Public Translation, Packed With Information

April 9, 2018

Tweets on Twitter are hard to follow when you don’t have the translation laid out in front of you. I had a request to translate a tweet thread of @drSAlsadoun’s. I am posting the translation here in my blog for all who likewise are interested in what he has to communicate in English speaking communities.

The thread was a long one and very informative. It is of the utmost importance that we understand where and when ISIS, also known as ISIL was formed. He explains all of this to us in this thread, and much, much more.

I will link his first tweet of the thread if you care to retweet, like and follow him. I would recommend following him since his tweets are enlightening and informative. Here we go…

TRANSLATION OF @drSAlsadoun’s TWEET DATED 4/8/2018

-1. In this series, ISIL will talk about its thinking, its orientations, who supports it?

When was it founded? And what are their objectives?

ISIS abbreviation for the name of the Islamic State which is the product of a deep thought of the communist Obama and followed by Hillary Clinton and the creator of the Zionist Dennis Ross who was appointed by Hillary and Obama first in 2009 responsible for the management of the Gulf file

-2. The main objective of Dennis Ross was when the dossier was received with full powers by Obama and Hillary is the overthrow of the monarchy in the Gulf.

and help Iran to cooperate with Turkey, America and the west to restore the clock of history until 600 days before the time of the domination of the Arabs by the Byzantine and Persian Arab states.

-3. All of them were: Obama…


Dennis Ross…



Ali Larijani.

They make a team at one table wanting to eat from the Arab table, but the Arabian cake is so delicious that each one of them wants the greatest amount and share of the cake..

They met and they thought the Arabs were moaning, and they brought knives to cut it.

-4. The general agreement between the Ambassador of Iran and the representative of Khamenei in Iraq, Dennis Ross, the representative of Obama, Hillary and the World Zionist, who are holding talks in Baghdad in the sponsorship of the Iraqi government occupied by Iran, was as follows: a) to restore the clock of history to 600 m.

b) Formulation of a general, specific and precise agreement on the projection

-5. Arab regimes and the establishment of the Turkish and Iranian occupation in the Arab countries;

Erdogan and Turkey are heir to the Byzantine state, so that Turkey will occupy all the property that was under the colonization of Byzantium in the year 600.

Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Hijaz from Saudi Arabia, Tabuk, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Sudan, Algeria, Tangier

-6. Tanger and his sepah from Morocco, so that Morocco will have a special status under the administrative administration of France and hand over power to the Nonselmin brothers.

But will not be subject to Turkey.

It was agreed that the broad Arab region to be occupied by Turkey would be named “The Islamic Crescent”, which noted the Islamic political crescent led by Erdogan and the Brotherhood.

-7. It is not the crescent of Muslims, we are Muslims and they are Muslim, we are peaceful and we love peace and Islamists love Terror, murder, blood, adultery, rape, and the marriage of jihad.

We have agreed to call it what will happen under the colonization of Iranian terrorism by the Islamic Shiite crescent of the Arab race.

It includes Iraq, Kuwait and east

-8- Eastern Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and the UAE to Yemen, with a special status for the state of Oman that is similar to that of Morocco, is not subject to the overthrow of the government. Omani but Oman signs a colonial treaty in its lower limits so that the Omani army is under the orders of Khamenei and the Omani geography becomes a conduit for the movement of soldiers

And the weapon to Yemen for a war

-9. The Saudi War of the South as its war after the occupation of Bahrain from the east is as fancy.

As well as three Iranian bases in Ethiopia, Eritrea and the Sudan.

Qatar, Hamad bin Jassem, is here to introduce a unified Arab emirate after isolating the Emir of Qatar, which includes the Arabian Gulf Coast, east, west and north, as its president.

-10. Who ruined the entire plan and introduced it into the death of Sheikh al-Sharthi, Hasan Nasr al-Lat, when he suggested to Khamenei that Lebanon not leave Turkey, and that it is possible to establish two Hilal Shiites from the north to the south (Tehran-Baghdad-Sana’a) and from east to west (Tehran-Baghdad-Damascus-Beirut) and here the Western talks are divided of Iran to

-11. To the two sections of the department, in the absurd talks between Larijani Iran (and 5 + 1) and a section between the Iranian ambassador in Baghdad and Dennis Ross, they are talking about the secret protocol to the nuclear agreement.

Which is being unleashed by Iran in the Arab countries for its occupation.

Dalal Khamenei and the Iranian ambassador in Baghdad were good luck for the Arabs

-12. Iran has opened up its appetite to the fullest extent of Iranian colonization of the Middle East 3,000 years ago.

The talks were delayed from 2009 to 2014, when Obama and Hillary underwent all Iran’s conditions.

The nuclear agreement was signed and Iran’s fractional lives with pride and arrogance as a habit of the Persians when they get cocky.

-13. Turkey was like a beggar at the nations table waiting for Britain, France and America to be received by the Arab countries one after another to steal the Arab money as they stole it over 500 years ago.

Erdogan, therefore, was humiliated about his psychological illness with frequent speeches, reviews and threats here and there.

-14. Before we proceed to the establishment of ISIL, we must talk about the background of the terms of the nuclear agreement to its secret protocol.

Obama: A man of hypocrite horizons.. From August Shia and the family of the brothers. He claimed to embrace Christianity as a kaafir, a hardcore Communist atheist who does not believe in the existence of a hypocritical machine that ostensibly reverses everything he believes in.

His father’s background +

-15. The background of his Shiite father made him envious of Saudi Arabia wanting to divide it.

And the background of the Kenyan brothers made him want to drop them more.

* Hillary Clinton: Not ruled out with a TV presenter who claimed she was not human and was transformed into a parking garage in Los Angeles.

And whether she’s joking or serious, she’s in any way a demon.

-16. She came to Saudi Arabia to contrive with the mother of her secretary, Homa Abdeen, an Indian resident of Saudi Arabia, and a group of women involved in the conspiracy. Homa Abdeen and her mother were Saleh Abdeen, who claimed that they were Saudi and Saudi Arabia rejected them because they were not Saudis at all.

Hillary was working to overthrow the +

-17. The Saudi Arabian government and the Gulf states through two ways: a) Dennis Ross talks with the Iranian embassy in Baghdad.

b) through clandestine shuttle visits to Iran.

Even God wanted to scandal her with those shuttle visits when she and Obama were declaring war declarations against Iran, while the best American pilot at the base of many was expensive +

-18. Under the command of a plane carrying Hillary each time to Tehran from Qatar–many.

He appears to be in a state of frustration, as the statements criminalizing Iran do not prevent him from seeing with his own mother Hillary as he embraces the Iranians under his aircraft. On their last visit to Tehran more than a month before they left the office of the Foreign Ministry, the pilot decided to

-19. The special pilot has decided to commit suicide because he can no longer endure the political hypocrisy that he hears and sees.

He was flown in a ravine. Hillary or seven lives came out of the accident with a concussion.

The hospital was hospitalized and taken prior to Obama’s inauguration as president for his second term.

That she is harassing the Arabs specially and care about Iran and

-20. The Muslim Brotherhood that they espouse and support their revolutions.

* Dennis Ross = Netanyahu which means an infinite grudge against Arabs.

* Khamenei: A Persian believer in the Antichrist made a cut in the left-hand to paralyze her as a sacrificial offering. He is envious of Islam and Muslims hani that he is close to the world with his hatred for Arabs. Being a peaceful subject of Islam.

-21. Erdogan: From a Georgian Jewish family.

Of the Dommah Jews who migrated from Spain, who were persecuting them and formally handing over control of Turkey.

He entered the Hezb-i-Islami to destroy the Arabs and Islam, with the religion of Hassan al-Banna, a Moroccan Jew.

He is hostile to the Arabs and he is plotting to seize their countries and their riches.

-22. Ali Larijani of a magianizing family of political Islam, a book of 50 years since the Khomeini revolution and his hardcore racist brother the mother of the villages was called to occupy Saudi Arabia and destroy Mecca and Medina and to transfer hajj to Iran, and I think they now built their Kaaba to achieve a plan The Magusi Larijani.

-23. We come to the establishment of the Muslim Islamic State (ISIL), the enemy of Islam.

During the numerous dialogues between Dennis Ross and Iranian Ambassador Nuri al-Maliki, which belongs to the Jews of Bani Qarqa, who betrayed the messenger of Allah Muhammad and reversed the peace treaty with him.

There was the idea of establishing ISIL in the last two or three weeks of

-24. The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ahmadinejad Hani, was the leader of a Jewish terrorist who took part in the detention of the American hostages immediately two weeks before he left for the presidential palace to visit Baghdad and met with Maliki and agreed to establish the Islamic State where they chose an Iranian president Abu Bakr Baghdadi

-25. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, not current, and the plan required that an Iranian Revolutionary Guard faction invade Iraqi jails and hit their surroundings at the time when the intelligence officers are imprisoned between joining the twelve or the death of the attack, nine thousand Iraqi prisoners of all nationalities, especially the rule of joining the twelve

They were taken out of prison.

-26. ISIS has thus been established and has begun to actively discuss the objectives, role and policies of ISIL and its supporting states.

Here it became its main base in Hamedan.

It developed its attack on Mosul as its political capital, and replaced Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi with the last Israeli who is their current unlucky successor

-27. In order to understand the states supporting ISIL: a) Obama announced that the Islamic Caliphate was coming soon.

(b) Iran has placed its secret and military command of ISIL in Hamedan.

(c) Israel appointed the president of ISIL as a conscript from its Israeli citizens to become the successor of the Islamists.

Turkey has pledged to buy oil and the Arab al-Qaeda assistant to engage

-28. Joining Isil.

(d) America has undertaken training, funds and armament.

Iraq was granted facilities to seize oil wells and to grant them part of Iraqi territory, and to enable them to occupy military bases with their weapons holdings.

If the countries that care for Isil and contributed by the founding of America Abuama, Hilary and Dennis Ross, Iraq +

-29. Iraq: The days of Maliki, Iran-Ahmadinejad and later, with the great support of Khamenei and the great Iranian terrorist Qasim Soleimani.

-Turkey Erdogan.


Its objectives.

-Implementation of the confidential Protocol to the Nuclear agreement Convention (Iran and 5 + 1).

-Defamation of Islam to prevent the sane west from being considered a theory and a religion of pain

-30. The future is global after the fall of Socialism and Communism in 1990 and the Fall of capitalism theory after the economic meltdown of 2008 in that global crisis.

ISIL has to distort the high-quality theory of Islam into a quasi-savage and immoral ideology.

The occupation of the oil wells of Iraq and Syria to reduce the exchange support for regulation

-31. To alter the idea of the religion of compassion and peace that Muslims believe, to the religion of eating hearts, livers and beheading.

Of course, Muslims are forbidden to eat donkeys, pigs and other beasts.

His fate makes the fire of anyone who has killed a human being without any guilt or crime.

Here we go to religion Isil, to which religion follows?

-32. There are a lot of organizations that believe in cutting off the heads with the bulk: the Parthusian religion and the Persians had a fractional fun in the Arabs every day he gets arrested in Arabic, cut off his hands and then his legs while he laughs, and then they cut off his head. This is how the Persian leader killed more than 1,000 Arabs throughout his reign every day.

-33. Abu Musallam al-Kharwani also killed the time of the Abbasid Revolution 750 m more than 600,000 Arabs in genocide.

The French also killed one million and a half Algerian and, as is known, how the Spaniards did to Muslim Arabs from a great murder, many of them fled to Latin America and forgot that they were Arabs and that their ancestors were Arabs.

-34. It is certain who wants to know how Blackwater or the black waters that are considered to be remnants of the Crusades as the Knights of Malta and the Servants of the temple, must know the massacres carried out by the Crusaders at the time of their entry to Jerusalem in 1099 and how did Salah al-Din do with them when he recovered Jerusalem this is the difference between black water and the guard. For a revolutionary

-35. The rule is the product of an Iranian Baha’i and Jewish ideology by Hassan al-Banna.

It between the true Islam represented by the peaceful Muslims, the abdeen of God, and those who love peace with other peoples.

-36. The biggest fraud came from the international group supporting ISIL when they said that Isis thought and Wahhabi was Saudi.

Isil thought Iran’s ultra-Orthodox and Biblical Orthodox crusader of the Israeli Torah Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

One third of the ISIL black water forces between 15,000 and 20,000, according to a withdrawal, a new extended and an Iranian Revolutionary Guard

37. They are followed by the popular crowd and Shiite militias to the terrorist groups.

One third of the Arab Islamists and the security of all countries of Islam who are Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda.

There are no Saudis among them but the Muslim Brotherhood and their crime belongs to the brothers Party and not to Saudi Arabia.

So the Crown Prince Muhammad asked

-38. Mohammed bin Salman Al-Aboul who wants to blame Saudi Arabia and the prince said I dont know wahabism do you know the Wahhabi

You’re the anchor.

My loved ones go back to the Wahhabi historical Encyclopahabism is a band of outsiders just like the Muslim Brotherhood originated in Algiers in 1995H/815 founded by Abdelwahab Rastam.

-39. They noted the lie and falsification. Usually, Jesus was named after his Christian name, and Islam wrongly qualifies as a Mohammedan as a relative to the first name of the Messenger of God as is the name of Christ and we do not agree with these designations other than that we want to get to the truth the Abdulalhap rustle is Persian he wanted to fake Islam so he named his religion as Wahhabi The first was not

-40. The capital was not said.

Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahab had come up with a new religion or doctrine to say the mohammedism.

It is the first name of Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahab.

Why are they trying to falsify the truth?

They said Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahab is outside.

If they search for a band they found Wahhabism 900 years ago from Muhammad’s birth, they wanted to drop the name on him.

-41. The people make sure that the Saudis have been outside as the Wahhabi in Algeria for 1100 years.

Thus, the Saudis give in to their intellectual destruction, then criminalize them by media, then their war, and then politically overthrow them.

It’s a big conspiracy to look at the world. We the peaceful Saudis have become scapegoats for terrorism that we have fought for centuries.

ISIS Is Surrendering En Mass, We Are Winning the War Against Terrorism

October 9, 2017

President Trump and his armies have ISIS on the run…the USA and other powerful countries are finished playing around.

Another very big campaign promise President Trump made was to rid the world of ISIS. It looks like it is finally coming to fruition. He has hurt them where it counts….no more shipments, no more money or vehicles. Without the funding and arms they are finished.

If you remember ISIS was being funded with help from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. When Trump became President we were assured that ISIS would be dealt with swiftly, and they are, only nine months into his Presidency, President Trump has made good on his promise to the American people.

Back in August, 2017 we saw ISIS was losing ground with the executions of five of it’s top leaders. With the intensive strikes and many ISIS members being killed on a weekly basis, it’s no wonder that they are now surrendering en masse.

As the Daily Wire has reported, ISIS has realized they won’t be getting paid or fed for “their cause,” they have no other choice but to surrender or go back home. Their promises for joining were very comfortable homes and many wives, guess that has been put to an end, they are finding this out the hard way.

The Iraqi soldiers have become stronger with the help from world leaders and US backed troops.

President Trumps decision to send more troops to Afghanistan rather than pullout, which would have had dire consequences and his warning delivered to Pakistan to stop harboring extremists has paid off.

The Christian Post has said it well, the factors in Trump’s winning; “Those factors are the Trump administration’s delegation of key decision-making to battlefield commanders, the tactic of “annihilation” in which the ground forces surround the group in its stronghold so foreign fighters cannot escape, and drumming up support for burden-sharing among 73 members — 69 countries and four international organizations — of the broad anti-IS coalition.”


It is being reported by numerous sites that 1,000 militants have surrendered after the retaking of ISIS strongholds.

USA Today is reporting the fall of Hawija in Northern Iraq. The ISIS troops are reportedly demoralized and waning. They gave up without much of a fight, which shows that the military tactics are working.
U.S.-backed forces in Syria have recaptured about three-quarters of Raqqa, the ISIS headquarters, after about four months of fighting in the city,” reports USA Today.

The fight is not over yet, day by day, hour by hour they will fall or surrender. We must never give up the fight to stop terrorism, if that means always having troops over there in the Middle East to keep ISIS or any other terrorist group from ever growing strong again.

Don’t Expect To Ever See Obama Again In The USA

April 19, 2017


The rabbit hole that Obama has crawled into just gets wider everyday. Supposedly already arrested, he most likely will face charges here in the USA…..we now have a witness….

As reported by teaparty.org, while interrogating a known ISIS terrorist, Yousaf Al-Salafi who gave details and payed out amounts to him from the Obama Administration. It looks like ISIS was being funded by Obama and then head of the  State Department, Hillary Clinton.

Al-Salafi and an Imam he was working with recruited soldiers for ISIS which netted them  $600 for every soldier sent to fight in Syria.

First we had Al Qaeda, then Hamas, Hezbollah, Boko Haram, all with the same united ideology, clear belief system and a common goal. They just kept on changing their names. 

The “moderate rebels,” all of which were former soldiers of ISIS were initially funded by the USA. They just kept changing their name, which enabled them to continue to receive funding from the United States.

President Trump on numerous occasions has called out Obama for “creating ISIS.” Now we know the truth. These groups were funded by Obama’s administration in order to topple the Assad Regime.

[VIDEO] in which Trump accuses Obama of creating ISIS.
If Obama doesn’t have enough negative press, this affirmation may just push him to the brink of staying away from the USA. Maybe a self imposed exile is just what is needed. 

When he came back from a vacation in the Caribbean, after Trump’s inauguration, he began making public statements through a spokesman. Very strange indeed, since most ex-President’s don’t use a public spokesman. Seems to me that he was telegraphing his moves to continue unrest in the Trump administration from afar. Possibly knowing since Hillary Clinton, his co-conspirator wasn’t elected, all of the misdeeds could not be swept under the rug.