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False Flag Christmas Day? INFO

False Flag Christmas Day? INFO

November 30, 2017

I usually don’t report on events I cannot vet, but this for some reason has me worried and I think we might want to be aware that this information could be true. Don’t expect to hear it in the MSM, we know that will never happen. Just be aware of things around you, report anything you see that seems strange.

A certain gentleman reports that he has remote viewing capabilities. We know these types of people have on occasion been used by our US military. So, I cannot completely discount what this gentlemen is trying to relay to the public.

The operation he is talking about he refers to as “Operation Christmas.” What day it will take place, we assume Christmas Day.

He has contacted the military about what he saw during this remote viewing. I would assume that our military are checking this out.

His viewing starts out with a type of “Blue Beam” that people will assume North Korea is firing missiles at the USA heading to the west coast. FYI, Blue Beam is suppose to be types of holograms that are supposedly used by our own CIA, NASA. His specifics are Los Angeles (2 areas) and San Francisco (1area). In all actuality it won’t be North Korea firing any missiles at all….in his remote viewing he sees three black duffle bags hidden in the Los Angeles aquatics and in San Francisco fault lines. They will be set to go off with a nuclear blast. If this is true, this definitely would start a war if that is what the Deep State is/was planning.

He has alerted the military about this which seems like they are taking it seriously since he says there are many outside his home protecting him today. He was told by the military to get this out to the people. This kind of bothers me since I know under normal circumstances they wouldn’t want the public to know anything about this. They would just handle the situation, unless they are trying to flush out the people who are trying to carry this out. Maybe waiting for them to remove or relocate the bombs.

Anyway, since I know remote viewing is real, maybe this should be made public to stop it from happening. I still am wrestling with whether or not I should report on this, but something is telling me that I should.

You can listen, linked to the VIDEO HERE


I don’t know much about Max Steel, but I did find a VIDEO made in 2014 where he is being interviewed on Steven D Kelly’s Revolution radio. The following was in the description box of the video:

As with everything that is put on YouTube, or anywhere else on the web, you will have to draw your own conclusions. Many people do not believe in extraterrestrial beings and that is definitely understandable. This information is for your own discernment.

Directed Energy Weapon – North Korea Better Beware

Directed Energy Weapon – North Korea Better Beware

Most people are scared of North Korea’s threats. Don’t be scared since we have the technology which is so far advanced, it makes the nuke incomparable. Actually this technology could destroy a missile, virtually making it invisible, or dust! Sound strange? Read on….

We have had this early technology as early as 1943. If you have not heard of it, let me fill you in quickly and then you can do further research.

In August of 1943 the USA performed an experiment of such magnitude that it would change the way the USA could fight wars in the future. It was discovered by accident when the US was looking for ways to hide from detection of the enemies radar. You may ask after I tell you what this experiment is, why would they do this to USA military men? My answer to you, they have been doing experiments on our US military men and women for years. Don’t believe me, just look it up for yourselves.

This experiment was called the “Philadelphia Experiment”, it was an experiment that was hidden, censored, much like what they do today with information they try and deem a conspiracy. Only thing they didn’t count on is that their were the witnesses that could testify to what they had seen and been through.

This was suppose to be just a test which actually worked, but turned into a nightmare for some of the guinea pigs that it was tested on. A ship called the USS Eldridge which was a Destroyer Escort was sitting in the Philadelphia Navy Yard, The ship disappeared and then reappeared. The horrible effects of the technology actually meshed men into the ship, some men could not stop disappearing and then reappearing. This was the beginning of the testing of what later would be called a Direct Energy Weapon (DEW). There are only three countries besides the US that have developed this technology, Russia, China and India, which are in the early stages. As of this writing Wikipedia is trying to take down the information of Directed Energy Weapon.

As I was typing this article, finished and was going to publish it, it disappeared! So, here goes the second try……and the Wikipedia page has a help message on it in order to change it! Let that be positive proof, they don’t want you to know a darn thing! Don’t worry, I grabbed a screen shot! You can check the evidence of what Wikipedia does with articles that are true and informative, that they evidently want censored. Funny, it involves Dr Judy Wood.

Take for example 9/11, some people believe the Twin Towers and other buildings that were near turned to dust because of thermite. Others like Dr Judy Wood who is a Physicist/Engineer and a highly educated woman who wholeheartedly disagrees with the 9/11 Commission. You can read about her education on the Wikipedia page I have linked above….moving forward…..Dr Wood explains what she sees that the evidence points to.

After listening to videos, which I will link below the article, more and more I am convinced of what might of happened instead of the theory of planted explosives. I am convinced that with the DEW technology the USA has, it’s definitely conceivable that this was a DEW hit.

We have had this technology since 1943 and I am sure it has advanced so far in the years after, North Korea had better not mess with us! They said on the Wikipedia page that it wouldn’t be ready for weapon use until 2020, in my opinion we are already there.

Very Good Read – Dr Judy Wood Physicist/Engineer

Part 1 Forensic Investigation of 9/11

Part 2 Forensic Evidence of 9/11

Part 3 Forensic Evidence of 9/11

Part 4 Forensic Evidence of 9/11

Part 5 Forensic Evidence of 9/11

This type of weaponry may have been used to start the fires that raged out of control in Santa Rosa, CA.

As reported by SFGATE NEWS, A man by the name of Matthew McDermott was trying to find an escape route from the fires near his hometown of Sonoma and found a tree burning from the inside near Schellville, nothing was burning from the outside. This is an unnatural fire, unless it was hit by lightening, which we all know it wasn’t. The DEW burns things just like microwaves, from the inside out.

Homes were completely turned to dust in Santa Rosa. A few trees may have survived. Pictures of Santa Rosa’s Coffey Park Neighborhood courtesy of The Sacramento Bee.

Those fires erupted and moved so quickly that people barely had time to evacuate, just minutes to spare. Strangely the homes just across the street survived, never touched by the fires.

Then there were buildings like Applebee’s that are surrounded by parking lot, how did the fire jump over to these buildings? Unless it wasn’t a natural fire to begin with. And…the trees survived!

If it wasn’t for the tree that was burning on the inside, we might never have questioned these fires.

Another interesting  has surfaced that shows a light source anomaly coming from the sky during the California fires. This was recorded by a helicopter.

The interesting fact is that aplaintruth‘s video points out that the area which was evacuated during the Santa Rosa fire was set for rezoning according to Agenda 2030.

aplaintruth points out that there is a book called “Behind The Green Mask” written by Rosa Corey who lives in that area. She wrote about this particular area in Santa Rosa that would be targeted for rezoning due to the Agenda 21, or what we now know to be called Agenda 2030. The areas that were in her book, Santa Rosa, Sonoma, Napa Valley were all targeted for Agenda 21. Those same areas were evacuated, is this just coincidental?

The  also points out that a woman named Kathleen Epstein sent him this next document that shows the pending development, dated June 2017.

These developments seem to be the exact areas they were evacuating.

Evacuated Areas👇When you think about the code changes, like no chimneys, how far the building must be set back,  or how large the building can be, etc.. Do you think their is any possibility that these families who lost their homes in the fires will ever be able to rebuild like it once was? Doesn’t look like it!

Make sure you watch the full video linked above, it sure makes sense as to what a possible motive for these fires could be.

There is further proof that these fires were premeditated due to the Agenda 21/2030 global scheme using this microwave energy weapon.

Early on a woman named Deborah Tavares who is an activist in California spoke out about certain anomalies she found in documents that should be made public knowledge. She had an interview with Jeff Rense in 2015 where she talked about these fires that would happen in Sonoma, Mendocino counties. She also mentions weather modification technology from satellites that not only could be used to change the weather in Northern California, but also as a weapon to spark fires in pinpointed areas. Folks this is pure evil and you will find as you listen to this that the Rothschilds are behind it!

We just talked about pinpointed fires, take a look at this VIDEO which was shot from the air where you will see evidence of fires that were supposedly sparked by areas where there is brush that could catch fire due to dryness. You will clearly see homes, just homes, nothing else is on fire. This is what she was talking about when she referenced (pinpointed) fires.

Does our President not see this? I think if he did he would do something about this, don’t you? Or maybe he’s not totally in charge! Think about it

Featured Image: nextbigfuture.com<


North Korea is Now Threatening Australia 

October 15, 2017

Australia backs the USA in an effort to stop North Korea from threatening the USA.  While North Korea has warned Australia that it is on a “suicide act” while continuing to support the USA. Australia stands firm in its commitment to support the USA and believes the sanctions will bring North Korea back to the negotiation table.

North Korea has sent a warning to Australia: “Should Australia continue to follow the U.S. in imposing military, economic and diplomatic pressure upon the DPRK despite our repeated warnings, they will not be able to avoid disaster.”

As tensions escalate Australia and Britain are preparing for war, as military drills continue in Australia and ships in Britain are being made ready.

North Korea has also threatened South Korea when they were taking part in military drills with the US.

President Trump has on many occasions said we have to deal with North Korea since previous administrations have continued to put it on a back burner. The time for being quiet and doing nothing has worn itself out. Since 1968 North Korea was under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty which it pulled out of in 2003 because of “increased aggression” from the USA. That is the reason they gave, hard to believe though. Every treaty we have had with North Korea, they have broken.

The USA has given aide to help the North Korean’s when their almost 22.3 million people were starving. Isn’t there a quote somewhere that reads “don’t bite the hand that feeds you?”

Kim Jung Un is becoming increasingly uneasy, he is under some suspicion that the US and South Korea will invade his hermit kingdom. Strange that this tension has increased with the 64th birthday of the Mutual Defense Treaty between the USA and the Republic of Korea which became effective October 1, 1953.

I believe that President Trump or one of his generals should talk to Kim Jung Un or at least send some type of envoy for talks. This should come first before denuclearization. The bantering between the two countries is not good. What if, and that is a big what if, North Korea has some type of nuclear accident? There isn’t a country that is watching that has the expertise to advise them so that they don’t make mistakes while trying to perfect their missile capabilities.

Now we have a President that has strength and might to stop North Korea from becoming a nuclear power. The one that should not have the nuclear capability is North Korea, they are becoming increasingly dangerous and reckless.

As long as North Korea has nukes they would most definitely retake South Korea, that’s why there must be complete denuclearization of the North. We have an alliance to help South Korea if it escalates to this point. Either way, North Korea is backing the US into a proverbial corner. Let’s hope the day will never come that they wish they never had.  

Craps About To Hit The Fan – Twitter Storm And More

October 6, 2017

We all heard our President on Twitter taking to task New York Times, Washington Post and CNBC. He’s had it with their “fake news.” 

Recently NBC put out a news report that Rex Tillerson threatened to resign and he called our President a moron. All fake news! Rex Tillerson did nothing of the sort!

Our President has a very good question when he asks why the Senate Intelligence Committee isn’t Investigating why there is so much fake news that is shoved down our throats. Not to mention their leaking of classified, unauthorized documents/information! They should lump James Comey in with them!

Looks like the top news organizations journalists better look out, it’s coming…and let’s not forget about Congress and Senate!

⚠️As reported by thehill.com, not all of the leaks are coming from the Intelligence community, some came from the Executive Branch and Congress. So, they have been advised that they don’t discriminate when pursuing those that break the law, be advised!⚠️

As reported by the washingtonexaminer.com, The Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein met with representatives of top news organizations on Monday at the DOJ to discuss guidelines for issuing subpoenas and search warrants for journalists. Oops 😬 this doesn’t look good for them…

This all comes after a press conference in August by Attorney General Jeff Sessions in which he warned journalists about leaking classified information. He warned them about prosecution!

9-13.000 Obtaining Evidence USAM Department of Justice: click on hyperlink below 

Before issuing a subpoena to a member of the news media … news media, members of the Department must consult … of internal Department of Justice …


Report by skynews.com.au, Original report by Reuters 

During a cabinet meeting on Thursday to discuss Iran and North Korea, President Trump was posing for a photo when he captioned the moment as “the calm before the storm.”

‘You guys know what this represents?’ Trump said on Thursday after journalists gathered in the White House state dining room to photograph him and first lady Melania Trump with the uniformed military leaders and their spouses.
Maybe it’s the calm before the storm,’ he said.
What storm? ‘You’ll find out,’ Trump told questioning reporters.

The President has made it clear on numerous occasions that he wants a complete denuclearization when it comes to North Korea.
Iran has not lived up to its agreement by slowing down their nuclear program. 

A senior administration official said on Thursday that Trump was expected to announce soon he would decertify the landmark agreement.

If that’s not enough, our President is asking for “military options” if needed, at a much faster pace without the slow bureaucracy.

I guess, stay tuned 😐

Hefty Sanctions Imposed On North Korea

Hefty Sanctions Imposed On North Korea

September 21, 2017

The President has signed an Executive Order imposing additional sanctions with respect to North Korea.

Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin has just reported that China has agreed to severe banking sanctions against North Korea.

As reported originally by Reuters, this would effect new North Korean banking customers, winding down of loans with existing customers.

This latest change is to ensure that China holds to the recent sanctions of North Korea and warns them that if they do not uphold the sanctions, this could affect their reputation, as reported by Reuters.

President Trump in an earlier press conference has said; “As I’ve outlined it by address to the United Nations General Assembly, North Korea’s weapon and nuclear development is a grave threat to peace and security in our world and it is unacceptable that others financially support this criminal rogue regime.” “The brutal North Korean Regime does not respect its own citizens or sovereignty of other nations.”

The President has said that China’s central bank has called its banks directing them to immediately stop any future financial banking with North Korea.

President Trump is calling for a complete denuclearization of North Korea.

Many countries are following the sanctions imposed on North Korea and President Trump is calling on other nations to impose sanctions of their own like the USA did today.

In addition to the banking sanctions, our government (Dept of Treasury) will identify new industries including textiles, fishing, manufacturing and information technology in order to further disable/disrupt them economically.

Hopefully this will tighten the screws and North Korea will rethink their position on furthering their nuclear arsenal.

Kim Jung Un, in a public speech branded our President “mentally deranged.” and said the President’s address at the United Nations was “a declaration of war,” as reported by mirror.co.uk.

North Korea’s response to President Trump’s newest sanctions by executive order:

President Trump Imposes Heavy Sanctions on North Korea via Executive Order:

Featured Image: armscontrol.org

What Should We Do About North Korea?

September 7, 2017

Since North Korea’s continued aggression will not cease, what options do we have?

North Korea is getting dangerously close to building a nuclear ICBM capable of hitting anywhere within the USA. You can bet that once they get rolling, their going to start producing them in mass since they have the capability. What are our options while trying to avoid a catastrophe?

People have thrown out the idea of a political assassination of Kim Jong Un. This would be an option if we had him in our sights. Anytime he appears in public, he is surrounded by his military. He rarely appears in public, most likely because he is paranoid and fears assassination. He has murdered many that were close to him fearing they were not showing allegiance to him, this shows his paranoia.

It has been noted that most of the people who might be inclined to kill Kim and who live in North Korea are either in custody, under surveillance or are dead. So, that’s not going to happen.

Our USA intelligence community has a very difficult time getting intelligence of his whereabouts, therefore we are unable to pin him down. So, this most likely is not an option for us.

There are some people that are hanging onto a hope that North Korea is so fragile, it may collapse soon. This has been discussed by a North Korean watcher Victor Cha “The Impossible State.” Well, we are running out of time!

The CIA has programs that induce heart attack with a radio frequency weapon, invisible tiny people  (Philadelphia Experiment), used for surveillance purposes, which was exposed by former Taiwan President Chiang Kai-Shek. All these technologies are useless if we can’t pin him down.

There are definitely a lot of cons as to why we should not assassinate him. It’s not clear who would be his successor, since he assassinated most of the people who would have come to power in case of his death. Also, his assassination would cement the Koreans point of view that the USA is a meddling, imperialist giant. That makes us look really bad!

We definitely know that Kim Jong Un has no dialogue with the USA, even if he did, would he listen? He seems hell bent on developing a nuclear arsenal and he can’t be trusted with that nuclear power, period. Even Vladimir Putin says North Korea would rather eat grass than suspend its nuclear weapons program.

Over the next few years if we let North Korea progress, I believe Kim Jong Un will sell those nuclear warheads and technology to other countries like Iran. Now, not only do we have to deal with North Korea, but Iran would definitely have nuclear missiles.

What better way to have someone do your dirty work. If the terrorists are able to get into the USA by way of, say…..a sleeper cell in Customs, they could use a miniature version of a nuclear bomb to terrorize the USA.

I am sure we have sleeper cells here in the USA, just look at the damage that was done in Congress from the Awan’s. I believe we are being attacked from within through computer technology as well as terrorist sleeper cells, waiting in the wings to do the unthinkable like poisoning our food.


We do know who helped Kim to further his nuclear missile program. Most likely they are not protected individuals. Without his trusted scientists who have helped him gain nuclear power, he’s incapable of mass producing these weapons.

According to Fox News, the scientist, Kim Jong Sik who was pictured with Kim Jong Un has apparently been hand picked by Kim to help him further his nuclear weapons program after successfully launching a Unha-3 rocket in 2012.

Reuters also reports that there are two other men that are helping to progress their nuclear capabilities, Ri Pyong Chol and Jong Chang Ha.

Would it be wise for the CIA or Military to possibly consider assassinating the three cohorts of Kim Jong Un? 

Since there’s a small population of aeronautics in North Korea, they cannot replace the three men that quickly. It would slow them down considerably.


Matthew Galat wakes up in the morning to an emergency 🚨 announcement on his phone 📱 Hokkaido, Japan [VIDEO HERE] The loud speaker was telling the Japanese to seek shelter. Can you imagine living through this? Not knowing, when? Where?

As reported by Fox News, on Tuesday, September 19, 2017, President Trump will be meeting with the UN Security Council in New York in the morning to discuss North Korea and possibly to talk about the UN Security Council members who are not enforcing the sanctions, such as supposed back room deals made between North Korea and China. A North Korean Foreign Minister will be there, you have to wonder what his statement will be after these discussions.

Fox News also brings up the 30% reduction in oil due to the sanctions and how hard it is to see if China is sticking to the sanctions. If the oil was traveling by trucks we could see how much oil was being supplied. But, there’s “a friendship pipeline” that runs between China and North Korea, so it is hard to assess how much oil is being supplied.

I really don’t know the answer to the continuing dilemma of North Korea. They may be just posturing so that the USA will give in on certain sanctions. Then again, they may want to be the little country that brings the USA down with an EMP. Either way, we better do something!
What do you think? 

Source for poisoning of Western Nations supermarket food:

North Korea Nuclear Test Confirmed

September 3, 2017

According to AFP, North Korea has just carried out its sixth nuclear test. The United States Geographical survey recorded a 6.3 magnitude earthquake after the test.

As reported by presstv.com, due to test a second tremor which was felt by China, measured 4.6 magnitude just eight minutes after nuclear test.


South Korea has refuted a news report that there was a second earthquake near North Korea’s nuclear test site.

According to Daily Journal, North Korea’s state broadcaster says an important announcement is coming at 3 p.m. in Pyongyang. That would be 3:30 p.m. in Seoul and Tokyo, and 2:30 a.m. EDT

Defcon reports that North Korea’s recent test was estimated at 100 kilotons.

Looks like the second test was not a test, but a “collapse.”

According to NPR, North Korea is developing a “super explosive” hydrogen bomb that can fit on an intercontinental ballistic missile. 


Looks like Kim Jung Un watched as a H Bomb was loaded into an ICBM as reported by KCNA (via XINHUA, China’s Official News Agency).

RT is reporting that the North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Institute has a “more developed nuke.”

“Our hydrogen fuel, which can be arbitrarily adjusted from tens to hundreds of kilotons depending on the target of the nuclear strike, not only exerts enormous destructive power,” but can also explode at a high altitude, producing a “super powerful EMP [electromagnetic pulse] against a vast region,” KCNA said in the Saturday statement.

Many websites have been warning about an EMP attack for awhile now, which would bring down our electric grid. This isn’t good! We are aware that our electric grid is our largest national vulnerability. I hope we are keeping our eyes on Iran at this time also!

Statement coming shortly as reported by CTBTO.

Announcement most likely coming to us: https://youtu.be/TqWpXnaT4H0, if you speak their language, that is:

Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzō Abe says he “will not tolerate” another nuclear test from Korea. Japan sends up sniffer planes to try to detect radiation, as reported by Anna Fifield who is a Tokyo Bureau Chief for the Washington Post.

As reported by Arirang News, Tokyo will coordinate measures with Seoul, Bejing, Washington, Moscow. North Korea’s “H Bomb” test was in provocation following the Trump/Abe phone conversation. Trump and Abe confirm trilateral cooperation with Seoul. North Korea’s test comes on the heels of the BRICS Summit

Arirang News also reports, UN most likely will call for harsher sanctions, mainly cutting off oil supply to Pyongyang.

As reported by RT, China strongly condemns the North Korean nuclear test, the foreign ministry said in a statement. “The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has once again conducted a nuclear test in spite of widespread opposition from the international community. The Chinese government resolutely opposes and strongly condemns it,” it said.

RT reports, on Friday Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that this type of behavior “could lead to regional conflict:”

“The situation on the Korean Peninsula, where tensions have grown recently, is balancing on the brink of a large-scale conflict. Russia believes that the policy of putting pressure on Pyongyang to stop its nuclear missile program is misguided and futile,” Putin said.

According to ksl.com, Chancellor Angela Merkel commented that North Jorean provocations have “reached a new dimension.” Merkel spoke with President Emmanuel Macron on the phone, both agree that North Korea has “reached a new dimension,” and are condemning the nuclear tests.

As reported by ksl.com, Macron’s office has said that Merkel and the Prime Minister of Italy, Paolo Gentiloni agree that there needs to be strong sanctions from the EU against North Korea. READ MORE >

President Trump is considering stopping trade with any country doing business with North Korea, among other options.

President Trump will be meeting with General Mattis and other military leaders to discuss North Korea.

Not sure what President Trump means when he says North Korea only understands one thing, sounds like he is getting considerably tired of their escalating threatening ways. 

The bomb that they tested was much stronger than the bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki!

Ambassador John Bolton believes North Korea is not quite there yet to be able to hit major cities in the USA. He stated to Fox News that North Korea could sell ballistic missiles and nuclear devices to Iran and terrorist groups around the world, who by the way has a lot of cash due to Obama’s nuclear deal.

It looks like to me that the US maybe considering taking out Kim Jung Un. North Korea has given us no other option, as stated by Ambassador Bolton: 

.@AmbJohnBolton: “The only diplomatic option left is to end the regime in N. Korea by effectively having the South take it over.” 

The President was asked by a Fox News Correspondent just moments ago; “will you attack North Korea?”

Dan Scavino, the President’s Director of Social Media, also Assistant to the President has a message from Secretary James Mattis:

“Any threat to the US or its territories including Guam or our allies will be met with a MASSIVE military response”

Black Mark? Does Anyone Know What That Means?

August 31, 2017

Very strange thing happened today, received a notification from a service (won’t mention the name) that was streaming an “URGENT” press conference by President Trump from the White House. Many people were in the chat room asking why so URGENT? Why always URGENT? I said “URGENT? I hope it’s not about North Korea.” 

I didn’t think I said anything wrong, but was quickly admonished with text from one of the sites administrators saying “that is going to give us a black mark.”

I was shocked, as I didn’t see what I said was wrong. What do you all think?

If they are going to censure what I say, whether it be the streaming network or the government, then we are really in trouble in this country.

If what I said is that big of a deal, then something must be happening with North Korea, otherwise why censor it?

I have since unsubscribed from this streaming service.

I never checked the bell on YouTube to receive streaming services, why in the world are they sending me a notice on my smartphone? “URGENT….”which would make anyone panic!

Anyway, there are many streaming YouTubes to follow…..I will be moving along.

North Korea Now Preparing For….Their Own Disillusioned Paranoia 

August 27, 2017

According to Fox News, North Korea has fired short range missiles on Saturday, which were all successful. These recent missile launchings were in no way a threat to US military stationed in Guam, North America or US territory in Guam.

Now, we have reports that the United States is having military drills, a ten day joint military exercise with South Korea which could pose a problem with Pyongyang, as South Korea is their long time foe.

State media in North Korea is calling this latest exercise “the most explicit expression of hostility against us, and no one can guarantee that the exercise won’t evolve into actual fighting.”

North Korea ignores that ever since the 1970’s these exercises between Seoul and USA have taken place. As reported by newstalk.com, the drills are mainly computer simulated and designed to hone responses to any situation from conventional weapons to a nuclear war.

According to marines.mil, Max Thunder is an annual operation military exercise. Their main mission is to increase joint interoperability and access tactical mission readiness. READ MORE >

With all the rhetoric coming from North Korea in the last couple of months, the USA must be able to defend us and our allies.

North Korea will most likely use these exercises as a claim that the USA is planning some type of invasion!

North Korea is now conducting their own massive invasion exercises according to Trump Dayz. They are preparing for possible invasion of Seoul. [VIDEO HERE]


Conjecture – Kim Jong-Nam’s  Assassination

April 28, 2017

As reported by 101 East, Kim Jong-Il had two illegitimate sons which the North Korean people were unaware of. Those two sons were Kim Jong-Un and Kim Jong-Nam. Both sons were kept out of the public eye.

As we know Kim Jong-Nam was assassinated on February 13, 2017. Both women assassins who were not North Korean were arrested and questioned. They both told authorities that they were hired, payed $100.00 each to carry out what they thought was a reality show prank.

Normally it is well known that the eldest son is the next in-line after their fathers death. Kim Jong-Nam Had fallen out of favor with his father Kim Jong-Il. He was apparently caught trying to enter Japan on a false passport to visit Tokyo Disneyland.

Kim Jong-Nam’s father sent him to China where he was living in exile under the name of Kim Chol. When his younger brother came to power, he purged family members, most likely to keep the secret. He did not want his legitimacy questioned. Very few people in North Korea know Kim Jong-Nam ever existed.

Kim Jong-Nam’s mother was a very popular North Korean actress, whom was married. If it became known that Kim Jong-Nam’s mother was already married it would of destroyed Kim Jong-Un’s “Godly status,” and that of his father’s legacy. The North Korean leader is looked upon as a Godly figure, without many blemishes to tarnish his life.

Quite interesting to note that Kim Jong-Un has never presented to North Korea his age, where he was born and grew up, what his mothers name is. The North Korean’s are kept in the dark.

Kim Jong-Un was very afraid that his brothers existence would become known in China which could most likely leak out to the North Korean people. The longer he lived in exile, and the many different countries he traveled to, besides becoming friends with several foreign media put his life in danger.

The London suburb of New Malden is home to over 10,000 Koreans, some 600 from the north. The Korean Association for Human Rights and Democracy is in New Malden. The Association is established by defectors from North Korea. As they are basically an exiled government, they looked upon Kim Jong-Nam to lead them. They felt that Kim Jong-Nam could be very persuasive to North Koreans. They approached him three times, the last time in Singapore in June of last year. Kim Jong-Nam expressly said he had no interest in North Korean politics. He stated he felt that the three generation Regime had to stop, that a revolution was the answer. 

They believe that Kim Jong-Un may have heard about the government in exile. Most likely it was reported to him by top officials. This most likely made him very nervous and paranoid.

The officials that Kim Jong-Un is surrounded by are left over from his fathers, and grandfathers regimes. It is very important for him to have their respect. Without the respect he would not be able to keep his place as the leader of North Korea.

All of this has not been proven, but the pieces of the puzzle sure do fit. Let me know what you think, and watch the below video, very interesting indeed!

Source: https://youtu.be/AHMiYmUooj8