 June, SVR intelligence analysts reported that a specialized team of FBI special agents and US Department of Justice prosecutors hurriedly left Washington D.C. enroute to Dearborn, Michigan, where upon landing they were sped by a large convoy to a multi-family home located at 7246 Jonathon Street that they promptly raided stating to the local press that they were “investigating a matter of national security” and further saying that: “There’s no threat to public safety in the area, so folks don’t need to be concerned about any dangerous situation.”
Important to note about this Jonathon Street home in Dearborn, this bulletin continues, is that it is owned by a subsidiary “shell corporation” established by the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs that’s long been known as a Abedin family business where Huma Abedin’s brother, Hassan Abedin, is a book-review editor and her sister, Heba Abedin, is an assistant editor.

Born into an illustrious family of Brotherhood leaders, this bulletin details, Huma Abedin has been labeled as “nothing short of a Muslim Brotherhood princess” who grew up barely two hours from Dearborn in Kalamazoo, Michigan—and who, in August, 2016, mysteriously broke off from the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign to make a secret trip to Dearborn, that is now the largest Muslim city in America.

Just a few months before Huma Abedin’s secret visit to Dearborn, this bulletin says, she had been interviewed by the FBI investigating Hillary Clinton’s “lost” emails—and from her testimony, the FBI reported that a laptop containing a copy, or “archive,” of the emails on Hillary Clinton’s private server was apparently lost—in the postal mail—along with a thumb drive that also contained an archive of Clinton’s emails.

Twelve days ago, however, this bulletin explains, Huma Abedin’s husband, the now convicted sex-offender, and former US Congressman, Anthony Weiner, was indicted by a secret US grand jury, arrested by the FBI, and pled guilty to sex charges in a US Federal Court in the span of 2 hours, and that the SVR described at the time as being the fastest processing of such a case in American history—and that we detailed in our 22 May report titled “Most Secret Grand Jury In American History Paralyzes Washington With Fear”.

Being taken by surprise at her husband’s “lightning fast” arrest and conviction, and his facing up to 2 years prison time, this bulletin continues, Huma Abedin filed for divorce against Anthony Weiner just mere hours after he pled guilty to the sex charges leveled against him by President Trump’s Department of Justice.
Three days ago, though, this bulletin notes, on 31 May, both Huma Abedin and her husband Anthony Weiner met with top level FBI agents in New York City—immediately after which they renewed the lease on their luxurious Union Square duplex and returned to living as man and wife.

Barely 24 hours after Huma Abedin and her husband Anthony Weiner moved back into their luxurious New York City home, this bulletin says, FBI special agents and US Department of Justice prosecutors raided the Abedin owned property in Dearborn—leading the SVR to conclude that during Huma Abedin’s secret trip to Dearborn last summer, she “secreted/hid” within that home critical evidence relating to Hillary Clinton’s “lost” emails—and maybe even the “lost” computer and thumb drive too.

With there being no doubt that both Huma Abedin and her husband Anthony Weiner are now in full cooperation with President Trump’s Department of Justice, this bulletin concludes, the US mainstream propaganda media, nevertheless, remains fixated on their “fake news” Russian hysteria campaign that President Putin suggests they need a “chill pill” to cure themselves of—but with the newest member of this elitist cabal of leftist journalists, named Megyn Kelly, shocking the world yesterday after she asked Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi “Are you on Twitter?” (Modi has the 2nd most viewed Twitter feed in the world with over 30 million followers, 2nd only to President Trump), once again proof is shown that only “uneducated idiots” are allowed to report the news in America today. 






Thank God We Have A President That Cares About Americans

Thank God We Have A President That Cares About Americans

May 30, 2017

Day after day President Trump has shown people who are watching him in his young presidential career that he cares about Americans and their families.

With the MSM constantly bashing him, it is a wonder he has withstood the storm. But, he has withstood the storm like a trooper. The fake Russian narrative is exhaustively wearing itself down to nothing. Zero, nada, no truth whatsoever has been brought forth to imply that he or his campaign were ever involved in any nefarious activities with the Russians. Talking with Russian Diplomats is in no way against the law. But, selling Uranium to the Russian’s like Hillary Clinton did is very questionable as far as I am concerned.

He continually tries to strive for peace and prosperity throughout the world. His best show of these traits was evidenced in his first foreign trip to Saudia Arabia and Europe. We are so proud of our President! The loser MSM just can’t seem to get their reporting right, very sad. According to most of the MSM, Trump didn’t do anything right. Oh, yeah, that’s right, they watched CNN, that explains everything.


Hillary Clinton and her husband went to our President’s inauguration, but they continually show their disloyalty to our POTUS and America. I ask my self, are they living in the same America as I am? Their views are so counterproductive, and nonsupportive of our POTUS. They need to get onboard the #TrumpTrain, stop complaining and help us Make America Great Again!

Hillary Clinton is a poster child for the resistance against Trump. But, does she have the stamina,  willpower to win the democratic base that left her during the election of 2016? Personally, I believe she is just following in the footsteps of Obama, yup a follower, never a leader. Hers and Obama’s resistance is failing miserably. Sadly for warmonger/regime changer Hillary Clinton she won’t get that Third World War she wanted. Just imagine, if she had become President!

In Agenda 2030 they talk about depopulation, what better way to depopulate than by aborting babies and sending our young men to fight in a Third World Global War! I am so glad she is not my President!


The Democratic Liberals need to become fully awake like Trump supporters. A book called “Queen of CHAOS” which was written by Diana Johnstone explains why she is the Queen of Chaos. In an article on counterpunch.org, written by Maidhc O Cathail, in which she questions the author Diana Johnstone: “Can you explain why you chose this derogatory sobriquent to describe Hillary?” Her answer was quite to the point:

Diana Johnstone: Libya, in a word. Hillary Clinton was so proud of her major role in instigating the war against Libya that she and her advisers initially planned to use it as basis of a “Clinton doctrine”, meaning a “smart power” regime change strategy, as a presidential campaign slogan.

The Libyan catastrophe actually inspired me to write this book, along with the mounting danger of war with Russia.

War creates chaos, and Hillary Clinton has been an eager advocate of every U.S. aggressive war in the last quarter of a century.  These wars have devastated whole countries and caused an unmanageable refugee crisis. Chaos is all there is to show for Hillary’s vaunted “foreign policy experience”.

So, there you have it, I urge all Democratic liberals who care about their sons to read this book! Be thankful, stop complaining all the time that President Trump is our President. Just be mindful of what we have averted, a complete disaster, one in which I believe Germany’s, Angela Merkel would of been proud to help sponsor, a war right alongside of Hillary!


After World War II, Germany’s Chancellor Merkel has not forgotten that her country became divided, east and west.  Half of the country was under a Communist way of life. She still holds a grudge that she will never put away. Never mind the fact that Germany had a lust for world dominance, and the killing of innocent Jewish families. Hillary and Merkel together, wow, these two crazy people would have destroyed the world!

If Germany wants war with Russia, let them fight it out on their own. The German government is on their way to destabilizing their own population with the Muslim influx of refugees. According to an article that was published by Soeren Kern via gatestoneinstitute.org, dated February 8, 2017, “Critics of Germany’s open-door immigration policy are warning that the recent surge in Germany’s Muslim population — which surpassed six million in 2016 for the first time —- has already changed the face of the country forever.” Germany can thank their leader for that misfortune of events.

This is evidence that Merkel doesn’t seem to care enough about her people to save their German cultures or values. Hillary Clinton joined forces with Merkel’s stance on immigration/refugees from known terrorist countries. She didn’t mind if the U.S. took in more refugees from terrorist countries, furthering more of an economic crisis on U.S. citizens, not to mention more possible terror attacks that could occur with the terrorists sneaking in as refugees. The Democrats that voted for this need their heads examined, period!

So, again, let me make it clear for those that voted for Hillary, you aided and abetted a coup on your own country! And, if you continue to support Obama’s and Hillary’s views, and this goes for all those Hollywood elites who have their heads in the sand, you are still aiding and abetting, stop it, and come to your senses! What does it take for people not to see this?


To the Democrats who did see for themselves, by doing their research, and jumping the Hillary sinking ship, you did the right thing for our country. I thank you, believe me, you will not be sorry that you voted for President Trump. Thank God for President Trump!

Our President has tried to keep every promise he made to the American people. If he didn’t have to fight the Federal Judges who keep blocking his travel ban, we might of had a better chance of not becoming like Germany, Sweden, France. Now, with Federal Judge William Orrick blocking the Department of Justice from withholding funding from communities that limit their cooperation with U.S. Immigration authorities, it’s just another attempt for the Democrats to cry foul! When in all actuality, this Judge seems to be aiding and abetting criminal activity in these sanctuary cities. I am beginning to think something is very wrong with those people in California. The deep state is still alive, and well.

UPDATE: Trump has kept his promise on Climate Change Accord. He is willing to renegotiate.


We need to keep fighting along with President Trump to get these corrupt Judges out of office. When the DOJ sends a letter to nine sanctuary cities, telling them to comply with federal immigration laws or lose their grant money, it should be obeyed! Illegals that are in the USA are not citizens, therefore you would think that they do not have rights under the constitution. These leftist judges try and argue that they do have rights under the constitution. The fourteenth amendment gives them their said rights, it states “No state shall….deprive any person of life, liberty or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” So, in the interpretation of the constitution, they do have rights. The key word is “people,” meaning all people living inside of the U.S. But, people who are undocumented or are in violation of visas and the like, they should not be protected by sanctuary cities.

Getting back to the sanctuary cities….illegals who otherwise would be deportable, if not living in a sanctuary community, they should not be protected nor shielded  by constitutional laws. So, by Judge Orrick shielding them, by blocking further action taken for noncompliance of laws, that should be illegal in my opinion. By Attorney General Sessions threatening to block funding to these communities, they would eventually fall away, not so much now. I am sure Trump and his administration will not give up fighting for what is right, America First!

With Trump’s “Fathomless Federation” who are a group of very powerful global law firms who are against the deep state, which were embedded into the very fabric of America by Trump over the past, nearly four decades, he will come out fighting, and will eventually win.